Parings: Shitara x Bambi

Disclaimer: Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 3rd Story

Summary: Shitara's thoughts throughout the story

Warning: Spoiler for Shitara's route

Disclaimer: Mochiron, I don't own TMGS or Shitara... *sighs*

The piano used to be my enemy. It was the only thing I had and without it, I was a nobody. Everyone praised my performances, telling me that I was a genius. That it was natural that I was with the piano. Soon, I realized that I will not change myself if I kept playing the piano. I will not develop, so it was the best if I separate myself from it.

I thought of quitting playing, when I enrolled high school. I kept hating the piano and myself. I was so weak back then. However, without noticing, I went to the music room and started playing. I did not know why, though. Then, I met you. You looked innocently at me and smiled. When you told me your name, I was not able to forget you and your laugh. When we started going out, I even forgot about the piano. Whenever I am with you, I feel at ease, you might not be able to believe that, don't you?

But this was because I could not deal with my feelings. You are so different from the girls I had met in life. I joined you when you played your saxophone and I thought it was fun. This was my best high school memory. I suddenly forgot my pain and now I am reminded of our time together. I was able to touch the piano again without feeling the pain. Instead of that, I was happy. I remember your happy face when we played together.

I found my path. Thanks to you, the pain and the frustration vanished. I went my way and I started mailing you because I thought it was appropriate, since we had become friends. I started to wonder what you were doing, so I tried to reach you. Inwardly, I fell in love with you. I started missing you so much that it hurt. I wanted to hold you tightly, telling you how I felt, but I did not." Thank you for everything." I thought, but my lips were shut. Of course, you did not notice.

Today, I was able to confess. Seeing your happy face was the best thing I saw. And now I am thankful that I could tell you my feelings. I will cherish you forever. I love you.

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