It was an hour later when Sahara had a moment or two to herself. Sitting on an examination table while waiting for her doctor, she was dressed in a new pair or cream colored slakes and a sleeveless shirt. A shawl of the same color folded up beside her with slippers on top. She wiggled her bare toes and smiled a little before turning her attention to the room she was in.

It was a fairly common medical room as far as she could tell, about medium sized with one wall made up of a large window that over looked part of Neotopia's skyline and the fields beyond. Sahara was on the exam table that was parallel to the window and nearly against it. Along that same wall was what looked like scanners for both mechs and humans. In front of her were basic charts of the body, a large fifty inch screen that was currently dark and reminders about heath. To the right was the opaque, flex-glass doors that lead into the hall, it was wide and the two parts would slide into the walls to open.

Sahara looked out the window again as she saw movement in another room, visible as this was the inward curve of the crescent shaped wing of the hospital. The girl grinned as she saw the tall form of Tab-Tack being lead into a set of recovery rooms, those being different than where Sahara was, as the mech would be living there for however long it took, as well as having a wide and open balcony.

The girl could tell that it was Tab-Tack not just from the gray and blue coloring, but the height that all flier mechs seemed to have. But also that one plated wing was in a brace to keep him from moving it, and his thruster pack had been removed.

Standing up on her knees on the bed, Sahara waved energetically, feeling much better to see the mech up and not forced to lay down on his front on a stretcher. She grinned again once spotted and getting a wave back.

Then something very cool happened while the young teen was plastered against the window.

Sahara stopped making faces as she heard the thrumming hum of engines first, they had that reassuring steady-ness in the sound that said they were of Utopian make. Coming down from the sky, over the hospital building and dropping down to hover for a moment before the near full wing of Gundam Force fliers landed on the balcony.

"Ooohh..." Sahara breathed, counting four winged mechs, one was the same gray and blue colors as Tab-tack so that had to be Holds. They were another pair of partners with matching black and red colors with silver wings instead of slate gray like the first two.

But it was the evident leader, the wing leader that had most of Sahara's attention. First of all he was big, standing taller than the average seven foot for flier mechs, broad in the chest and more heavily armored for another thing. More so in comparison to the others around him, as they all were as streamlined as possible. Even this mech's wings looked stronger at this distance, as well as having hardware that latter on Sahara would recognize as launchers attached to the backs of the wings.

He was primarily all white in color with undertones of a dark shade (he was too far away to tell exactly what it was) with red and gold highlights. He had a darker, copper colored crest as well that curved up and back a little over his helm. Even on his pale wings the gold stood out, while on his shoulders the mech proudly bore large emblems for the Gundam Force.

Fascinated by his design, Sahara watched as Tab-Tack saluted and got one in return from the group, the girl didn't even noticed the doors opening behind her as the fliers talked. The wing leader moving forward to check over Tab-Tack himself, though never actually touching the injured wing in question while doing so.

Holds looked up after his partner said something, and smiling (it was visible this time with his mask pulled back), he waved at Sahara who promptly did so as well.

"Ah, watching the birds are you?" A new voice asked with a chuckle.

Sahara jumped, twisting around to look back with a sheepish look, "Umm... yeah."

"Well, they love attention that's for sure." The red and white mech said with another amused sound as he walked all the way in, human nurse and trundle drone fallowing after him. Standing at six and a half feet he was a little taller than the average mech.

This mech was broad in the shoulders, but designed to be as fast as he was strong. His red and white coloring stood out more so then other medics in this building for some reason. there were two emblems on his shoulders marking him a doctor in the universal white cross with an outline of flames behind it.

It would take a moment to realize why the red and white new comer looked familiar to Sahara.

"You're Medic One!" she blurted feeling a true thrill at meeting not only one of the true and real founders of Utopia, but the current head medical officer and expert of the planet. Nearly every Utopian knew this mech, as he traveled around the world many times a year to check in on all his charges, as well as aiding the Gundam force. Unlike pretty much every other civilian mechs, this Gundam was armored, as he was formally a warrior.

