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Chapter 21 The first of many

Kurt had jumped at the idea of spending the night over at Dave's house and had raced over to his dad's garage to get his ok the second Dave had disconnected the call. He thought it would be better to do this in person and he was surprised when his dad only put up a little bit of resistance, saying that he had hoped it wouldn't be quite so soon before they would ask for this. But to Kurt's amazement he ultimately stuck to what he had agreed to yesterday, telling Kurt that he would have to learn to trust him and Dave enough to let them make their own decisions. Kurt hugged his dad and his dad hugged him back, hiding his shiny eyes as realisation hit him that his little boy had indeed grown up.

Kurt was so excited that he had packed and unpacked his overnight bag at least three times. He was wondering what would be the proper attire to wear for a sleepover with your boyfriend, if you could call it a 'sleepover'! Somehow that didn't ring quite right and reminded him of the sleepovers he used to have when he was younger. 'Spending the night with his boyfriend' was probably a better way of putting it, especially as he hoped there would be some skin to skin contact along the way somewhere. But if all they did was cuddle and kiss and fall asleep in each others arms Kurt would be more than happy. At any rate he would need some proper pyjamas. Dave didn't have a bathroom attached to his room so the chances of bumping into any one of his family should he need the toilet during the night meant that he would needed to be properly dressed.

Once the bag was finally packed to his satisfaction, he spent the next two hours worrying about what to wear for the dinner. He wanted to look his best but not overdressed and the outfits came flying out of his wardrobe, being held on and then discarded as Kurt was looking for that special something to wear. Kurt was sure that Finn had walked into his room at one point and seeing the frantic look on his face had headed straight out the door again without saying a word.

He finally agreed on an outfit that would make him look both stylish and yet not overdressed and if the black skinny jeans showed off his ass in a rather flattering light that was just an additional perk as far as Kurt was concerned. Over the jeans he was planning on wearing his favourite lace up boots, paired with a plain white shirt and a red tie and his favourite waistcoat, with a chain attached to the right side.

Then Kurt was starting to fret about what to bring for Dave. He wanted to give Dave something. It wasn't just that that was what you were supposed to do when you were invited for dinner but he wanted to say' thanks' for all the amazing times Dave had taken him out and made him feel special. The next time he was in charge of a date he would take Dave somewhere he enjoyed like a game or an action movie or maybe ice-skating Kurt thought, as he fondly remembered Dave gliding effortlessly across the ice.

Kurt had spent the rest of the afternoon frantically browsing the shops for something fitting to give to Dave. He never knew shopping could be so exhausting but it was different when you're not shopping for yourself. Kurt always found a reason why something wasn't quite right for Dave and he had almost given up hope when a little shop caught his eye and 15 minutes later he walked out of it with a nicely wrapped present and the hope that Dave would like it.

He rushed back home happy and knew he would be pushing for time if he went for the full skincare routine before it would be time to go. There was no way he would risk being late. But he managed to squeeze in a quick shower before getting dressed and after saying goodbye to a smiling Carole and a solemn looking Burt set off towards Dave's house.


"Dave honey… we're ready to go." His mom informed him popping her head into the kitchen and smiling fondly at her son who was slaving away over the stove and looked very smart in his dress pants with a simple dark green shirt and a tie over which he had draped his mom's huge apron to avoid risking any spills.

"Ok mom," Dave said as he was busy chopping up the tomatoes and checking over the recipe again. Dave's dad walked into the kitchen looking a bit uncomfortable but smiling through it.

"Dave, erm… have a good evening and … say hello to Kurt from us."

"Will do. You two have fun." Dave said throwing the tomatoes in with the garlic and the onions that were already browning.

"Oh we will. We should be back no later than midnight. You two have a good time… and Dave; I left you something on your bed," his mom said. His dad looked flushed now and grabbed his mom. "We'll be off then…"

Dave shook his head in amusement and wondered what that had been all about as he threw in the remaining ingredients for his sauce and stirred before he put on the lid and left it to simmer. It was half past six so the sauce should be ready in time for when Kurt arrived. Dave had a few spare minutes before he needed to put on the pasta. Well, he might as well go and check out what his mom had left for him.

