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Title: After You Remove The Secrets – Only One Truth Prevails

Fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians; Detective Conan; Magic Kaitou

Disclaimer: All rights concerning Detective Conan or Magic Kaitou reserved to Gosho Aoyama for he created the awesomeness that is Kaitou KID. Ah, and Detective Conan, too. And all rights concerning Percy Jackson and the Olympians reserved to Rick Riordan for he created the awesomeness that is Nico di Angelo. And the rest of those half-bloods, too. The story in itself though is entirely mine. No money is made with this, though reviews are more than welcomed.

Warnings: romance, shounen-ai, magic, apocalypse, crossover, child abuse, character death

Main Pairings: Nicercy, KaiShin

Side Pairings: Chrisse, Groviper, Louranda, Jakill, Matie, SaguAo, HeiKazu, MakoSono

Detective Conan Characters: Shinichi Kudou / Conan Edogawa, Ai Haibara, Genta Kojima, Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya, Ayumi Yoshida, Hiroshi Agasa, Suzuki Sonoko, Masumi Sera, Heiji Hattori, Kazuha Tooyama, Ran Mouri, Kogoro Mouri, Juzo Megure, Yukiko Kudou, Makoto Kyogoku

Magic Kaitou Characters: Kaito Kuroba, Akako Koizumi, Saguru Hakuba, Aoko Nakamouri, Toichi Kuroba, Chikage Kuroba, Snake

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Characters: Perseus Jackson, Nico di Angelo, Clarisse la Rue, Lou Ellen, Chris Rodriguez, Connor Stoll, Travis Stoll, Juniper, Malcolm Cage, Jake Mason, Will Solace, Annabeth Chase, Miranda Gardner, Katie Gardner, Pollux Liber, Rachel Elizabeth Dare, Grover Underwood, Poseidon, Hades, Zeus, Hermes, Ares, Dike, Hecate, Eris, Mrs. O'Leary

Summary: Handling the Black Organization and the Prophecy of Seven? Sure, why not!

After You Remove The Secrets

Only One Truth Prevails

15. And They Lived Happily Ever After – No End

~*~ six months later ~*~

Annabeth was annoyed and mildly irritated. This day was going to be problematic. Her plan was easy; sneaking out of camp with Lou and Akako. Without Ran noticing. And that was the hard part. Because the Japanese girl was like a hawk, prying on anything in any kind of way connected to Shinichi. But the Stolls had agreed to distract the karate champ.

"Ran-chan, how are you doing?", grinned Connor broadly, laying one arm leisurely around her shoulder, winking at her meaningfully.

"Eh, I'm good, Connor-kun. I've just been searching for Koizumi-chan. Have you seen her? Or Chase-chan, by chance?", wanted the Japanese girl to know.

"No such luck", shrugged Travis, walking in front of them.

The two sons of Hermes lead her methodically away from the woods. Gray eyes glinted in relieve as Annabeth sneaked out of the Athena cabin and through the shadows of the trees.

A red-head and a lilac-haired girl were standing there between the trees, talking to a green-skinned nymph who was laughing good-amused.

"I'd love to accompany you, but sadly my tree won't allow it", smiled Juniper.

"Well, we can't all go. That would be way too much. I mean, they wouldn't have enough room for all of camp to join", laughed a brunette girl beside her.

"I know, I know, but I'd still prefer if you'd come along, 'Randa", sighed the punk.

"Aw, you'll live without me. And besides, as long as your sister is with you you don't pay any attention to me anyway", smirked Miranda.

"That one is true. Lou is taking the hero worshiping of her bigger sister way too serious", interjected Annabeth with a nod. "So, Akako, where's our ride?"

"She's still asleep in the shadows. Traveling here exhausted her, but I guess we can get going soon", answered the Japanese witch.

"Good. So, how are things over in Tokyo? I haven't visited in weeks!", wanted the blonde to know.

