Pleasure Island
Written by Soul Teller
Rating: M for Mature
Reason: Sexual Content, Growth, Excessive Nudity, Language, Violence, Blood and slightly unrealistic situations
Summary: After a crash landing, Naruto and Hinata end up stranded together on a deserted Island. Can they survive on an Island with Flora and Fauna yet discovered?
A/N: This is another mainly lemon-focused story now a word of advice when I do lemons I go a bit… eh… how shall I say…? Crazy, by that I often make the impossible possible… Often by this I try to bring my fetishes alive… So a word of advice this is written mostly with my fetishes so I'll say again and to make this significant…


Chapter 1

Hinata Hyuuga was not a simple girl. No, she was a person of importance and a person of power, for she was the heiress to the great Hyuuga Family Company, a company that created many products used in the world today. Hinata was a woman of 5'6, with long blue-black hair, pure ivory eyes, and a well-proportioned body, well save her breasts, which were larger than most. She went overseas to learn how to run a business and study for 2 years in a college, and now at the age of 21, she was done with her studies and was heading home. She was glad she was going home after not seeing her family for two years and studying in various fields and subjects. She was glad that for a few days she would have no burdens. With that in mind, she headed to the ticket master, a white skinned woman with a blond bun and brown eyes wearing a black wool vest and a white shirt. She looked up at Hinata, and spoke in English, "Hello how may I help you?" Hinata smiled.

"Yes… my name is Hinata Hyuuga, and I believe I have a reserved ticket?" Hinata said in perfect English. The woman nodded, and then she went to her computer, and began to type. A few seconds later, the machine was whirring and the woman pulled out the ticket.

"There you go, Gate 8, Terminal H!" The woman said. Hinata thanked her, and grabbed the ticket, and grabbing her suitcase and purse, she headed for the Gate.

-A few minutes later-

Hinata looked at the ticket and saw that her flight left at 10:30. She looked at the clock on the wall, and saw it was currently 9:08. "Ah, I have some time! Well… might as well grab something to eat!" Hinata said, and with that, she looked and saw a café and headed toward there. After some searching, she found a Japanese vendor, and after some consideration, she ordered some sushi and a rice ball. Grabbing her order, she sat down at a table, and was about to eat, when she heard a clatter and looked to see a man wearing a black shirt with a red spiral on it. He had spiked yellow blond hair and large deep blue eyes; also, from his arms, he appeared to be reasonably fit. He was also rather tall, taller than her at least, probably around 5'10.

"Hey, mind if I sit here?" He said in Japanese. Hinata blinked. "Oops um… I want to eat…. That okay?" He said in garbled English. Hinata giggled.

"Yes, it's fine!" She said. The man blinked.

"Oh you speak… well cool! Sorry, I'm normally better, but I was, you know caught off guard! Name's Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki!" Naruto said. Hinata smiled.

"I'm Hinata Hyuuga. A pleasure!" Hinata said. Naruto smiled, and putting his hands together, he thanked for the food and began to eat. Hinata saw he was eating a big bowl of ramen. "So Naruto-san, what are you doing here?" Hinata asked. Naruto slurped up some noodles and swallowed.

"Ah… Well I'm a pilot!" Naruto said.

"Oh really? What do you fly?" She asked.

"Mmm mainly small planes like private jets, propeller planes, and so on. I'm here because I was called to transport some rich kid home." Naruto said.

"Ah, I see," Hinata said.

"He's probably a brat too, not really looking forward to it really. Rich kids are nothing but trouble!" Naruto said, and soon he began to explain his reasoning and why rich people were A. hard to deal with, B. nothing but trouble, and C. how rich kids should behave. "…I mean, come on! We're trying our best. We don't need them to remind us they got money and we don't!" Naruto said, and then he looked at Hinata, who was watching him raptly. "Oh sorry… I sometimes get carried away when I talk."

"No, no it's fine! Please continue!" Hinata said. Naruto scratched his head.

