Chapter 2: Sailor Goof

By claudius

"My Only Love" and "The Power of Love" by Jennifer Cihi, is from DIC's American dub of Sailor Moon. That song, plus the characters of Sailor Moon and A Goofy Movie are NOT of this author's ownership.

"No, no, no…." Max covered his face. This had to be some dream or, better yet, a nightmare! With his eyes closed, he pinched himself. But his opened sight revealed the reality was too strong. He also wore the same costume as his dad. A tiara on his head. The sailor suit with a red bow, except pink was the main color, lining around the costume, especially the skirt. The all-too-short skirt! Max tried to pull the skirt down to hide his legs, but to no avail. "This isn't happening! This isn't happening!"

"It's happening." Bobby replied.

"Shut up!" Max tried for some denial.

"Gawsh…" Goofy spoke. He seemed about to speak more, but then he returned into silence.

Bobby did some wolf howls in desperate jest. Truth be told, he felt an uncomfortable feeling of wierdage: Max did look rather hot.

"There's no time for this!" cried Sailor Uranus with steadfast importance. "We are supposed to combat the new evil!"

"Yep!" Goofy replied. "Like we promised. We got some fellas to save!"

"Not in this!" Max threw his hands into protest. "If anyone sees me…"

"No fear of your identity being compromised," Sailor Pluto warned.

"Isn't it too obvious?!" Max freed his eyes.

Sailor Uranus smirked with indifference, with Sailor Neptune being more understanding. She took out a mirror. "Peer at its reflection of us."

And Max looked upon what the mirror showed of these warriors. It was cause to pause. He saw Michiru and Haruka! Now that he realized it, the similarities became so greatly obvious. Why didn't he recognize it earlier?

Sailor Pluto gave her explanation. "The magic of our uniforms masks our identities from even our most intimate companions. No one will notice any similarity between you and Chibi Moon."

"Chibi Moon?" Max groaned with disbelief. "That's my name?!"

"How about Chibi Goof?" Uranus smirked. Max glared at her. She glared back.

And then there came the cry of voices. "Usagi!" cried a female voice. "Chibiusa!" cried a male voice. Max broke out into cold sweat. He stood behind the wall, peering to see the callers.

The cats Luna, Artemis, and Diana came charging into the house. Max closed his eyes. The voices got louder, climaxing with a huge gasp. Again he looked. So far, no one appeared. Where are they?

"What is the meaning of this?" cried the female voice.

"Gawsh…" said his father. "Are ya kitties talking?"

Max sighed to his dad's stupidity.

"Who are you?" said the male voice, which sounded familiar.

"Where's Pretty Lady?" said a more childish voice.

And then Max came to a sudden conclusion. His dad was not being stupid. One look closer and Max saw the cats are really talking!

"What is going on here!?" cried Artemis, his voice connecting to the male one Max heard last night.

"Are you cats really talking?" Max couldn't help himself making this obvious query.

The cat Luna turned to the Outer Senshi for guidance.

"Usagi and Chibiusa are now captives of our enemy." Pluto's words shocked this furry trio. "Our highness Queen Serenity has blessed Goofy-san and Max-san here as Sailor soldiers."

"Them?" Artemis looked, and saw his disbelief soar. "Goofy-san?! Max-san?!"

Max cringed at the sudden betrayal. "I thought they wouldn't recognize us!"

Pluto was deadpan. "Only by three exceptions: confession, witness, or revelation by another."

Luna was equally stunned. "Goofy-san and Max-san are now Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon?"

"Broadcast it to the whole world why don't you!" Max cried.

"We are going through a whole weird area here…" expressed Bobby. Maybe he shouldn't have wasted that whole can of cheese an hour ago. "By the way, where's PJ?"

"We are wasting time here!" Uranus yelled. "The enemy has arrived!"

"Yes they have!" Luna got to the subject at hand. "The Inner Senshi tried to transform but couldn't."

"The same thing happened to us," Neptune revealed. "The Silver Crystal had been temporarily destroyed, shutting off all our powers."

"And yet somehow the Crystals were restored." Luna surmised from the sight of the Senshi's costumes. She thought about the cause of restoration; Artemis as well.

"We'll explain later!" Uranus darted out of the room, followed by Neptune and Pluto. Bobby cried out after them. "Okay girls! See ya later! Call me!"

Max, meanwhile, ran to his bags. He was not going out in this costume.

