Chapter 3

When the door closed Gretel started to weep and Hansel followed suite. "Don't cry children. I am here to help you escape this awful place," said the magic turtle Opal from within Gretel's pocket. Opal then quickly made the fire below the pot disappear. "Now follow me!" Opal turned around to the back of the stove and ran (fast for a turtle might I say) through a hole that hadn't been there a few seconds before. When they stepped out of the hole on the other side, they found themselves in the hall leading directly to the front door. Hansel quickly picked up Opal and Gretel grabbed their Grandmothers basket and ran out of the terribly tempting gingerbread house, never to look back.

Zeus, who had watched the whole thing from his storm cloud, was disappointed. But the two children had reminded why he was proud they were created. And, true to his word, wiped all the fairy tale creatures and their stories into a book we know to be Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales.

The End