"Hmm… well, I guess I could, but before I do, I want to ask you, what's your occupation?" He asked.

"Me? Well none at the moment. But when I go back home, I'm going to start running my father's company, Hyuuga Company," She said.

"Ohhh! You're that Hinata Hyuuga? Wow! Now I feel dumb talking about rich people to you!" He said, embarrassed. Hinata giggled.

"It's quite all right. I understand what you mean. I got out of a college filled with rich people, and I must say you're quite on the money." She said.

"Not totally though, you're different!" Naruto said, then there was a beeping sound, and he reached for his waist and pulled out a smart-phone and looked at it. "Ah! Gotta go to work soon! Well, it was nice meeting you! Enjoy your flight home, and maybe I'll see you somewhere else!" With that, Naruto slurped up his ramen, and putting it on the garbage bin, he left. Hinata watched him go. He was a curious person, a bit brash and headstrong, but interesting, and then she ate her food, which was a bit cold, but that didn't matter. She ate, and then she looked at her own cell phone and saw she had 20 minutes left. Deciding she should spend her time to find the plane, she put her plate on top of the garbage can, and then she headed out.

-A few minutes later-

Hinata eventually found the gate, and standing in the entry to the jet were two men, both tall, in black suits, with black sunglasses. One man had black hair shaped like a bird's rear end, the other man had black hair that spiked straight up and his collar was raised slightly, hiding his mouth. The two men looked at Hinata, and bowed. Hinata bowed as well. "Hinata-sama, I am Shino and this is Sasuke," The man with the raised collar said, gesturing to himself, then to the other man. "We will escort you home when you land, please enter quickly…" Shino said, gesturing to the entry. Hinata nodded, and she went inside. She walked down the corridor, hearing the footsteps of the two bodyguards behind her. Eventually, she saw the door to the plane and walked inside. She stepped into the white interior, and looked to her right to see the area where she would sit while the plane flew, and then she looked to the left to see the pilot seat. She saw a man with black hair tied in a shape not unlike a pineapple. She looked to the left of the man to see… she blinked, and she stepped forward, the spiked yellow blond hair, the hair then moved up as the owner stood up, and she saw…

"It's you!" She said. The man turned, and sure enough, it was Naruto Uzumaki. They stared at each other, and then Hinata closed her eyes, a vein appearing on her temple.

"A complete brat? Not only that, but you seemed to think I was a man… Hmph!" She huffed, and she went to the seating area and sat down. Naruto stared at her disbelieving.

"Ah shit…" He said quietly, the man with black hair looking at him.

"What's up?" The man said.

"I know that girl…" Naruto said sadly.

"Seriously? Where?" The man said.

"Right before I came, I went to get something to eat, and I met her. I didn't know she was the client!" Naruto said, turning to the man.

"Oh, sucks to be you… But then again, women are always troublesome…" the man said, turning back to the controls.

"Pfft… easy for you to say Shikamaru, you're engaged. You don't have to worry about pissing off random women that might come back in your life!" Naruto said. Shikamaru shrugged.

"Hey whatever. At least I can sleep at night knowing that I have someone to keep me company…" Shikamaru said. "Now sit down and get ready, we're gonna take off soon." Naruto nodded, and sat down, strapping himself in, he began to turn on the plane, and pressed a button. There was the sound of wheels, then a 'Clunk', and the sound of a locking mechanism. Naruto, having sealed the main door to the plane, he began to power up the engines, which whirred. He then looked at Shikamaru, who nodded, reached up for the speaker and pulling it down, he pressed the button and spoke. "This is you're captain speaking. We will now begin the trip to the Elemental Country. Please make sure you are seated and the seatbelt buckled while we are taking off… also all electronic devices must be turned off during take-off. We will inform you when it is safe to use electronic devices then. Thank you and enjoy the flight…" Shikamaru said, turning off the speaker, and setting it back up. He then looked at Naruto, who had his hand on the throttle. Naruto pushed it slightly, and turned the plane so that it would move toward the runway.

