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A bag of apples, cinnamon, brown sugar...Wait, I think I already have enough brown sugar. Whatever, it's probably hard, and a new bag is only a couple dollars. What else do I need? A lemon, oh, and a tv dinner. If I'm baking, I don't want to cook too. Pie is obviously a far more pressing issue than a home cooked meal. Oh, and ice cream! Screw anyone that thought it messed with the texture; it was perfection and better than sex. Or at least better than the sex I'm currently having.

She arches her back, pressing her body closer to his, sounds leaving her mouth mindlessly. They must be the right ones, she thought, hearing him grunt in approval as he plows deeper into her.

She sighs, allowing herself to ponder how she can go through these motions without thought or feelings attached to them. If she were being completely honest with herself, which is a practice she avoided at all costs, she couldn't even remember the last time she enjoyed sex. Which, in retrospect, was a tragedy, because there had been a time in her life where it had easily been her favorite sporting event.

She sighs as her heart began questioning her head as to the reasons she's still here. Still under him. Still pretending that this has some hope of ever progressing past this awkward arrangement they have silently entered.

Because it's easy. The words her mind shouts at her heart aren't gentle; they are harsh and the honesty of them stings. She can no longer find a way to justify it to herself; even her head is starting to realize it might just be more lonely being with him than alone.

There were no more cuddles or whispered conversations. Those had ended months ago. The sleeping in the same apartment right along with it. She knew she was the one initiating all of the distance, but he isn't fighting her on it. It was as if they both knew those things were too intimate for a relationship like the one they were currently conducting.

Rose is positive they had once been in love. Once upon a time and all that when she had said yes and accepted the ring she was currently wearing. She knew they were approaching a place when they would finally have to discuss the elephant in the room that was the fact that their relationship would never reach that point where they would say 'I do'.

The thought that made her entire body cringe when she pondered it. She could pinpoint the exact moment that everything had changed. Her entire neatly ordered world had been rocked by a simple phone call.

She answered at least a hundred calls a day in her current position. If you were to ask her, she'd have no problem telling you that she didn't pay any mind to the mindless needs of the customer. That was the issue with technical support; she answered the same questions over and over. How hard is it to remember that when the lights stop blinking, it's time to reset your modem?

She often got chatty customers, so she pretended to laugh at their jokes or care about their children. She had occasionally even given out a dry cleaner's phone number in place of her own when no didn't seem to work with someone who insisted they needed to get a number to go with the beautiful voice. She was biding her time until she could find a position that she really wanted, but for now this paid the bills and kept her well supplied in shoes.

In fact, the only thing extraordinary about the day her world had been turned on it's axis had been her shoes. She was even shallow enough to admit that while she'd been giving her standard spiel and entering the account information, she had been admiring her leather and wool tartan plaid ankle boots up until the moment that the person on the other end of the phone had cracked some stupid joke and laughed at himself.

That laugh. It was enough to straighten her spine and bring tears to her eyes.

Her vocal chords had frozen as she'd listened to him continuing to babble. In typical form, it took him several minutes to realize that no one was politely responding to his end of the conversation.

"Excuse me?"

She tried to form words to even manage a squeak, but she couldn't force her body to work.

"Ma'am? Hey Lady! I'm sorry, I don't mean to be rude, but I didn't catch your name." He continued pausing between his statements. "Okay, maybe I'm off. Dude? Sir? Other human being who deserves to be treated with respect and no judgment about gender-"

"Emmett Dale, shut up. Gah, some things never change do they..."

The phone line between them seemed to crackle with electricity in the silence between my exasperated statement and the unusual stillness on the other end.

"Wait. No."

She could almost see the confusion on his face, the way it scrunched up when he was trying to figure something out. She wondered if it still had all the same lines all these years later.

"It's not you, is it?"

She could barely hear his voice through the headset, so she switched to the receiver as if it would somehow bring her closer to him.

"Well, it's obviously me. I really am unsure how to be anyone other than myself." She smirked as the words left her mouth.


"No one calls me that."

"I don't care what anyone else calls you. You're my Rosie"

Her shoes were forgotten as she shifted in her seat, curling her legs up under her in a comfortable position, mindlessly twisting her hair around her finger. "Oh is that so?"

"Yeah, it is. What are you doing with yourself?"

"Working." As the word leaves her mouth, it occurs to her the position she had assumed. She then quickly shifted, her feet hitting the floor, and she sat up straighter. Glancing around to be sure no one had seen her slip of character, she cleared her throat a little. "Which is why you called me. Are you having issues with your Internet?"

"Well, my modem won't turn on. When you plug it in, none of the lights will come on."

"None of them? Are you sure that the power cord is plugged into the outlet?" As she asks the question, she wants nothing more than to pound her head against her desk, because her Emmett has turned into one of those boneheads that call needlessly without checking the connections on their end.

"Of course it's plugged into the power strip. I'm not an idiot. I actually think the issue is that it may have gotten wet."

"Okay, so you spilled something on your modem? Not a problem, your service plan will likely cover that. Do you mind if I ask what happened?"

"What happened? Well, to be honest, I didn't spill anything. It fell off the desk and my daughter peed on it."

"Your dog peed on it?" She knew what she had heard, but she couldn't stop herself from being hopeful that she had misheard him.

"No, no my dog is more well trained than that. It was my daughter. She's just potty training and I'm clearly very good at it."