"It had only been two weeks, Chase-chan", chuckled Akako. "Anyway, all is good. Hakuba-kun is missing you, though. He said with the way Kuroba-kun is demanding all of Kudou-kun's attention and la Rue-chan is training with Sera-chan he's missing someone with real intellect."

"Ah, yes, he would be a great addition to the Athena cabin. I still hope he decides to move here once he finished college. I'd appreciate his company and mind", agreed Annabeth.

A barking sound and the shaking of the ground interrupted her though. The big black hell-hound jumped her and licked her face – rather he tried to, considering her height she managed to bathe Annabeth completely in drool. The blonde laughed softly and patted the affectionate dog.

"There, there, Mrs. O'Leary, did you miss me?", grinned the daughter of Athena.

A happy barking was the answer she received while the two witches climbed the dog's back.

"Chase-chan, are you coming?", wanted Akako to know.

"Right. Coming, don't want to be late", agreed the blonde and tried to wriggle free. "Now let me go, girl. Or don't you want to go back to your masters?"

The hell-hound seemed to consider her options and in the end let go of her so she could join the two daughters of Hecate. The three girls clawed at the black fur.

"Be good and don't forget to greet them all from us", called the daughter of Demeter after them.

"Wait up, that's the hell-hound! Koizumi-chan! Hold on, where are you going?", yelled the voice of the detective's daughter.

The last thing they saw was the running form of Ran Mouri before they were engulfed by the shadows. Shadow-traveling always left that tingly feeling, it was strange and exciting alright, but they didn't understand why Percy loved shadow-traveling so much. Darkness made way for bright sun-light. Birds were chirping, the sun was shining, the sky was blue. And they were over a hundred feet above the ground.

"Miranda and Katie did a great job the last time they came visiting", acknowledged the blonde.

The rooftop of the building looked more like a part of a park, cherry trees and flowers, grass and bushes. All the greenery made it nearly impossible to recognize it as what it was. The roof of a skyscraper in the middle of Tokyo. If not for the beautiful skyline beneath them, the Tokyo Tower itself nearly in front of the building, they wouldn't know where they were. Some garden swings stood in a circle, two of them already occupied. The olive-skinned son of Hades laid sprawled on one, his boyfriend on his lap, talking animatedly to Shinichi, who was half-laying on top of his magician.

"Oh, I think we got guests guys!", announced the thief with a broad grin.

"There you are, we've been here for two hours now, waiting for you to arrive", pointed the half-Italian out with an irritated look on his face.

Percy jumped off the swing and run up to Annabeth to hug her.

"Wise girl! How have you been?", asked the son of Poseidon.

"I'm good, really. I've been busy designing the new cabins – especially the Dike cabin was giving me a hard time", smiled the blonde half-blood. "Where are Clarisse and Chris?"

"Down in their apartment. They didn't want to wait any longer after half an hour."

"And where's my sister?", wondered the daughter of Athena.

"Haibara is down in the library", answered Shinichi.

Since not only the penthouse but the whole building belonged to Nico, Clarisse and her boyfriend had rather moved into their own flat instead of sharing an appartment, because really, it was nearly impossible to live with a daughter of Ares especially during her time of the month. So she and Chris moved into one of the flats in the floor beneath them, they were practically still living together, but had enough room for themselves.

Soon after Shinichi had returned to Japan as himself, his parents decided to return, too. So he moved out. Because being in the same city as his mother was annoying enough, but living under the same rooftop? Deadly. And his parents were constantly teasing him with his choice in men. Seeing as the son of Hades had enough rooms, he offered them an apartment. Though Kaito and Shinichi had started fighting over how to use the spare room in their new apartment. The Holmes geek of course wanted the room for his books while the son of Hermes wanted it for his toys and heist plannings. The six friends had come together and debated on what to do. The easiest solution was soon found. They re-designed another apartment completely into a library, with the architectural help of Annabeth, Ai, Malcolm and Saguru. Another flat was done with the sole purpose of serving Kaito as a working place (so Shinichi could have his peace and quiet from time to time, too).