Bobby approached him. "Hey, Sailor Max, I think that Haruka girl likes me…"

"That's nice, Bobby." Max was indifferent, pulling out some sweatpants and a coat.

"So where's PJ?"

Max's grim face was the signal to Bobby. "Did the plant-monsters get him?"

"What plant monsters?" Max asked.

"Oh, nothing. Just the giant plant monsters that are all around town, destroying stuff like my van. Those three supergirls really put the ownage on them, though!" He began mimicking some poses and attacks, with some sound effects.

But Max fell into thought as he put on some sweatpants. Plant-Monsters? Makoto and Minako are out in that area with the others. His concentration broke with a strong end. Roxanne!

"Bobby, you stay here! Me and my dad will handle this...I think." He put on his coat and a cap over his tiara head, and ran for the door.

"Hey, Wonder Woman!" Bobby cried out.

Max looked at Bobby gazing at him weird. Max looked at himself. "What the?" The cap, coat, and sweatpants are gone! Again, he wore the same sailor costume! And to make matters worse, he heard the car start on!

"Dad…I mean, Sailor Moon! Waitaminute!" Max cried. "We're wearing…um, under secret identities. If someone sees you driving your car, they'll put together who we really are!"

Goofy paused. "Oh. Didn't think of that. Thanks, Max."

"Chibi Moon…" Max groaned his acceptance to his new title.

Of course, that led to the question of transportation. Bobby gave an idea. It was put into practice, although Max learned to regret it. The street found two Goofs riding down the road in skateboards. Hopefully it did not render more suspicion than driving a car.

On the other hand, this wasn't really fun either. Adding to Max's difficulty was having Artemis on his shoulder. Still, he carried worse. "So you're telling me that the Sailor Senshi or soldiers are reincarnations of a magical kingdom that lived on the moon ages ago?"

"Yes," said Artemis

"That Usagi is not only the reincarnation of their princess, but will eventually become ruler of the entire universe?"


"And Chibiusa is Usagi's daughter from that future, making one delayed vacation here?"


"It's funny. It all makes sense." Max wondered about this outrageous tale. Did Luna have better luck telling this to his father? Both persons in question were having more difficulty riding their board down the road. Thanks dad! Max cringed. Allow any onlooker to put two and two together! As he looked, though, Max noted that there was no one around. The street looked pretty quiet. The reason was approached as Goofy stopped. Max did as well, for pretty much the same reason. Before them lay a crowd of bodies scattered everywhere on and off the street. Differently positioned, different in age and gender, they all nevertheless shared the same stillness. It was worth a silence.

"Are they…" Goofy made a gulp. "Gone?"

Despite the serious expressions marking their face, Artemis' answer was relief. "No."

"They are all asleep, drained of energy," Luna explained. "This is how our foe gets her strength. If this draining is continued…"

"Roxanne…" Max's fears amplified.

There came a giant creature. It almost looked like that flower Max saw with PJ, with the top of a woman and the bottom of a plant. And it was big!

"The battle has been struck!" Artemis declared. "Sailor Senshi: Do battle!"

Goofy and Max were still for a moment.

"Don't just stand there!" Luna cried. "Do something!"

Goof and son did something: They ran in a panic. Despite their courage, Luna and Artemis followed suit as well. The more things change, the more they stay the same! Their escape grew blocked, however, by the appearance of more creatures.

And there came a freakish laughter.

"So, this is Sailor Moon!" said a mirthful foe. Dancing in the air appeared this figure. She was a very attractive lady with long red hair and light green skin. Her clothes looked like a bikini made of leaves.

"I am Rose 'N Thorn!" the person cried gleefully. "For such beauty lies pain!" Her hand directed toward them. Out from her fingers projected a shower of green thorns. Goofy and Max took the swarm, avoiding much as they could, despite a chorus of "Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, Ouch!"

Rose 'N Thorn began another barrage, which convinced father and son to hide behind a park bench. The cats also joined them.

"I think the next move is to split up!" said Artemis.

Max nodded. "Dad, I'll distract her, while you find and rescue Roxanne and the girls!"

"But…" Goofy's reluctance was quick and interrupted. "Okey-dokey!"

Max grabbed his skateboard and rode out of his hiding place. "Hey lady!" He yelled. "Bet you can't catch me!"

