Pleasure Island
Written by Soul Teller
Rating: M for Mature
Reason: Sexual Content, Growth, Excessive Nudity, Language, Violence, Blood and slightly unrealistic situations
Summary: After a crash landing, Naruto and Hinata end up stranded together on a deserted Island. Can they survive on an Island with Flora and Fauna yet discovered?
A/N: Whoa this is popular… Well here's the next chapter and a lot more discoveries are made…

Chapter 3
Discoveries and Separation…

Another week has gone since they had been stranded culminating to one standard month. Hinata had lead Naruto to a small clearing filled with the strange red-yellow daffodils and after Naruto checked for predators he began to work. Shortly after discovering the green pomegranates healing ability Hinata named it 'Panacea Pomegranate' determined to give it a proper name before Naruto decided to give it a silly name. However it wasn't a day later when Naruto suddenly started called it 'Pommy Panacea' much to Hinata's displeasure. It was also during this week she had made another discovery mainly of the strange nut flowers. She had one day eaten the all the flower petals of the nut flower and that night she once again had the strange erotic dream. Naruto though having not eaten the flower had no such dreams, Hinata soon made a theory about the nut flower. The nut itself was essentially gasoline, in particular petroleum. The flower on top though was actually an aphrodisiac a powerful one that could produce illusionary dreams erotic in nature but could turn into a nightmare due to overconsumption. She had struggled to find a name for it, and was hesitant to tell Naruto but he had taken a look at her notes when she was sleeping and wrote under her notes 'Petro-poppy Nut' while she was displeased she had to admit the name was apt. Now comes the final day of the week, Hinata and Naruto awoke to another bright day the new shelter that Naruto was building was halfway completed. There was enough that they could sleep in slight comfort but not enough to actually be called a shelter.

Also due to the days steadily becoming hotter and the work more strenuous the two had to adjust their clothing to accommodate. Naruto had cut the legs off his pants making them into shorts and had turned his shoes into a type of sandal. Hinata had cut her shirt so that enough cleavage was hidden forming into a shoulder strap, and also had cut the stomach area off and had torn the skirt to allow running. Also Naruto's shirt now looked like a tattered vest that he usually had off more than on, and had also formed a type of sandal for Hinata as well. As they awoke they gave slight winces Naruto got up and grabbing his now custom done shorts adjusted it slightly to relieve the feeling of scrunched up groin. Hinata grabbed her bra and adjusted it so that there wasn't as much pressure on her breasts stand up as well. Like the first shelter it was mainly trunks lined up to make walls however unlike the first one the walls were higher up. Naruto had painstakingly used the axe and his knife to flatten the trunks so they were flat on top and on bottom. Naruto sighed as he went to the area where he had been cutting down trees. Hinata stretched and grabbing her items she left heading into woods to do even more recording. She had gotten so far inland now that she had discovered a spring and after going past that a waterfall, and a hotspring just beyond the waterfall. She had tested the water of the hot spring it was the perfect temperature for lounging in and the water that the water fall fell into was ripe with fish. Most were fish she had seen before in books a lot of them though were fish she never expected to see.

As she began to write down the many fish she then felt the ground shake. She looked at the ground then it shook again was there an earthquake? Or at the very least a massive creature coming she looked around and stood up her eyes scanning the clearing she saw nothing then she heard a hissing sound coming from behind. She turned around very slowly almost afraid of what she was going to see. Behind her was the giant scaled form of a Komodo Dragon she knew it was a Komodo Dragon she had seen these before when she went to the Zoo. But this was massive easily 4 times bigger than the average Komodo Dragon it huge frame towering over her it's tongue flicking out. She watched as its head twisted to the side its huge eye blinking she knew what was coming and dashed forward running underneath it as its head shot forward it's maw open and closing where she had been. It hissed and it quickly turned its body to Hinata and began to run after her. The Komodo Dragon's huge bulk allowed it to smash through the trees no problem Hinata gasped as they fell forward. She turned to the left heading in the opposite direction of the camp wanting the to evade the Dragon by misleading it, if she brought it back to camp who knew what it would do. She was so busy thinking this that she fell forward and landed hard on her front.

Hinata cried in pain but the screech of a falling tree fueled her to get up and keep going she managed to avoid yet another bit from the Dragon and she continued to run. She pushed through some close tangled trees and eventually came to an unbelievable sight. Before her were large creatures easily 13 feet tall covered in thick brown fur with large clawed hands that was holding their food. She couldn't believe it, these creatures had been extinct for years and yet, here they were! "Ground Sloths!" She said aghast. Ground Sloths were an ancient breed of sloths that went supposedly went extinct; they were enormous and supposedly had a very lax temperament though whether or not that was true remained to be seen. Hinata was ready to start writing down some notes when she heard the hiss and she turned to see the Dragon's massive head bash through some trees knocking them down Hinata cried out and jumped forward just in time to dodge a falling tree.

