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Chapter three – taming the serpent

All the girls were looking sick and in pain when they were sitting at their tables after the spell. Even guys who didn't particularly like their girls were looking worried and being caring and for an almost unknown reason comforting and protective. Even Harry had his hand rubbing up and down Pansy's back while she laid her head on the table, she didn't seem to mind since whenever he took a break she whimpered obviously liking the feeling of comfort. Hermione started to get dizzy and was feeling achy and to be honest green. She swayed in her seat a bit and Draco grabbed the top of her arms and steadied her. She didn't like the feeling of being unsteady so her body just draped against him, her eyes closing as she tried to keep the nausea at bay.

"you okay there Granger?" Draco asked worried about her since she had all of her weight, which wasn't much, laying against him and that was something a Gryffindor would not do willingly with a slytherin let alone a Malfoy.

" I don't know. Ask me when my head doesn't hurt so much and isn't as fuzzy." He chuckled, " Sure thing Hermione." She moaned and unconsciously rolled her head into the crook of his neck. Draco also acting unconsciously wrapped his arm tightly around her shoulders moving his index finger in a comforting pattern on her upper arm. Draco looked over at weasley and he was holding Rominda's hair as she vomited into a trashcan. She was crying and he was hushing her softly. When she was done he handed her a piece of what muggles called gum, must've gotten it from Granger, and she leaned into his touch.

Professor McGonagall re-entered the room smiling a smile that made the girls want to smack it right off. "Congrats! all of you are expecting and the spell has been successful. All of your pregnancy symptoms will be different and have levels of severity. I had no control over that so don't blame me. We will have class Monday, Wednesday and Friday and girls will only be going to classes for half a day now since this pregnancy is accelerated. Boys you will have a pager, if your partner pages you, you have to answer and go to her no exceptions. You will be staying with your partner and you will notice that the castle is now transformed to look like small homes. Your keys are now on your desks and there is the password to enter. Enjoy what you can of your night, looking around at you I can tell it's going to be a long one."

The professor left and all the guys turned to their very ill looking partners. Draco looked at Hermione with sympathy she was still buried in his neck, "what do you think Granger? Want to head out and you can lie down?" she nodded and he helped her to her feet and steadied her and they began their trek down the hall. The others followed behind each guy walking behind almost like they were ready to catch them if need be. The act of standing straight up was putting a strain on hermionie's stomach making feel like very sharp pains. She kept going until a really bad one then she caved, a tear slipping from her eye and a small hiss leaving her lips. "Draco, Draco I gotta… I gotta stop. It hurts." " Me too Harry, give me a moment." Pansy added after Hermione. Draco was at her side in an instant though, "Granger what can I do?" His eyes panicked. She let out a shaky breath. " I don't know it just hurts, like my uterus is on fire." Draco feeling sorry for her and totally losing his slytherin self around this Gryffindor girl knelt in front of her. Bring her to his level and for the first time ever the cold serpent embraced the brave lioness. He felt tears on his neck and a whimper signaling the strain the movement put on her " Madam Pomfrey said that could happen remember what McGonagall said about severity? I guess you just got the short end of the broom." Hermione didn't say anything, she looked over Draco's shoulder at Pansy and Harry. Pansy was holding onto harry's hand as he was trying to sit her down. A wave of discomfort came over Pansy and she surprisingly latched onto him.

Draco had his hands wiping under her eyes as she realized she was crying and he was trying to hush her. " I don't want to go through this Draco…I'm really scared. Things were just about to be normal." Hermione shut her eyes, she was never scared, not when they destroyed a horocrux, not when she was killing death eaters in the war and not when she obliviated her parents. She was strong, but maybe not enough to do this.

Draco looked into her eyes when he pulled her back. He saw fear, pain, awe and doubt, he would have to fix all that pain and doubt he thought.

" we're a team Granger. Your not alone. It's okay to be scared, Its okay. And about normal. You Hermione Granger you don't do normal" He smirked but it faded when she suddenly went pale and got sick on the corridor floor, effectively ruining their moment. Maybe normal would have been nice Draco thought.

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