He whistled to himself as he walked up the stairs and almost choked on his own breath as he took in an involuntarily massive gulp of air when he saw what his mom had left on his bed. "Holy fucking cow! She didn't," Dave grunted as he picked up the leaflets about 'safe sex between men' and the accompanying condoms and lube. OH MY GOSH, Dave was so red in the face he thought he would faint from the pressure that was building up in his head. What did his mom think would be happening here tonight? The thought alone was enough to not want to do anything … ever! And oh god, what if Kurt had walked in here and found this on his bed, 'OH GOODNESS ME!' Dave huffed as he quickly grabbed all the stuff and shoved it in the top drawer of his nightstand.

He couldn't even make himself feel happy about the fact that his mom was obviously trying to support him and his relationship. It was just too embarrassing and he hoped she would never ever bring this up in conversation. And his dad, Oh gosh! Did he know? Was that why he had acted so weird in the kitchen?

Dave rushed into the bathroom and splashed some cold water onto his face. "Let me die now," he said looking at himself in the mirror. Well, ok, so maybe not right now, maybe tomorrow morning after his evening and night with Kurt. Yes that might be better! That way he would avoid having to see his parents. 'Kurt! Oh, what's the time?' Dave thought as he quickly made his way down into the kitchen and realised it was time to put on the pasta.

Dave was checking his watch for what felt like the hundredth time. Five to seven. He knew Kurt was the punctual type and his nerves increased exponentially with each passing minute as he anticipated his arrival. Dave checked over the table arrangement again. He hoped he didn't overdo it with the candles and the flowers but if he knew one thing it was that Kurt liked romance and Dave hoped that this would come across as romantic and not as cheesy. The pasta was boiling, the sauce was done and the parmesan cheese was grated, and thanks to his mom a homemade cheesecake was sitting in the fridge waiting to be eaten later.

Dave wasn't sure whether to sit or stand and he ended up just pacing up and down the kitchen occasionally giving the pasta sauce a stir. He wiped his hands on the apron he was wearing and tried the pasta. Another minute or so and it would be done. Just as on cue the doorbell rang and Dave stopped dead in his tracks. His heart was about to jump out of his chest. This was it. His boyfriend was here. Coming not only for dinner but to stay the night and Dave felt like fainting and flying at the same time. The bell rang again. 'Oh yeah, opening the door would be a good idea', he thought willing his body to move.

Dave walked out of the kitchen and towards the front door. He took in a deep breath and opened it. There he was! His Kurt; and wow he looked stunning and, as Dave couldn't help but notice, at least as nervous as him. The way his cheeks were flushed and he chewed his bottom lip was a dead giveaway.

Kurt smiled bashfully up at Dave. The butterflies in his stomach must have increased tenfold as he looked into Dave's eyes and yes, he had looked into those eyes plenty of times but somehow tonight felt different. "Hi" he said in a husky voice, as he couldn't think of anything else to say.

"Hi" Dave smiled back and both of them just stood there for a second not daring to move or touch one another for fear that their emotions would overtake them. They laughed nervously as they were gazing into each other's eyes.

"Oh gosh … this is…" Dave croaked out. They had been close plenty of times why the sudden hesitation.

"Oh come here…" Dave finally pulled Kurt into a big hug and that was all the encouragement Kurt needed as he dropped his overnight bag on the floor and wrapped himself around Dave and pushed himself up on his toes letting their lips meet in a gentle brush. Dave moaned as he felt Kurt's lips on his own and placed his hands on Kurt's face moving him slightly so he could deepen the kiss. Dave was so wrapped up in Kurt that he almost didn't notice, or didn't want to notice, the buzz of the kitchen timer as it went off. Only Kurt's mumbled "wht's tht nois" as they were still kissing and licking along each others lips made Dave pull away reluctantly.

"Oh … foods ready." He said a coy smile ghosting over his face. "Here let me take your bag and … ooof Kurt? You're only staying the night not a year, what on earth is in that bag?" Dave teased as he picked up the rather heavy bag.

Kurt blushed and looked at Dave coyly. "Well, it's not every day that I am staying over at my boyfriend's house. I just didn't really know what to bring so I brought everything that I could possibly think of … so that I would be prepared for all eventualities." At Dave's stare Kurt's face went a whole different shade of red. "Oh … that sounded … no, I mean, clothes and stuff… I brought lots of clothes and pyjamas just in case."

"OOOOOK!" Dave smirked enjoying the fact that despite Kurt having had a prior relationship he obviously was as nervous as him and that put Dave at ease.