Rose 'n Thorn smirked. "I won't have to…"

Max saw a wall of vines tear from the pavement. Quickly he swerved away from this plant wall. But this wall also followed him as well, making a trail of vines and weeds. His new route concerned a stone stairway that he skipped and passed a hundred times. After him, this obstacle course became quickly enshrouded. The pace quickened, the fear escalated, but Max as usual dampened it with his determination on the board. Once or twice he looked back at his progressing pursuer of the plant variety. Turned out he did that a little too much. The next time he returned to his path saw Rose 'N Thorn in his direction! With his skill he attempted to stop, and would have been successful if not for a rock of debris lying unseen but present in his way. Wheels and rock met, board turned, passenger went flying right into his opponent. And it appeared Rose 'N Thorn was not ready for this conflict as well, for she made no sudden attempt to avoid it. Goof and demon-woman met, and by the incredible luck capable of a Goof, mouth and mouth collided!

Max dreaded the worst, and then felt something else. Those lips…

Meanwhile, Goofy, Luna, and Artemis took advantage of Max's diversion and ran.

"You sure he will be all right?" Luna asked with concern.

"Max's no kid 'more!" Sailor Goof declared.

Artemis and Luna accepted this, although they thought it best to leave Diana with Bobby at the Goofs' residence.

They stopped before some weird plants. Goofy found these plants looking very familiar. Wait a second, these aren't plants at all! Minako, Makoto, Ami, and Rei all stood suspended and looking very uncomfortable. That was clear to Goofy. The thing is: how was he supposed to make them comfortable? He should have brought some weed remover.

"Do not worry," Sailor Pluto came to the scene. She raised that big key of hers. There came a bright light, and all the girls were now free. This made Goofy think: Maybe he can ask Pluto for help whenever he gets his hand stuck in the sink again! Goofy did some gentle waking. "MInako…Makoto…ya two girls I forgot t' know y'r names: Are ya alright?"

It appeared so. The four girls began to stir and move. Minako rubbed her head. "Thanks, Sailor…" Her sentence stopped the moment she raised her eyes to her benefactor. Makoto, Rei, and Ami were equally caught speechless and very discomforted at the sight. "Um, Sailor Moon?"

"Naw. It's me, Goofy!"

Did that revelation make things better? Not quite.

After a quick explanation from Pluto, the girls got the message.

"I got a job t' do!" Goofy turned to the battle at hand. "So y'all mosey back home where it's nice an' safe."

"No," Rei cried. "We're not leaving you alone." She pulled out a wand. In fact, Ami, Makoto, and Minako also possessed a similar object. They waved it in the air.

"Mercury Power Make Up!" Ami cried.

"Mars Power Make Up!" Rei cried.

"Jupiter Power Make Up!" Makoto cried.

"Venus Power Make Up!" Minako cried.

Suddenly, magical lights sprouted from their wands in varied ways: water, fire, lightning, and light showered upon the girls. Such a beautiful experience, but Goofy quickly covered his eyes. Too many gals with no clothes on!

When it was all over, all four girls were garbed in their own colorful suit.

"Gawsh! So ya'll sailor ladies too?"

"Right!" Sailor Jupiter answered.

"We fight for the Moon Kingdom and its Queen." Said Sailor Mars.

"We protect the Earth and those who live there." Said Sailor Mercury.

"And punish those who threaten all we love!" said Sailor Venus.

Speaking of which, a group of plant-monsters gathered to their path. Instantly, the four girls confronted the creations. Each one bore a different attack. Sailor Mars summoned a wave of flame. Sailor Mercury called for water. Sailor Venus projected a beam of light. And Sailor Jupiter reached out and controlled a blast of lightning. Their opponents did not last long against their might.

Goofy was dumbfounded by their power and success. "So, where's Roxanne?"

"Roxanne?" Sailor Mars's courageous face took a concerned turn. Her fellow soldiers shared the same thing.

After a moment of kissing, Max quickly separated himself from Rose 'N Thorn, or...


Indeed, Thorn was suddenly at pause.

"It's me, Max!"

"M-Max?" Rose 'N Thorn's recognition lined her face with hesitance. Unfortunately, it was also short. "Nice outfit, Max," she regained her cool balance.

Too bad Max didn't share this enlightened strength. Spiky vines gathered around him, grabbing him into immobility. "Roxanne, what happened to you?"