After positioning the plane, Naruto gunned the engine slowly to allow it to build up speed. When the throttle was full, Shikamaru pulled back on the steering, and the plane lifted off. Due to its small size and engine, it was able to lift easier than commercial airliners. With that, they began their way home.

-Several hours later-

The captain had announced that it was safe to use electronic devices about an hour ago, and Hinata decided now would be a good time to inform her family of her return. She pulled out her phone and quick dialed her family, putting the phone to her ear, it began to ring. It didn't take long for someone to pick up. "Hyuuga Residence, who is this?" A strong calm voice said.

"Father… It's good to hear you." Hinata said.

"Hinata? Oh my, where are you? How are your studies?" Her father asked.

"Fine father… I finished, and I decided to come home." Hinata said.

"Ah, I see. Well then, hold on a minute," He said, and Hinata waited. She heard the phone rustle a bit.

"Hinata?" Said a young voice.

"Hanabi! How are you?" Hinata asked.

"I'm fine… so your coming back home sis?" Hanabi asked.

"Yes, I should be back in about 8 hours… I believe," Hinata said.

"Awwww… that's forever!" Hanabi said, and Hinata imagined her pouting.

"Don't worry, when I come back, we'll play all you want, ok?" Hinata said. She heard Hanabi giggle.

-While Hinata was calling-

Naruto stared ahead as the plane flew, his mind on other subjects, mainly the girl. "So what's the big deal?" Shikamaru said. Naruto glanced at him, and then turned his gaze forward.

"Not too sure… I guess I'm regretting saying all those things to her, but what does it matter. It's not like I have a chance with her." Naruto said.

"…Well, you can only be alone for so long before it gets unbearable." Shikamaru said, Naruto sighed.

"Yeah, I'm tired of going home to an empty house… but her? She might be too much for me to handle, rich people are expensive." Naruto said.

"All women are expensive… it's a troublesome quality they possess, and even then, that's not their most annoying one…" Shikamaru said.

"Pfft, yeah, you would know… hang on…" Naruto peered ahead, and he could see the black clouds gathering. He looked around, trying to see a way out, but saw that this was coming from all directions. "Shit, storm clouds!" Naruto said, and he grabbed the control handle and switched to manual. Shikamaru reached for the speaker.

"Attention passengers, there is a storm cloud up ahead, so expect heavy turbulence. Please remain seated and calm, and fasten your seatbelts, and turn off all electronic devices…" He said. He turned it off, put it back, and began to work the controls to allow smoother flying. As the plane flew into the very tips of the storm, thunder flashing and lightning crashing, the control handle jerked and shuddered violently.

"Damn, this is strong! Can't you do anything!" Naruto said.

"Sorry, but I've already tried everything… the only thing we can hope now is that we either don't get sucked into a tornado, or have lightning hit us!" Shikamaru said. There was a flash and the clap of thunder and an unearthly shriek that jerked the whole plane. Then, there was rapid beeping on the panel, and Shikamaru looked, "me and my big mouth!" He said. Naruto confused, looked down and saw what made Shikamaru say what he said. The right wing had been hit, and was severely damaged; he felt the plane begin to tilt.

"Crap!" Naruto then opened the channel frequency, and began trying to contact a tower.

-Before entering the storm-

"Attention passengers… there is a storm cloud up ahead, so expect heavy turbulence. Please remain seated and calm, fasten your seatbelts, and turn off all electronic devices…" Said the voice of the other pilot. Hinata blinked, and she looked out her window. Sure enough. there were indeed storm clouds in the direction they were heading.