"Oh god, the pasta" Dave shouted out as he remembered the timer having gone off quite a while back. "Give me a minute, sorry. If you want to ... you can bring your stuff up to my room while I get dinner ready."

Kurt smiled and nodded as he saw Dave disappear into the kitchen. He looked adorable in that apron and Kurt could smell the delicious scent that was wafting out of the kitchen. He deliberately had forgone lunch as he really wanted to enjoy tonight and wanted to eat loads of everything that Dave had prepared and anyway, he wouldn't have been able to eat much. The anticipation about tonight had kept his appetite well at bay.

Kurt picked up his overnight bag and made his way to Dave's room. He walked in and stalled. It suddenly hit him that this was really happening. He would be staying the night. They would be curled up together in that bed! Kurt walked over and let his hand gently brush over the fabric of Dave's duvet. It felt cold and soft. Kurt placed his bag next to the bed. Which side would he be sleeping on he wondered. In his own bed he was a left side of the bed sleeper. Would Dave mind? Was he sleeping on the same side? Kurt sat himself down on the bed and looked around as he tried getting his nerves under control. This would be the first time he would spend the whole night with his boyfriend. Even when he had been with Blaine, both set of parents had insisted on them keeping to their curfews and sleepovers had been out of the question. Kurt spent a moment speculating on what could have convinced his dad to change his mind so quickly on this issue but he knew better than to ask him for danger of him changing it back again.

"Kurt? You're ok up there?" Dave's voice drifted into the room from downstairs.

Kurt jumped up from the bed. How long had he been in here, he wondered? "Yes, I'm fine. Coming," he shouted back before he remembered the present in his bag. "Just give me a sec" he added as he opened his bag and pulled out the wrapped box and then quickly making his way downstairs.

Dave smiled at him as he watched him descending the stairs. He would never get enough looking at Kurt he was sure of that." You got me worried there for a minute. I thought you might have bolted on me."

Kurt's heart warmed at the way Dave was gazing at him. "Never," Kurt whispered as he took the last few steps until he was toe to toe with Dave and rested his head on Dave's shoulder. Dave placed a peck on the top of Kurt's head and wrapped his arms around him, bumping into something hard Kurt was holding behind his back.

"What's that?" he said in a breathy voice as he started to nibble on Kurt's earlobe.

Kurt was getting goose bumps from the contact of Dave's teeth against his lobe and giggled. He didn't want Dave to stop but also he really wanted to give him his present.

"Dave, Dave…," he said already feeling breathless from the attention Dave was giving him. "Stop for a second, I want to give you something."

Dave reluctantly moved away. "What is it?" he asked curiously. Kurt looked too sweet and bashful as he brought his hand holding a wrapped box shaped item from behind and handing it to Dave.

"For me?" Dave said not really expecting anything like that. Kurt nodded enthusiastically. "I really wanted to give you something … and … I really hope you like it. That it's not too childish or anything, … I just remembered your model airplanes in your room and …"

"Kurt, slow down." Dave said giving him a peck on the lips. "Whatever it is I will love it because you gave it to me." Kurt smiled relieved. "Go open it…"

"I will but all in good time. Dinner is ready Kurt and I would hate for it to go cold." He offered Kurt his hand which he took happily and led him into the kitchen. He prayed that Kurt would like the setup.

Kurt couldn't believe his eyes as he stepped into the kitchen. Not only did the food smell mouth-watering but the table… Kurt let out a little squeak of appreciation. The table was beautiful. The light was dimmed and candles were illuminating the kitchen and there was a big bouquet of beautiful flowers with all different shades of blue in the middle of the table. In its centre was one big beautiful white rose. The plates and napkins matched the flowers and a big steaming bowl of pasta and a smaller bowl of pasta sauce were placed on the table between the two plates.

"Wow" Kurt said as he smiled up at Dave and gave his hand a squeeze. "Just … this is …"

"Romantic?" Dave offered hopefully.

"Yes … I …" Kurt really was speechless. Dave had said long ago that there was more to him than meets the eye and Kurt would never stop to be amazed when he found out something new about him. Instead of talking he leaned in and placed a kiss on Dave's cheek and the moved over to his lips.

Dave stomach fluttered and at this rate he wasn't sure if he would be able to get any food down. He needed them to slow down. He detached his lips from Kurt's and instead brushed his fingers over Kurt's jaw and smiled as he felt Kurt lean into the touch.