The tree creaked and then landed colliding with the head of a Ground Sloth, the Sloth sat there for a second then it gave a bellow. The Ground Sloths who had been eating turned their heads to the sound slowly they saw the Komodo Dragon bearing down on Hinata and dropping their food they headed for the Dragon. The Ground Sloths were aware of the threat of Komodo Dragons and they wanted it either gone or dead. The Komodo snarled and it snapped at Hinata its giant teeth scraping against Hinata's arm. Hinata gave a cry of pain as she felt her arm burn, Komodo Dragons had sharp and highly infectious fangs. They never washed their mouth the food that they ate rotting and accumulating as bacteria as such it was normally extremely difficult to treat bites from them due to the mass amount of bacteria.

Hinata gritted her teeth and began to run heading for the Sloths, she planned to use them to fight off the Komodo. The Sloths were slowly mobilizing heading for the Komodo snorting slightly their huge frames lumbering. The Komodo hissed at the Sloths ready to fight as well, its large teeth showing its stinking and rotting breath wafting toward the Sloths but the Sloths continued their advance. Eventually a Sloth raised huge arm then it slashed forward slicing at the Komodo. The Komodo hissed then its mouth shot forward and closed on the Sloth. Hinata would've stayed and watched but she had to get back as soon as possible so she could. She ran away as the Komodo fought an onslaught of Sloths.

-At the Campsite-

Naruto sighed putting the axe down and grabbing a Cronge he peeled off the skin and began to eat the orange tasting kernels. He sat down thinking to himself it had been a month since this whole ordeal began he was wondering if there really were people looking for them. Well looking for Hinata to be exact. He sighed, he thought of his life filled with failure, pain, and loss he never had really thought of his life. He just did what he did because he wanted to… no… he had to survive. The world was an unforgiving place he learned that the day his parents died. They had died in a car crash while he survived he was only 4 years old at the time and as such was sent to an orphanage. He wasn't there for long though he was soon picked up by two people claiming to be his godparents whether or not they really were he never found out.

They also died 3 years later leaving him alone once again, this time though he didn't go to an orphanage he ran away and began to live in the streets and slums. Life had been hard there but it taught him more there than any other place he had been. However he couldn't spend his life there eventually he went to an adoption agency. He spent a few months in the agency he eventually was adopted and went to school he studied for a few years and showed great interest in flying. He excelled at mechanics, construction, and even some MMA he also proved to be quite adapt at wrestling able to pin men roughly twice his size and weight. With scholarship from all these he was able to attend college and from there flight school which he excelled at as well. He had a part time job in construction which helped pay bills and food while he attended college. The double-life though had a significant strain on his mind and health and eventually he had to quit work in order to finish flight school. This however happened to be a good move on his part he graduated a year earlier than expected and was approved a piloting license. He did a few jobs here and there and eventually gained fame and enough practice to pilot jets. He did a few escorts meeting people and seeing new places, then he was landed with this job. This job pretty much was gonna be a break for him the money was substantial enough that he could've gone for commercial airline cruiser and start earning the big bucks. He sighed then he grabbed his pants and adjusted them for the 3rd time since this morning. He finished the Cornge and got up grabbing the axe ready to swing it again when he heard rustling. He turned to see Hinata panting her face covered in sweat holding her arm which had a nasty gash on it.

"What happened?" Naruto asked dropping the axe, Hinata panted then she fell forward. Naruto caught her and he observed the wound and recoiled at the smell of rotting garbage. "Ugh! That stinks what did you do?" he asked, Hinata was panting still he put a hand to her head and found it to be burning hot. "Oh shit! Hang on!" Naruto reached for the medkit that he kept with him whenever he went out and grabbed two Pommy Panaceas and he cut a hole in while he cut up the other in slices. He held the one with the hole above Hinata's wound. "Hey this is gonna hurt a lot but try not to move it'll make it a lot worse." His only confirmation was her nodding her head slightly. He wrapped his arm around Hinata's midriff for precaution. He then squeezed letting the juice pour onto the wound.

"KYAAAAAAAHHH!" her ear piercing shriek filled the air and Naruto's ears making him want to clap his hand over them. However he ignored it and continued squeeze the juice onto her wound she struggled in his grasp but he held her firm. Her struggling was nothing compared to wrestling Choji a high school district champion stood at 6'3, weighed 262 pounds, and a good 65% of that was muscle. One of his toughest fights, however that aside he held her still even as she kicked and flailed trying to throw him off. Naruto then did something he didn't even fully understand until later in his life.

