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Title: After You Remove The Secrets – Only One Truth Prevails

Fandoms: Percy Jackson and the Olympians; Detective Conan; Magic Kaitou

Disclaimer: All rights concerning Detective Conan or Magic Kaitou reserved to Gosho Aoyama for he created the awesomeness that is Kaitou KID. Ah, and Detective Conan, too. And all rights concerning Percy Jackson and the Olympians reserved to Rick Riordan for he created the awesomeness that is Nico di Angelo. And the rest of those half-bloods, too. The story in itself though is entirely mine. No money is made with this, though reviews are more than welcomed.

Warnings: romance, shounen-ai, magic, apocalypse, crossover, child abuse, character death

Main Pairings: Nico/Percy, KaiShin

Side Pairings: Chris/Clarisse, Grover/Juniper, Lou/Miranda, Jake/Will, Malcolm/Katie, SaguAo, HeiKazu, MakoSono

Detective Conan Characters: Shinichi Kudou / Conan Edogawa, Ai Haibara, Genta Kojima, Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya, Ayumi Yoshida, Hiroshi Agasa, Suzuki Sonoko, Masumi Sera, Heiji Hattori, Kazuha Tooyama, Ran Mouri, Kogoro Mouri, Juzo Megure, Yukiko Kudou, Makoto Kyogoku

Magic Kaitou Characters: Kaito Kuroba, Akako Koizumi, Saguru Hakuba, Aoko Nakamouri, Toichi Kuroba, Chikage Kuroba, Snake

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Characters: Perseus Jackson, Nico di Angelo, Clarisse la Rue, Lou Ellen, Chris Rodriguez, Connor Stoll, Travis Stoll, Juniper, Malcolm Cage, Jake Mason, Will Solace, Annabeth Chase, Miranda Gardner, Katie Gardner, Pollux Liber, Rachel Elizabeth Dare, Grover Underwood, Poseidon, Hades, Zeus, Hermes, Ares, Dike, Hecate, Eris, Mrs. O'Leary

Summary: Akako is worried about a bunch of wicked half-blood, called the Crows, and seeks help from her half-sister Lou Ellen in New York. The two daughters of Hecate receive a quest and take it on, together with Nico, Clarisse and Percy. The son of Poseidon is fighting with his feelings for a certain Ghost Prince. On the other half of the globe, a certain thief and a certain detective have to struggle with their feelings, too. Fate unites them with the other half-bloods and the truth about Toichi Kuroba's death is finally revealed. See, some of the Detective Conan characters are begging to be half-bloods, in my opinion, so I had to do this. This story was written before Son of Neptune was published and before I've read the Lost Hero, so no spoilers for the Heroes of Olympus since it completely ignores that. And the story was also written before blondie started his apprenticeship at Kogoro's, so he's out, too. And before you bother, as always I take some liberties with Nico. Because him bleaching out in the underworld is the most stupid thing Rick Riordan ever did. That's not the way things work. Would Hazel have bleached out, too if she would have stayed down there? Is that what had happend to Michael Jackson all those years ago? Really now.

After You Remove The Secrets

Only One Truth Prevails

5. The Three Little Pigs, Red Riding Hood and the Big, Bad Wolf

Kaito loved weekends! He really, really loved them. The whole Friday afternoon was spend in that cozy little cafe, eating delicious chocolate cake and cuddling his beloved tantei-kun.

Saturday was mainly used for planning his next heist and doing some other work, because he promised the Shounen Tantei-dan to go to the park with them on Sunday.

And now it was Sunday and he sat in the park on a blanket, watching the Shounen Tantei-dan play a game of soccer against some random kids they just met. It was truly too bad that his Shin-chan was stuck in the body of a 9-years-old. How fascinating and captivating it would look, Shinichi in shorts, sweating and panting. Bad Kaito! He needed to stop this train of thoughts before he ended with an erection. Because that would be majorly embarrassing.

"Kaito-nii-chan! We won!", screamed Ayumi joyful and ran to him.

"That's great, Ayumi-chan! Here you go, cake for the winners", grinned the messy-haired boy and made a cake appear out of nowhere.