"Hanabi, I'm going to have to hang up now, I'll see you when I get home!" She said, and she hung up, turning off her cell phone and putting it in her purse. She sat down and put on her seat buckle, and Shino sat next to her, putting on his seat buckle. Sasuke sat down opposite of them, putting on his buckle as well. The plane jerked and shuddered as it was hit by the elements. Hinata gulped, and she put her hands together, praying that the weather might stop, and then there was a flash, a clap of thunder, and then the unearthly screech was heard. Hinata screamed at that, and shortly afterward, the plane began to tip to the right.

-In the Cockpit-

"Mayday, mayday, mayday! This Home Send! Come in Tower, do you respond, over!" Naruto said. He only got static, "Repeat! This is Home Send, we are in severe weather conditions, and we probably lost a right wing, we need guidance, over!" More static, and then he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"It's no good! The storms probably jamming communications! Get the passengers ready for impact and for emergency landing. I'm gonna try to make this as smooth as possible!" Shikamaru said. Naruto nodded, and removed his headset and unbuckled his seat belt, heading for the passenger compartment. The moment he entered, Hinata looked at him, her eyes wide with fear.

"W-What's happening?" She asked.

"All right, stay calm… listen, we got hit in the storm, and our right wing is damaged, so we have no choice, but to commence emergency landing. Now, it's gonna be bumpy, but don't worry, keep your head down, and you'll be fine. Make sure that if you want to bring something with you, that it isn't heavy!" Naruto said.

"Tch… Looks like I was right about the lady hiring second-rate pilots!" Sasuke said. Naruto didn't say anything, but went back to the cockpit, and then the plane jerked violently. Naruto groaned as he slammed his head into the doorway, and shaking it off, he headed to Shikamaru, who was trying to hold the plane steady.

"Dammit! The wing is ripping apart, it's gonna fall off and we're gonna go into a spiral! I hate to say it, but I'm cutting the engine and diving!" Shikamaru said, "Get ready to open the emergency exit!" Naruto nodded, and he ran into the passenger section and headed toward a window which said 'Emergency Exit' on the top. He held the release bar, and looked out the window, rain was falling and a flash of lightning could be seen multiple times. He stood there waiting, his legs braced for the impact

"Get ready, we're going in!" Naruto said. Hinata nodded and she braced herself, Shino doing the same, Sasuke, however, still sat there. He heard the engine stop, and then the whistling of wind came as they began to go down, down heading toward the ocean. Naruto then felt the floor jerk up, however, he was ready and his body moved to lessen the impact, it still was jarring, but he didn't fall. Hinata and Shino gave a cry of surprise, and Sasuke's head snapped up slamming into the wall behind him with a horrible cracking sound, and then his head drooped forward, blood pouring down his neck. Naruto looked at him, and then he turned back to the door and pulled the lever and pushed, the emergency exit popped out, and from below it, a hiss of air was heard as a raft was inflated. Naruto turned to Shino and Hinata, "Quick! Get on the raft!" He said, the two nodded and unbuckled themselves. Hinata saw Sasuke, her face paling.

"I-Is he…?" She began.

"Quickly my lady, we must go!" Shino said. Hinata nodded, and grabbed her purse, jumping onto the raft. When they were on, Naruto went to the back to grab a medical kit and some of his personal items which included a knife with a 5 inch long, single-edged blade. He put that in the kit, and went to the cockpit and saw Shikamaru getting his own stuff. "Come on!" Shikamaru nodded, and he ran forward as well. The two jumped onto the raft and grabbed the emergency axe that was wrapped up on the raft, and kicked off the plastic tearing apart, and the raft drifted away from the plane, which began to take in water, and began to sink, fading from view. Hinata watched it go, and then she turned to Naruto and Shikamaru, shivering as the cold rain pounded on them.

"W-What now?" She asked.

