A Sailor Moony Goofy Fanfic

Chapter 1:

By Claudius

This year honors the 20th Anniversary of Sailor Moon's debut as an Anime, the 20th Anniversary of Max Goof's debut on Goof Troop, and the 80th Anniversary of Mickey's Revue, the movie debut of Goofy!

I do not own anything related to Disney or Toei Animation

The song "You Are Just My Love" is the property of its respective owners.

Message to the readers: This fanfic portrays that the Disney Universe of Goofy and Max co-exists with the Sailor Moon universe. So just imagine the Sailor Moon cast with black snout- noses (I doubt this would negate their features: think Roxanne and Beret Girl). If you can manage to do that, then you can better digest this story.

The events of An Extremely Goofy Movie occurred in one semester, ending that November. This story is a week later.

The snow came late, so it made up for its tardiness. This was via a blizzard that accompanied three collegians on their way home. Their home town was only half-hour away, but it still appeared to be like hours. Max could only see the snow sparkling in the night and little else. Fortunately, he wasn't doing the driving to get them all home.

Get them all home. Max though that ironic. His dad graduated and drove off to his new life. Max could now enjoy his own life…and four days later he was heading back home to said father! The end of his first (and his dad's last) semester led to, of course, Thanksgiving week. Life plays tricks with you, Max considered; especially if you're a Goof.

So, after a few days of break, Bobby rode Max and PJ home. And right now he made the stop. "Pit stop guys!" Bobby cried. Actually, there was little reason for a stop at the johns. It was for the sake of PJ. The youth slowly moved out of the car and hobbled with his cane. Fortunately, the snow had calmed by this time, allowing such an outside activity. This did, however, make PJ's every unstable movement more visible. He was a victim of foul play, courtesy of the Gammas at the X Games. His leg and foot were badly sprained, leading to a cast for a few weeks. Although he was now out of the cast, PJ was still far from getting board-borne, and the late winter snow made his injury ache. Max winced. Dad had warned him about the Gammas' sabotage, but he was too mired in one of his anti-goof attitudes to listen in time. There was much regret for this young goof to measure in that first semester. And PJ's solemn movements made a visual testament to those mistakes.

"Dude's competing for the weather." Bobby whispered his comment.

Max shushed him. Nevertheless, PJ was one sad dude. On top of the leg problem, the friend had a bad row with Java, his Beret-wearing beatnik girlfriend. Although the rift changed his clothing and vernacular back to his previous attitude, it was hardly an improvement. Max knew about the separation too well. It reminded him of his own heartbreak...

But it wasn't only his own experience that made Max's sympathy for his friend. For a day after the break-up…well, let the reader know that because of unsaid incident Max decided never to drink beer ever again. That's one freedom he'll forsake from now on. Adding to PJ's problems was he had no home to go to for the holiday. His dad went off on a last-minute vacation to the Bahamas, and there nothing from his mom or Pistol. No call or anything about plans for Thanksgiving. So, Max invited PJ to spend the holiday at his house. Dad would be more than happy about it.

PJ sadly limped around the car. Thus began the winter of his discontent, the teenager despaired. And yet, despite the snow, there was one thing of life in that barren area. A reddish flower. He had never seen its like before. Was this an omen of good luck? At this moment PJ was wishing for anything. He hobbled closer to the plant, every step making him feel more and more comfortable. It was a beautiful flower…

"Max, do you have a cup?"

"Dude, there's a room." Bobby pointed to the lavatory station before them.

"No, it's not that." PJ pointed to the flower.

Max smirked. First beatnik, now hippie. He got a cup for PJ. The youth removed the ground that supported the flower and dipped it into the cup. He will take the flower with him. It needs me, he realized.

Suddenly, a Ferrari zoomed down the road. Its passage thrust a flurry of snow on Bobby's vehicle and its outside passengers. "Roadhogs!" Max shouted at this rude intrusion. Grabbing a brush, the young goof took the job of getting the snow off the windshield. It was a grumbling effort. If he had his own car, he'd show those speed demons a thing or two…

The Ferrari that made Max's spite turned and stopped on a hill. Two figures came out of this vehicle. One figure, of short blond hair, wore shades and a heavy scarf. The other was garbed in a long velvet cloak, bearing a hood that barely revealed her blue-green hair. Before them was the town Max and friends were heading for home.

"So this is Spoonerville." Said the blond one, with an arrogance befitting her strength and fortitude.

"It seems a quiet town," said the other, with a cool air that belied the concern of her words. "Undeserving of what is to happen."

Her friend nodded. "Its fate cannot be shirked. Nor can we refuse our duty to deal with it."

The wind blew its snowy armies, but it did little to press these two figures' stance.

Eventually, Bobby dropped Max and Bobby off at Goofy's house. With their bags of possessions and laundry, the two youths entered the house via a secret key.

"You sure your dad won't mind?" PJ asked.

"Of course not," Max was assuring. "Dad thinks of you as another son." Indeed, for all the people who pressed Max about his goof of a dad, PJ was rarely one of them. True, he had some issues about Goofy's going at college. But this was based on the fear that his own father might follow Goofy's plans. When that didn't happen, PJ eventually warmed over to Goofy's presence around that disastrous semester. That makes one of us, was Max's response.

"Thanks," PJ was in humility.

"Hey, what are best friends for?" Max pressed on the warmth in that reply. Especially a very repentant best friend…

Max entered the house first. The hall light guided the two friends into the house. They dropped their bags and removed their coats. "Time to relax," PJ limped to the couch. Once he put the flower on the table, his gravity and his consciousness both took a fall upon that comfy piece of furniture.

Seeing his friend take off into dreamland, Max followed suit. The upstairs hall was dark, but Max knew where to go. His guidance took a pause by realization: this was the first time he's been home since he left for college! He took a moment to feel the familiarity. That feeling done, Max made a sigh in resolve. Should he wake up his father? Nah, he reconsidered.

Max continued his steps to his bedroom. He slowly opened the door and slowly closed it. Again the room was dark, but still Max really needed no help in direction. This was his inner domain, as kin to him as his own body parts. And Max exposed those body parts, stripping down to his underwear. He ran to the bed and leapt. "Banzai!"