"You ready to eat?" Dave asked as he went over to Kurt's chair and pulled it out for him. Kurt beamed at him as he made his way over and sat down, looking at the food.

"Yes and mhhh…" Kurt smelled at the sauce. "This smells delicious."

"Thanks," Dave said as he sat down across the table from Kurt and smiled. "It's a simple Puttanesca sauce but it's all homemade, organic ingredients and all, and I really hope you like it."

"Oh I think I will. Although … I wonder whether you are expecting us not to do any kissing tonight, you obviously like your garlic," Kurt said with a straight face.

Dave's face fell nervously. "I … oh … I mean I haven't thought of that and you don't have to …"

Kurt couldn't hold it any longer and burst out laughing. "I'm pulling your leg Dave! It smells fantastic and anyway I think as long as we're both eating it we should be perfectly fine for any one-on-one contact later."

Dave blushed at that thought and was thinking of a quick way to change the subject before he would really be unable to eat anything.

"Oh your present, I almost forgot," he said as he picked up the box he had placed on the table and started unwrapping it. Kurt was watching him, biting his lip and studying Dave's excited face.

"Oh wow," Dave said, a genuine smile plastering itself on his face as he looked at the building kit of an old military aircraft fighter model. Kurt studied his face and let out a little sigh. "You really like it?" he asked nervously.

"Of course I do. I love building those things and I haven't got this one yet."

"Well I hoped you didn't. I saw the other model planes in your room but as I know nothing about them I could only go with the shape to try and remember what you might not have."

Dave got up and walked over to where Kurt was sitting, leaning down and giving him a passionate kiss, which had Kurt moan and wriggle under him as his hand flew up and tangled itself into Dave's hair.

He pulled apart when he was getting out of breath and smiling down at Kurt said "Thank you so much. But now we better eat before it really is cold."

Kurt nodded. "I'm actually rather hungry. I couldn't eat all day," he chuckled.

"Make that two of us" Dave said as he piled the pasta and the sauce onto their plates and sat back down.

"Hold on." Dave said as he rushed over to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of sparkling grape juice. "I almost forgot." Dave opened the bottle and filled their glasses.

"To us" he said as he raised his glass and Kurt brought his glass up to meet Dave's. "To us" Kurt replied as they took a swig of their glasses before tucking in.

The food was great Kurt thought and he complimented Dave more than once and told him that he could cook for him anytime he wanted to. They were chatting as they demolished their food, intermixed with times of silence when their eyes did all the talking as they gazed at one another and just cherished the moment.

After both had had seconds Dave cleared the table, urging Kurt to stay sitting down. He wanted to spoil Kurt tonight. He sat back down and smiled at Kurt.

"So … there is a cheesecake waiting for us in the fridge but … I don't know about you but I'm actually rather full at the moment." Dave said.

"Oh cheesecake. I was gonna say I'm full but … you know me and cheesecake. It's not fair Dave! At this rate my trousers will be painfully tight by the end of the meal! I already feel like popping the top button." Kurt chuckled.

Dave blushed as his mind went to other reasons why Kurt's pants might be in danger of being too tight and oh … that created a whole problem of its own in Dave's pants. Oh gosh, he would have thought his dexterous night and morning activities would have taken the edge of things but Kurt had always managed to push these particular buttons and Dave needed a distraction as gazing over at Kurt wasn't helping his situation at all.

"Is that cheesecake for you now then?" Dave enquired.

"Only if you share it with me!" Kurt said fluttering his eyelashes at Dave, replaying their little scene of flirting from the restaurant last night.

Dave could feel the heat rising up his body and he could swear Kurt was doing this on purpose now. "Ok" Dave replied. He adjusted himself in his trousers in a way that he hoped Kurt wouldn't notice before he got up and got the cheesecake out of the fridge cutting a generous slice and putting it on a plate and grabbing two forks. He walked back over and placed the plate in front of Kurt and was about to sit back down when he felt Kurt's hand on his.

"You're too far away to share this, why don't you bring your chair closer?" he said giving Dave one of his most innocent sweet looks he could muster. Kurt of course had no intention of staying innocent. He hoped he would get a chance to feed Dave the cheesecake and maybe just maybe share a passionate kiss or two.

"Alright" Dave said in a croaky voice. He had to cough to clear his throat as he pulled the chair up next to Kurt.

