Rocket Man

Rockets, the Moon and exploration all came to Jin's mind before he left the fragile planet known as Earth. He stared out the window, at the beautiful blue oceans and brown and green continents that appeared like giant islands. He knew his wife was down there.

Yes, he loved it, but no, he didn't like leaving Rachel behind.

All he wanted was for to go with him sometimes. Many times, she couldn't, because of Liza and Tate. She had to take care of them while he was away.

She would wait for him.

He knew that it was possible that could never come back. He knew that it was possible his rocket would blow up. In addition, Rachel knew it. She knew it was highly possible.

Liza and Tate eventually went to college, leaving the two to go together.

He was proud to be a rocket man and she was proud to be a rocket woman.

A/N: Whenever I hear Rocket Man by Elton John, I think of Jin and Rachel.

Character studies ftw.