Amaya Laurence


6:05pm, Tuesday, Samhain 1986 (31, October)

A scream pierced the evening silence...The scream of a woman in labor. Loud enough to wake the dead of New York, who seemed oh-so far away at this moment. Valentino Fairchild heard the sirens wailing in the distance, and squeezed his wife's hand. She was in labor, and had been howling mercilessly. Valentino had only called the ambulance ten minutes ago, but it seemed like ages before it would arrive.

"Just a little bit longer, sweetie." He cooed in Irish.

"I don't want to wait!" Dawn howled back, also in Irish. "I want to go now! It hurts, dammit!"

"I know, I know." He soothed. "The ambulance will be here in just a few minutes."

No sooner were those words out of Val's mouth, there was a knock on the door. With a small prayer, Val went to the door, hoping that it was the paramedics and not some courtesy visitor who wanted to see his pregnant wife. He opened it to find the paramedics standing there, with a stretcher behind them. As they loaded his wife on, they began asking Val questions.

"How long has she been in labor?"

"About two hours." He replied in halting English

"How far apart are her contractions?"

"About two minutes."

The EMT gave Val a funny look. "Great." Turning to her partner, she said "Let's get her out of here."

6:20pm, St. Elizabeth's Women's Hospital

"Push hard!" Dr. Gabriel O'Connell urged Dawn.

Dawn pushed hard, straining with the effort, as Dr. O'Connell peeked at her vagina to see how the baby was coming. She howled with pain, and squeezed Val's hand hard. Before this, Dawn hadn't worried. She had heard a few years ago from Holly York that giving birth wasn't that bad. Obviously, Holly had lied about her trouble with Christine.

"We've almost got the head! Push again!"

Pushing harder this time, Dawn got the baby's head through and most of the shoulders. Gabriel told her that one more push should finish the job, and it certainly did. With deft hands, Gabriel pulled a healthy baby out, who was already breathing on its own, and didn't even need the mucus cleared from its nose. That was some baby! The nurse announced just then that it was a baby girl, and asked Dawn what its name was.

"Sarah." Came Dawn's reply, accompanied by a weak smile.

After receiving confirmation from the mother herself, the hurried on his way to get the baby cleaned up. Meanwhile, Dr. O'Connell stayed only a moment longer to talk to the new parents. He wanted to make sure everything was perfectly ready for Baby Sarah back at their house.

6:30pm, Doctors' Lounge

"I hope this is good, Gabriel."

"The baby was born."

"Really?" Morgead replied.

"A girl named Sarah Sinead Fairchild. 7 pounds, 8 ounces; just as you predicted. I wanted to clean her up myself, so it would be done the right way, but Jeff Simpson ran off with her before I could."

"It doesn't matter. But there is a change in plans."

"I'm listening."

"Let the girl go home with her parents. We'll start chasing after her when she gets to 694 years."

6:45pm, Pathology Lab

"Here she is!" The nurse announced.

He came straight into the lab, holding a freshly cleaned Sarah. The female doctor he had talked to earlier, Samantha, was waiting for him. Once the baby had been laid down, the two of them quickly slipped into robes for the ritual. The both were silently thanking the Goddess that Jeff had gotten Sarah away from O'Connell, before he could do anything to her.

"Bring forth the child!" Samantha intoned. "What shall she be named?"

Jeff took the baby off the table and brought it to Samantha. "Her name shall be Sarah Sinead Fairchild." He replied.

"Daughter of Valentino and Dawn, your name shall be Sarah-Sinead. Blessed be."

Samantha smiled at the baby, and carefully took her in her arms. When Jeff was ready, he continued the litany to the invisible audience.

"We are gathered her to welcome this child, Sarah, into our community and to ask the blessings of the elemental powers and the Goddess and God upon her. We will also listen to the pledge of those who will stand as Goddess-parents to her. Welcome."

Once Jeff had said his parts, Samantha took Sarah around to the elements, making a special presentation. After Jeff gave Sarah her secret Wiccan name (not to be repeated here), he and Samantha invoked the Goddess and God. When that was done, they were ready to hear the pledges of the Goddess-parents.

Samantha looked at Jeff. "We didn't get anyone to be the Goddess- parents."

"Who said we couldn't be?"

Samantha shrugged. "True."

Together, the two of them swore to be Sarah's rightful Goddess- parents. When that was done, they finished the ritual by rubbing patchouli oil on the birthmark on Sarah's arm (scarily identical to the one on Christine York's arm) and Jeff hurried the baby back upstairs. Hopefully, Sarah hadn't been too badly missed.

7:00pm, Greater Queens Masonic Temple

The head of the New York City Witches' Council asked the members in attendance to join hands. Once the room was linked and silent, Aria began the prayer.

"Dear Gaia and Cerunnos, we thank you today for the safe birth of Sarah Sinead Fairchild, and thank you for guiding our fellow Witch from the Summerlands back to the mundane once again." She paused. "Please protect her from wedding Morgead if it is your will, and guide her to a safe and happy life. Blessed be."

"Blessed be!" the room chorused.