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Title: After You Remove The Secrets – Only One Truth Prevails

Fandoms: Percy Jackson and the Olympians; Detective Conan; Magic Kaitou

Disclaimer: All rights concerning Detective Conan or Magic Kaitou reserved to Gosho Aoyama for he created the awesomeness that is Kaitou KID. Ah, and Detective Conan, too. And all rights concerning Percy Jackson and the Olympians reserved to Rick Riordan for he created the awesomeness that is Nico di Angelo. And the rest of those half-bloods, too. The story in itself though is entirely mine. No money is made with this, though reviews are more than welcomed.

Warnings: romance, shounen-ai, magic, apocalypse, crossover, child abuse, character death

Main Pairings: Nico/Percy, KaiShin

Side Pairings: Chris/Clarisse, Grover/Juniper, Lou/Miranda, Jake/Will, Malcolm/Katie, SaguAo, HeiKazu, MakoSono

Detective Conan Characters: Shinichi Kudou / Conan Edogawa, Ai Haibara, Genta Kojima, Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya, Ayumi Yoshida, Hiroshi Agasa, Suzuki Sonoko, Masumi Sera, Heiji Hattori, Kazuha Tooyama, Ran Mouri, Kogoro Mouri, Juzo Megure, Yukiko Kudou, Makoto Kyogoku

Magic Kaitou Characters: Kaito Kuroba, Akako Koizumi, Saguru Hakuba, Aoko Nakamouri, Toichi Kuroba, Chikage Kuroba, Snake

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Characters: Perseus Jackson, Nico di Angelo, Clarisse la Rue, Lou Ellen, Chris Rodriguez, Connor Stoll, Travis Stoll, Juniper, Malcolm Cage, Jake Mason, Will Solace, Annabeth Chase, Miranda Gardner, Katie Gardner, Pollux Liber, Rachel Elizabeth Dare, Grover Underwood, Poseidon, Hades, Zeus, Hermes, Ares, Dike, Hecate, Eris, Mrs. O'Leary

Summary: Akako is worried about a bunch of wicked half-blood, called the Crows, and seeks help from her half-sister Lou Ellen in New York. The two daughters of Hecate receive a quest and take it on, together with Nico, Clarisse and Percy. The son of Poseidon is fighting with his feelings for a certain Ghost Prince. On the other half of the globe, a certain thief and a certain detective have to struggle with their feelings, too. Fate unites them with the other half-bloods and the truth about Toichi Kuroba's death is finally revealed. See, some of the Detective Conan characters are begging to be half-bloods, in my opinion, so I had to do this. This story was written before Son of Neptune was published and before I've read the Lost Hero, so no spoilers for the Heroes of Olympus since it completely ignores that. And the story was also written before blondie started his apprenticeship at Kogoro's, so he's out, too. And before you bother, as always I take some liberties with Nico. Because him bleaching out in the underworld is the most stupid thing Rick Riordan ever did. That's not the way things work. Would Hazel have bleached out, too if she would have stayed down there? Is that what had happend to Michael Jackson all those years ago? Really now.

After You Remove The Secrets

Only One Truth Prevails

1. The Wicked Witch Went West

It was a sunny, calm and rather ordinary day at an university in Tokyo. Though, ordinary means everything but calm in this case.

"Bakaito!", screamed an enraged female with messy brown hair.

She wielded a mob with such intensity that every student in his or her right mind got out of her way as fast as possible. And those students in their right mind didn't really include her childhood friend, one magician extraordinary, namely Kuroba Kaito. He made a move to hide behind an empty seat. But when he noticed that said seat was indeed empty, he stopped dead in his tracks, leading to his childhood friend crushing right into him and both of them landing on top of the table in front of one very unamused looking half-Brit.

"What on earth possessed you-", started the irritated detective to rant, just to be interrupted by Kaito.

"Where's Koizumi-kun?"

"Yeah, sure, the witch possessed him", grumbled Hakuba unhappily.

The question had at least the effect that the very angry girl with the mob forgot why she was angry in the first place. Instead a happy grin spread over her face.

"Akako-chan went to visit some relative in New York! I told her to take many photos!"

"Hn", Kaito blinked a few times.

He wasn't entirely convinced by this. Back in the old days when they were still in high school it wasn't uncommon for Akako to just leave for a few days, but ever since they entered university she nearly never left the city. Hell, she nearly never left Kaito's side, much to his misery.

She did worry him, though. After they graduated she announced that she too would visit the same university as Kaito, Aoko and Saguru and she started to hang out with them. Always. It was unnerving, to say the least. Whenever Kaito turned around it was like she was just there. Like a shadow. A rather creepy witch-shadow.