"Calm down… I'm here, you're ok… I… I won't let go!" Naruto said tightening his grasp on Hinata, Hinata was having delusions while this happened.

-Hinata's Mind-

She saw her family and no matter what she did they slid away from her she ran after them crying, pleading, and begging them to save her. She then heard that terrible snarling roar and she turned to see a large hulking form with red eyes its body black and wispy like smoke. It advanced on her she then saw rows of white glittering teeth and the teeth were upon her when she suddenly felt something grab her and pull her back. She then heard the words 'Calm down… I'm here, you're ok… I…. I won't let go!' she didn't know why but that voice sounded familiar, strong, concerned and… caring. Light filled her vision as she was pulled into a warm embrace she then awoke.

-Real world-

Hinata opened her eyes the pain fading from her body she looked to see Naruto 's arm around her middle strong and protective. "Hey you ok?" Naruto asked Hinata turned her head to see Naruto behind her she blushed then looked away.

"I… I think so…" Hinata said.

"Hmm eat this it should get rid of whatever is in your blood especially since whatever it was that caused that seemed to have a nasty bite." Naruto said holding a slice of Pommy Panacea to Hinata's mouth she began to eat it and finished it rather quickly she swallowed.

"Yes Komodo Dragons… have very… infectious mouths and as such their bites should be treated… immediately." Hinata said finding it hard to concentrate.

"Hey you ok?" Naruto asked.

"I… I feel… a bit woozy…" Hinata said, Naruto nodded and grabbed another slice and holding it to her mouth she ate it and sighed after swallowing it. "Thank you… but… ah… that's right there's a hot spring nearby." Hinata said.

"Huh? So what should… oh I get it!" Naruto said he moved his other hand so that it was under her and he lifted her bridal-style. Hinata blushed but didn't say anything though whether it was because she was still woozy or didn't really care at this point was hard to tell. "Hey where do I go?" he asked.

"Listen… water… should be… close… uhhh…" Hinata moaned she closed her eyes trying to conserve her strength and prevent herself from getting dizzy and throwing up.

"Right," Naruto said and he walked forward and headed for the hot spring, he walked slightly bow-legged his groin once again rubbing uncomfortably against his shorts.

-A few minutes later-

Naruto turned so that his back was to the branches to prevent Hinata from being touched by them. He turned forward again to see what Hinata saw moments ago, the waterfall and the basin that made a pond that collected the waterfall. Naruto looked around then he saw the wisps of steam rising from beyond the basin. He skirted around the rocky terrain glancing at the basin to see various sea life fish, starfish, and even some plant life. Naruto eventually came to the source of the wisps to find a hot spring in the center was a bubbling mass indicating a stream of water. He looked at the water and he dipped his foot into the water. He was surprised that the water was perfectly warm and slipping off his modified shoes he got into the water. He also gently let Hinata into the water making sure her wounded arm entered the water. Hinata winced but otherwise stayed still and relaxed into the water. Naruto watched her carefully; as he did his heart started beating slightly faster. Despite everything that has happened he was feeling different about Hinata. He felt closer and he wanted to get even closer. This was thanks to that kiss he forced her to do, after that his whole outlook on her had changed and a part of him actually wished that nobody would find them. A selfish and foolish wish he knew but it was still a wish…

Hinata murmured something and she shifted slightly Naruto's eyes never left her body scanning it observing the generous curves of her body. He couldn't help but look she was… intoxicating like a drug the more he tried to stop the harder it became. He eventually managed to look forward and actually relax into the spring looking to see some tree's with roots creeping into the pool. Naruto looked to see some of the Pommy Panacea on them. What Naruto didn't realize was that the nutrients and excess juices of the Pommy Panaceas actually were leaking in the pool as well effectively making a healing spring. This in turn would help speed up the healing process in Hinata's arm again Naruto would never know this now. As Hinata mumbled he heard a few of the muttered words, soft but he could hear them. "I… sorry… Hanabi…" she muttered. "Couldn't… Birthday… Father…" Hinata mumbled even with this little amount of info Naruto instantly understood and regretted his thought. When he was flying Hinata home it was on her birthday or at least close to her birthday ready to meet her family. He put a hand to his head still watching her rising and falling chest and his shorts became slightly tighter.

'Get your head straight dumbass!' Naruto thought as his pants got even tighter like they were smaller 'Geez they must be shrinking!' Naruto thought trying to adjust himself so that way just in case Hinata did wake up she wouldn't see. Hinata then moaned and he turned his head to see her looking at him her eyelids shuddering as if straining to see him.

