Lily is a shy girl, always getting left behind, reading Harry Potter. She suffers verbal and physical abuse. Who can make her happy again?


'wide awake at 6am. Great.'

15 year-old Lily thought as she checked the time on her phone. She had 1 hour until her alarm went off. After what felt like a long 15 minutes she decided to get up, luckily she had a shower night before. Her shoulder length curls where a mess, so she picked up her brush and quickly brushed them and got ready for school. She packed her bag checking her time table:









P6-Free(study period)

'hmm. Not a bad day'. She thought, quickly stuffing her books in her bag and picking up 'Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban'.

She ran down stairs and dumped her bag near the door. She felt her phone vibrate in her pocket, knowing it was her alarm, quickly turned it off.

Lily heard pounding feet coming down the stairs and enter the kitchen as she was making her morning coffee.

"well look what we beastly thing we have hear". She heard her older brother, by one year , William say.

Lily knew she had to stay quite because the abuse would get worse if she didn't.

"Ha, I would have gone more with ugly". Lily heard his twin sister Anne say. They both laughed but Lily just ignored it.

Once she finished making and drinking her morning coffee it was half 7 and she had to be at the bus stop for quarter to 8. She quickly grabbed her ipod from the hall table, slipped on her shoes and hurried around trying to find her coat.

When she finally found her coat she quickly headed for the door, grabbed her bag and went.