"Ask PJ…" she smirked. Her hand broke a thorn from a vine. It grew long like a rapier. "You broke his heart…" She brandished the sword with intent cold and deadly for her victim. Only a small tear on her eyes showed a difference. "I'll break yours…"

The rapier was cut in half. The cause stood with equal deadly intent. Sailor Uranus and her magic sword.

Max was uncertain if this meant to be a good thing or a bad thing. "Uranus! That's Roxanne!"

"All battles have their casualties!" Sailor Uranus declared. She aimed her sword, firing a barrage of energy that hit its opponent. She suffered, struggled and cried in pain.

So did Rose N' Thorn's captive.

The Sailor Senshi told the truth to Goofy. PJ and the Xenian Flower had transformed Roxanne into a monster slave. Goofy was shocked. "PJ couldn't do this!"

"The Flower did it!"

"Why would a flower do such a mean thing?" He scratched his head, thinking to a better priority. "We gotta save Roxanne!" Goofy's reply was to the point. "Any ya girls got a clue?"

Suddenly another plant monster landed between them.

"You must use the Moon Scepter!" Sailor Mercury urged the Sailor Goof.

"Um…Scepter?" Suddenly Goofy realized he was holding a scepter in his hand. "Good!" With the weapon in hand, he clubbed the demon in the head.

"Not that way!" Luna protested.

"Oops, sorry!" Goofy apologized.

Sailor Jupiter sighed. "Jupiter Thunder!" She thrust a bolt that wiped out the enemy. "We got to get to Roxanne before it's too late!"

That situation was nearby. As they saw it, Sailor Uranus was already fighting the transformed Roxanne, with Neptune hiding behind a tree, ready to attack from behind.

"The time is now," Luna cried. "Just wave the Scepter at Roxanne and cry "Moon Healing Escalation!"

"Oh-Kay!" Goofy did as asked. If this was the way to save his boy, then…

"Moon Healin' Escalation!" Sailor Goof pointed the Scepter which unleashed its own magic. It also had such a kick that it sent Goofy into the air like a rocket! "Yah-hooh-iey!"

The Senshi looked at this dumbfounded. Venus was the first to react. "Venus Love Me Chain!" A sparkling string of gold strung straight to the air, winding around Goofy's feet.

"C'mon girls!" Jupiter grabbed and pulled at the chain, an act duplicated by her fellow Senshi until they anchored their new leader.

Max pulled against the vines. He managed to get one arm free, something he couldn't do last time. Did this costume increase his strength somehow? Thoughts to ponder quickly stopped when he spotted Sailor Neptune darting from a hiding place. Without Roxanne's knowledge, the Sailor was emitting this blue light of power that was going to be unleashed.

"Roxanne! Watch out!"

Rose 'N Thorn leapt and dodged Sailor Neptune's attack. Such help was not thanked, though. "This doesn't get you off the hook!" She raised her hand toward Max, about to unleash more thorns.

And then she suddenly glowed. A ring of bright light shined on herself and her surroundings. What followed was not a pleasant sight for someone in love.

Deep in my soul,

A love so strong, it takes control…

The demon landed on her feet, going into a panic, twisting her body in clearly evident agony. Such painful movements could make any opponent cheer in victory. Max was different.

Now we both know,

The secrets bared, the feelings show….

Tears wet from Max's eyes. He felt Roxanne's pain as if it was shared. Such screams...

And then he saw the source of the light. His dad was the culprit. He was up in the air projecting some wand. He was anchored by a golden string held down by four unknown Senshi. "Stop it dad! Stop it, please!"

But Goofy did not relent. The Scepter in his hand still focused great power upon its target. Rose'N Thorn tried to move away, but Goofy's erratic movements followed her with incredible accuracy. She continued to scream.

With a ferocious pull of emotional motivation, Max threw all his strength. The organic manacles snapped. In freedom, he darted toward Rose 'N Thorn.

Fortunately the screams grew lesser. Within this bright light, Rose N' Thorn vanished, leaving an all-too-normal person. Roxanne…

Driven, fall apart…

I make a wish, from a shooting star…

"Max…" Roxanne whimpered before she collapsed. But she would not hit the cold ground. Loving arms that caught her made sure of that.

There will come a day, somewhere far away

In my heart I'll stay. My Only Love

"It's okay, Roxanne," Max spoke words unheard by her unconscious form. "Everything's gonna be alright. We're together again. That's what counts." His tear-wet cheek smoothed upon hers.