"You… are here… thank you… I… needed this…" She said she winced slightly and Naruto turned so that his hand was on her shoulder.

"Hey don't do anything your arm is still pretty bad just relax!" Naruto said Hinata gave a slight nod and closed her eyes again.

"Yes…" She muttered then she was still again, Naruto looked at her. He couldn't deny it, he wanted her, her body, her emotion. He wanted her all to himself and in this place where there was no law, government, or order it was free game he could take her for his own and have no real regrets. That wasn't how he was he knew that it would be wrong. He couldn't take her innocence like that he would have to work at it, but it probably wouldn't matter in a few weeks from now. If they were rescued she would go to become a big name corporate owner while he would continue to fly to different parts of the country and work his way to become a commercial flyer. He sighed as he thought about that she would be climbing ladders while he would be stuck at a dead-end stressful job. This would be one of the few times that Naruto would look at his life and say that he could have done better. The hot spring water was relaxing, his muscles which were sore from all that work now relaxed and eased up the pain of the day melting away. He sighed and looked at Hinata who was inhaling and exhaling regularly, she had fallen asleep. He looked at her for a while contemplating her he then reached for her cheek and rubbed it gently her skin was soft and smooth surprisingly. It felt good to touch her she was the only other human there, they needed to work together if they were gonna get out of this. If they didn't though, they would have to spend their lives there and not at each other's throats but in harmony. He knew and accepted that but the question was, did she? Judging from her attitude recently not fully she knew it but she didn't want to cooperate she wanted to lead and leave. However Naruto had a feeling deep in his gut that nobody would find them and they would be stuck their till they grew old and died. He stopped brushing her cheek and looked at her arm, which had completely healed and was now a healthy pink. He carefully picked up Hinata bridal-style and he walked her back to the camp site using the broken branches as his guide.

-The next day-

Naruto sat on the rocks overlooking the pool of water looking at the various fish that were there. He saw ocean fish, lake fish, and even some pond fish in there coexisting peacefully. He continued to watch then he heard footsteps and he turned his head to see Hinata heading for him. He turned back to the pool, "What are you doing here?" She asked as she neared him, Naruto shifted slightly to lessen the tightness of his crotch.

"Nothing, just admiring the view taking a break." He said lamely she blinked indiscreetly adjusting her bra slightly, which she felt was getting tighter and tighter each day. She then looked around looking at what he saw, "This is quite a place…" He said.

"Yes it is a scientific marvel this whole place, healing plants, crossbreeds, giant animals… This is like something out of a fairy tale." Hinata said Naruto frowned at that, and he stood up. "Where you going?" she asked.

"I gotta a shelter to finish building its not gonna build itself…" Naruto said and he walked away, Hinata watched him go she didn't know why but she felt that he was… sad. She shook her head and looked up there was still a few hours before sunset. She got her stuff and headed to the left heading for where the pool emptied out to. As she followed the small stream she heard rustling of branches she looked to see two foxes come out one chasing the other. They ran around in a circle then back into the bushes, Hinata continued to walk forward. She then heard the cry of an animal and she walked carefully forward going to a tree and peeking around the corner to see. She saw two black panthers one leaning on the other the one on bottom panting. As she watched she couldn't help but notice the top panther's sexual organ. She blushed as she saw the rather larger than normal black furred balls that looked extremely swollen probably the size of a softball! She blushed and turned away even as she heard the top panther roar as it probably orgasmed. She quickly walked away to get away from the indecent animals.

-An hour later-

Hinata walked forward still thinking of her 'encounter' with the panthers, now that she thought about she remember seeing the monkeys from before also had larger than normal organs. She shook her head, it was probably just something the animals on this island had. As she walked forward she heard a growling meow, stopping she turned her head in time to see a family of tigers 3 cubs a male and a female. The male was nuzzling the female which was on its side a cub suckling from a breast and the other two wrestling each other. As Hinata observed she saw that the male tiger also had an enlarged package! She was about to turn away when she looked at the female, its breasts were large, large enough that they looked like actual mounds. Hinata then turned to the two cubs playing their underbellies exposed she watched them and saw they didn't have overdeveloped organs. As she watched the two she adjusted her bra again, 'What is going on I had this bra specially fitted to me before I left!' Hinata thought angrily as she tried to make her breasts comfortable an unpleasant thought hit her. She moved away from the family and came to a secluded area after checking to make sure there was a nothing around her she pulled off her shirt pulling her breasts up with the bra. When it was off her breasts bounced slightly.