She found herself laughing at his joke, and while it wasn't her standard you're an idiot and I'm laughing so I can be done with this conversation laugh that she reserved for customers, it wasn't a real laugh either.

Her thoughts were overwhelming her and she felt like she was drowning in a pool. He had moved on. No, not just moved on, he had her dream. Her fantasies. With someone else. Her chest was burning with the effort that was now necessary to take controlled breaths.

Why did this hurt so badly? It had been years since she had even seen Emmett. The memories of the man he was growing into washed over her, out from the abyss in her mind where she thought she had long since buried them.


"I do apologize, I was doing some research on your service warranty." She stated in her most bored professional voice as she quickly retrieved the screen she was supposed to be on currently. "Water damage to your modem is covered. It doesn't matter how the accident occurred."

"Rosie, what's wrong?"

"Your modem is broken." She reminded him, needlessly talking around the issue he was discussing.

"Exactly, who gives a shit! I'll go buy a new one or you can send a service tech out with one, whatever."

"I can set up an appointment for you. When would be a good part of the day for you?"

"Damn it! Rosie-"

"Stop calling me that!"

She knew her voice was an inappropriate level for work and she threw the handset across her desk, dropping her face into her hands as she counted slowly to ten. She couldn't bear to look up and see which of her co-workers attention she had managed to snag. She swallowed hard as she picked up her headset, slipped it on, and pushed the buttons to turn the handset back off as she took a deep breath.

"Mr. McCarty, it would be my pleasure to set up a service call for you. If you would just tell me what part of the day would work best for you, I'll get you on with your day."

"Rosalie Lillian Hale. Stop it right now. Tell me why you're acting like this."

"Sir, there is no need to growl. I can transfer you to a manager if you are unhappy with the way I'm handling your call."

"I don't want to talk to your manager, but I want you to talk to me. What did I do wrong?"

"Emmett." She closed her eyes. It hurt her to form a snarky sentence, or even to form any sentence at all in reality.

"Rosie, what is wrong? Tell me how to fix it, please?"

"There's nothing you can do. I just need to focus and do my job." She whispered as she wiped away her tears hoping that her voice isn't betraying her. "Please," she pleaded with him, willing him to understand that she had to be done with this.

"I need to see you."

"I'm sorry, that's not possible. I need to transfer you to someone to assist you with setting up an appointment. Please hold."

"Don't do it, Rosie! Don't...I'm just going to keep calling back again and again until I get you again."

"There's no reason for that, Emmett. It was nice to hear from you again, but that doesn't mean we need to attempt to reform a friendship."

"Just give me your number. Please?"

"No. I can't."

"Rosie, please. You know that I'm just going to keep going round and round until you do it."

"That's considered stalking and harassment Emmett, and as I informed you at the beginning of this call, it is being monitored for quality assurance. Which means that I have legal proof of your harassment."

"Rosie, this isn't over."

"But it is. I'm going to transfer you to my floor manager to finish your call. Thank you for calling American Cablevision. Have a pleasant rest of your day."

"Rosalie. Rosalie!"

The voice that pulls her out of her reverie is pleasant enough in it's own rough, gravelly tone. "What is it Jake?" She finally demands, not caring that she was being short with him.

"I asked if you were still going with me to Rachel's wedding tomorrow."

"Is that tomorrow? I thought it was in a couple weeks"

"In a couple of weeks? Come on, Rose! What the hell?" He rages as he climbs out of the bed, yanking on his boxers as he glares in disgust. "I've been talking about this for ages."

"Shut up! I was just confused. I'm sorry that I can't be as perfect as you."

Anytime Jake gets snippy or irritated, justified or otherwise it has a tendency to cause her to give it back to him ten fold. She yanks her cami over her head, glaring, "Of course I'm going with you. I'm helping her out with hair and make up and being sure that everything runs on schedule. It's up in La Push, right?"

Her mind already running through worst case scenarios. Despite the close proximity of their home towns the two hadn't known each other growing up, but the idea of being so close to Forks again caused fear to well up in her chest. She calmed herself with the knowledge that there was no way that Emmett was back there now.

The idea of running into him at the wedding was a thought that she couldn't even allow herself to fully form, because it was bound to bring up memories and unwelcome feelings. One phone conversation with him and she couldn't have a single thought that didn't somehow seem to bunny trail back to him.

He was hers. He always had been in her mind, even though she had made the mistake letting him go. She should have made him listen. She should have gone to him that night and explained just what he saw that nothing was what he thought.

"See, there you go again, Rose! What planet is your damned brain residing on these days?"

She rolls her eyes as she grabs her cell, tucking it between her ear and shoulder as she orders Chinese, giving him a pointed look when she only orders enough for herself. Silently crossing the kitchen to the freezer, she pulls out a pint of ice cream for a pre-dinner snack.

"Well, I guess I'm going home for dinner."

"I'm so glad you can take a subtle hint and not let this become awkward."

"You've been acting like a bitch a lot lately."

The spoon is out of her hand before it can touch the ice cream, nailing him in the forehead and causing a string of curses to leave his mouth.

"Watch your mouth in my house."

"Damn, is it time for your month already?"

"Get out of my house, Jake! If you're lucky, I'll let you take me to Rachel's wedding."

"You'll letme take you," He declares as he yanks his motor cycle jacket on, stalking to the door. "Don't forget who's diamond that is on left hand!"

She rolls her eyes, pulling open the drawer and getting a new spoon. "Don't forget that it doesn't mean you own me," she growled to herself, scraping her teeth across the spoon.

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