Even if you're gone,

Love will still live on,

The feeling is so strong,

My Only Love,

My Only Love.

Max's eyes caught his father walking closer. "Don't you touch her!" He yelled.

Goofy froze in his tracks. Too bad he didn't know his son's malice quickly dematerialized once he realized the truth of what happened. But gratitude was not made, nothing to calm Max's negative feelings in other matters and other targets. Max remembered seeing his dad almost get hurt; he thought that was the worst experience of his life. But Roxanne's little masquerade and her collapse made him so wrong. PJ is not going to get away with what he has done!

And Goofy witnessed his son's plight. "Max…" His voice came and fell into a whisper. His hand, also arisen for an attempt to aid, also made a similar ineffectual failure. So he just stood there, watching the Sailor soldiers walk to the two lovers, once apart, again reunited.

There will come a day,

Somewhere far away

In my heart I'll stay. My only love.

You reach the deepest part

Of the secret in my heart

I've known it from the start,

My Only Love

My Only Love.

The battle's aftermath saw everyone going to Goofy's house. The end of Rose 'N Thorn led to the revival of the populace; they all recovered quite well, if not sure about what happened to them. The Sailor Senshi's problem of being sighted was prevented by deception. All it took was a magic word- "Make Up Off!"- to dematerialize their uniforms back to their regular clothes. By irony, Max was the last to change, almost too concerned about the unconscious Roxanne he carried in his arms. Fortunately, he was able to transform back to his wardrobe plus the added pants, coat, and cap.

Once at the Goof residence, Roxanne was given Makoto's bed. Setsuna (who, it was learned, had medical abilities) administered to the patient. She was shockingly calm in her diagnosis. At least calmer compared to Max. "Your father managed to free her of the spell. Whatever dark experiences she suffered will be as solid as a nightmare. All she needs now is rest."

Max covered his face, hiding his much-exhausted feelings of relief. A kind, firm hand touched his shoulder. For a moment, Max thought it was his father's, but instead it was Minako. "Max-san, we have to meet with the others. Roxanne will be fine."

Max felt wary to move. It took a few back glances at Roxanne before he joined the others at the living room. Goofy nonchalantly served his guests some tea, his behavior a definite contrast to Max. They all exchanged stories, talking about how the Goofs joined the Senshi and the background of the Xenian Flower. Goofy, though not much on brains, was able to figure out from their story that the cause was some nasty flower that uses loneliness like batteries. With PJ as her host, the flower intended to drain the world as one big battery. "Wonder if she uses AAA."

"This is no time for humor," Haruka snapped. "The Xenian flower intends to drain our world dry, and then go find another. It must be destroyed."

"But we must rescue Usagi and Chibiusa first," Rei urged a greater priority, her concern showing a difference from her cool, aloof persona.

Max suddenly remembered the kidnapped. Chibusa, so much a kindred soul; She must be saved. But how? He continued to listen, of how the Xenian Flower last tried to destroy this world. His heart chilled at the conclusion of that story: Rei accounted how Usagi seemingly destroyed the enemy at almost the sacrifice of her life. This caused him to look at his father with a worry that nearly rivaled his concern for Roxanne.

"Evidently it still wasn't enough to destroy it," commented Haruka. "The Flower somehow survived and now intends to finish the job."

Ever the analyst, Ami took different parts of the problem. "PJ-san is her host. Perhaps we should know why."

Max said nothing. Bobby was the one to speak for PJ. "The dude always had that 'Poor Little Rich Kid' act. Had everything but also had one tyrant of a dad. Things got tougher when his parents divorced, and his old man treated him like, quote PJ: 'a peasant serf cleverly disguised as a first-born son.' Unquote. Things got up when he went to college, until he broke his leg and his girlfriend dumped him." He gave a look at Max, though his shades covered it from everyone.

"Reasonable," Ami answered. "The Flower victimizes a lonely soul for her host."

And Max noticed Rei looking at him. "When the Flower and PJ-san saw Roxanne-san, the former said 'Eye for an Eye'…"

Everyone looked at Max now.

"Correct!" Ami added with precision, turning to Max. "Max, did something happen to give PJ issue against you and Roxanne?"

Max kept his mouth sealed. Bobby spoke to him. "Will you give the info, or will I?"