It didn't take long – three weeks, which was annoyingly long for most of them – for Saguru to ask his girlfriend to move in with him. He had thought living with the Moonlight Thief was impossible, but the roommate that came after the magician had moved out was even worse.

Needless to say that Nico felt like he had opened his own Camp Half-Blood. Especially after Sonoko and Masumi decided to move together into one of the flats, too – claiming that it was not nice of their friends to exclude them from their little rooming arrangement. At first they had feared it to be problematic with a mortal (after only a few days they came to the surprising realization that Aoko's 'long deceased mother' was in fact Philia, goddess of friendship). Though they were surprised when a rosy gleam engulfed Sonoko and she shone from within. The claiming of Aphrodite. That had explained some things, like her constantly trying to set her friends up or her falling for nearly every handsome guy. The others tried to explain everything to her. But they had the feeling that the only thing she understood was that her mother was the goddess of love.

"So, where are the others?", wanted the daughter of Athena to know.

"I don't know. Clarisse and Chris are probably packing their stuff-"

"Something we should be doing, too", remarked Shinichi with one raised eyebrow.

"Aw, why? That's boring", disagreed the magician.

"Kuroba, we want to be on time. If we miss the train, we're going to be late. And believe me one thing, you don't want to run late on a wedding. The bride will tear you apart", grunted Annabeth.

"Especially if said bride is Tooyama-chan", added the Heisei Holmes.

"Big point for Shinichi", agreed Percy and shuddered at the thought.

He still remembered the bride-to-be vividly. The last time they had met she was hysterical about the whole planning. Explaining to the mortal couple how they knew the Americans was hard. Some very complicated and illogical story-versions of a vacation in America and a visit in the restaurant Nico loved to eat or a case Hakuba took for them. In the end they had to thank the mist that helped them to believe their crazy story.

"Sonoko, Sera-chan, Nakamouri-chan and Hakuba-kun are already gone. The girls were requested by the bride two days ago, because she had a breakdown. Since la Rue-chan isn't the most sensitive one, she decided to stay here and let the girls and the irritating Athena brat – her phrasing, not mine – handle the bride", ended the teenage detective their answer.

"Oh? Oh, if I would have known that!", gasped Annabeth.

"That's the reason I didn't tell you. I don't need to go through that", snorted the Japanese witch.

"Well then, we couldn't have shadow-traveled there anyway. That would be too dangerous. Even the mist can't work around everything", sighed Lou. "Anyway, where should we let Mrs. O'Leary rest in Osaka? It's better to let her stay here."

The punk patted the dog's head, who yawned widely. Kaito stretched and walked leisurely up to the elevator's door, his boyfriend on his heels.

"We've packed our stuff this morning. Well, I packed it and Nico molested me anyway", Percy threw an half-annoyed glare at his boyfriend. "So if Clarisse and Chris are ready, we could leave."

"Which sounds great", agreed Shinichi and nodded.

"Why are you so eager to get there?", muttered the magician with one raised eyebrow.

Nico snickered and leaned over to their three guests. "Kaito is being jealous ever since Hattori-kun had called Shinichi being all desperate and needing his help."

"Oh good Lord Zeus, I'm feeling downright bad for Hattori", gasped Annabeth. "The wrath of a child of Hermes never ends good. He'll receive worse pranking than the Ares cabin does."

"Oh, I wouldn't feel too bad for him", snickered Percy with a wink. "We're talking about Heiji after all. He'll live through it. The big question is if Kaito will live through Shinichi's wrath if he pranks Shinichi's best friend on his own wedding."

"Good point, Jackson-kun", smirked Akako and nodded slowly. "I'm really curious about this."

"Do you think Mrs. O'Leary will be fine on her own?", wondered Lou with worry.