He hit something. The disorienting skyrocketed. A girl screamed.

"What the…?" Max backed away from the bed. His confusion soon became painful, with a kick to the stomach. Then his hand was pulled into the air, with everything else connected to it. The experience sent Max out into screaming. "Yah-ha-ha-hoowie!" His experience ended with him pinned to the floor, his mouth eating the rug under his strong assailant's forceful grip.

A light flooded the room.

"Max?" The pained son heard his father's cry. As he looked, there was Dad, brandishing a baseball bat. With him was this beautiful blond girl holding a white cat. And then Max realized that he was being manhandled by another girl! A brown-haired amazon of great height, and…yes…strength.

This strength soon lessened. The girl's look of fury also changed to utter embarrassment. "Max-san?" She leapt off the youth, pulling him back to standing. She turned to his father, a shadow of her former self. "Oh, Goofy-san! I am so sorry!" She spoke English with some difficulty, bowing her head in utter humility.

"Aw, that's okay…" Goofy accepted her apology. Acting like nothing happened, he made an introduction. "Gals…and Artemis, this is muh b…much son, Max."

The girls bowed their heads.

"Max, meet Makoto, Minako, and Artemis."

Although Max still heard ringing in his head, he was intelligent enough to notice. "Who's Artemis?"

"The cat, silly."

The cat meowed.

The girls spoke Japanese. Max couldn't understand a word. The girls noticed this problem.

"Eh," Minako spoke in English. "You do look like your father!"

"Thank you." Max grilled sarcasm.

The two girls, who were very pretty (even the tall one!), began blushing. And then Max realized his lack of clothes. He quickly scattered to get his garb back on. Once that happened, Goofy nonchalantly talked to the girls. "Now back to bed you two." He then left.

Max followed. "Um, dad, what is going on here?"

Goofy's explanation was in a tone cheerful but cool, as if independent to his son's plight. He talked about how Sylvia's friend was asked to volunteer for some exchange students from Japan. But her house burned down, so Sylvia asked Goofy for help. "Sure, I said, I got plenty of room."

"Sure you did…" Max whispered. "You could have told me they were going to take my room."

"Gawsh, Max…" Goofy seemed surprised. "I didn't think you'd come back."

And Max was also astonished. "Not coming back for Thanksgiving?"

Goofy yawned. "Let it rest 'til morrow, Max."

"But dad…Where am I going to sleep?"

"You can have the couch." He didn't face him with that answer.

"PJ's here too!"

"He can have the couch too."


The son's word came too late, as his father entered the bedroom and shut the door. Max took the hint and went back to the stairs. He overheard the two girls speaking in Japanese. He didn't understand anything. And then he heard something else. Was that a male voice? He walked back to the room. It was just the two girls and the white cat. The cat meowed again. Max gave up on the suspicion. He must be really tired, or still rattled from Makoto's assault. Both explanations sufficed for him.

The length of this moment covered Goofy's stand at his bedroom door. His head had bowed, betraying a sadder outlook way different from the stance he gave to his son. He slowly walked to his bed. Beside it was a teddy bear. Goofy gazed at it with sad eyes. Then he shook his head. Those days are gone, he realized. He accepted things, and went to bed.

Max burdened on the new sleeping arrangements with PJ. It wasn't too much a problem. They shared a dorm together. Why not a couch?

But Max still found things to gripe about. "My own room! Can you believe it? My dad had to clear and set it up for someone else! I went to college! I did not move out!"

"I doubt he had to clear much," PJ was not so understanding. "You pretty much emptied the room when you left."

"That's not the point!"

PJ had a sigh. "At least he didn't turn it into a game room." Not that there was a home for him to go back to, he sadly thought.

This quieted Max down. Guess the two of us don't have a home now, he thought. So he pulled up the covers and went to sleep.

Time passed on that night. A short time, but amazingly, it was long enough for the scarlet flower to bloom. It beamed toward Max, and then recoiled. Its next target was PJ. This time the flower did not retreat. It settled its look upon the youth. And in those pedals in bloom, a face began to form…

Max got up rather late, rubbing his neck and disheveled head. Sleeping comfort with PJ had really changed since the days of sleeping bags. Then he noticed his couchmate was missing. His coat and boots were gone, not to mention that weird flower. Poor guy, Max considered.

With a yawn he walked rote to the kitchen. He saw the blond girl, her cat, and the crazy girl who knocked him senseless. His dad was at the sink washing up. "Hey!"

Goofy tensed, as if hit by electricity. He almost dropped a dish. This time he succeeded in stopping any damage. "We're just washing up."

The girls smiled with a warmer reaction.

"You couldn't wait up for me?" Max was surprised, and maybe a little cheated. True, he wasn't happy when dad kept fixing breakfast (not to mention waking him up at the crack of dawn) every day at college; but home was a different thing.

"You're a grown-up now." Goofy put the towel to the sink and walked away.

Before Max stopped him, the two girls came in his way. "We haven't been properly introduced."

That's true, Max considered; his neck still bore the wounds of that Amazon's attack.

The 'amazon' spoke first. "My name is Kino Makoto."

"And my name is Minako Aino."

That was a different wording from what he heard last night. Dad referred to them in a last name basis? Looked like dad did it again!

"And you are Goof Maximillian," said Makoto.

"Max." He corrected.

"Actually, it's Max Goof," Minako made her own correction.

"Just Max," he repeated.

"Oh yeah!" Makoto realized her error. "Speaking English is a big mix-up on name structure."

And then Max realized that dad got it right, and he got it wrong. And yet the world did not come to an end…

The white cat purred to his leg. "Hello there." Max picked up the feline. They were friendly with each other. Artemis, was it? He petted the cat, noticing a bald spot on its forehead; shaped like a moon.

Minako noticed the familiarity Max had with the cat. "Your dad once had a cat?"

Max fingered the feline's chin. "A gray striped cat. Waffles..." He paused at the memory.

Artemis stilled, as if it understood the absurdity of such a name. Whatever, Max dismissed his suspicion. "I bet dad said a lot about me."

"Well…" Makoto seemed uneasy.

"Not much." Minako had the answer.

Max's eyes widened.

"When he did mention you," Makoto said, "He got all sad."

