A/N. This is something else I came up with on the fly. Just another Fem!Luffy one-shot, this time told from the perspective of another Supernova. Again, I may come back later and add on to it but I'm not completely sure yet.

Summary: You're not always whistling the same tune, but it always sounds the same…

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Whistling the Same Tune

I never really got to talk to you or meet you before, but when I finally did, I got the impression that something was off.

To put it in the terms of one who loves music, you weren't always playing the right tune.

Always skipping notes or switching songs half way.

You had everybody playing the tune you wanted to hear, but when it came to you it just wasn't complete.

You never finished it either.

You dropped it short, or drew one note out a bit too long, and in the end the original intent was forgotten.

You were singing the right song, but it was coming from the wrong feeling.

A happy song from a sad feeling, an angry song from joy.

Sometimes they didn't even come from the heart.

And you seemed to be perfectly fine with leading everybody on.

(As long as they don't make the request, you don't play the song, right?)

You have the sheet music right in front of you, but you want to play the bass when you're supposed to stay on the treble clef.

And I have to wonder what it is you're hiding in there.

With your wanton smile that never quite reaches your eyes, and that cheesy grin you pull with your eyes closed shut so nobody can get a good look at what's truly playing on in that head of yours.

(I understand the need to change it up a bit, but there is such a thing as taking it too far.)

And I have to wonder if maybe something's not right anymore, if something was ever right to begin with.

Maybe the rest of us are just not playing the right tune, and you're the one who's hitting the whole song perfectly to the beat.

Maybe the tempos too fast for us, or it's too slow for you, I don't know.

All I know is I can hear you humming one thing, but your eyes are not singing the same.

You're not always whistling the same tune.

Ironically enough, it always sounds the same…

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