He was one of those that had fought for and won the newly terraforming planet that became Utopia for a peaceful fate instead of whatever those of the past had for it in the planetary wars. Medic had an air to him unlike pretty much any other in Utopia, this mech had seen combat, a real war, but he also was at the calm stage that it had been a long time since and he had made peace with his core.

Medic One smiled at the girl, nodding at the name to assured it was him. "And you are Sahara, I know you." He said glancing back at the slender, pale white and almost pink nurse femma that fallowed him and taking the offered data pad.

"You do?" Sahara squeaked, surprised and pleased.

"Oh yes, you're one of the favorite apprentices of a few colleagues of mine." Medic One said skipping the data pad as the nurse vanished back out, though the trundle drone remained with not only a few medical things on the top, along with a plate with sandwiches triangles and clear covered dome over top. Under the top part of the tray and above the treads and engine, in that lower seconds Sahara recognized her things as well as a new pack.

"I didn't know that..." the girl muttered, between her three main instructions, two mechs and a human woman, she didn't think she was the best of students. "I like learning." She felt the need to say while willingly holding her arm out into the red mech's hands.

"That's always a good thing Sahara, you shouldn't loose it." Medic One said as he cleaned a spot, even though the girl had probably had a shower and a bath both already. "Do you know what I'm doing?"

"Immune boosters?" Sahara asked as she remembered her first orientation with starting her education away from home. It was a basic introductions to all fields over a week, from terra and aqua agricultural and biology, mining, farm, mecha engineering and even to the study and care of the inner planetary teleportation system to name a few. The latter was what Ahara was thinking of now, "Sometimes those from other planets in our system make it to Utopia even with that glitch thing I heard about, right?"

Medic One smiled and nodded again while he loaded the first of three injections, "Yes, and because Utopians have been semi-isolated from other words like the old Terra-Earth and Mirisha as well as the belt, you don't have all antibodies to fight any bugs or viruses. Not you'll feel pressure." He pressed the injector device to the girl's inner arm, watching for any signs of distress but only saw a look like any young one about to get into an engineering field. It was the want to pull something new apart to learn by hands on how it works and how to put it back together.

"Who where those mechs?" Sahara finally asked after the third shot, rubbing a numbing cream over the spot, "I've never seen a mech with only one eye, optic."

"That," the healer said with a sigh, "Is because we didn't have very many Axians in the foundation of our world." The red mech stepped back to the trundle drone, tapping it closer before giving the human one of the sandwich triangles. "So the more defining features they have, such as the single lens like eye, shorter build and denser armor have not made it into the common mechs of today."

Sahara took a bite of the food willingly enough, hungry despite everything as it was a later hour (she missed dinner!). "What planet are they from?" She asked curiously, remembering the age to Zapper as well as the strange armor design he had.

"Their not from any one planet," Medic one explained, "Do you remember your solar system map?" Getting a nod the mech continued, "They come from, mostly, the asteroid belt. True there are some smaller moons and planetoids there but mostly there are the ones that colonized the belt and made it their home."

The girl considered this, tilting her head before asking, "How did they get here though? I thought our planet to planet jump system was glitched, and it only worked on or right by the largest sea for power. Neotopia's the inland capital, we're not that close to the sea or the platforms." She said, meaning the great floating structures that were used equally for aquadic study and farming above and below the surface.

"That I do not know." The red and white mech said shaking his head, though he had an idea it wasn't something to share with this youth. He was about to explain about a low level quarantine but his pasent was abruptly distracted. Shoving the last bit of her small sandwich in, Medic One watched as Sahara twisted around on the padded table before all but plastering herself against the clear window wall.

Ah, the healer thought with a chuckle as he too watched the fliers from before, they were now taking off. The wing leader saw them and since his visor was off his smile was visible only partly, the white mech dipped one wing and then sun in a lazy barrel roll, leaving behind lines of steam off his the leading edges of his plated wings.

Sahara made a happy sound as she waved after the Gundams, Holds at least waving back.

"What's his name?" Sahara asked looking back and pointing after where the fliers had vanished over a building in the cityscape, "I know Holds, his Ta-Tack's partner."