She glanced left then right making sure she was alone when she was sure she looked down at her bra. She could see the outer edge of the bra digging into her breast she was sure when she pulled it off there would be a mark on it. She undid her bra and it fell off as it did she inhaled feeling as if a great weight was removed from her chest. She looked at her breasts there was indeed an indented mark from the bra constantly squeezing her breast. She thought they looked the same, however she wasn't fooled she put her hands on her breasts and began to feel them measuring them with her hands. She could feel that they were slightly bigger than before. But maybe she could be hallucinating thanks to the Petro-Poppynut, but if she wasn't hallucinating why was it her breasts that were growing to become so large? As she moved her fingers across her breast she rubbed near her nipple and she gave a squeak the feeling of extreme and suddenly pleasure was such a surprise! She pushed her hands away looking at her breasts the nipples becoming erect from the stimulation. She gingerly rubbed her breasts again and when it neared the nipple the sudden jolt happened again! She moaned slightly unable to hold back the feeling in her mind. She pulled her hand away again panting slightly the sheer pleasure was incredible she was sure she would orgasm immediately if constantly stimulated. She had the strong temptation to see that happen but shook it off she had to think about getting home not getting a thrill. She looked up to see the orange glow of sunset and grabbing her bra she fitted it around her breasts but didn't fasten it in. She pulled her shirt on and headed back to the camp.


Naruto sat by a fire a few salmons dangling from a string above said fire. After he had taken a break he decided to go to the pond to hunt the fish. Using a stick that he had fashioned into a spear he had caught 7 salmons deciding to leave the others in the pond to reproduce and hunt later. He had already eaten one with a capper the two flavors mixing together. He was roasting the other six waiting for Hinata to get back. He heard the bushes rustle and he got up his knife in hand ready to defend himself. Hinata emerged from the woods and walked to Naruto who lowered the knife. "About time you came back did a bit of hunting." Naruto said.

"Hunting?" Hinata asked, "With what?" Naruto answered by grabbing a pointed stick and showing it to her the stick had been removed of the outer bark completely Naruto shaved it all off making it the smooth inner lining. Hinata saw the top of the normally white wood was stained red with the blood of the fish. She looked at the shelter Naruto was still building, it looked more like a very small outhouse now it needed a roof and it would be complete.

"I cleaned the fish in the spring so it should be fine to eat I had one earlier with a capper! Tasted awesome give it a try!" He said, he then shifted his legs slightly, Hinata caught this.

"Are your pants, too small?" She asked.

"Originally no they must've shrunk or something." Naruto said Hinata mulled that over, animals with exaggerated organs, her breasts had grown and Naruto's lower region grew too she was suspicious but that would have to wait till later. She sat down and grabbed a salmon and bit into it, she was surprised to find that the salmon had a rather perfect taste of salt in it. She then took a capper and opened it putting the rest of the salmon inside she took another bite. The sweet, spicy, and salty taste was an interesting mix. She ate the salmon surprised to find no bones in any bite she looked at the remains and saw that the salmon's bones were extremely thick and rooted to the spine.

'Hmmm this salmon must be either a mutation or evolutionary breakthrough! Either way this salmon is more suitable to eat in any condition… strange…' Hinata thought, Naruto handed her another salmon and putting her eaten one down she began to eat the other one. After feasting on the first bit of meat in a long time both were happy with the day. With that they both went to the nearly completed shelter and fell asleep.

-The Next day-

Naruto awoke and yawned he adjusted his pants for the beginning of the day and he got out of his quarters he stretched and looked at Hinata's side for her to exit. "So Hinata where you gonna go today?" Naruto asked stretching and cracking his bones. When she didn't answer Naruto stopped stretching and walked to see her spot and found a piece of paper on the ground. Grabbing it he read it, 'Naruto, I decided to head out a bit earlier to test a theory I might have, please continue on I will not be going anywhere new today and I will be reasonably close by, Hinata.' Naruto lowered the note, "Well… she hasn't gotten into any danger since that time… Hmmm what would she need to test?" Naruto wondered, he shrugged and went back to work on the shelter.

-With Hinata-

Hinata watched the panther's carefully the both asleep the male panther on its side it's massive package visible to all. Hinata looked at the female panther which was also on its side a few of its visible. Like the Tiger from yesterday the breasts were actual mounds on the belly with elongated nipples. Hinata frowned and looked at the area surrounding them. There were trees with fruit on top but the fruits were some Pommy Panacea, and some coconuts. She had a hunch these Panthers might of become Omnivores for a few of the Pommy's and Coconuts were cracked and slightly rotten with dried juices. She had a feeling that the Pommy Panacea couldn't be the case of the growth between her and Naruto and she knew for a fact it wasn't the coconut for neither of them had even a single bite of that. Hinata observed the surrounding area and began to write down each and every plant there. After she got that she went to where the tiger family was last seen.

