Hello~ Took a while but chapter 2 finally came out!

Since FaceBook wasn't working we wrote this over FanFic and that took awhile!

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Italics- Rin

Regular- anamanga9 (Miki)

Bold Underline- Len

Luka steped out the shadows and placed her hands on her hips at the sight of the one-sided bickering.

Luka: What in the world are you doing?

Oliver: Blabbbaahdhskd...Rin

After hearing Oliver's idiotic response, Len slaps himself.

Luka: Ok... where is Rin, anyways?

At that very moment Rin slams open the door into the freezer,(?) and runs in followed by a nyan-afied Haku.

Luka: Tch, not another one! *pulls out shank and stabs Haku in the head*

-Haku explodes-

Rin screams on top her lungs for all to hear. Oliver woke up from his daydream

and tries to be Rin's savior.

Oliver: Rin, my darling (Oliver has a british accent) What's wrong? Haku

already dead.

Rin: My strawberry cake fell

Len pulls a butcher knife on oliver and stabs him repeatedly in the stomach.

Len: Rin i'll get you another cake!

Rin: ... YOU KILLED OLIVER YOU ** IDIOT! *Smacks Len*

Oliver: I'm not dead... I have main character life support...

Luka: ...How did Haku get infected? Last time I saw she was with *gasp* Gumi and Big AL! They're in trouble
Taco Luka : No wait I wanna see the fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!
Luka: That's enough now

Len: where did...
*stares a Taco Luka*
Len: whatever I'll go with you.

Oliver (Now alive): So where are we going exactly?
Rin: Yeah, where are they?

Luka: Well last time I saw them was when we were in this mental hospital and Gumi and Haku and I were pretending to be nurses for Big Al who was sick. Then I went to get band-aids and they up and disappeared. I searched every inch of this place. Let's go ask Gakupo the wise, Im sure he knows where to go

Len: Ok, but oliver can't go or I won't, And I know how much you ALL want me to go but i counldn't if that thing came along

Rin: Well if that's the case... Come on Oliver! Looks like Len is just going to stay here and catch frostbite~

Luka: So, we shall either split up LenXTaco Luka and OliverXRin and me or we can go together as a group.
Taco Luka: Are you sure you wanna leave Oliver and Rin roaming... alone,Len?

Len:Oliver doesn't have to go with Rin! He can go into a hole and die instead!

Rin: Why do you hate Oliver so much Lenny-chu?
Oliver: -He's just mad that he can't pick up girls- cough cough

Taco Luka: Oooh and the show down begins! Where's my popcorn?
Luka: Now...Now.. Before we get silly and impulsive, why don't we-

Len: I can picks up girls! Like luka!

Rin: Why would you want to go out with Luka? She's so old...

Luka: Excuse me! I'm only 18
Tako Luka: I thought you were 20...Why'd you lie to me?

Len: i thought you were 35... oops...hehehehe.

Oliver: And that is why you'll never have a girlfriend...

*Luka in the corner depressed, rocking back and forth*
Taco Luka: I'll call Gakupo to comfort Luka
Luka: No! Wait! Gakupo's secretly a perv-
Taco Luka: Too late

*Gakupo magically appears and for random reasons Sonika and Miki are with him*
Gakupo: You summoned me...?
Sonika: Wah, we were just in the woods! Where are we? Why is it so cold?
Rin: It's called a freezer...

Miki: What's wrong with Luka-chan?
Taco Luka: She's just spazzed out since Gakupo is here.
*Gakupo turns to find Luka*
Luka's face: O.=

Gakupo: Ah Luka, so we meet again.