The three kids were excited and happy, but Conan just rolled his eyes. It saddened Kaito that Shinichi didn't seem to enjoy their time together.

"Too bad that Ai-chan couldn't come... But she and Agasa-hakase are surely having fun on their trip!", chirped Ayumi with a broad smile.

Kaito smiled. He loved the girl, she was so energetic and cute, she sometimes reminded him of Aoko when they first met. And how Genta and Mitsuhiko tried to fight for her attention was unbelievable cute. Although it was kind of sad that Ayumi only had eyes for Conan, because she had no change to ever win his heart. Kaito was too great a competition.

"Kaito-nii-chan, you went to the KID-heist on Thursday, too, right? You as a magician got a different view than Conan-kun as a detective!", wanted Mitsuhiko to know.

"Well, we sure have different views when it comes to KID-sama", chuckled Kaito. "You see, KID-sama's tricks were awesome! And you should have seen the task force when he walked through the wall like a ghost, but Conan-kun had to ruin the show."

"Excuse me, but I intent on catching the thief and not cheering him on!"

"But you would be such a cute cheerleader, Conan-chan!", grinned Kaito.

Pink smoke erupted around Conan and as soon as it went down, the other Shounen Tantei-dan stared with open mouths at the short boy with glasses. Shinichi didn't really want to look down, but his curiosity got the better out of him.

"Kuroba!", screamed Conan enraged and jumped.

The boy grabbed his soccer ball and Kaito knew that now was the right time to run as fast as possible. Ayumi, Mitsuhiko and Genta watched loudly laughing how their fellow detective chased the teen magician, wearing a white cheerleading outfit, the KID-smiley printed on the front, red and blue stripes on the short skirt, two blue and red pompons laying discarded on the ground. They ran until they reached the lake. Face to face with a fish that swam lazily through the water was a situation Kaito really did not like.

"Fi—fi—fi!", stuttered the messy-haired magician.

"Fish? That what you want to say, Ka~i~to?", asked Conan with a devious smile.

The boy blocked Kaito's only exit. Where to go? Fish or dangerous soccer ball? Oh cruel world!

"Conan-chan! Please, let me go! This evil monster-!"

"Is not going to do anything to you. I may let you pass if you change my clothes back, though", considered the detective.

"Aw, you're such a spoil-spot, Conan-chan!", whimpered Kaito pleadingly.

"Give me back my clothes, or I'm going to hit you with this soccer ball so hard that you'll stumble backwards and fall into this lake. Right next to the cute little fishy."

This boy was such an evil mastermind. A 'poof' later and the very cute cheerleading outfit disappeared and Conan had his original clothes back. For a moment he considered kicking the taller teen anyway, but then again, Kaito already looked like a kicked puppy just because he saw a fish. Conan couldn't bring it over himself to further torture the magician.

"Let's head back to the kids before they do something stupid again", suggested Conan.

"You're too friendly, oh great tantei-sama!", swooned Kaito and snatched Conan's hand.

The not-child mumbled some choice words and blushed a deep red.

"Why do you carry a child-sized cheerleading uniform with you, anyway?"

"Rule number two: Always be prepared for every scenario possible", grinned the thief.

"And what is rule number one?", asked Conan and tilted his head.

"Na~i~sho", singsonged Kaito.

Conan rolled his eyes. Typical. That was so Kaito-like.

"Anyway, how come you took so much time to get after KID-sama during the heist?"

"It has nothing to do with KID-san getting better, if that's what you're implying. I just had a bad day, is all", grumbled Shinichi.

"A bad day, eh? Because of Mouri-chan?"

"She's acting really weird these days. The more Hattori's and Tooyama-chan's wedding nears, the stranger she acts. She's convinced that Shinichi would mysteriously appear just to accompany her to the wedding. She's so antsy about it, every time the phone rings, she jumps and drops whatever she's doing", explained Conan.

"And... Do you want him to show up and go to the wedding with Ran?"