Hinata had her back to the tree peeking her head out slowly, she saw the female Tiger licking a cub while two were lying on their sides. She looked at them and she saw that the tiger cubs were now showing slight signs of genitals. She blinked she had only been there yesterday they should not have grown that much. She again wrote down all the plants that were there and fruits as well when she was sure she had all the plants recorded she walked away heading back to the camp.

-At the Campsite-

The day was halfway through Naruto knew this due to his constant monitoring of the sun's position and his knowledge of the world. Despite Naruto's lack of education he had wonderful memorization abilities. Having been to all the places of the world he had memorized the majority of the different time zones and could gauge what time it was where they were. He had seen this particular sun pattern before in the Caribbean in particular the -5 GMT zone. Which meant where they were was 5 hours earlier than time in the center of the world. He sighed and continued to work on the tree he was cutting a much smaller tree compared to the others he had chopped. This tree he was going to use to make a type of table for them to eat off of. He had recently discovered a plant that let out a strong amount of pesticide that was even in the plants fluids. He had decided to make a type of coating fluid to cover the hut and this table with. He chopped it off and when it fell he grabbed the wood and buried his axe in the trunk he then grabbed the medicine box and walked back to the campsite. When he got to the edge of it he was surprised to see Hinata sitting there wood gathered for a fire. "Huh didn't expect to see you till later on." He said.

"I came back because I needed to analyze these notes." She said.

"Oh right your test or whatever," He said, "Well I'll leave you to your work, I got a table to make." Naruto said.

"Table, out of what? Not that wood I hope!" She said.

"It's fine I found a pesticide in a flower," He said.

"What does this flower look like?" She asked,

"Hmm… a tulip but much bigger and filled with the pesticide as a nectar or something." Naruto said, "when I'm done I'm gonna try and thicken it so I can paint it on the wood of here and our place so we can eat without bugs coming near." Naruto said.

"Ah… I… I see…" Hinata said caught off guard by this ingenuity, "Well then I'll get back to my studies." Hinata said and she walked away looking over her notes and observations. She looked at the all trying to find a pattern, she looked it over but no matter what she read it was non-conclusive. The only constant in the whole thing was some of the plant life in each animal's land. Mainly the strange red-yellow daffodils a few green flowers with white spots and… she blinked and looked again. Red-yellow daffodils, now that she thought of it the panther's and the tigers were surrounded by a large amount of those! When she really thought of it the flowers were pretty much everywhere! However there were concentrations of them in certain places! Like here, she looked and she began to count as quickly as she could the flowers there were at least 15 of the strange flowers surrounding them. Hinata thought then she held herself, she couldn't lose her head, no… she would have to explore and gather the evidence properly. She would do so tomorrow, she looked to see Naruto smoothing out the 'table' it was very long but from what she was seeing he was assembling it together with long pieces. Naruto nodded then he grabbed the medical box and he turned it so it was on its side he waited for a few seconds then he opened the box to reveal a white-clear liquid and grabbing the box he lifted it up and began to pour the liquid onto the table.

Hinata expected a strong stench to come out but instead she smelled nothing, she guessed that the pesticide was odorless to all other creatures that were not insects. As Naruto coated the table he continued to pour until the box was empty the liquid pooled on the table some of it spilling out. Naruto looked up to see it was darkening he began to work on making the fire, when it was lit he went to a bushel of bushes to pull out a box complete with lid. He opened the box to reveal various fruits and vegetables from the island. "Made this earlier when you were out decided to make something to store food in even if only temporarily." Naruto said.

"Ah good thinking…" She said every time she turned around he was displaying extremely large amounts of intelligence. Naruto grabbed a few Pommy Panacea's and pulled them out he cut them open and put them on the table. He then grabbed a few cappers and cut those as well. He grabbed a capper and started to eat.

"Not hungry?" he asked she was too focused on the paper to answer he shrugged and grabbing a Pommy Panacea he ate it. He noticed that each time he ate the fruit he felt better and more energized, he wondered if the fruit had some other effects than just healing. He shrugged and continued to eat, Hinata sighed and he grabbed a Pommy she began to eat also pulling out a Capper to eat as well. The two ate in silence then Naruto cleared his throat. "So… how'd that experiment go?" He asked.

"Hm…? Oh yes I haven't come to result yet I have to do a few more tests to be sure…" Hinata said.

"Hmmm well don't do anything reckless," He said munching on one last capper he stretched his arms and yawned. "All right I'm going to bed I'm gonna do a bit of exploring myself for some food." Naruto said.

