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Story: Harry Potter, with no memory, was thrown back in time and reverted to a babe and female, and adopted by the Gould family. Her guardians end up being Barricade, Starscream, and Soundwave, but it's her brother who seems to care for her the most. So where does this fit them all now, against the Autobots?
Set after all the books and before the Transformers movies? I think…we'll see…
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Pairings: Main Dylan/Harry, slight (?) Decepticons/Harry, and side Sam/?.

The Rose Garden's Thrones of Thorns
Chapter One: The Fated Rose

Harry stood triumphantly, catching the Elder Wand in his hand, more relieved than anything. It was finally over and as Voldemort faded away into ashes, he was willing to just let his knees give and collapse to the ground. After everything, he thought he'd deserved a moment of weakness. The Elder Wand vibrated excitedly in his hand and hummed happily in his mind. He glanced at it warily before sighing to himself.

At least Voldemort was gone and the war was over.

And Ginny…perhaps, it was finally time to ask her if she wanted to be with him…even though he preferred –a remembrance of her bright red hair and her sweet smile; no, it was best if he stayed with Ginny. Get together with her, get married, and have kids with her. It was what was expected…

Looking at the wand one more time, he decided to toss it away so that no one could ever use it for their own gain ever again. He went over to the broken apart bridge and leaned over the edge, tossing it over.

He felt the angry shock before he fell to the ground unconscious.

When his friends found him, they panicked and cried as they realized they couldn't wake him and he wasn't coming back to them any time soon. And in his mind, he could feel the anguish and pained anger of the Elder Wand through their bond, forged through an ownership and a claim that was actually mutually made. Harry hadn't just owned the Elder Wand…or the Resurrection Stone or his Cloak, both of which were also sending echoes of outrage through and because of the almost severed bonds to him, ones he'd unknowingly made.

What outlasted and outshouted the fury of all three, was the stronger reverberations of grief and sorrow, and mostly distress.

No, he hadn't just owned the Deathly Hallows that screamed these emotions to him. They also owned him.

There were two conditions that had to be met to have such mutual bonds and to have reached this point. One, this person had to have touched and owned all of the Deathly Hallows once, even if not at the same time. Two, they had to accept and approve of the owner.

Harry had owned all three at once and is the only person known to have done so, with Dumbledore having owned each one at different times. He was one of two people (the other being Dumbledore) to have actually held all three Deathly Hallows. The two of them were also the only ones to have physically had two of the Hallows together at one time. That qualified both of them for the first requirement, though only Harry had mastered each one of them.

The second requirement, Dumbledore couldn't fulfill. He had not mastered all three, only having mastered the Elder Wand, and he had not owned all three at once. Nor had the Hallows approved of him as their true owner.

Because Harry had mastered and owned all three, especially at once, and personally approving of him through their own judgment of him, fulfilled the second requirement. The Hallows judged Harry's very self and had seen that he owned and mastered them, earning him their loyalty. Which led to why Harry had collapsed. The unknown and unexpected rule of the Deathly Hallows, one that had never before been needed to be upheld.

Do not ever deny the bonds or reject the claims created to and from the Deathly Hallows.

Harry unknowingly had done so, which had created a backlash which had immediately sent him into a magical coma. And in the room reserved especially for him in St. Mungo's, a bright glow surrounded him and his body disappeared. A second after his disappearance, everything began to unravel and disappear along with him, as time was erased and began to reset.

When Harry next appeared, it was July 30th, 1980; not just his birthday, but the very day he was born. Only this time…Harry Potter was a girl.

"It's best this way…"

"How so?"

"He preferred men. He never denied it or even knew about it until near the end, but he did. He just wouldn't let himself acknowledge it, unfortunately unconsciously set in the same trappings his family had instilled in his life –a want of normality. And after so much conflict in his life, he didn't want to bring about more just because he liked men. He couldn't also bring himself to destroy the girl and her mother, and the rest of the red-haired family's, hopes, even though he knew he could not love the girl as he previously had."

"Even then, he knew…didn't he?"

"Yes, but it was much easier to love Ginny Weasley than to acknowledge the truth, so when he finally decided to seriously pursue a relationship aside from the Asian girl, he subconsciously chose the easier path."

"And now?"

"It will be easier on him this way. We are trying to give him a second chance that the Hallows had adamantly wished for and beseeched of me. After everything he has gone through and sacrificed, why should he need to fight to gain happiness? It is unfair; he would do it too, now that most of the restraints of before have been shed. If he is to be gay, then he is to be gay. But I don't want to make him sacrifice and fight anymore, so as a gift from me, I will do this to try to make any part of his new life easier."