"Is this homemade?" Kurt enquired.

"Yes, although honestly … my mom helped me make it." Dave chuckled.

"Can't wait to taste it," Kurt said eagerly looking up at Dave through his long eyelashes and fluttering them at him again.

Dave waited for a moment, wondering why Kurt didn't just go ahead until it clicked in his head. "Oh…" he said choking a bit. Dave placed his fork into the cheesecake and sliced off a generous amount and then lifted the fork up to Kurt's mouth who opened it grinning wildly as he placed his lips around the fork and slowly pulled the piece into his mouth.

Dave had gone into staring mode. Fuck, how could Kurt make something like eating a simple cheesecake look this sexy? Kurt licked his lips as he let out a little moan. "Mhhhh, this is really good. Your mom does know how to bake." He looked at Dave and noticed that he was transfixed gazing at his lips. Kurt's mouth curled into a wicked smile and he licked his lips slowly again and watched the almost painful reaction play out on Dave's face.

Kurt plunged his fork into the cheesecake and then bringing it up to Dave's mouth. "Open" he said and Dave did as he was told and let the cheesecake melt into his mouth, smiling. He moaned, partly because of the taste of the cheesecake but partly because he was still staring at Kurt's mouth and knew he would go mad if he wouldn't be able to kiss him soon.

Kurt was sure he could read Dave's mind and decided to put him out of his misery. "Kiss me already!" he said as he was closing his eyes in anticipation of the contact of Dave's warm lips against his. He didn't have to wait long before he could feel wet lips moulding against his own, tongue probing for entrance which Kurt gladly granted. He could taste the remains of the cheesecake on Dave's tongue and licked around it trying to taste it all. Then suddenly there were hands on each other faces and necks and hair being pulled and tugged and lips being sucked at and Kurt's mind was ready to explode. He had to pull away to steady himself and saw that Dave wasn't fairing any better.

They looked at one another, both trying to catch their breath and still hanging on to one another. Kurt rested his head against Dave's neck and ghosted his lips across Dave's ear. "Do you want to move this somewhere else?" he said in an almost whisper and Dave could feel his pulse speeding up. He had similarly dreamt of and dreaded a moment like this. He knew Kurt wouldn't push him to do anything he wasn't ready for but Dave was nervous about what he actually might be ready to do.

Kurt could feel Dave's hesitation and quickly added. "You know, nothing will have to happen I just … this is …"

Dave placed his mouth over Kurt's lips and literally sucked the words out of him which had Kurt groan out in pleasure. Dave pulled away and whispered. "I know Kurt … to be honest I don't know what I want at the moment but yes … let's go upstairs."

Kurt's legs were shaking as Dave pulled him up and held his hand. He made quick work of blowing out all the candles and the cheesecake sat forgotten at the table as they made their way upstairs to Dave's room.

Dave led Kurt into his room and used one of his legs to close the door with a bang and then it was just them, in this room, standing toe to toe and chest to chest as their eyes met and their breath mixed. Kurt was the first to move as one of his hands found its way to Dave's jaw and ever so gently let his fingers ghost over it, feeling himself shivering as he felt the stubble there.

Dave mimicked Kurt's actions and brought his own hand up cupping Kurt's face and exploring his nose and lips with his fingers as he gently caressed Kurt's skin. Dave had no idea whether it was the mere presence of Kurt so close or the fact that he knew they would be alone for most of the evening and could do whatever they wanted that had sent his blood pressure sky high. He could feel every pulse as his heart pumped blood through his body at an increasing rate. He was already breathing shallowly and felt light-headed.

Dave placed a peck on the top of Kurt's nose and then slowly worked his way down to his mouth, leaving little kisses on Kurt's cheeks and jaw along the way. Kurt had his hand fisted into Dave's hair and his eyes rested on Dave as he felt Dave move closer and closer to his lips and it was driving him crazy. Kurt was hyperaware of every little touch and brush and nip and he had to bite his bottom lip to stop himself moan out in pleasure.

When Dave's mouth finally connected with his own Kurt couldn't hold back any longer. His eyes flew close and his hand was pulling at Dave's hair and his other one was grabbing at his shirt, urging him to move closer, to kiss him more as he let his tongue slide out and lick along Dave's bottom lip. Dave was taken by surprise by Kurt's sudden forcefulness but it only took him a second to adjust and then he was kissing him back just as fiercely while his arms snaked around Kurt's waist and pulled him in until they were so close that breathing became difficult as their chests were pressed tightly against one another.