"Their wing leader is Gun-Eagle." Medic One explained as stepped closer, at the foot of the table like berth so he was not only beside her but Sahara was just about eye level with him. "He's a Commander rank in the Gundam force now. It's good to see him just about ground level again, it's been a while." He added almost to himself.

"What do you mean by 'about ground level'?" Sahara tilted her head, flopping back down and crossing her legs as she looked up at the mech, ready and willing to listen to all he had to say, fascinated by the Gundam Force that protected Utopia and its people.

Medic One motioned out to the visible sky as he explained, "Most of the fliers in the Gundam Force, when on duty, rarely touch the ground, with either air bases or the older satellite suspension system. Do you know about that?"

"Yep!" Sahara nodded, "I did a school project about them, we even hand one of those just east of Neotopia. Farther south there's a space elevator that's used to shift supplies up to the moon and two space colonies."

"You have been studding well," Medic One praised in an approving tone with another smile, "The fliers use those as well as the T-tone class airships as their bases. They can stay air born themselves anywhere from two days to nearly a fill eight-day week."

"All Gundam fliers can?" The girl's eyes widened a bit.

"Just those that were born into flying," The mech said as he turned around and pulled off the plate of food from the trundle drone, he placed it into Sahara's lap. It was a silent order to eat as well as a subtle tactic to keep the girl in place and to keep Sahara's attention from wandering too far. "Now, I am putting you into a low level quarantine."

Sahara eeped around another wedge of her sandwich, though relaxed as she got a chuckle in return.

"It's not bad," Medic One assured as he folded his arms over his chest loosely. "Only about a month, at home of course, the first week with only exposure to your mother, myself and nurse that will be checking in on you. After that you can move around if nothing happens, but if you do have a bug we'll know about then. Than after the month you can return to your normal routines."

"But what about my apprenticeships?" Sahara worried, her fingers gripping the plate in her lap. "I'm in three..." She trailed off as Medic One lifted a hand.

The mech rumbled softly, reassuringly, "You have been excused from your duties and school, though not from your home work. That should keep you busy."

"Oh. Oh...oh..." Sahara muttered as she first took assurance, and then worried, "But my computer... it was turned crispy." She said the girl's right hand over her left forearm where normally her personal computer rested. I had been taken off and apart to see if it could be salvaged but the electromagnetic pulse grenade from before had been too close. Had to be to take out the Bagu-Bagu and save her, Sahara understood that but she had all her school projects on it!

"True but that does not mean you lost the information." Medic One said as he stooped to pick something out of the things on the lower tray on the drone. Standing back up he took the girl's left arm before pressing a new personal computer onto the spot she had indicated before. And it was new, one of the higher end models with more memory and even faster speed.

Sahara stared, mouth open a bit as she gaped before looking up, "For me?" At the red mech's nod she ran her fingers over the top and couldn't help an exited half squeal of delight at the holographic display that leapt up at her touch.

Someone had been kind enough to add in references from history files, all mostly in the fields the girl was interested in as well as additional things that Sahara had wanted to research. It was all uploaded into the computer's memory with links to even more resources one it connected up to the internet-like network Utopia had. There were also very fimilure file names in the index as well.

"Those are my projects and reports!" Sahara looked up, "How? I thought my other was too damaged?"

Medic One rumbled again, grinning, "It's standard practice for the departures of the Gundam Force to download the data on someone computer, the audio and scanners features help immensely to identify more clearly what's going on. The side effect of the process uploads their files, and the copies are normally deleted once the situation has been secured." The mech explained touching the girl's knee. "After hearing what happened, the mech saved your files to be put in your new computer."

"I didn't know about that." Sahara said, and then sat up, "Not that I mind, if it helped that one mech with Zapper and the other... Axians." She paused to be sure she remembered that and then blurted, "Is that guy okay Medic One? He saved me and there was that big explosion... that's where Tab-Tack got hurt, but is that white mech okay?"

"Everything is fine." Medic One assured, petting the girl on her head and smiling, "Finish your food and your mother will be in any minute to bring you home."

"Are you sure?"


"I can go home with mom tonight?"

"As soon as she gets here."