"We actually thought you died or something," Minako continued, "so we didn't beg the issue."

Max put the cat down, soaking up that astonishment. "He didn't tell you about me?" He looked to himself, wondering what was with his dad's strange behavior.

"Sorry about lunch…" Minako attempted to cheer up. "But don't worry! I'm more than happy to dish you up breakfast courtesy of my own cooking."

Artemis starkly shuddered. Then he quickly mewed in a very passive way.

Makoto was equally discomforted. "Minako, I don't think…"

"Oh don't worry," Minako shoved Max to a chair. "I've improved on it." Then she put out the dish. It appeared to be some bowl of rice. Max stared at the dish, getting a sudden ominous idea about this.

Minako stared at him with her lovely trusting eyes. "Your dad liked it. He said my cooking gets better and better!"

"Tha…" Artemis opened his mouth, as if to really say something. He closed his mouth, mewed again, and bowed his head.

So Max had a taste. His face went very still. On his face protruded sweat drops. Lots of them. And then his mouth unleashed a painful torch of flame.

"Don't worry!" Minako grabbed a pot and filled it with water.

By this time, Max had managed to soothe his burning throat with a glass of water. Which made the sudden impact of Minako's own aquatic remedy very unnecessary.

Max rubbed his drenched face with the slow-burn of a comedian.

"Let me help you!" MInako pleaded, pushing the young Goof. Pulling off his wet shirt, the girl pressed him straight to the living room. Makoto and Artemis stayed behind. They didn't want to witness the incoming disaster. Nevertheless, their ears picked it all up: The crashing sounds. Max's cries. A sudden roar of very loud noise, courtesy of Minako's soothing music selection. Makoto buried her face. Artemis hung his head: will Minako ever learn how to operate a radio properly?).

"I'm okay!" A shirtless Max came charging back to the kitchen.

"Minako raised you back to health?" Makoto spoke with a very sarcastic air about it.

Max wasn't so subtle. "Save me from that crazy lady!" He cried in near-panic. Compared to this girl, Dad's nursing qualities were the hands of an angel (even more so, since Goofy never screwed up in nursing him back to health).

"Let me make it up to you!" Minako skipped apologetically back to the room.

With a cry, Max darted out of the room. Fortunately dad was coming down the stairs. "Dad!" Max ran to his side.

And then there came a knock at the door. Goofy calmly walked past his hysterical son. He answered the door. If Max thought his dad's coldness was open to everyone, he was disappointed with his greeting to the callers. "Hullo there!" He cheerfully spoke in a manner definitely more his character.

Max noticed the callers: more Japanese girls! A blonde with long pony-tails. A blue-haired girl surveying everything. A black haired girl with very offputting stares. And a pink-haired child.

"Hi!" Their greeting was cut short, with their wide eyes cast on Max.

Makoto and MInako instantly recognized them. Names were called. Usagi Tsukino the pony-tailed, Rei Hino the black haired, Ami Mizuno the blue-haired, and Chibiusa, the small child with pink hair.

The reunion was not isolated to just the girls; a black cat and gray cat were fondly received by Artemis. They too shared a crescent bald spot on their foreheads.

"We just came for a visit for Thanksforgiving!" Usagi chortled in her garbled use of the English language.

Max was not convinced. Indeed, the girls next to the blonde responded very nervously.

His dad, as usual, was taken in line, hook, and sinker. "Well, ain't that wonderful!"

Usagi walked over to Goofy, her long pig-tails, protruding from hair buns, was strangely similar to Goofy's long ears. "Good evening!" She cried joyfully, making a long bow.

Several of the girls winced at this attempt at formality. Fortunately, Goofy bowed too. "Bonjour!"

"Konnichiha!" Usagi bowed.

"Guten Tag!" Goofy bowed.

And then they both bowed their heads. Collision!

Max covered his face. His fellows of the opposite gender developed huge drops of sweat that ran down their temples. They stood there as Usagi and Goofy regained their footing from their mutual blunder.

Regaining her senses, Usagi stared at Max with a wicked grin.

Max looked at his own shirtless wear. "It's not what you think!" He ran to get a dry set of clothes, and his coat, and boots. "Well, it's nice for all you to be together…" Max got on his shoes. "In fact, you can stay here while I go…"

"Hold it, Max!" Makoto interrupted. "Your father just went to get groceries. You're our only guide here."

"Since when?" Max asked. Then he heard the sound of the car- the only car in the house- quickly desert the premises. The young goof went still. Thanks a lot Dad, he cruelly spoke within himself. And from the silent faces of the two new girls- the one with the black hair, and the blue one- the company was not going to be a welcome one. "Alright, alright," he rubbed his face. "So what do you girls want to do?"

They all had their answer instantly. "Shopping!"

Max groaned.

PJ had decided to walk the old grounds this morning. He came to the old house where he spent most of his childhood. Back when they were one big family. The house had been renovated and housed by another family. The tree house was gone, so was the can-and-wire-phone where he and Max kept their correspondence between houses. So much changed...

"Wish the same could be said for my life," PJ spoke to the reddish flower. For some reason, he took the plant with him. It felt the right thing to do. Even though his dad had gone on vacation, PJ did not feel neglected. His tyrannical father had left his mark on him; eighteen years of slaving for the old man under the guise of firstborn son. True, it wasn't an altogether unhappy experience, thanks to his mother, Mr. G and Max. They made life endurable; enough for him to honestly claim that he was actually happy.

And then the divorce came. Pistol was lucky; Dad didn't get her. He got what he wanted, PJ winced.

They abandoned you…said a sweet haunting voice.

He shouldn't blame Mom. He knew she did fight for custody rights.

The voice spoke again. But she didn't fight hard enough...

She didn't fight hard enough, PJ knew that too. She got Pistol, and did little else.

