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Chloe sighed angrily as she jumped into her car. Quickly, she texted Amy what happened, and where she was going. She threw her phone in her bag, started her car, and slammed her foot on the gas.

Her car lurched forward, then immediately stalled. "ARGH!" She yelled frustrated.

She rested her head on the steering wheel as she felt tears slowly prickling in the corner of her eyes. She wiped her face harshly, making her cheeks red from pressure.

Suddenly, she felt her phone vibrating. She pulled it out of her bag, and the screen flashed with a message.

"NEW TEXT MESSAGE FROM: Mom" She flipped the keyboard out and read her mother's message. "Amy told me what happened. U okay?" Chloe sighed and responded "Not rly. Going home." She waited until it sent, threw it in her bag, and started the car more patiently.

She went to cross the intersection, when she got another text. She sighed impatiently, figuring it to be her mother. She pulled over at the side of the road, put on the warning lights, and whipped out her phone. Chloe's eyebrows rose when she saw it was Jasmine who texted her, not her mother.

She read the message quietly to herself. "Come to the apartment now." Chloe thought it looked urgent, so she quickly snapped off the warning lights and sped toward the apartment.

======================= 8) Epic Time Skip 8) ===========================

Chloe's hair was a mess from the wind from where she had left her window down, attempting to dry her face. Finally, she was in the parking lot of the apartment.

She hopped out of her parked car, slammed the door, locked it, and sprinted up to the door and pressed the call button. She heard a brief noise on the other end, what sounded like quiet talking. It was quickly over, and the door clicked open.

She threw open the door and sauntered to the elevator. She waited patiently as it went to the top floor. Finally, the doors opened and there stood Jasmine.

"What happened? Did someone get hurt?" Chloe said, sounding panicked.

Jasmine looked startled. "No, why would you think that?" She asked, her dark eyes wide.

Chloe gave her a confused look. "You sounded so serious in your message! I thought someone had gotten hurt!"

"No, everyone's fine, it's just that we have a problem." She said, frowning.

She led Chloe into the apartment where 6 boys around her age were lazily milling around and talking. All conversation stopped when Chloe walked into the room.

They looked at her with wondering, awe-struck eyes. Chloe felt awkward and confused. She shuffled her feet self-consciously. "Who are these people?" She whispered to Jasmine.

Valentina turned around and answered her question for her. "These are the gentlemen of the New York pride. They are to be your, so to speak, suitors."

Chloe felt her jaw drop. Jasmine gently nudged her forward. Chloe looked back to her as she was pushed forward. Jasmine gave her a sympathetic shrug as if to say "Nothing I can do about it." Chloe set her jaw.

"Gentlemen!" Valentina barked. The boys turned to her, all trying to be serious. "Introduce yourselves!" A boy Chloe's age stepped out of line. He had dark brown wavy hair that was cut similar to Alec's, dark blue eyes, and was tall. He reached for Chloe's hand and said "Hello, I'm Daniel. Nice to meet you." His lips brushed Chloe's knuckles, and, against her will, she giggled. He fell back into line just as another boy stepped out.

He had blonde shaggy and chocolate brown eyes. He smiled warmly at Chloe and said "Hi! I'm Chris." She smiled back at him, suddenly feeling more comfortable.

"He seems niceā€¦"She thought. He shook Chloe's hand and fell back into line. The next two boys stepped out. They were twins, with tan skin, dark hair, and matching eyes.

"Hello!" They chorused. "I'm Liam." The taller one stated, "I'm James!" said the other. She shook both their hands and laughed as they stepped backwards at the same time.

The next two boys were brothers, but not twins like the previous. They both had light brown, straight hair, but one had silver eyes while the other had light green.

They introduced themselves simply as "Jake." The green-eyed one and "Scott!" who was the silver-eyed one. Liam was definitely more full of energy than Jake, as James was compared to Liam. She smiled and shook their hands, and they fell back with the others.

Suddenly, there was the sound of light footsteps, and seconds later, Alek waltzed in the door. He froze when he saw the boys in a line in front of Chloe. He looked towards Chloe, gave her a "We'll talk later" look, and put his confused frown back on his face.

"Mom?" he asked Valentina, "Who are these people?" Jasmine and Chloe both cringed as Valentina answered, "They're Chloe's suitors."

Alek's face froze in a look of pure shock. He shook his head and looked angrier than Chloe had ever seen him. "WHAT?" He yelled, his face contorting into a look of fury.

"Alek!" Valentina said sharply, her face returning into a frown. "Calm down!"

Alek shook with rage. "NO, I WILL NOT CALM DOWN. THEY'RE HERE TO STEAL CHLOE AWAY FROM US!" Chloe's eyes widened.

Jake stepped forward and said blandly, "The Uniter belongs to all of us."

Alek turned on him, his eyes flashing. "SHUT UP!" He screamed. He then turned around and stormed out of the apartment, his angry footsteps echoing as he retreated down the stairs.

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