This is a small thought, since everyone seems to like my work so far im planning to finish a few chapters to my fanfic's that i have neglected and finish some more fan art of mine on Deviant art. Thank you all for your love and am i turning into a sap... lol ANYWAY i hope you like it.

It Is An OttoXLaura Story, and with me I LOVE happy endings so thats what i write, but conflicts are a strong point of mine ;)

He holds me close then starts to rub our little bulge. A little tear starts to fall down my face but he wipes it away keeping his hand on my cheek.

No words or emotions could ever describe how happy we both were. Just the feeling of knowing that there was a life that we created growing inside of me made me feel like I was on top of the world.

As we lied in bed, his cold fingers cooled my hot body with every touch. I could feel his soft breathing on my neck and his chest rising and falling just like mine did. As I drifted off my husband would whisper sweet things into my ear and rub my small protruding belly.

"I love you Laura."

"I love you to Otto."

Otto sighed and trailed little touches all down my spine making my heart flutter in response, there was a reason I was pregnant, especially with his body. Ever since we left H.I.V.E. Otto and Wing had never lost contact, they trained together every week (which always made him look good), and they were always getting in trouble on missions together while narrowly escaping. Shelby and I were both pregnant at the moment, but she was much farther along than I was, in fact I had only recently found out I was pregnant, thanks to Shelby, but that's another story.

I giggled to myself as Otto snuggled closer bringing me back to the present, his lean body pressed behind my back. He draped his arm around me and nuzzled his head into my neck as we drifted off to sleep.

Soon my little bulge became a huge Bump. The thing I loved most about having a little baby inside of me was that someday it would grow up and find someone who loved it just as much as I loved Otto. I would be able to watch it grow up getting bigger and bigger every day. I would be able to see its sweet smiling face looking at me. Somehow I knew that I would give birth to a child who would someday change the world, especially if it took after its father and I.

And I will always remember, every time I look at Otto, I feel at Home. Otto, even though he never had a family, agreed to have one with me.

He forgave me when I couldn't forgive myself, and I promise myself that I will never forget.