Dave instinctively took some steps back towards the bed taking Kurt with him as he did so while managing to keep their lips interlocked. The back off his legs hit the edge of the bed and Dave let himself fall back pulling Kurt down with him. Kurt who had been completely lost in the kiss and unaware of where Dave moved him, squealed out in surprise as he felt himself being pulled down on top of Dave. It took him a moment to get his bearings but then he smiled at Dave and started laughing burying his head in Dave's chest. Kurt's laugh was rather addictive and before long Dave was laughing too, his whole body shaking as he did so. Kurt could feel and hear Dave's guttural laugh reverberating through his chest and he was reminded of just how sexy he found Dave's low husky voice.

It took Dave a moment to catch his breath again but when he eventually did he put his hands on Kurt's face and lifted it up just enough to be able to gaze into his eyes. Their eyes locked and suddenly the air felt electric. Dave started to stroke Kurt's cheek as he studied his boyfriend's eyes and he felt like crying. "I love you so much" he whispered not taking his eyes off of Kurt.

Kurt's heart stopped a beat at Dave's words. He loved hearing him say them. He placed a kiss on the top of Dave's nose. "I love you too," he said breathy, hardly being able to talk at all. Being lost for words Kurt decided to show Dave just how much he loved him as he let his lips crash into Dave's and his hands started to stroke Dave's chest over his shirt. Dave arched his back at the contact and moaned into the kiss which encouraged Kurt to carry on. Not wanting to break the kiss Kurt tried without much success to unbutton Dave's shirt. He huffed out annoyed at his lack of progress and sat himself up which ended up in him straddling Dave across his stomach.

Dave whimpered as he felt Kurt's obvious erection pressing into his stomach and he had trouble focussing on anything else. He was easily equally aroused but when he looked at Kurt and saw his lust blown eyes his nerves got the better of him. Sebastian's words had stayed with him and he really needed to know.

Gently stroking up and down Kurt's thighs, Dave took a moment catching his breath his eyes never leaving Kurt who was busy trying to tug Dave's shirt out of his trousers. Dave placed his hands over Kurt's and entwined their fingers.

"Kurt … can I ask you something?" Dave said rather shyly.

Kurt smiled down and him and let his thumb graze over Dave's palm. "Anything," he said.

Dave swallowed. "Have you … I mean … it's just something Sebastian had said and it got me…"

Kurt flinched at the mention of that name. "Dave, whatever lie Sebastian has fed you it's just that. Nothing of value has ever come out of his mouth."

"I know, it's just … I always assumed you and Blaine had … you know … and then Sebastian said you hadn't and … gosh Kurt I'm just so nervous…" Dave blabbered out.

Kurt looked lovingly at his bashful boyfriend and let out a sigh. "I take it you mean sex?" He enquired just to be sure.

When Dave nodded his head and started licking his lips anxiously, Kurt felt a pang in his chest. Of course, this was all still very new to Dave and he probably was petrified. Kurt remembered how nervous he had been.

He smiled at Dave. "Well … yes and no…" he said which earned him a confused look from Dave.

"Yes, we had sex … but mainly … you know dry humping and then hand jobs … if you're talking about penetration… the answer is no, we didn't do that." Now Kurt was blushing a bit. "Neither of us felt ready for that step at the time."

Dave nodded and gave Kurt a tense smile. He let out a breath he had been holding. He brought Kurt's hand to his mouth and placed little kisses along the fingertips. "I'm glad about that," He said after a moment. "But also freaking nervous about this…"

Kurt laughed. "So am I. But … at the same time … I really want to be close to you … to feel you." And as if to make his point Kurt tugged at Dave's tie, silently asking him for permission to take it off.

Dave looked petrified but he nodded his head and Kurt leaned down and slowly undid the tie and let it fall to the side. He could feel Dave's eyes on him as he started to unbutton Dave's shirt, pulling it out of Dave's pants and Dave lifted himself up a bit so Kurt could slide it off his shoulders.

Kurt let his gaze wander hungrily over Dave's chest and torso. He was as gorgeous as he remembered him. He let his hands roam freely over Dave's chests, tugging at the hair there and swiping his thumb over one of his already hard nipples. Dave jerked and groaned and started to tug at Kurt's' shirt. He wanted to see Kurt, to feel that delicious pale chest pressed against his own. "Off" he simply said and Kurt obeyed undoing his own tie before teasingly slow unbuttoning his own shirt and slipping it off.