"Ah… well do you wish for me to give you a map so you can find you way around?" Hinata asked.

"No I'm going to where you haven't been to." He said she looked at him confused he then pointed to the mountain. "I'm 'gonna see if there's anything there," He said.

"But I've never been there! Plus with the terrain and your clothes you'll hurt yourself!" Hinata said.

"I'll pack some Pommys with me just in case I get hurt." He said.

"But…" She began.

"I'll be fine I can take care of myself," He said and he went to the cabin and he laid down in his side of the cabin quickly falling asleep. Hinata stared at him unable to explain the feeling she had the feeling of… concern?

-The Next morning-

Hinata yawned as she woke up she got out of the mini-cabin expecting to see Naruto but found the camp to be empty. She looked in his side of the cabin to see it empty. She looked around and saw that the axe was still there but the med-kit was gone. She didn't realize how serious he was about it, as she stood in the camp she couldn't help but feel… scared. For some reasons she felt intensely frightened that he wasn't here and she couldn't explain what it was. She shook her head though trying to steel herself she still had that experiment to conduct and if she was right about it then she would have to get prepared. Grabbing her items she set off to find other animal dens.

-The base of the mountain-

Naruto looked at the rocky face before him the mountain, Naruto had climbed mountains before but that had been with tools and others. However this mountain wasn't steep enough to really require that. However he would have to watch his feet for he was severely unprotected. One wrong step and he could have a cut foot or leg and be immobilized for a while. He had made a shoulder strap out of the vines he had found earlier and used it to hold up the medical bin. He looked around and adjusting his pants he began to walk/climb the mountain. For the first few minutes he had been doing well knowing the importance of energy he stopped and pulling the bin around he opened it and grabbing Capper he began to eat it. He chewed slowly and swallowed carefully allowing his body to fully absorb the foods energy he finished it, closed the bin reset it and once again began his hike.

-An hour later-

Naruto panted as he looked down, from where he stood currently he could see that the island had quite a bit of landscape but he was nowhere near the top. Probably a quarter of the way up maybe a third he looked up to see a lot more mountain and some fog. He inhaled deeply and he soldiered on determined.

-With Hinata-

Hinata walked through the forest she was searching for other animals to see if her theory was correct. Her theory was simple she theorized those strange daffodils affected the growth of one's privates. It would explain why her breasts had started to grow recently and why Naruto's own privates might be getting uncomfortable. She walked through making sure to map her progress. As she walked her mind drifted to Naruto and every now and then she would look at the mountain. She looked at the mountain then she shook her head stopping. 'What is wrong with me!? Why am I getting so worried for a… a… a ruffian like him!?' She thought angrily she walked forward to find more animals to study. After some searching she had managed to find some Ligers the strange Hybrid between Tiger's an Lion's mainly a Tiger male and a Female Lion. She looked at the Liger, it was standing looking around, then it licked its lips and walked to another Liger lying on its side which was licking its paws. There were several cubs buried in the Ligers stomach possibly feeding from its breasts. She tried to get a good view of the male and saw a rather low hanging sheathe. She then looked around the area and she did see a few of the daffodils. Writing down that in her notes she moved on to find the next animal to study.

-With Naruto-

Naruto scaled the cliff even further a mist had come up and he had slowed his pace and lowered himself to touch the ground. He continued slowly when he heard the sound of hooves clopping. He stopped and grabbed the medic box and pulled out his knife just in case then from the mist came a large ram. Naruto froze as he stared into the powerful beasts eyes. It gazed at him blankly Naruto stood there, if it so much as charged and hit him he was dead. He began to back away but the ram followed. He then came to more solid and less sloped ground but there were jagged rocks. He held up his knife the ram snorted scuffing its front legs on the ground the hoof scraping the ground. He knew better than to turn his back on it. He continued to go down slowly making sure he had a good footing. He cried out as his foot suddenly sunk into the ground. The ram brayed then it charged Naruto, Naruto held up the knife and when it was near he stabbed forward with his knife. The ram paused then brayed going onto it's hind legs and shaking it's head to get rid of the knife. Naruto pulled his leg out from the sinkhole that had formed under his feet.

He got out it with a grunt of pain. He looked to see his leg was bleeding severely and had several cuts, gashes and scratches on it. He looked at the ram which was still bucking and writhing. Naruto gritted his teeth, his leg was burning from the sweat dripping down the salty drops stinging the wounds. He looked around then grabbed a rock. He lifted it and raised it as he as he could aiming at the ram then he slammed it onto its head there was a crack as one of the horns now had a crack this caused the ram to fall onto its side and it lay still. Naruto limped forward and grabbing his knife pulled it out. The ram was still alive. He looked at it then grabbing its huge head he stuck his knife into its neck the ram didn't make a sound as he drew the knife up its throat slitting it. He then put the knife away and began his descent down.