As if it wasn't enough that his best friend studied hard to step into the footsteps of her father (read: to spend every free minute chasing him and trying to get him behind bars – him! The most awesome gentleman-thief to ever grace this planet... okay, the second-most awesome gentleman-thief... though, technically, both were Kaitou KID so both were the most awesome gentleman-thief ever... argh, he really needed to stop side-tracking in his thoughts! That brought him enough bruises from Aoko and her damnable mob these days!). And as if Aoko's betrayal wouldn't be bad enough as it was (never mind she didn't even know he was KID), no, she also started dating the most arrogant, annoying, obnoxious, arrogant, idiotic, stupid, arrogant, geeky, troubled, arrogant, troublesome, dumb, arrogant, stuck-up, high-and-mighty detective alive (possible ever, but he couldn't be one-hundred percent sure about that). God, Hakuba Saguru was the most arrogant prick ever (okay, so maybe he was). Seriously, there were detectives out there who weren't as arrogant, annoying and everything else that was so much Hakuba.

Again, Kaito's mind wandered off.

Okay, Hattori Heiji was out of the equation since Aoko – as strong and cunning with the mob she was – couldn't take Tooyama Kazuha on in a fight over her fiancee.

And Sera Masumi was kinda sorta the wrong gender for Aoko. Sadly.

And Kudou Shinichi was [i]so[/i] off limits for Aoko! (Not to mention that she didn't know that this detective was working under the name of Edogawa Conan for two years now...) But no! Before she would throw herself at his Shinichi, he'd rather have her dating Saguru!

...God, he just said it (or rather thought it). He gave the arrogant British plague the permission to date his best friend. Oh cruel, cruel world.

But he was a thief and intended on stealing one of his persuaders and it wasn't part of his plan to share said detective. If only Edogawa Conan wasn't in the way of his plans (oh, sweet irony, his goal was the one thing that stood between himself and the prize. Thanks for the paradox). The chibi-tantei was so fixated on getting his body and life back and chasing murderers and criminals (and doing something else very dangerous that Kaito couldn't quite pinpoint to this date) that he didn't see the flirts and roses and signs of love. Everybody seemed to notice Kaito's special interest in tantei-kun.

Everybody aside from tantei-kun, that is.

Even the media noticed and joked about KID taking a favorite under his persuaders. Hakuba teased him about it in his everyday-life (still very sure about his theory that Kaito was KID – and still without a proof, thank you very much).

Though, Mouri Ran was worse. Kaito always thought that the worse that could happen when the Mouris were present was a soccer ball aimed at his most precious parts. Always. Until Ran chased him with her karate skills screaming 'perverted pedophile' (it was just a short peek on the cheeks, for crying out loud! And it was Kaito's eighteenth birthday. He deserved a present...).

It seemed as if Shinichi was blind and deaf when it came to love. And this was everything but welcomed by one very depressed and desperate moonlight thief. So the only option left was to wait until Edogawa Conan disappeared and Kudou Shinichi re-appeared so he could finally steal the detective without being labeled a perverted pedophile. And that couldn't take that much longer. Right? Right...?

Who was he kidding, really? It's been two years now. Two agonizing years.

And those years got even worse when Koizumi Akako became his personal stalker (there it was again! His original train of thoughts! He knew it had to be somewhere nearby...). But a stalker-free-time (not counting Hakuba, because since he started dating Aoko those two had been inseparable) seemed like a nice little holiday. As if. Something was definitely fi—finny here (not those evil creatures of the sea. Don't think of it. Don't).

"What kind of relative did she want to visit?", he wanted to know.

"Who?", asked Aoko confused.

"Koizumi-kun of course", grunted Kaito irritated (seriously, who else?).

"Oh, sorry that I can't follow your train of thoughts! After all, it had been only half an hour since you asked about her whereabouts!", answered the girl annoyed.

Oh... Well, time sure went by when he thought about his favorite detective.

"So I thought about some other stuff in the meantime while you two were busy sucking faces. Do I get an answer now?"

Aoko blushed a furious red and jumped from Hakuba's lap. It still freaked her out everytime Kaito was that blunt about her and Saguru.

"She said something about a sister that lives in New York and they hadn't seen each other in years so she wanted to visit her over the weekend. Why are you so interested in her anyway?"

"Oh, I'm just being my curious self again", answered Kaito nonchalantly.

"Stop it, Aoko-chan. You'll never set those two up. They are like oil and water, it just wouldn't work", interjected Hakuba.

