"He loves me… he loves me not… he loves me…" The age-long game was boring and repetitive, but the long fingers kept plucking at the red petals, scattering them on the grass of the park. Blue eyes stared unseeingly at them and the girl kept pulling the petals one by one.

"One should not disturb the flowers." A hand took the rose stem from nerveless fingers and green met blue.

"Well, someone as beautiful as you should know better than to tarnish beauty around her." The girl did not reply. Shuichi Minamino looked closely into the blonde's eyes. They seemed to be far-away and, around them, there were the tell-tale signs of a sleepless night spent crying.

Just as he was about to ask the girl is she was alright, she seemed to snap out of whatever trance she was in.

"Oh my! What was I doing? I'm sorry! I did not realize I was…" but she did not finish for a voice interrupted.

"Usako? Are you here?"

"Mamo-chan! Here I am." She bowed low to Shuichi and ran into the arms of the tall dark-haired man that spun her around once before righting her again. The happy couple left. But Shuichi remained. His emerald gaze went to the flower that he was left holding. A single petal was left. Casting his eyes around and a quickly counting, a bitter smile crossed his lips.

"He loves me not, hm? How nostalgic." Plucking the petal, he threw the rose stem to the ground.

"You, of all people, behaving like that with roses?" a mocking voice came from behind and above.

Not even bothering to lift his head, Kurama said: "Me, of all people, Hiei? Whatever is that supposed to mean?"

A soft "thunk" announced the small demon's landing.

"She looks familiar. And feels familiar. Although more powerful."

"Indeed, she does. And so does he."

"Then, she should have recognized you. As far as I know, Lunaria had a very god memory."

"Unless tempered with."

"Heh! Their so-called magic would be responsible for something like that."

All of a sudden, there was a cry from behind them:

"Demons, be gone!" and a white piece of paper flew straight to Hiei's forehead, where it attached itself to the bandana covering his Jagan.

The demon went a bit cross-eyed, trying to see the piece of paper dangling in front of his eyes. Kurama had is Rose Whip in hand almost as soon as the cry had finished.

"Those who exist to cause evil will be destroyed in the name of Mars!" A raven haired girl appeared in front of the two demons.

"Hiei, does she seem familiar to you too?" asked Kurama.

"Her aura is. But it is much subdued. I wonder why. And she knows we're demons."

"Flame Sniper!" A red bow appeared in Sailor Mars' hands and she prepared an arrow to shoot.

"Stop, Mars!" a soft voice spoke from the shadows of the tree.

"Sailor Moon! But they are demons."

"Have they attacked anyone? Are they stealing energy? Do they hurt anyone? No, Mars. Stay your arrow!"

Kurama was entranced. He was looking at Eternal Sailor Moon and could not believe his eyes. She looked like an angel. And he remembered that the same angel could destroy or heal the entire galaxy.

"Hmph! You are too soft, Moon!" but, in spite of her words, Sailor Mars dissipated her attack.

"I am sorry that my senshi attacked for no reason. I am hopeful that in the future it will not happen again." With a quick bow, both Sailor Senshi disappeared.

"Fox, was that really Lunaria?" asked a bewildered Hiei.

"Yes Hiei, it was her."

"But what happened? The Lunaria I know would have let Mars incinerate us without a second thought."

"She was not that ruthless, Hiei. She believed in justice and, even though demons had an alliance with the Silver Millennium, we were still their enemies."

Hiei looked closely at Kurama's eyes. They were hooded and pain-ridden. Of course, it was hard for the fox to see Lunaria like this, completely changed and in the arms of another man. 'I never thought I would ever see Kurama jelous' thought Hiei.