He thought that going to college was the day of liberation. Free of dad…except for financial support. And for a brief time, everything was great. Mr. G was there. Java…

But things didn't work out…

No, PJ realized. Things really didn't work out. Got his leg hurt…

PJ tapped his foot. Well, he did get his foot hurt. Now, he didn't really feel any problems with it! "That's one good thing," He said to his beautiful flower. He was talking to a flower. Well, he could think of worse people to talk to…

Max grumbled silently over his present responsibility, leading five girls to the shopping mall on foot. Yes, despite the fact that he had a driving license one year old, he still lacked a vehicle of his own. His father did not get him one, feeling he didn't trust him with driving responsibility. Mr. Drive-like-a-Klutz doesn't think he can handle a car? Okay, so what if his driving test was not perfect? He still passed! And so what if his instructor shortly went to a sanitarium? The coot was planning to do it anyway! He's not responsible! Geez, talk about calling the kettle black!

On his walk, Max got a closer look at the newcomers from Japan. Of the newcomers, Rei and Ami were especially off-putting. Rei looked rather spooky, while Ami had that air eggheads possessed: stuck-up and arrogant. Of course, Usagi was anything but off-putting. She was excited, optimistic, either incredibly optimistic or really naïve. And the way she laughed. It didn't sound 'H-yuck,' but it somehow possessed the same intense positive-ness, like how "Great Scott!" and "Holy Moley!" had the same tune despite different wordings. It was really unsettling.

But it was with Chibiusa who he strangely felt the most comfortable. She resembled Usagi a bit, but she appeared to be a polar opposite. It attracted Max: he never met this little girl, and yet he felt like he knew her more than anyone.

At the mall, Usagi was adamant about buying everything. And since she evidently brought no American currency, Max had to be her Mr. Moneybags. He had better nip this situation in the bud. Fortunately, luck seemed to appear when Usagi screamed "I'm hungry!"

Well, maybe not. Max saw the girl eats like a horse! There goes his college finances! Max winced. Chibiusa betrayed an embarrassed face. It eased Max's frustrations. That girl seemed so understanding!...until he saw her scarf down food in an equal rate as Usagi.

Then the girls resumed their conversations in Japanese. At first, Max thought it innocent chatter. But there were some serious looks shared with each other. It was as if they talked about something more than dresses and dates. Like the end of the world or something, he joked to himself. If he knew Japanese, he would be very concerned with what they were saying. He looked around, hoping to see a familiar face…

And when he did, Max's heart slowly made its beats. Someone he did not expect to see. Her hair was short, but it was no mistake (in fact, the cut made her more beautiful than ever): Roxanne.

Max turned around and gasped: Usagi was at his face!

"So, Max-san…" Usagi's sly look showed she knew something. "Who's the girl?"

Max was evasive. "It's…It's just some girl I knew from high school," he whispered. "Her name's Roxanne."

"Oh, okay," Usagi seemed to understand. "Hey, Roxanne!" She yelled.

Max wanted to go under the table. However, it appeared that Roxanne was not interested. This got Max's attention. For Roxanne was interested in something else. More like someone else: before his ex was a stranger: a tall, blond, and handsome stranger. Next to him was this beautiful blue-green-haired woman. His girlfriend? Max hoped so, though the way Roxanne's eyes glittered at the guy was not very consoling. Now, wait one minute! Max summoned all his courage. He got up and marched to this company. Act casual! His "Hello!" was the loudest he could muster.

Roxanne looked at him, and stilled. The way her eyes blossomed like stars! Was that for a past acquaintance, or did it mean something wistful? Max had to find out.


Max's confidence began to fail, especially against the cool behavior of his…rival? "Well, what a coincidence!"

"Do you know this guy?" the blond made a cool stance showing how little he cared.

"We were…friends." Roxanne changed the words.

That word felt Max like a slap to the face. At any rate, this rival gave a knowing smile that he knew more. "Well, if you two are just friends…" The stranger's hand touched Roxanne's cheek.

Max's face turned a deep red. Not of the embarrassing kind. He began to pull his sleeve up on his arm.

"Haruka and Michiru!" cried Usagi. All the girls joined the company, making Max's own luck drop deeper.

To his surprise, the couple responded. Did they know each other? "Who's Haruka?" Max looked around. That was a girl's name (he thought it was) and there were only seven girls here…

"I am Haruka." Thus said the tall, blond, handsome rival!

Roxanne was shocked. Max, too, but he hid it. "I knew that!" He lied. Once the relief from opposition faded, Max's objective knowledge took over. His astonishment overrode his shock. "You're not Haruka Tenoh, the famous junior Racer?"

"Guilty as charged," Haruka nodded.

Max pumped himself up. "Well, I'm Max Goof…" He received only cold silence. "Winner of the X Games."

Haruka shrugged her head. That bashed Max's confidence!

Her rival in coolness, Rei, made her own comment. "I take it you must have a reason for being here."

Haruka and Michiru looked at each other. "We have our reasons."

By now, Max had gotten to an idea that these two groups knew each other. This meant the only two in the dark were Roxanne and himself. Good. "Okay, why don't you gals talk about it? And I do mean gals! He backed away. "Makoto and Minako, you probably know the place. Show your friends around." And thus Max slightly pressed Roxanne to follow him. She did not object.

As they made their distance, the two groups followed suit in correspondence. "You also have received some negative premonitions?" Rei asked.

Michiru nodded. "My mirror has shown us much. Setsuna will soon join us." This news lit up Chibiusa's face.

"My calculations show it will happen here at Spoonerville." Ami typed on her mini-laptop.

Such news was an intense moment…if you were serious. Unfortunately, Usagi, Minako, and Makoto were not being serious enough, their eyes and minds elsewhere. At their guide and a girl.

"Did you see the looks they gave each other?" Makoto noted.

"They must have been lovers separated by the cruel fate!" Minako added.

"As warriors of love, we must bring them back together!" Usagi put her foot on the table for her declaration.

"Yes!" her friends joined in the act. Ami was quiet. Chibiusa bowed her head in shame.

Haruka and Michiru looked on with a cool disinterest. They decided to let sleeping dogs lie, and made their departure.

Max and Roxanne walked a little off from the main hallway. The cold November winds did little to Max's feeling for the girl standing before him. How long was it when they broke up? It was a few months. Felt like years. One long prison sentence. Max would be lying if he hadn't kissed a girl since they broke up (a fact that pressed his decision to never touch beer ever again). But he would much prefer getting her kiss.

"How have you been?"

"I've been good."

"Okay," Max wavered on the words. What was he saying? This was not the amount of words they shared for four years!