It was a suggestive question. He knew that Shinichi and Conan were one and the same person, so precisely he wanted to know if Shinichi wished to be with Ran again. He was still a bit insecure when it came to the karate champion and the Heisei Holmes.

"No!", came the very fast answer. "I mean... I would like it if Shinichi could attend the wedding, but not with Ran, it would only spike her already way too high hopes. And that would be mean."

"Yeah, you're right, that would be mean", chuckled the moonlight magician. "Say, you surely have the most contact with Kudou-kun, right? I mean, you two are related after all. Is he planning on returning anytime soon?"

Conan blinked a few times. Kaito gave him the feeling to be Shinichi again and sometimes Kaito gave him the impression that the messy-haired boy knew that he in fact was Shinichi. But that wasn't possible. How could the teenage magician know...? He had a good idea about it, but that wasn't possible.

"No", was the simple and sad answer.

"Conan-kun! You left Kaito-nii-chan alive, that's nice!", smiled Ayumi happily.

"There are enough bodies following him as it is, he doesn't need to add more to that pile himself", joked Kaito.

"Oi! There hadn't been any murderers in the past five days!", objected Conan.

"Don't jinx it!", interjected Mitsuhiko.

It was a nice day, he really didn't want another murder today. Genta laughed over their little quarrel and laid down in the soft grass. His eyebrows knitted when he gazed into the sky.

"Maybe we should leave before it starts raining", mumbled the boy.

The other four looked skyward and nodded dumbfounded. It had been sunny and the sky was blue when they started eating the cake. How could the weather change that drastically in the course of a few minutes?

Glitter erupted around their blanket and everything re-appeared in a little basket.

"Off we go, my dear Shounen Tantei-dan!", cheered Kaito.

Conan grabbed the basket and followed the four kids. Kaito juggled five brightly colors umbrellas until the first raindrops hit their heads.

"Here you go, don't want you to catch a cold", smiled Kaito and handed everyone an umbrella.

A sigh laid on Conan's lips when he first noticed the big smiling KID that adored every umbrella (he didn't even start about the color. It was pink. What color else should it have? That was so typical Kaito!). Sometimes the glasses wearing boy wondered why Kaito acted that way. On the one hand, the messy-haired boy would treat him like an equal, but on the other he treated him like a little girl. But Shinichi had some ideas. Some ideas he really didn't like.

"Conan-kun! I heard about a KID-heist next week! You won't go alone this time, right?", asked Ayumi with big, teary eyes once they reached her home.

"Right, just because KID-san picked you out as his opponent doesn't mean that you can face him off alone. We are the Shounen Tantei-dan!", lectured Mitsuhiko.

"You may be 'tantei-kun', but you didn't catch him! With our help you could catch him!", grinned Genta.

"They have a very good point there, tantei-kun, you should share your fame", chuckled Kaito.

And that's when Conan stopped dead in his tracks. Genta and Mitsuhiko said goodbye to Ayumi, but Conan couldn't focus on it. The way Kaito said his nickname.

It was just one little thing too much.

So many facts, obvious and undeniable, all piled up during the last year since he met the messy-haired magician. There! That's fact number one.

Kaito was a magician. He was obsessed with KID. Charming. A gentleman. Giving roses to pretty girls. Always watching Conan's back, especially if a murderer followed them.

And Shinichi had never ever seen Kaito during the heist itself.

Both were the same height and body built. The same gestures, the same walk, the same talk. The same eyes. This deep violet, the mischief in those captivating eyes.

Everything. Just... everything.

The way he acted, especially after a heist.

He could list things, little things, random things, all day long.

And before he knew it, he was alone with Kaito.

"Ne, Conan-kun? You alright down there?", asked the messy-haired boy worried.

"Yes, KID-san."

And now it was Kaito's place to stop dead in his tracks. Pokerface. Don't forget your pokerface.

"Eh, I don't know what you're talking about!", said Kaito with some hesitation in his voice.

"You do. I don't know how I could ignore it all those months! I mean – everything! The way you act, the way you walk, the way you talk, the way you say my name! Your height, your body language, your body built, your trickery, your magic, your eyes."

"My eyes?", interrupted Kaito with a blink.

