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Summery : After the war they now have to go back for a final year at Hogwarts. There is a new class however…Parenting 101 how will friendships and love interests form after going through tears, pregnancy and taking care of their children? BTW her and Ron never happened but there is no Ron bashing in this story.

Chapter one-

The grounds were completely back to how they used to be before the war against the Dark Lord. Everyone was at peace again. No longer fearful or threatened by an evil super power. Hermione was content, top of her class, she had her parents back and she had her two best friends it was going to be a fantastic year. Well other than parenting 101 a new class to "spice" up the curriculum.

Suddenly she felt an arm drape casually over her shoulder.

"Hey Hermione! So what do think this new class is going to be like? Bet you'll ace it you bloody know-it-all!" Ron smirked at her as she threw his arm off of her playfully.

" I don't know Ron why don't you go ask McGonagall? I heard she missed you this summer. Or we could just go and ask Snape." As soon as the sarcastic remark left her mouth her faced paled remembering the tragic loss of their potions teacher. Ron squeezed her shoulder silently telling her that it's alright and they both walked quietly to class, the one nobody knew anything about.

As soon as the two Gryffindors walked into the classroom it was clear that their wouldn't be all love and joyful time in the year. Sitting on one side was Pansy, Draco and Malcolm from Slytherin and on the other it brought more relief with the faces of Neville, Luna and Hannah Abbot. Hermione and Ron moved near the back so they weren't caught coming in just before the start of class.

Mrs. McGonagall stood in front of the room and brought all of them to attention.

" This class will make you want to pull your hair out, scream and maybe for the ladies cry. It will also be the happiest, most rewarding and important class that you will ever take at your time here in Hogwarts. This class you will be paired up with a partner, go through pregnancy, child birth and parenting. It is September now and in January girls will go into labor, deliver the baby and the second semester is spent taking care of your little bundle of joy." There was worried and frantic whispering around the classroom and an uproar when Professor McGonagall spoke next, " I have picked your partners very carefully, with much consideration I assure you." There were random shouts of "Bloody Hell", "I'm going to be fat", " I hate pain" and "why should I have to deal with a overly hormonal chick?" That one of course coming from Malcolm the selfish idiot

McGonagall continued after the class had settled down. " After the spell is put in you today combining you and your partners DNA you girls will start experiencing symptoms tomorrow. Both the mom and dad will get a guide to pregnancy book and gentlemen you will be getting one on how to handle your pregnant partners. So here we go, out couples will be…

Hannah Abbot and Malcolm Baddock

Rominda Vane and Ron Weasley

Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy

Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood

And lastly Pansy Parkinson and Harry Potter"

Everyone but Neville and Luna looked at their partners with disgust or just made a gagging motion to the person sitting next to them. Hermione couldn't believe her ears as she sighed and thought this was supposed to be an easy year.

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