Well this is what me and my bro think hollw ichigo and Zangetsu do while Ichigo is not in his inner world.(before Ichi gets full bring)

As Zangetsu moved the cloth in his hands he sighed. He could clearly see his reflection. Knowing that the other soul that resided in Ichigo's body did the same in that other inner world. A world of his own where Zangetsu did not dare dwell. Yes they were one once but now as Ichigo relied more on the power on his bankai and the use of hollow powers they became two different entities. The hollow become a being of his own, only wanting a body and power to control. Preferably Ichigo's since he contained very much strength yet right now it dwelled deep within hidden every since he made the decision to use the final getsuga tensho. Moving to the next window Zangetsu began to have it shine, however he stopped when he heard a laugh. Windows surrounding him smashed to bits as he heard the eerie laugh from the hollow.

"Must you do that?" asked Zangetsu quiet annoyed.

"Why of course," replied the hollow," Ichigo hasn't regained his powers yet so I have yet the power to defeat him."

"You should just be more mature," said Zangetsu.

"Do you really think he'll be impressed about how clean you make these windows?" asked the hollow," I know he appreciates our power and no matter how hard he tries to deny it, he misses being a soul reaper. He can't deny it, for after a while he began to love being a soul reaper. He can't deny how he loved the power of protecting his precious friend and family."

"For a monster you are quiet smart," said Zangetsu.

"You no nothing of us hollows," replied the hollow," just get back to work."

"I will but leave my windows alone and work on your own," said Zangetsu.

The hollow left to leave Zangetsu alone to work once again. Moving to the broken windows, Zangetsu repaired them by adding spiritual pressure to them. This inner world was still filled with rain. It had not stopped ever since Ichigo lost his powers. It had only been cloudy as he was nearing the end but once they were gone and only a small trace was left it began to rain. Day in and day out. The dark sky overhead as Ichigo's regret for his decision haunted him.

"Regain your powers as a soul reaper soon," spoke both Zangetsu and the hollow.

"And release me from this ran," said Zangetsu.

Looking up he could see the clouds free themselves from the sky, the sun peeking out to say hello and smile down at Zangetsu. Zangetsu smiled back.

"It's time," said both Zangetsu and the hollow.

Well this is the short on shot. i kinda like it. it's kinda inspired by the song mask by aqua timez. well the end. I added more than cleaning the window and breaking em. Musta been boring for Zangetsu and the hollow being supressed for 2 years.