Sahara nodded, chewing on her second to last sandwich while the healer excused himself to go check up on others. The girl looked out the window, this time noting that it was getting darker earlier from the clouds of the day. As she watched it started to sprinkling and then rain lightly, not bothered by the rain Tab-Tack was still standing out on his balcony with head tilted back and staring from under his protective visor at the sky.

...the human girl picked up her last piece of sandwich, setting the plat aside as she turned around to sit on her knees to watch the storm. She wasn't sure if it was a natural one or artificially encouraged, but her attention was on the Gundam, watching him enjoy the weather. And his friends, his wing mates were out there in the rain? Could the Gundams stay up in any weather?

She wondered if Tab-Tack would be okay, for he looked like he wanted to take off.

Before he, or she, left, Sahara fiddled with her new arm mounted computer to take a picture of the gundam, saving it for herself.

"Shute!" A new voice called, so well known that the girl knew it in a heartbeat.

"Mom!" Sahara spun, hopping off the exam table and bounding past the chirping drone to fling her arms around the taller woman's middle and bury her face against her mother.

Tall and willowy with a slender build even aver having two children, it showed that Sahara took after her father a bit more, but she had her mother's chocolate eyes. The older woman pulled her eldest daughter into a tight hug, kneeling down a little as she did so to be able to check for herself that the girl was alright. Whereas Sahara was a brunette like her father, her mother had darker hair, black and when in sunlight it was almost blue shaded.

Sahara's mother was the head of her field in this sector, though specialized in the fruit and nut baring trees. Thus, that was why their family was in charge of one of the largest orchards in the sector of Utopia. The woman came from another area, the southern tropics so in the summer and fall she tanned easily and well, even now she was darkening with the spring sun.

At this moment, Sahara was pulling on her slippers and grabbed the shawl. Gathering her things into the new backpack she willingly and gratefully left the hospital for home with her mother. Unaware that they were being watched until climbing into her mother's skimmer craft and slipped away in the dark and rain.

"Is something wrong M-1?"

Blinking, Medic One turned his blue gaze down to the human beside him, she was a little over five feet tall, with the trim but toned build of someone from the sea platforms as well as being an active mecha mechanic and technician. Her dark black hair had a bright green streak in the bangs, nearly matching the color of her eyes that were turned up with concern at the taller healer. The young woman was dressed in a crisp white uniform the human members of the Gundam Force had, for her it was a little strange as normally she was in the blue and red of the mechanics colors.

Izzie was probably off duty, or as close to it as the woman came, with a jacket folded over one arm she still look like one to take much time off.

"The young one asked for the mech that saved her." Medic One said with a frown and then arched up an eye ridge questioningly. "Have you heard anything Izzie, about Captain?"

The young woman shook her head, "No I haven't..." Izzie looked down and back up, reaching to touch the back of Medic One's hand. He turned it over to wrap his fingers reassuringly around her hand. "But I'm sure the teams will find him soon, it's only been a few hours. I heard he sleeps rather hard if he got knocked out."

Medic One nodded, not mentioning the possibility of their fellow Gundam Force member being sent through to one of the other planet the solar system. Or, flames forbid, to the belt. Shaking himself and letting his armor resettle on his frame, the mech turned fully to smile down at Izzie, "We will find him."

"Will the girl be okay?" Izzie asked motioning to the room Sahara had been.

With a thoughtful thrum and then rumbling, Medic One nodded slowly, "Physically yes, just some over exertion. Young Sahara was frightened badly, but I do not believe she's traumatized. She may have a few nightmares but the last few generations of civilians seem quite resistant."

"You're using your proud founder tone." Izzie pointed out with a grin.

"Well I am both." Medic one shrugged.



"Everyone is young to you M-1." Izzie pointed out but smiled.

Medic One chuckled, "Of course. And you may see Tab-Tack now, though I have already set the core wing I'm sure he'd like help taking off the outer plates."

Izzie flushed a bit, "How'd you know...?"

"He's the only flier in right now." Medic One laughed as he led the way to Tab-Tack's recovery rooms. Of course he knew the woman's reaction to seeing the flier out in the rain would be good too.

Queen's Notes: Okay quicky things! Medic One, Tab-Tack, Holds are my characters, and Izzie belongs to my dear friend Blue! And look before you miss it! Gun Eagle!