"She'll rest and once she's well-rested she'll leave for my father's palace."

"Oh. Okay, good", smiled the American witch.

Gladly enough the elevator had enough room for the seven of them, even though it was a bit crowded. Nico and Kaito exchanged some wicked glances.

"If you grope me now, we'll have separated rooms at the hotel", warned Percy irritated.

"And if you grope me, stupid thief, I'll kick you in the balls", growled Shinichi.

"That's unfair!", whined both the son of Hermes and the son of Hades.

"No, that's only normal. You two pervs", objected the green-eyed half-blood with a smirk.

"What do you say, Percy-kun? We could share a room and have our peace and quiet for at least a couple of nights", suggested Shinichi with a wicked grin.

"Now you're just being evil", grunted Kaito with a pout.

The Heisei Holmes laughed softly and grabbed Percy's arm, the two of them running out of the elevator into the Ghost Prince's apartment to grab the couple's luggage before joining their friends again. Annabeth had an affectionate smile on her lips. She saw how genuinely happy her ex-boyfriend was. Both, with Nico and also in this city. At first she had been biased about it. Him moving to Tokyo that is. Though it seemed that learning Japanese with the help of so many natives wasn't as hard for the son of Poseidon as she had thought. And really, being there with all those new found friends helped him overcoming a deep-rooted sadness. And she was happy for him, really happy for him, because he was her best friend.

"Annabeth. And the witches. You finally decided to join us, too?", grunted Clarisse.

The daughter of Ares had a look of mock-annoyance on her face and hugged the three other girls shortly, then she waved for her boyfriend, who obediently brought their suitcases.

"Can we finally leave?", sighed Chris a bit unnerved. "I've had to listen to Clarisse's complains about the bridesmaiden-dress for the last half hour."

They left for the train station, exchanging stories about camp and Tokyo on their ride to Osaka.

Percy yawned tiredly and blinked. He had fallen asleep half way to Osaka and used his boyfriend as a pillow. Upon opening his eyes he saw that the others were already shouldering their belongings.

"Ah, damn. And I had hoped we could just leave him here", grunted Clarisse.

"Ha, ha, ha. So very funny, War Princess", retorted the son of Poseidon.

"Don't quarrel, please. We'd have enough of that as soon as we meet the bride and the groom", sighed Shinichi and shook his head.

The magician grinned broadly and slung his arms around the son of Dike.

"Shin-chan is right. Let's get going, guys!"

"They are so disgustingly sweet", chuckled Annabeth and rolled her eyes.

"No. Just disgusting", grunted Akako. "Believe me. You don't have to stand them on a daily base."

"Shoot. Nee-chan, I would prefer to watch them sucking faces instead of watching Ran swooning over the Stolls", objected the younger daughter of Hecate irritated.

"Right. So, how is living with Ran?", asked Shinichi slowly.

"Let's just say that if she keeps being like that, you'll soon have a new roommate", sighed Annabeth.

"Okay. Back to today; How's the strategy?", redirected Chris their conversation.

"We'll part ways once we arrive at the hotel", answered Annabeth. "Sonoko had send me an IM earlier and said that I should take Clarisse, Lou and Akako with me so we can try the bridesmaiden-dresses on. You boys are requested to keep Heiji and Saguru as far apart as possible."

"I still wonder why your half-brother is invited at all", questioned Clarisse.

"Because Kazuha had invited Nakamouri-chan and she insisted on bringing that annoying prick with her!", yelled a heavily accented and irritated voice.

"Hattori", exclaimed Shinichi surprised. "Aren't you supposed to... I don't know, be somewhere?"

"I can't get rid of that prick!", growled Heiji. "Kudou, help me commit the perfect murder."

"No killing Hakuba-kun", chided the Heisei Holmes with one raised eyebrow.

"Jeez, I don't have time for this! There's so much to do still!", sighed Hattori.