She looked uncomfortable. Was she thinking about him? Was she thinking about the break-up? Was she thinking their relationship was a deep scar? Max's paranoia was merciless. Why did he punish himself? Because he loved her. Because he still loved her. Her very presence made his heart sang:

Tsuki akari miageru sora ni
Anata wo ukabete

Max savored to the truth.

Me wo tojite
Kimi no namae wo sasayaku yo

Wait a minute! Since when does his heart sing in Japanese? "Do you hear that?"

Roxanne nodded. They looked around.

Namida wa maru de suishano sasanami
Samishi sa mune ni michite yuku

Max walked to the pillar, not in a happy mood. He walked around it. Nothing.

Tatoe donna ni toku ni
Hanarete mo My Love
Kokoro wa ima hitotsu ni kagayakeru

You are Just my Love

Max heard that one. It was behind a plant. He found nothing.

And then Chibiusa popped out behind him. "Um, Max…"

"Oh, what a cute girl." Roxanne was dazzled.

Not Max. The interruption was not asked or pleasing. "Chibiusa, go back to the girls."

"That's what I'm doing," Chibiusa pouted. "Girls!"

Her scream had Makoto, Minako, Rei, and Ami all popping from whatever tree, bush, or hiding place they had been using. Max was flabbergasted at this espionage on his love life. "What are you doing?"

"Giving your love a boost," Minako cheered, brandishing a microphone.

Max rubbed his face.

Ami looked around. "Uh oh, where's Usagi?"

Everyone looked at each other, and then looked around. Luna, Usagi's cat (who had been left outside) then entered the scene, nodding its head as if she knew the answer.

She darted all the way to the back door, where a garbage truck collected its daily trash cans. One of the cans let out a big cry.

Thus started a brief chase where Max and six girls chased after a garbage truck. This ended with Usagi safe and sound, and unfortunately smelly. It also ended Max's chance for reacquainting. It was decided that Max would take Usagi and Rini back home to clean up. Max was not pleased, especially since it meant carrying bags of what Usagi bought with his money.

"Don't worry Max!" Minako declared proudly. "By Venus the Goddess of Love I will smooth for your reconciliation!"

Max groaned to this horrible setback. This face remained over the walk home. His chance of maybe rekindling things with Roxanne had completely blown to pieces. This time not by his dad. But by someone very similar…

"Okay, so your love life is in ruins."

"Thanks a lot. " Max glared at Usagi.

The girl's face lit up to greater altitude: "Oh well! There's love among the ruins!"

The girl's sudden mood swing put off Max. This girl seems to find the bright side of everything. Gee, who did she remind him of?

"I'm so sorry about this," Chibiusa apologized.

Her pragmatism did make some effect on Max. "Oh well, it could be worse," Max looked to the bright side. "She could be your mother."

And then Usagi and Chibiusa let out the biggest laugh. It made Max feel rather awkward.

"Are you sure?" PJ squeaked a desperate wish for false news. He had returned to the Goof's house and decided to call his mom's business. His face showed the confirmation of his result. His hand squeezed the phone. "I…understand." With a sigh, PJ hung up the phone. Mom's secretary said that she was gone for the holidays. Probably another overseas trip with Pistol, the youth despaired. Nothing for Pete Junior.

They are all against you.

"Yeah, you can say that again." PJ quickly regained his wits: who said that? Nothing living was present to make such an answer. The loneliness must be getting to him. Oh, what's the use? But PJ was counting on anything. So he dialed those numbers he memorized in his heart. He heard the dial tone. And a click.

"Salutations," said a familiar beatnik voice.


There was a bit of silence. "Peej?"

"I thought I'd call…"

There was more silence. "I'm very high on your message."

And the darkness fell before the light. It was as if all the sorrow never existed. "You do?" PJ smiled. "I mean…are we in symmetry?"

"But before any chance of reform to our better advantage, I must come to terms with a corruptive anomaly on my person."

The relief stopped short. PJ braced himself.

"After our disruption, I went to a party. And there was Max."

Max? PJ threw all his mind to his best friend. Why was she mentioning Max? What was so important that Max had to be part of it?

"It was error, PJ. He was soaked in beer. I was…not myself."

The relief hit a brick wall. PJ was no idiot. He understood those cryptic meanings. Still, he crept to the possibility of triviality. Please, say nothing happened. "What…happened?"

"We kissed."

The words repeated in PJ's ears, as if drilling to his mind and heart for greater pain. He heard nothing more from the phone. Rather, he didn't allow himself to hear anything more. He put action to this by hanging it up. And the sorrow came back in full force, emphasized by an image of Max kissing Java. That image looked so wrong, so hurtful.

He didn't know what to do. Cry? Scream? Break stuff?

You're not alone.

And PJ looked at the flower. It was talking! No, it was not an ordinary flower. It bloomed greatly and beautifully. A lady formed from its blossoms. Beautiful as well. Its voice gilded like a song. I am your friend.

PJ would find this really hard to stomach if he wasn't already captivated. He picked the flower close to his heart.

They hate you. Max is jealous of you.

Yes, Max. Especially ol' buddy Max. Those words were carved with rage. PJ looked at a picture on the mantle. Max and himself, back when they were kids. By his own hand, the picture was thrown and damaged.

Did it give him good feelings? PJ felt the opposite…moreso. And the only way of salvation, he felt, could be given by this red flower. Its voice was so soothing. Its face so beautiful.

To be sure, PJ noticed an off-ness about this devotion. Not just the fact that this flower was bearing things that no other flower did. There was a frequency in the power that she hooked him, an intensity that lacked depth. But like many adolescents, depth was often overlooked and ignored in way of the frequency of passion. PJ quickly fell to its power.

Haruka and Michiru thought they faced it all. Lessons. Races. Concerts. Rivals. Pharaoh Nine. Now at a café they faced their most formidable opponent. Well, most persistent at least. Leaving Usagi and company, the two girls were waiting for Setsuna when approached their opponent: a strange bald teen with shades. His name was Bobby Zumeraski. Haruka didn't know what was worse: the enemy's attempt to pretend he was some world-class libertine or his habit for cheese sprays.

