This is written for #lietomelives, with the prompt 'beginnings'. I apologise for its length; writing for this show has been very difficult for me lately, and I wasn't even sure if I was going to get anything written for today at all (although I didn't want to incur the wrath of csiAngel! :p) Anyway, here is my small-but-hopefully-not-terrible contribution to today. #lietomelives

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In the Beginning

In the beginning was the word. She knows the Bible verse; she also knows how relevant those words are in everyday life. They begin conversations; casual words strung together that can be a lead in to something more serious. They're used for introductions; two people who've never met, starting out on the road of acquaintance or friendship with hello's and how-are-you's and pleased-to-meet-you's. And, sometimes, words can be all it takes to propel you towards something new, to fill a silence that has existed for too long, to create a wave that will carry you to a new place entirely.

She's been waiting for the right time to utter the words that will do just that for her, for them. But at the same time, she's wondering why he hasn't uttered the words, why he hasn't started them off in the direction she wants them to head to, why he's still holding back instead of charging forwards, as he so often does.

They seem to be stuck in limbo, hovering at the edge of something, unable to take that extra step that will change everything. When it happens, though – when he finally uses his words – it won't just be the beginning of something. It will be the beginning of everything.