Okay, maybe Hakuba wasn't as useless as it seemed. Aoko's plan to make Kaito fall for Akako (as if Akako herself didn't try that for long enough) was the one thing Kaito and Saguru agreed on. The plan sucked and had to be stopped. But ever since the Brit and the brunette became a couple and the redheaded witch joined the friends permanently, Aoko had the crazy idea that everything would be better when they could double-date. Because that sounded like such a good idea, yeah.

And this was the first time Kaito acknowledged that Hakuba may not be as bad as he always thought and said. Because Hakuba knew that KID held a certain interest in Conan (and Kaito still wondered if the Brit thought he was some perverted pedophile or if the dirty-blonde detective really knew that there was more to Conan than just a 9-years-old). And maybe Hakuba also knew just how creepy the idea of dating Akako was.

"Anyway, do you have a number or something? A name? An address? Anything?"

"Uh... No, not really. Oh! Yes, a name! I think she called her Lou-chan."

Lou-chan. No, that didn't ring a bell. Akako never mentioned having a sister. She never even mentioned someone – anyone – called Lou-chan. Was he just being paranoid or did this really mean something...?

"Kaito? Oi, Kaito. We're finished eating, hurry up or we're going to be late!", said Aoko annoyed.


"What? Where are we going?"

Kaito blinked irritated and took a big bite of his sandwich when something horrible showed it's ugly face between the salad and bread. A very high pitched scream erupted from his throat and he spat his food back onto the table before jumping as high as possible.

"Aoko-chan, that was mean", commented Saguru with a smirk.

"It was not. And besides, he started when he flipped my skirt in front of my professor", answered Aoko cheekily.

"But a tuna-sandwich. That's a tad cruel", chuckled Saguru halfheartedly.

"Why? Now he's finished eating and we won't be late", grinned the brunette girl.

"Late? What for? And hurry up you two lovebirds!", grunted Kaito from the door of the cafeteria.

"When did he get...? Oh, never mind", grumbled the soon-to-be-policewoman and hurried to Kaito.

The dirty-blonde haired boy sighed and shook his head before he started to follow the two brunettes slowly.

"We meet up with Sera-chan and Suzuki-chan for a coffee", informed Hakuba.

"Oh really! It's so nice meeting some beautiful women for a change!", grinned Kaito.

"For a...? Oh, Bakaito! Just wait till I get you!", growled Aoko and grabbed her mob again.

Suzuki-chan and Sera-chan? Why! His biggest fan and his second-most-favorite critique. Though, Kaito had to admit that Suzuki-chan had been a bit annoying in the beginning, but ever since they met personally they got along like twins separated at birth. They agreed on so many things! Like how awesome Kaitou KID was, or how annoyingly sweet Hakuba and Aoko were. And how dumb Ran acted when it came to Shinichi. Though, Sonoko had told him that she had shipped Shinichi and Ran back in the old days. But some months after the detective had left, Sonoko gave up on them and told Ran that it was time to move on. And by now she was majorly annoyed at how Ran was still yearning for the permanently-absent Holmes geek. Ever since Aoko started spending nearly all her time with her oh-so-wonderful boyfriend, Kaito started spending more time with Sonoko. In fact, she was the first (and only) one he ever told that he was in love with someone (he never mentioned with whom, though. And he only told her because she wanted to hook him up with Ran. Why did every girl he knew want to get him into a relationship? And why did no one of them ever try to set him up with Shinichi?).

And Sera-chan? A wonderful change from all that British stuck-up-ness he had to endure nearly every heist! And since tantei-kun wasn't allowed to every heist (sadly, but Ran was still very strict when it came to Conan...), it was nice to have a battle of wits with tantei-chan. Even though he was greatly annoyed at how good she and Hakuba got along. Detective geeks. Kaito wondered how it would end if he would lock tantei-kun, tantei-san, tantei-han and tantei-chan into one room for a weekend. Just them and a case (note to self: Really need to test that theory!).

"Hakuba-kun! Hurry up! You don't let a girl wait!", screamed Kaito.

"He's right, Sagu-kun! They won't wait forever!"

Hakuba just rolled his eyes and hurried to get to the duo. Such a joy to be with friends.

"Why isn't Mouri-chan coming, by the way?", asked Hakuba.

"Sonoko-chan said that Ran-chan's awaiting a phone call from Kudou-kun", answered Aoko.

Good lord, what a way to start the day... It wasn't his fault that Ran was by now his victim number one when it came to pranking. It was majorly annoying that she wanted what was his to steal!