"We have to wait for the storm to stop, so for now, we hold out and not get separated…" Shikamaru said. Hinata whimpered, and then they heard the roar, and they all turned to see a giant wave coming at them, pulling them up. "Shit! Hold on!" Shikamaru shouted, but even then, it didn't matter, the wave came down, and when it did, it pulled them further up, flipping the raft and crashing down on them, sending them into the water. Then it became a tangled mess. Naruto flailed about in the water, and then he righted himself. He looked around, and he could see Shikamaru falling into the water. He turned behind him to see Hinata being pulled away, and then he turned back to Shikamaru, who was desperately trying to swim up, but was being dragged down by a current. Naruto gritted his teeth, and was about to swim, when a current came and whipped him into Hinata, the two crashing their heads together, and both promptly falling unconscious. Shino had resurfaced and found the upside down raft. He swam toward it and flipped it over and got in. He coughed, and he looked in the water, seeing nobody. "My lady! Hinata!" he called. He then saw the floating form of the pilot with yellow hair. He was about to move the raft to him, when another wave came and swept him away pulling him away from Naruto. He screamed in rage as he drifted farther away and lost sight.


Naruto groaned, and then he realized he couldn't breathe, and he turned onto his front and gagged and then retched, water falling from his mouth, and he coughed, his lungs expelling the water. "Agh shit!" He cursed, and he shook his head and got up and looked around. He was on a beach, and before him were several palm trees that had unusually large leaves that seemed to be connected. He also saw near the trees flowers; they looked like daffodils, but unusual ones. They had a red outer layer and the inside was yellow. He smelled a weird smell; it was sweet and relaxing, however he heard a moan and he turned to see Hinata laying on the ground, her clothes torn slightly and her hair a tangled mess. He got to her and got down, "Hey! You ok?" he asked. She didn't respond. He turned her over, not caring that her shirt was shredded, revealing her bra and skin. He put his head to her chest. He could hear a very faint heartbeat, but no inhaling. He put his hand to her chest, and began pressing down to resuscitate her. He did that 5 times, then he put his hand to her chest again, there was an increase. He did it again 5 times, and on the fourth she coughed, water flying out. He pumped her one last time, though for good measure. She coughed and moaned, and then she opened her eyes. She saw Naruto, and then she saw where his hand was, and instinct taking over, she slapped him.

"Don't touch me!" She yelled. Naruto recoiled, grabbing his cheek.

"What the fuck! I just saved you!" Naruto said. Hinata blushed, and turned away, her hand on her chest.

"I thank you, but you didn't need to be groping me afterwards!" Hinata said.

"I wasn't-! You know what forget it!" He said, and he stood up. "Ugh… where are we?" he asked, looking around. Hinata realizing this looked around as well.

"I-I'm not sure. I've never seen an island like this before…" She said "And those plants… I don't recognize those…" She said, pointing at the red-yellow daffodils. Naruto looked at the beach, mainly where the water was brushing, and he saw the med kit, his knife, and the emergency axe still wrapped up.

"Well at least we got this…" He said. Hinata looked at that then at the water. She saw her purse being pushed in by the water and she went to get it. She grabbed it and opened it up to find most of her stuff was wet.

"Oh no! My cell phone is ruined!" She said, distraught. Naruto looked at her, and then he looked out to the ocean. All he saw was waves. He then remembered Shikamaru being dragged down into the water. Did he make it somehow? He didn't know, but somewhere he did, that Shikamaru was…

"Dammit… Dammit!" He gasped. He fell to his knees, the supplies in his hand falling as well. He grabbed the sand, his hands trembling, and then he slammed a fist in the beach. "Dammit! If only… If only I hadn't hesitated, then Shikamaru… Shikamaru might… FUCK!" He shouted, throwing the sand at the water. Hinata watched him sadly, and then she looked out at the ocean as well, worried for Shino. She then turned to Naruto again.

'Why did I have to be stuck with him of all people?' She thought sadly.

'Why did I have to be stuck with her of all people!' Naruto thought angrily.

They looked at each other, then looked away, huffing. These two, despite their hatred for each other, now will have to unite… for this island will challenge them, physically, mentally, and emotionally, for now they are stranded on an unknown island…

To be continued…