The two beings ceased their talk and gazed upon the newborn, finally birthed and being held in the arms of her mother. Her…

"Henrietta Jamie Potter," Lily Potter whispered. She smiled wearily at her husband, who was staring in awe at the little one in her arms. "And that way you can keep your 'Harry' in there."

James smirked at her. "Aw, come on, Lily. That's me great-grand dad's name. No fussin'."

They shared a quiet laugh before turning back to the little angel in front of them, who gazed back with bright emerald eyes. It would be one of the few times they could share together in happiness.

The beings that spoke before continued their quiet watch over the family, until it was the fateful Hallow's Eve and the handsome but corrupted man burst through the cottage and killed first the man and then went on to see the mother and her babe. They watched and did nothing, having already done too much to change things themselves. They only had one more thing to do to help the changes before they would reach the limit their help could expend.

But it was still a tragedy to let the parents die, when they had the power to do something. But it must be done, so they let the events passed as they had originally. And when Harry did his part in defeating Voldemort and reflecting the curse, they waited until first the godfather and then Hagrid appeared, taking Harry to his final destination in the mortals' minds. As Albus Dumbledore gently placed and left Harry on the doorstep, they waited until the little group had gone before forming physical forms and taking the child.

Primus and Magic glanced one last time at the Muggle home before disappearing, taking Harry with them.

They reappeared in London, right in front of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for Children. Without another word to another, Magic reluctantly handed Harry to Primus, who held him carefully and went inside, just as reluctantly leaving the little babe in a seat in the waiting room, hiding Dumbledore's letter further into the blanket and another letter magically appearing in his servos and placing it securely by the girl's side. Then he went back to Magic and they looked in one more time before disappearing.

Harry was a quiet baby; therefore no one noticed her there until she became hungry and hesitantly began to cry quietly. But instead of one of the workers hearing her first, a woman came towards the cries, after leaving the children she had come to visit. Her husband trailed after her, scowling but confused.

"Howard, do you hear that? Is that…is that a baby?" and she peered over some chairs onto the one that had the little baby, seeing a beautiful little girl peering back up at her with the greenest pair of eyes she'd ever seen. "Oh, it is!"

"Who would leave a baby here? This is a psychiatric ward," Howard's scowl became more pronounce.

"Dear, you know I want another baby and we've been having problems trying," she looked at him anxiously. "We could adopt this little one. I think someone abandoned the girl here."

Howard hesitated, but she pleaded silently with her husband.

"Alright, Elizabeth," he conceded. "Let's see if they can do it here."

And that night, Harry Potter became Harry Gould.

"She's so precious," Elizabeth murmured. "At least the person who left her here left her information and what had happened to her parents. Poor girl. Parents murdered. No matter. You'll be loved and taken cared of in your new home. Dylan will just love you."

But Howard was busy reading the second letter he had found, eyes furrowing in first disbelief then in speculation. A witch in the family…that would certainly be useful…

"Elizabeth, I have something to tell you," he hailed his wife, holding the letter tightly.

Back at home, they had just finished leaving a message to be given to their son, informing him of the newest addition to their family. Curiously, Dylan Gould, future heir to the family's fortune and business, wondered about this little sister he was going to have. He had never thought about having another sibling, though he didn't quite care about it much either way. He supposed he should be excited and get a room ready for her. At least it'll relieve him of his boredom.

"Lorie! Let's design a room for my new sister!" he called out, jumping off his chair and looking for his personal maid.

When his parents finally arrived with his new sister, he was practically vibrating with impatience to see her and for them to see and appreciate his hard work going into making his sister's room. But as he laid eyes on her at last, for some reason his breath caught and he stared, crystal blue eyes widening.

"Dylan, this is your new sister, Henrietta Jamie Gould," Elizabeth murmured fondly, holding out the babe for the 6 year old to admire more closely.

Dylan took a shaky step closer and gazed at her in wonderment, one of his small hands reaching hesitantly to touch her soft face. Emerald eyes opened and looked back at him, making him suck in a breath harshly.

It was then he swore that he would protect and love his sister forever, no matter what, and that no one would ever feel more strongly or do more than him for her.

As the weeks passed, with his new sister settling in and everyone getting used to having her around, Dylan got started on a personal project that was very important to himself. He worked diligently on this project for as long as it took, until finally he finished.

Dylan was not hailed as a prodigy or intelligent for his age for nothing.

The beautifully carved pendant was hung on a simple black string. Engraved in the middle was an elaborate rose, with the Gould family motto underneath it.

He presented it to Henrietta at the end of her month there, watching as she accepted with an eerily shrewd look.

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