"How about you take a walk with Shinichi and we will take care of everything else?", suggested Percy with a smirk, grabbing the protesting Kaito's arm. "Heiji looks like he could use some alone-time with his best friend. So go on you two."

Nico helped steering the son of Hermes off towards the hotel, while Chris took Shinichi's bag and the others left, until the two detectives were alone. The Heisei Holmes smiled affectionately at their retreating backs and turned around to face his best friend.

"I really like yer new friends there", grunted Hattori relieved.

"Yeah. They are great", smiled Shinichi.

"But ye know I don't believe a single word about how ye met 'em", snorted the Osakan.

"I know. Just trust me with this. I really can't tell you", sighed the Heisei Holmes.

"Is it something bad? Like the...", started the dark-skinned detective.

"No. No, not like the BO. And I already told you that we got rid of them."

"And by we ye mean yourself, the annoying thief and those Americans, right?"

"Right", nodded the smaller teen with a half-smirk. "And now come. Okonomiyaki. I'll pay."

"But we have a buffet for the wedding...", blinked Heiji confused.

"Well... The wedding ceremony is in three hours, then there will be the ceremony, the speeches and the waiting until everyone is seated first. It'll be at least five hours until you'll get something. And you're way more balanced after you've had some food."

"Jeez, Kudou, ye had me at Okonomiyaki", chuckled the dark-skinned teen.

Shinichi shook his head in amusement and the duo headed to the Osakan's favorite restaurant. It felt good spending some alone time with his best friend. Sure, he and Percy got along really good and he loved spending time with his irritating magician, but it was just something else entirely to be with the Osakan. And he really enjoyed Kaito's unnecessary jealousy, it was kind of cute.

The ceremony itself was nearly tolerable – the priest had died. Turned out a groom-to-be had poisoned him, because he thought the priest was having an affair with his girlfriend, but said girlfriend had just been planning a secret wedding. Many tears were shed because of this tragic love-story and another priest was ordered while the four detectives were busy solving the murder case. Kazuha was having a mental breakdown ( - "Stupid detective geek, causing trouble at our own wedding!"), but aside from that the rest of the wedding went as normal as a wedding with guests like the Moonlight Thief, the Heisei Holmes or the heroes of Olympus could get.

Annabeth caught the bride-bouquet and blushed furiously.

"Aw, Chase-chan, now we need to find you a man!", declared Sonoko with a broad grin, causing the daughter of Athena to blush even more.

Nico rolled his eyes and muttered something about children of Aphrodite beneath his breath, though the son of Poseidon poked him hard in the ribs and threw him a warning glare.

"I can't wait to get back home", groaned Clarisse annoyed and sprawled herself all over the seat next to Percy, her head hitting the table rather hard.

"But you look so pretty, Clarisse", snickered Nico. "Pink is totally your color."

"Jackson, I swear, if you don't shut him up, I'm gonna tear your boyfriend apart..."

"And we don't want that! Come on, Nico, dance with me", grinned Percy and pulled the Ghost Prince onto the dancefloor.

"I haven't danced since the 20s!", hissed the son of Hades wide-eyed.

"Well, then it's time", smirked the green-eyed teen and batted his eyelash at them.

He slung his arms around Nico's neck and the half-Italian couldn't resist his lover's charm after all. Makoto and Sonoko soon joined them, the daughter of Aphrodite being head over heels for her boyfriend, who had especially arrived to accompany her to the wedding. Aoko pulled her boyfriend away from teasing the groom and onto the dancefloor, too.

"Here you two can at least not quarrel!", declared the messy-haired girl irritated.

"I should have taken 'Randa with me after all...", muttered Lou annoyed from their table.

Her bigger half-sister laughed softly, her eyes gliding over the dancing mass. Clarisse was still pouting while her boyfriend was busy talking with Annabeth and Masumi. The bride and the groom were leading the dance, Kazuha looking stunning in her white dress.

