A/N: I got the idea for this from a failed drabbled for 110 Nostalgic Melodies, and I revised it some. Not sure how good this is, though.

"It is time." A man in a white robe that blended in with the stunning whiteness of the waiting room appeared seemingly from nowhere in Xion's line of 'sight.' It was more like a vague perception, as she didn't have true eyes. Or a physical body at all, actually, just a semi-visible, intangible spirit.

That's what I'm here for, she reminded herself. One of the many reasons I must do this.

"I know." Her telepathic voice echoed faintly.

"Are you ready?" He asked sympathetically. She couldn't fathom how He could care so much about the trails she would face after everything he went through.

I guess it's because of what He went through. It's who He is.

Xion laughed, but the chiming sound was hollow. "As ready as I'll ever be."

But I can't back out now. People are counting on me, and we can't risk one of the Outcasts taking the vessel.

The man nodded and almost laid a hand on Xion's shoulder before remembering it would pass right through her. She wished she could have a body, if only to feel the comfort of a loving touch. "I understand that you are fearful. Many difficult choices await you, but I will be with you always."

"But I'll forget you. I won't be able to see you," Xion mumbled. Like what will happen to me…

But I will still be there," He said firmly. "And you will have friends to lead and guide you, and teach you what is right."

That was what Xion looked forward to most – meeting people who would be kind to her without knowing her destiny. In fact, she was almost glad she would forget her destiny, the bad things that would happen before her journey's end.

"I know. I'm still going to miss you," Xion whispered.

Kneeling down, the man stared into the shimmery translucence that took the place of her eyes with his own calm brown ones. "And I will miss you as well, Sister. Once you follow the plan of our Father, we will be together again. Be sure you take the right paths."

"I won't let you or Father down," she promised. "You- you've done so much for me, for all of us… I couldn't bear to fail."

"I know you won't. You are brave. It takes a strong spirit to accept a call such as yours." She was touched by His compliment, even though she knew her challenges would be nothing compared to His. "I love you, Sister."

"I love you too." If she had true eyes, she would've cried from happiness at His words and sadness that she wouldn't see Him for so long.

He smiled, standing and extending a hand. "You must go now. Your body awaits."

Xion rubbed her 'eyes,' smiling back as she followed Him.

I will be born without mortal parents, but Father will always be my Father. I will not have a family to care for me, but I have Brothers and Sisters here that love me. I will live less than a year before being forgotten, but my family here will never forget me.

I will make friends, bonds that can't be broken. They will teach me how to live in that existence, and prepare me to return here. I will sacrifice for them, and they will help bring me back home.

And I will return.

A/N: I hope that wasn't too strange. Basically they're in some sort of pre-mortal existence, and Xion's been warned of some of the challenges she'll have to overcome, but she's chosen to use the body of the replica Vexen created anyway. The man is Christ, if that wasn't clear. I wrote this in church, so it came out very religious-y. But that's kind of what I intended. ^^