-3 hours later-

Hinata was sure of it now she analyzed and had come to her conclusion. The plants were enlarging her breasts, and Naruto's penis. In particular one plant was. The red and yellow daffodils, they were excreting something; whatever it was it was odorless, tasteless, and colorless. It wasn't poisonous that was for sure however it was affecting them. Their sexual organs were growing due to those flowers, she was partially glad that there were so few of the flowers here. She would have to warn Naruto of this discovery when he came back. She heard rustling and she stood up ready to tell Naruto of his findings she stopped as she saw his battered form. "W-What happened?" She dropped her notes and went to Naruto worried.

"Ran into a ram, got hurt came back down. Been hell the rest of a way got chased by a komodo dragon, and a panther tried to get me." Naruto grunted, "Didn't have time to use the pommy," He said he pulled the medkit off and placed it on the ground. Hinata looked at his wounds, his legs had blood caked on it as well as dirt one of his arms had fresh gashes and side looked like it was bruised.

"It won't be enough," She said, "The spring will help!" She said and she went under Naruto's arm and tried to lift him up.

"What are you talking about?" Naruto asked perplexed.

"The spring you took me too, we need to go there! Bring some pommy it'll help speed the treatment." Hinata said Naruto looked at her then he reached down and grabbed the medkit and followed Hinata supporting what he could and the two headed off.

-The Spring-

Hinata helped Naruto lower himself into the spring he hissed as his leg came into contact with the water. "Damn it hurts!" Naruto said.

"It's because of that," Hinata said pointing to the tree, Naruto looked at it then at her.

"What does a tree have to do with this spring," Naruto asked.

"Idiot! It's a pommy panacea tree and the fruits are cut open the juices are soaking into the tree and water. The tree draws the water and purifies the water, basically this is a pool of distilled pommy juice," Hinata said slightly angrily.

"Huh so it works like the juice but has a weaker effect?" Naruto asked.

"Slightly not so much weaker as it is more distilled and as such it is not concentrated because of this wounds take longer to heal but they will heal better because they take longer when you rush healing you're only doing damage to yourself." Hinata said.

"Hmm ok…" Naruto, "Guess I'll just sit here then…" Naruto said silence, save the sound of wildlife, grew between them as Naruto healed up. Then Hinata remembered.

"Oh, we have to move our camp." Hinata said.

"What? Why?" Naruto asked turning his head to her, "We're quite fine where we are." Naruto said.

"Not really, I'm sure you've noticed that you're pants have been feeling… um… uncomfortable, lately?" Hinata asked.

"Y-Yeah kinda," Naruto said.

"That's because you're privates are growing, due to a flower on the island." Hinata said Naruto absorbed this information for a second.

"What proof do you have of this?" Naruto asked calmly.

"Just look! I'm sure you can tell what you're original size was before coming to this island and its size now!" Hinata said blushing, "Even I have experienced it!" Hinata said.

"Well if it is happening then we shouldn't really worry at the moment," Naruto said.

"You cannot be serious," Hinata said glaring at him.

"Look it's happening at a slow enough rate that our muscles are constantly adjusting to it. Have you felt any different?" Naruto asked.


"Majorly different!" Naruto said cutting her off.

"N-No… not really," Hinata said defeated.

"There you go nothing to worry about!" Naruto said, "Either way I'm not moving you know how long it took for me to set up that stuff? Oh wait you wouldn't know you couldn't set it up without an instruction manual." Naruto said coldly.

"H-How dare you! You… you… you ignorant, lusting… gorilla! Here I am warning you about a danger on this island and you mock and insult me? Well fine then, I'm leaving the camp! I don't care if you end up becoming an immobile cripple! You and your stupidity can go and rot in a hole for all I care!" Hinata snapped with that she stood up and walked away heading to the camp to get her items. She was furious she had spent hours trying to find out a problem and when she presented to it he blew her off! Well fine then, she didn't need him! She could survive on her own and he'll come back crawling and begging for her forgiveness! Her thoughts were roiling and angry.

"Fine go off and find a five star hotel You pampered brat, that might not be good enough for you anyway!" Came Naruto's shout Hinata clenched her hands into fists. She continued walking now even more furious than before.

One would say it was unfortunate that they separated however it would become a great boon as they would learn the hard way… for one does not realize what they have till they lose it. One could say that they would become even closer through separation.

Ok this took a while but it's because it's a lot of work... I hope you enjoy!