"Say, have you seen Shinichi or Kaito anywhere?", wondered the son of Poseidon after a short scan of the dancefloor. "I'm kind of worried that Kaito will do something stupid again..."

"Not since the buffet was opened...", answered the Ghost Prince with a hint of worry.

Percy nodded slowly and leaned his head against the taller teen's chest, humming with the music. A serene smile tugged on his lips. He loved this, everything about it. Being with Nico, the way they had fallen into a comfortable routine. Waking up in bed next to him, cooking together and eating on the rooftop together with their friends. They would head out to university together – Percy had started his first semester as sport student two months ago and was by now head of the swimming team of the university. Life was good, Percy would even go as far as to say it was perfect. His Japanese had improved, everybody was trying their best to help him, Clarisse and Chris learning. And from time to time Annabeth and Lou, or some other campers, would come over with Mrs. O'Leary and they were already certain to spend the holidays in New York – Sally had a full-blown Christmas party all planned out to get to know all their Japanese friends.

"How about we go and check if Kaito did something stupid again?", suggested the son of Hades.

"I think... it's already too late for that", commented the Sea Prince as he looked up.

"Wh.. Oh...", blinked the brown-eyed half-blood and looked around.

"For the love of—I'm gonna tear yer boyfriend apart, Kudou!", screamed the groom enraged.

"For once, we agree on something!", growled Saguru and tried to get out of Aoko's grip.

"Kuroba, I absolutely love you!", declared Clarisse with a broad smirk.

She loosened the tie around her neck and looked at her boyfriend, who was wearing her bright pink dress with the frills and the turf. Percy giggled and tugged on the bow in Nico's hair.

"You look so pretty, Ghost Princess", laughed the son of Poseidon.

"So do you, Sea Princess. But I think we should really go and look for Kaito before Saguru and Heiji will do something together for the very first time", smirked the olive-skinned demi-god.

He grabbed his boyfriend's hand and ran out of the room, soon spotting the son of Dike, who was managing to kick one soccer-ball after the other at a crouching figure. Quite admirable considering the three inches high heels he was wearing.

"Stupid thief! I told you to behave on my best friend's wedding!", hissed Shinichi unamused.

"How about we leave? I think we shouldn't overdue our stay!", suggested Nico.

"Aw, just when the fun part started!", pouted Clarisse, who had followed them out.

"I think Nico is right. Because there is one angry groom in a brides-dress and an equally angry half-Brit in a bridesmaiden-dress waiting for our favorite magician and the only things holding them back are Aoko, Kazuha, Masumi, Sonoko, Makoto, Chris and Annabeth", declared Lou.

"You know that I heard about a manticore near the castle?", asked Akako casually.

"A manticore? Can't have that running around alone!", grinned Percy broadly.

"We are still stopping at the hotel first! I'm not fighting any kind of monster dressed like that!", grunted the son of Dike irritated. "And you, stupid thief, are so sleeping on the couch!"

"Worth it", hummed the Moonlight Thief proudly.

"For the next half year", added the Heisei Holmes with one raised eye-brow.

"I do think this choice of punishment is very good, Kudou-kun", chuckled the Japanese witch.

"I object!", groaned Kaito with a pitiful whimper.

"You'll live through it. And I have to agree, this prank was totally worth it", smirked Clarisse.

"Come on guys, do you want to face a manticore or an angry Heiji and Saguru?", asked Lou.

Percy shook his head, his free hand grabbed for his best friend's hand and the seven of them ran as fast as they could out of the building, laughing like maniacs and receiving some irritated stares at their choice of clothes. Sea-green eyes locked with dark brown ones, both pairs sparkling with joy and mischief. Kaito next to them was still receiving the preach of his life while looking like a kicked puppy, the witches and Clarisse were highly amused by that.

Yeah, life was absolutely perfect.

~*~ The End ~*~