Nothing the couple could do could shake this kid off. Speaking only in their native language had little effect. "Now, let us speak a different language…" Bobby pursed his lips, touching Michiru's hand.

Haruka stared daggers.

"Now, dude, don't get all worked up," Bobby warned. "Let the babe here choose."

Haruka smirked. "I'm a girl too."

"Yes!" There never was as much jubilation that day then Bobby's own cheer! "Oh, that was close…I was getting some major weirdage being near you. Now, I know it's like, so not unnatural!"

Haruka and Michiru both gave stares that could drill holes. Too bad Bobby's attention came to the opening door. Entry of another gorgeous babe! One who had hair longer than the other two, colored a dark shade of green that trailed down her form (which Bobby referred to as 'kicking.').

This girl strode passed Bobby, meeting familiarly with the two girls. What Luck-age! Bobby chortled in his fortune. Their conversation in Japanese made them even sexier.

Unknown to Bobby, the three girls had a more serious meeting. Their visitor Setsuna began: "Time itself is being challenged."

"So it will happen any time now," Haruka composed herself to the inevitable.

Instinctively, Mirichi pulled out her mirror (Vain babe, Bobby figured. Okay, when all else fails, drastic measures must be taken. He walked out of the café).

The three girls looked at the mirror. Its reflection changed and shimmered to a different image. A person with a long nose, long ears, and an overbite.

"Max?" Haruka guessed.

"No, someone much older," Michiru gave a more correct analysis. "At either case, we must seek this person out."

Haruka dropped some money on the table and led the two to her Ferrari. She turned the ignition. Sounds of struggle choked from the vehicle.

"Be brave, babes in distress," Bobby appeared. "I can send you to destination with my noble steed." He pointed to his van.

The trio of girls again repeated their no-nonsense stare. It made Bobby nervous. Did they see him snatch something out of their car engine? He buried the device deep into his pocket…

Usagi shivered. So did Chibusa. Their plight bothered Max. Why didn't they bring any coats with them? It was if they instantly came from Japan.

"Here," Max wrapped Chibiusa with his coat. "That better?"

Chibiusa nodded.

"And me?" Usagi asked.

"Go freeze," Max was deadpan.

Usagi grimaced.

Fortunately, the three made their way to the house. "Bathroom's upstairs." Max directed. Despite the fact these girls torpedoed his attempts to reacquaint with Roxanne, they somehow managed to ebb his frustration.

"Thanks, Max-san." Chibiusa gave her gratitude.

"That's fine…Chibiusa. That's an unusual name…"

"It means Little Usagi or bunny."

So that explains their hair-styles, Max perceived the flowing pig-tails on both their heads. Eh, there are weirder reasons for names. "So you're named after her?" He spoke about Usagi.

"No!" the girl snapped. "I'm named after my mom, Usagi's…aunt!

Max ignored the anxiety brought on by his question. "So, what's your real mom like?"

"Perfect," Chibiusa said. "Beautiful, wonderful, strong, brave." There was a half-smile to this. "It bothered me."


Chibiusa was reluctant to say, but as soon as Usagi went upstairs, she beckoned her words. "I felt like I didn't really belong to the family. I wondered if I was really her daughter." The sadness was momentary. "And then I found my mom wasn't perfect. I began to understand her."

"Wow," Max was intrigued. This girl was probably past ten years, and yet she sounded more grown-up than some teenagers he knew…like Chibiusa's cousin. "Well, I never knew my mom."

"I'm sorry."

"All I got was my dad, and perfect isn't the right word." Max tried to be subtle, but in a friendly way. "I think I kinda knew that from the beginning, but back then I didn't care." Realizing he might be sounding too hard, Max changed. "Well, don't get me wrong, he's sweet, kind, full of humor…usually at him."

Actually, Max's anxiety wasn't so much describing his dad, but why he was so willing to such toward a stranger he just met two hours ago. Why was he saying this stuff to her? He just didn't mind…and Chibiusa seemed to understand.

Chibiusa smiled and joined Usagi to her bathroom.

Max removed his coat and walked to the living room. He noticed someone. "Hey, Peej! I didn't see you there."

He saw his friend at the window, his back to him. "Why am I not surprised? I don't seem to register much in your radar."

Max sighed to his friend's down attitude. And then PJ turned his face to him, and there indeed came a difference to note. His face bore an unyielding confidence, as could be seen by the dark glowing stare from his eyes. He held the red flower closely to his heart. This served to give Max a greater anxiety: fear.

"Max?" Usagi and Chibiusa walked down the stairs. "Do you know where…"

In a rapid procession, the flower produced a phalanx of vines. These tentacles were thicker and longer than can be possible from such a small source. It netted Usagi and Chibiusa into captivity. Their arms attempted to reach for their purses, but the vines held strong their separation.

"What the…" Max's words were cut short by his own submission by the vines.

PJ was the only free person in this captive audience. But it soon appeared clear to Max that there was a reason for this exception. PJ walked forward with a stance both cold and hateful. "Consider this payback, friend." The endearment was sarcastic. "Everything always goes well for you. Your father cherishes you even though you treat him like crap. You think you can have every girl, even those spoken for..."

Max sweated to this wording, but still kept silent. Perhaps this accusation had nothing to do with the truth?

The Flower spoke softly to PJ's mind. Max hurt you. "You've hurt me."

He let you get hurt. "You let me get hurt by the Gammas!"

"I didn't know!"

"Your dad warned you!"

"I didn't believe him!" Max pulsed to his stupidity.

"Since when has your dad ever lied to you? Oh, you believed him alright…"

He switched skates with you…

"That's why you switched skates with me, so I would take the fall!"

"No!" Max exclaimed. "That's not true!"

And then Pj threw the bomb: "Like you kissing Java?"

And Max was taken aback by the revelation. "It's not what you thi…" A vine wrapped around his mouth.

"Enough of your lying tongue!" Said a voice; not PJ's. Max's free eyes searched for the source.

His fellow captive Usagi had no difficulty. She looked closely at PJ, and what was with him. The Xenian Flower! "PJ, don't listen to that flower!"

PJ wasn't listening. Who was this girl?

"Someone who would turn you against me."

