Unexpected Love

The Victorian house stood tall as she slowly walked up the porch steps. Two stained glass windows occupied the upper half of the two front doors. Breathing lightly, Mary Margaret hesitantly pushed the doorbell. A few moments later, Mr. Gold appeared, having a welcoming smile and gesturing to enter. She did so and he closed the door behind her. Inside was dim from the shades being closed. There were many things gathered around, making it appear cluttered. "You have a lovely home." She complimented, even though his home was reminding her of his shop. "And thank you for letting me stay here." His smile never left his face. "You're welcome Miss Blanchard. Now, I'll show you to your room." Mary followed suit as the man limped with his cane up the stairs to the second floor. They took a left and her mouth opened slightly. The room was double the size of hers at her apartment, a king size bed lay against the wall in the middle, with a night stand at each side. One bureau was against the right side of the room; one window on each side. The other bureau aligned with the bed, occupying the wall to the door they entered with a mirror above. The bathroom was attached on the left side of the room along with a half walk-in closet. A ceiling fan hung in the middle of the room. Again, the room was dim, as the shades were closed. "My room is at the other end of this hall. It is off limits, as well as the basement. Now, do make yourself at home, dearie." And with that, the man made his way back downstairs.

Mary still couldn't believe that this was going to be her room. It was luxurious. She opened the shades, letting the sunlight brighten the room, only to make it appear larger than it is. She let her body fall backwards on the bed; the comforter was soft, the sheets were silk and the pillows were fluffy. She could fall asleep right now, if it hadn't been for her phone vibrating. Taking out her cell from her pocket, she read 'Emma' on the screen. Clicking a button she spoke into the phone. "Hello Emma." She sat up, looking out the window. "Hey, was just checking on you. Hoping that you're not locked up or have to wear one of those French maid outfits." Mary rolled her eyes and chuckled. "Emma! How could you think that? I am fine, thank you." Emma chuckled. "Okay, okay, calm down. I'll let you go then, have to clean up here." They exchanged goodbyes and Mary began to unpack her suitcase.

Mary Margaret started to clean the inside of the house. She had found cleaning supplies in the downstairs bathroom closet and decided to begin with her chores. There were more trinkets and artifacts that displayed around Mr. Gold's home. She made sure she did not break them, so she slowly and easily wiped them with a cloth. After finally finishing up the living room, she checked closets until finally discovered the vacuum cleaner. Plugging it in, she sucked up the dirt and dust from the carpet. The living room was finally finished. It took her about an hour. Pulling on the curtains, they did not budge. She grabbed a step ladder from inside the closet where the vacuum was and placed it next to one of the windows. Standing on it, she pulled again with no avail. Mr. Gold walked into the room, over to her. "What are you doing?" She tugged some more. "Opening these. We should let some light in." She tugged them a little harder. "Did you nail these down?" Mary asked as she kept trying to open the curtain. "Yes." He stated as he nodded. She pulled the hardest she could and in doing so, she lost her footing on the ladder and fell into Mr. Gold's arms, who caught her right away. They stared at each other. "Thank you." She smiled and he quickly brought her down to her feet. "No matter." To avoid more awkwardness, she grabbed the cleaning supplies to start on in the next room.

Once that area was finished, Mary entered the kitchen. It was much bigger than her own but then again practically every room was. Opening the refrigerator, food was stocked, so was the freezer and the cupboards. Deciding on what to cook for dinner, she realized there were meats frozen. She may not eat it, but he sure did. Taking out the pork she placed it in the fridge to defrost for tomorrow. Today she would cook spaghetti with a salad. Taking out a pan, she filled it half way with water and placed it on the stove. She turned the knob on high. Taking out the vegetables, she began to chop them with a knife. With the right amount of vegetables, she placed them in a serving bowl then added the pasta to the boiling water. Taking out a jar of spaghetti sauce, she poured it in a sauce pan and heated it up on the stove. After the pasta was fully cooked, she drained the water and mixed the sauce into the spaghetti. She put a two bowl full of pasta on the dining room table, along with salads and waters.

Mr. Gold followed the aroma that wafted his nostrils to find dinner ready and served. He sat himself down. Mary was about to call for him, but he was already at the table. She joined him. They ate in silence. Finding the courage to start a conversation, she couldn't resist asking. "What is your first name?" The question was so unexpected, Mr. Gold nearly choked on his water. Placing the glass down, he tried to compose himself. Mary tilted her head to the side a bit to his reaction of the question. "Robert." Mr. Gold quickly improvised; he couldn't reveal his real name. Nobody in Storybrooke has ever asked him that question. "That's a nice name. It has a ring to it. Robert Gold." A warm smile grew on her lips. "Thank you, Miss Blanchard." He was himself again. "Mary Margaret or Mary, please." She indicated to call her by her first name, rather than her surname." He nodded to her request. "Mary Margaret." It rolled off his tongue so easily, and she found her name in his accent pleasant. "Thank you for dinner. It was exquisite." He smiled and rose from his seat. "If you'll excuse me, I'll be in the basement." And with that, the man left the room. Mary wondered what he would be doing down there, but she stopped thinking about it and brought the dishes to the kitchen sink. As she began washing them, she decided to clean the other rooms tomorrow.

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