"Don't think I didn't see them properly enough back when you caught me after I fell down from the airship! And I never saw you during a heist! Never! And Hakuba-kun kept telling me how you are KID-san, but I never-"

"You never what? You never believed him because it's not true! How could you believe that crap? There's no proof!", hissed Kaito and dropped his umbrella.

The rain had stopped, but it was dark and windy and the blue umbrella was blown away. Kaito's face showed a mixture between anxiety, angry and afraid.

Conan just looked plain angry.

"Don't! Don't you dare lie to me now! I know you're him! Don't... don't deny it... I've known it all along, ever since we first met and you gave me a white rose with a pink frame, the same rose that KID-san gave me the night before during a heist. And evidence kept coming, but I didn't want to see it. You've always treated me with respect, don't insult me now."

He knew it, he knew it all along. But he didn't want to know it. Because knowing KID's true identity would mean he had to arrest him. And in all these years he had chased KID, he never once thought about the moment he would arrest the moonlight thief.

"I... You're right, tantei-kun. Please... give me enough time to say goodbye to my mom before you call Nakamouri-keibu, okay?", whispered the magician.

He cast his eyes sideways, not daring to look into Conan's eyes.

"Why should I call Nakamouri-keibu? You said it yourself, I don't have any proof, Kaito-kun."

Kaito's eyes shone brightly, his head snapped up and he gaped at the small boy.

"But... What... I mean, you're a detective, don't you have the duty to arrest criminals?"

"I guess I owe you, KID-san. You kept my secret, I keep yours."

"Are you... sure...?", asked Kaito with a small voice.

"As long as you keep quiet, so will I", promised the 9-years-old.

Kaito's relief was evident on his face and he couldn't suppress the urge to cuddle the small detective. Conan blushed and tried to fight Kaito off, but with less effort.

"You won't believe how relieved I am! But... how come you confront me now?", asked Kaito and blinked a few times.

"I don't know, maybe the way you said tantei-kun was the last straw that broke the camel's back", sighed Shinichi.

"Aw, don't deny it, you like me", grinned the thief.

"I—I don't", hissed Conan and blushed a deep crimson. "I just value our rivalry."

"No, you don't. We're friends. And you know it", teased the magician and started walking again.

"Whatever. Let's head back to the agency and stop talking nonsense, stupid thief..."

However, before they even reached the agency, they were stopped by the sounds of crying. They both just rolled their eyes when they saw the sirens flash in the distance. A blonde girl sat in front of an alley, crying and sobbing.

"Ojou-san, are you alright?", asked Kaito worriedly.

"I—I... There's a dead boy laying on the street! And there's so much blood...", gasped the blonde.

A police car parked in front of them and Megure-keibu exited the vehicle. He looked at the duo in mild surprise.

"Kuroba-kun, seeing you at the scene is quite rare", commented the inspector.

"Well, I just wanted to bring Conan-kun back home", shrugged the magician.

Conan wanted to say something when they heard a loud thud and screaming from the alley. Kaito and Shinichi exchanged a glance and hurried into the darkness, not hearing Megure's protests.

The girl had been right. There was way too much blood for one person to bleed. And the corpse was in worse condition than Kaito had ever seen (and with Conan around, he had seen his fair share of dead bodies). Over the dead girl were two teenage boys hovering, both hunched into the dark corners of the shadows. And then they turned tail and started running. That's when Conan aimed his soccer ball at them, missing by a mere inch.

"Keibu! There are two suspect persons trying to run away!", screamed Kaito.

He took a protective stance in front of Shinichi, not knowing if those two were the murderers and if they were dangerous. Conan's soccer ball hit the wall and bounced off of it, rolling back to him and he picked it up. The two suspects talked in hushed voices and Kaito started getting nervous (because with Conan around he also had his fair share of psychopaths). He pulled his card gun, just in case the situation may escalate. Shinichi threw him a sharp glance.

"You two better don't move until the police arrives", warned Conan, readying his watch to knock them out in case they wanted to flee.

But they did something neither Conan nor Kaito expected. They ran straight through the wall.