"That flower is using y-" Usagi's mouth was also gagged by plant. PJ realized his fortune. They would turn me against my only friend? Forget it!

"Peter, show me your love," the figure in the flower coyly asked. "Take the brooches in their possession."

PJ walked over to the girls. He grabbed their purses, pulling out these brooches. Usagi and Chibiusa's struggle increased. He paid their plight with no interest. He dropped both brooches to the floor. With dispassionate resolution, he rammed his feet onto the pink gems. The crystals were shattered into pieces.

"Now, nothing can separate us ever!" The Xenian flower chortled with joy. She elongated to PJ, kissing his lips. Her stem spread to tentacles, binding herself to PJ's chest. This couldn't get creepier, Max considered.

There came a singing voice. Max's eyes darted to that arrival with sympathetic dread. Goofy entered the house with a bag of groceries. "Hullo." He spoke with no inkling of two girls and his son being hung up by vines protruding from a small flower in PJ's hand.

"Now, you will know what Peter feels." The Xenian flower threatened.

"Who said that?" Goofy had been hearing a lot of strange voices. That was his last thought as a sharp vine stabbed thru the bag close to his heart. Max's father hit the wall and sank to the floor.

The measured repression of Max's movements in his captivity waged war against his true actions if free. Only his eyes bore the extreme horror of such a scene. It grew more intense as he saw a red liquid leaking from the bag.

PJ too tightened to such a horrible sight. "Mr. G!"

"Forget them Peter," the Xenian Flower's voice smothered all his real concerns and shocks. "Let us leave."

PJ, the flower, and the two girls vanished. Leaving Max alone with his fallen sire.

Despite Bobby's attempts, his passengers treated his 'generosity' like a ride to a prison camp. Nothing Bobby did could win them over; not his romantic words; his boasts of prowess, to which he proved by the series of skateboards held at the back of the van.

Things got worse when they mentioned their interest in Max. Bobby smoldered to such a roadblock. That goof always gets the girls! But the challenge failed to waver Bobby. Again he turned to the girls seated next to him and in back.

"Look!" screamed Michiru.

Bobby snapped back to his driving direction to see a blue-haired babe hitting the car.

The car instantly stopped. Bobby was very still, covering his mouth in cold shock. "I roadkilled a gorgeous babe!"

And then the victim arose, seemingly none the worse from the collision. "Hew!" Bobby got his relief back.

Haruka lacked such security. "If only she felt the same way!"

Indeed, the blue-haired, pale-skinned girl grappled onto the hood, smiling. Something told Bobby this wasn't good.

It was probably the sight of green tentacles tearing through the windshield. Fortunately, Bobby, like the three girls, had the training to reflex very quickly from such a dangerous attack. All were safely out of the car.

"My love machine!" Bobby looked with horror.

"Excuse me?" Michiru displayed direction to the number of fallen bodies along the path.

"Oh, that too…" Bobby favorably reacted, though a little less passionately.

"It has arrived!" Setsuna spoke the obvious. In the sky was a rain of falling things.

None of the girls took it with any cowardice. The onslaught was about to arrive. Time to face it! The female trio each took out a wand, raising it to the air. They yelled out. "Uranus!...Neptune!...Pluto!...Make-up!"

Bobby was thrilled at their gestures. "Yeah!" He howled. "Powerline, Stand out!"

Despite the disaster, Roxanne did not alienate herself from the new girls. They all seemed very sweet. She was a girl warm enough to open up to these strangers, though the fact they seemed to know Max was perhaps the real reason. So far, none of these girls seemed to be very close to her ex-boyfriend. Words were made, comments were received. Laughter provoked. Amusements shared by all, including the three cats joining their company. In a few minutes, a real bond was forming…

To be interrupted. Rei stopped cold. The sharp change on her face was profound. "Something's happened to Usagi and Chibiusa!"

That was enough for the girls to react. Roxanne also shared it, though with a confusion. Max? "Are you sure?"

"I wish it was not." Rei's resolved stance gave no room for doubt.

That was enough for Roxanne. "I'll drive you there!"

Quickly the four girls and their pets reached the vehicle. Suddenly, great creatures swarmed around the area. They were half-and-half: with the torso of blue-haired girls and legs like a spider. In their wake was a gathering of bodies. All but Roxanne took this in experience.

"C'mon gals!" Rei raised her hand.

Ami, Makoto, and Minako followed suit, all brandishing wands of their own. Each of them called a God's name: Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus. "Make-Up!"

And Roxanne watched as these girls made their stance…and nothing happened.

"What's wrong?" Minako screamed.

Each of them realized that their transformations were impotent.

"Well…" Makoto took control. "Let's do what we can." She proceeded to jump and kick one of the creatures.

Minako looked to Artemis, Luna, and their daughter Diana. They nodded confidently and darted out of the area.

Rei pulled some paper talismans out of her coat. With a small prayer, she connected one of the scraps to another creature which vanished instantly.

And then PJ entered the scene.

"PJ, Get out of here!" Makoto shouted as she got knocked down by one of the monsters.

But Ami noticed first that it was very apparent PJ was in no real danger. Her eyes caught the flower embedded to his chest. Indeed, all the girls spotted the flower, recognizing it with a knowing dread. Worse still were the two figures floating above her host: Usagi and Chibiusa, suspended, unconscious, and missing their brooches.

"Sailor Moon has been destroyed!" The Xenian flower cackled. "The Sailor Senshi will no longer oppose my plans!"

All four girls gasped at the horrible truth. Their brave reactions were remarkably shared by their guest. Roxanne was scared at all this, but her thoughts took the better control than her fears. If Usagi and Chibiusa were in such a sad situation… "Where's Max?" Despite herself, the girl faced PJ.

"Roxanne, no!" Rei cried her warning.

But the girl only raised her voice to greater pitch. "What have you done to Max?"

Fortunately, Roxanne's confrontation had a slow effect. PJ's stare betrayed shock and surprise. Max's ex. And then he remembered his own ex…and Max. The Xenian flower smiled. "My dear Peter: Max stole your beloved. An eye for an eye!"

"No…" PJ made a resistance to her possibility.

"Yes!" the flower snapped. And PJ's eyes regained their red glare. He raised his vine covered hand and pointed to Roxanne.

