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Their short, and most are stupid!


Random song is random

"Marcy, admit it!" Marshall persuaded as he held with a tight grip onto the umbrella that shielded them from the down pour that April had brought them. It was any normal day, however today they had to wait on the bus since the car they shared was in the shop.

"No, no, no! I will never do such a thing!" Marceline said trying, yet failing, to ignore Marshall's pursuits.

"Yes! I get she's your favorite artist and stuff, but you got to admit some of her lyrics are seriously twisted!" Marshall Lee laughed at Marceline's denial.

"Lalalalalalala- I can't hear you… lalalalalala" Marceline plugged her ears and tuned him out immaturely.

"No, seriously though! I've been listening to her, and I gotta say the braud's kinda psycho!" Marshall Lee said after the fit of laughter resided.

"Don't talk about her like that!" Marceline screamed, uncovering her ears and balling her fists to her side.

"NEVERMIND I'LL FUCK SOMEONE LIKE YOUUUUUU. I WISH NOTHING BUT AIDSSSS FOR YOUUU TWOOOO. DON'T FORGETTT ME, I BEGG I REMEMBER THAT YOU SAIDDD SOMETIMES IT LAST IN LOVE BUT SOMETIMES IT SHITSSS INSTEADDDD." Marshall sang off key while caressing Marceline's cheek. Marceline jerked away from Marshall Lee's actions, frustration written all over her face.

"That song is pure poetry. Do not insult it like that!" Marceline demanded.

"Heh look, you've got a crush. No, but seriously." Marshall Lee grabbed Marceline's iPod out of her back pocket while she squirmed under his touch. "Psh, stop acting like I'm going to molest you." He replied while clicking his tongue at Marceline's behavior.

"You might. At this point I haven't put anything past you." Marceline mumbled loud enough for Marshall to hear.

"But you would love it my lovely Marceline. However that's nor here or there. OH GOSH IT'S UP THERE!" Marshall exclaimed pointing as Marceline looked in the direction his finger was pointing at. "Heh, just kidding, but still. How the hell do you set fire to the rain? Is some special lighter used or something? A magical match? The fuck was she on to think she can set fire to the rain?"

"You're not funny." Marceline rolled her eyes.

"You're delusional babe. I'm flipping hilarious. Hand me your lighter." Marshall held his hand that wasn't holding the umbrella out. Marceline threw it in his hand begrudgingly as he threw the umbrella to her. "I set fire…to the rain," he began as he flicked the lighter on and threw it at the ground. The little fire it had blew out as soon as it touched the ground. "Watched it pour…as I touched your face." Marceline stared at Marshall incredibly as he slowly eased his hand to her face as he watched the lighter on the ground. Marceline attempted to swat his hand away but when she settled down again, he threw his hand on her cheek quickly, still serious. A small slap was heard and Marceline became pissed. Marshall Lee and Marceline stayed in that position until the bus came; Marshall too busy "searching his soul" while Marceline was too pissed to talk.

The bus honked and Marshall decided to let go of Marceline's face and continued to act like his regular self. He put down his umbrella and climbed on the bus with Marceline hot on his trail.

"Ya know Mar-mar, I like Adele now. When we go home, ya wanna sing Rumor Has It together?" Marshall admitted.

"Don't ever mention one of Adele's songs again in your fucking life." Marceline gritted through her teeth.

Set Fire to The Rain- Adele


I love Adele, but my friend and I were having this discussion as into the lyrics of some songs...this song came up.

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