Dave pulled him down the second the shirt was off and let his hands wander up and down Kurt's back exploring every rib and muscle and marvelling at the way Kurt's skin felt under his hands.

"Oh god" Kurt moaned as he shifted himself on top of Dave and his erection met with Dave's. Dave bucked his hips and Kurt let out a high pitched whimper as heat started to spread through his body. He latched himself onto Dave's lips and Dave kissed back frantically, hungrily wanting to taste more of Kurt.

"This feels so … oh god…" Dave whined out as Kurt continued to move and Dave was close to losing all control.

"Dave …" Kurt said breathlessly. "So good … but … I want to touch you…"

Dave was unable to speak but nodded his head and took one of Kurt's hand in his own and guided it down towards his crotch and resting it over his length.

Kurt's hand was actually shaking as Dave took it and then his breath hitched as he felt Dave placed his hand over his erection. He whined out and gave Dave's cock a tentative stroke through his pants. Kurt then sat himself up and started to unbuckle Dave's belt and unbuttoned his trousers and with a last look of confirmation at Dave let his hand slide inside bringing it to rest on the head of Dave's cock, giving it a cautious brush with his thumb and felt the precum Dave was already leaking.

Dave growled, he literally growled Kurt noticed and if that wasn't the sexiest sound he had ever heard he didn't know what was. Dave let his eyes fall close and his head roll back as Kurt pulled out his cock from his boxers and slowly started to move up and down his length.

Kurt took great joy in observing the way Dave reacted to his ministrations. He loved seeing the bigger boy fall apart like that and it spurred him on to increase his speed and watch as Dave's face tensed up and his breathing was coming out in short shallow puffs.

Dave knew he wouldn't last long as he could already feel the heat building up inside his stomach and his toes starting to curl. "Kurt, sorry … I'm so close already" he whimpered as Kurt relentlessly pumped him.

"That's ok baby. Come for me whenever you're ready." Kurt whispered. He wanted to see Dave come, wanted to see what his face would look like, knowing that it was him who had caused Dave that much pleasure. Kurt let his thumb stroke over Dave's sensitive head as his hand was swiftly gliding up and down and without warning Dave groaned out and Kurt could feel his cock pulsating and cum spilling over his hand and onto Dave' stomach while he was stroking Dave through his orgasm. He was so beautiful Kurt thought as he watched Dave slowly come down and Kurt was so close to coming himself just from watching Dave. Eventually Dave opened his eyes and gave Kurt a big goofy smile.

Dave was lost for words. This was so much better than anything he had ever imagined and all he wanted was to kiss Kurt breathless and then return the favour. He pulled Kurt in on top of him, not giving Kurt time to clean his hand or minding that his clothes would most likely stain and started to fervently kiss him. He could feel Kurt starting to rub himself against his thigh with an increasing speed. "Kurt … let me …?" Dave murmured between kisses.

Kurt grabbed Dave by the hair and shook his head. "Already too close…" he whimpered out as he ground down one last time before letting out a high pitched moan and collapsing on top of Dave as he felt his own orgasm ripple through him. Dave pulled him in tight and held him all the way through.

When Kurt had come down from his orgasm he grinned sheepishly at Dave. "So … that hadn't been the plan but … gosh Dave you looked so sexy when you came I just couldn't …" Dave smiled and pulled Kurt in for a deep kiss. "No need to apologise … that was fucking sexy … seeing you come undone like that!"

They held each other tight and continued to kiss in a more leisurely fashion. Now that the urgency had gone they took their time to properly explore each other's bodies, finding the sensitive spots on each other's necks and playing with their entwined hands.

They only decided to get up and change into their pyjamas when Kurt had become increasingly uncomfortable in his sticky boxers. Once cleaned up, dirty clothes taken care off, teeth brushed and appropriately dressed, they went back to bed and to Kurt's great delight Dave did ask him which side of the bed he would prefer. Kurt snuggled into Dave as Dave pulled up the duvet over them, feeling warm and safe in those big arms and wrapped his arms around Dave and entwined their legs.

"I love you Dave." Kurt whispered half asleep.

"I love you too." Dave said placing a peck on Kurt's temple. "Sleep well my love."

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