Roxanne began to glow. At first a sense of wonder came to her experience, but soon she began to scream. Rei threw one of her magic talismans upon the girl. Its magic was no match for what was happening to her.

Max struggled, but it was soon overwhelmed by the growing truth. He writhed toward the direction of his father. Dad was so very still. Max crawled ever so close to the conclusion. No…

A tear dripped down his cheek, avoiding the vine around his face. This one drop fell in a descent that could be miles according to its small size. It was a small tear, looking miniscule and timid; trivial to his notice. It splashed on a broken shard of one of the crystals.

The pieces began to illuminate. Max could barely see anything as the light became blinding. When he could see again, his vine bonds had disintegrated and he had descending to the floor with the impact of a feather. He spotted the crystals, now completely whole and still glowing. Forget that, Max decided. He ran to his father. "Dad? Dad?"

As he got closer, Max saw the damage. The hole in the grocery bag continued dripping its red liquid. His dad looked so still. The son did nothing; no further progress or touch, wavering at any chance to learn the truth, afraid of the worse.

And this brought Max into greater sorrow. "Leave me alone and get your own life!" Those words from a month ago stabbed his weakened heart with all its remorseful energy. How could he say such a thing? It was a thorn to a relationship that was full of infuriation, embarrassment, frustration, but, most of all, comforting love. And there was no way he could get that again. Never again. Max bowed his head and wept.

"What's matter?"

"You're gone…" Max choked.

"I am?"

"Yep…just lay back down…" Max gestured, then suddenly realized he was speaking stupidity. He looked right back at his father. His eyes were open, and he was alright. Then his nose made its own conclusion. He smelled cranberry sauce! He grabbed the bag. A tin can of cranberry sauce had been punctured, as well as a can of gravy! Both these things must have taken the full brunt.

"Dad!" Max jumped his father with an embrace. Goofy looked at this with a genuine affection, but it changed to a sadder reluctance. "Now, now, enuf o' this mushy stuff!" He broke free of Max's hug.

Max was statuesque to this hurtful rejection. Tears still in his eyes, he was ready to scream. What is wrong with him? He had had enough of this coldness! If things were the other way, Dad would have been all over him…and he would have fought against it…

As this inkling of realization fell on Max's understanding, he noted the two crystals continue their sparkle. Goofy too was directed to the source, picking them up. "Gawsh…"

"Hold!" cried a strong voice.

Three figures entered the room. They were all dressed in what looked like sailor suits.

"I am the soldier of the planet of the sky. I am Sailor Uranus!" roared the short-haired blonde.

"I am the soldier of the planet of sand. I am Sailor Neptune!" declared the blue-green haired girl

"And I come from a planet beholding both time and space. I am Sailor Pluto!" exclaimed the green-haired girl brandishing a staff shaped like a key.

The presence impressed Goofy. Does she know Mickey?

Max was equally impressed. The scene was further ruined by Bobby. His friend was in a great mood. "Dude, you missed something wonderful." The three senshi's faces glowed in red.

A chance at recovered dignity was made. Sailor Pluto's staff had a ruby on its base. It began to glow. "I am getting a sign from our Queen." She held the staff before herself, bowing her head before its majestic power. Before her, a giant door appeared out of nowhere. It opened slowly. A person of beauty was presented, bearing a shimmering silver dress, long golden hair, and a face like…

"Usagi?" Max made the recognition.

"Her name is Queen Serenity," Pluto corrected. "Royal Majesty of the Universe in the 30th century." She bowed lower to her giant staff. The ones names Uranus and Neptune also knelt before this royal figure.

With but a subtle turn of the head, Serenity noted each servant. Then she faced father and son. "George G. Goof Jr. Maximillian Goof." Serenity spoke her words, in a dignified way so unlike Usagi. "Much do you wish to learn, and in so little time. Yes, I was once the girl named Usagi, who lives in your era."

Max wondered if his dad was also confused by this knowledge.

Serenity continued. "An old enemy has returned to try to conquer our world. My past self has been kidnapped, her fate threatening time itself. The limits of time cannot allow me to interfere. Only the inhabitants of this era can do so. Goofy and Max, I ask you that you lead my soldiers to stop the threat and save our world."

"Me? Us?" Max was flabbergasted at this crazy situation. "But…"

"Okay!" Goofy complied.

"Dad!" Max shouted. "What are you saying?"

"She needs our help, Max." Goofy explained. "It ain't right to refuse."

"Now wait a minute!"

"Thank you, Goofy. I knew you would help us. So much is depended on you and your son. Most importantly, my daughter Chibiusa. She is also prisoner of this evil."

Max put two and two together and was further shocked. "Chibiusa is your daughter!" Chibiusa is Usagi's daughter?

A smile lifted Serenity's dramatic visage. "I ask much of you, Goofy, but you more than anyone here knows a parent's distress."

"Now, don't ya worry, Queenie. I'll get your daughter back. Ya too."

The Queen's smile grew easier. She seemed very confident of her choice, Max thought. Or very naïve.

"The crystals in your hands will strengthen you for the battle to come. As of now, Goofy and Max, you are soldiers of love!"

"Great…" Max whispered.

The brightness increased in frequency, causing Serenity to be no longer seen. The door gates came to a close. When the sealing came, the giant doors vanished, leaving a very impressed and dazed father and son.

Goofy gave one crystal to Max, then began to shake his own. "So how does this thing work?"

"Moon Crisis Make-up." Said Sailor Uranus.

"Moon Crisis Make-up?" Goofy and Max spoke simultaneously. And then the crystals really glowed! It felt like father and son were now part of this shimmering incandescence. It was a weird feeling, not wrong but wonderful. That was saying something when Max noticed he was no longer wearing any clothes! Glowing pink ribbons flew over their forms, clothing them.

And then the feeling stopped. In Max's case, that also meant the good ones too. He looked in shock at his father's outfit. What his Dad now wore defeated the Little Lord Fauntleroy garb from junior high and the leisure suit from college. He was garbed in a sailor suit with a red bow and a very short skirt. His ears made disrespect to gravity, pronging out in the air. And the embarrassment caused Max to look to his own garb. Hopefully it was different.

His was different. He wore pink.