I'm back with a new season. Here is the prouloge. And when I say that the next chapter will come on the next friday, I mean Friday 10.2.2011. That means you have to wait till next week.

Just in a case you didn't got it.


20 years ago, after the humans had found out about the exist of creatures named Digital Monsters, both sides had started a war. Both sides wanted to make sure their side is superior, but they also wanted to protect their world. At that time existed also four kids, the Chosen Children or DigiDestenied, who were partnered up with Digimon.

To end this war, three of the former four, Taiki Yagami and Agumon, Sora Itomi and Biyomon and Matt Iromoto and Gabumon battled the evil Digimon that caused the war. They killed him, thinking he dissapeared forever. But he didn't.

20 years leater, on the August 20?, a dark shadow rose up. He wanted revenge against humanity and Digimon. And he will get it. No one has any idea that he is back. He found a new army, a new kingdom... And he would start a new war, greater than ever. And he will win.

If there just wasn't a group of particular Tamers...And a group calling themselves Hackers.

Stay tuned for season three: Digimon Street Battles: Tamers vs. Hackers!