A/N: So. Melanie and Brad. It was a spur-of-the-moment "lol hey I'd ship that" that turned into "...lol hey I'D SHIP THAT." And now I DO ship that, and they are this angsty tragic thing in my head because Melanie's in love with Freddie and Brad's in love with Sam but Sam and Freddie are in love and Brad and Melanie can't bring themselves to ruin things - not that Sam and Freddie would let them ruin things anyway. So they have each other instead and it's almost okay but not quite. And idk. Anyway this is totally drabble-y but I'm writing something longer and I'm going to shut up before this note is longer than the fic. (Also all aboard the S.S. Brelanie we are awesome.)

It's not love, not really. Not the kind of love he thought he'd fall into.

But there are moments. Sometimes he wakes up in the middle of the night and she's reading (usually something for class, she's always working, how she's her twin he will never understand), the lamp on the nightstand on the lowest setting, light reflecting softly off bare skin and white walls. Sometimes she looks up at him through thick eyelashes, face flushed pink with one glass of wine too many. Sometimes she teases him when he uses an umbrella and tugs it away from him, letting the rain soak them both straight through (but it doesn't matter because they both know they aren't going to stay in their wet clothes, anyway).


He says her name every time, testing it, matching unfamiliar sounds to a familiar face. And she responds with his name, and it's just a little too bright and raw, like a light bulb without a shade.

They keep trying, though, tying the feel of each other's name to fleeting moments they can never quite grasp and keep. One night he says her name into the dark of the room, and the sound triggers a moment, and she reaches across the bed and grasps his hand and holds it as she falls asleep.

And if this is as close as they get, he thinks maybe that's not so bad.