Right now Max was in no mood to give PJ any justification. "It was nothing. Nuuuh-thing! I was drunk…" Max suddenly gazed at his dad doing the shock act. It made him squirm. "Java looked sad. I tried to cheer her…" He made a pause, before exclaiming: "It was an accident!"

His audience just stared, clearly getting the conclusion. Max turned his face away. This did not change anything.

"Somehow PJ-san must have found out," Haruka surmised. "And it was the perfect time for the Xenian Flower to seduce him."

"Not to mention kidnap Usagi and Chibiusa to avoid Sailor interference," said Ami.

"Too bad she doesn't know about the rest of us," said Makoto.

"Or perhaps she does," Haruka was pragmatic.

"At any rate," Makoto aggressed, "We can't let the Flower hurt our friends and our world!"

Max looked at this enthusiasm bearing a lack of his own. Are these girls really serious about facing PJ and his new power? And they intend his father to lead the charge and throw himself to the Lions?

"No, we can't have that…" Goofy touched his chin, "We gotta save everything: the world, Usagi, Chibiusa, and PJ."

"Forget PJ!" Max snapped. "He's the one causing this mess."

"Max, that is not fair," Goofy urged some understanding. "It's like the girls said, that crazy flower is doin' it, though it's hard t' reckon such a pretty thing could be so much trouble."

"Believe it, Goof-san," Michiru spoke objectively. "A threat can be hidden under so beautiful a disguise."

"It must be destroyed," Haruka added. "Whatever the cost."

"But PJ is innocent," Ami explained. "He is being used by the flower."

"But no host means no Flower," Haruka added, though her point carried a different agenda.

"Dudess," Bobby tried to keep a straight tone, "You're not thinking of rubbing out Peej?"

Haruka faced him with cold determination. Suddenly, Bobby felt no longer interested in this girl.

"Some things have to be that done that way," Michiru supported her friend.

"Nonsense!" Goofy brushed away such dramatic intentions. "PJ is just a troubled kid who needs some help. Once we get through t' 'im, we free him."

"PJ's nothing but a spoiled brat!" Max angrily strode into the argument. "He never understood how good his life was. Now he's throwing his pathetic issues at the world."

"Well, I think he needs us to save him." Goofy tried to be firm.

Max snapped back. "Dad, did you just listen to what they said? This is dangerous!"

"Yes, but I promised Queenie Serenity to save the day."

"Dad, you're being very stupid right now, and it's a whole new level!" Max was trying to fight the emotions inside him. "Let these girls do the fighting for you, and take care of PJ on their own."

"But Haruka here feels like she might want t' hurt the boy!"

Max tried to hide his shock over the fulfillment of that idea. "As usual, you don't understand a single thing at all!"

"Now give me a li'l credit…"

"He hurt Roxanne, Dad!" Max yelled. "You don't know what it's like to lose the person you lo…" In the instant, Max grabbed his mouth, his head making a big droop. "I'm sorry…" He just walked away, or as a fast a walk as can be possible. Only half a minute of silence followed, but it was a strong one for all witnessed.

Goofy bowed his head and took the opposite direction. "Girls…" He said with a tired breath, "Do ya know where PJ an' the flower are?"

"We'll find them, Goof-san!" Rei stood up.

"By technology or magic!" Ami added with a similar determined air.

"All is at our disposal," Mirichu held her mirror. Setsuna brandished her Time-key staff.

"Okay," Goofy nonchalantly accepted their help. "An I'll make mashed potatoes."

There was a silence of astonishment.

"Well, we can't have Thanksgiving without potatoes!" Goofy innocently defended himself.

The next hour was spent trying to locate the flower and her hostages. But the alliance of Senusta's Time-key staff, Rei's Miko premonitions, Ami's laptop computer search, and Mirichu's mirror had not yet made a progress. Goofy decided to take the time working on fixing Thanksgiving dinner, specifically boiling the potatoes. Minako, Artemis, and Makoto accompanied him in the kitchen. Makoto fixed some hot chocolate, which she tray-carried to the others.

"Do all cats talk?" Goofy asked the animal.

"No, we're the only ones." Artemis spoke from his distance from the Goof. This was due to an earlier incident when Goofy was peeling potatoes, and accidentally threw the knife straight for him. An accident, of course, but Artemis did not want to suffer any more accidents.

"Too bad. Would've been nice t' talk t' Waffles, bless his memory." He sniffed. His eyes spotted Minako, looking out the window downcast. In the time she was here, Goofy had never seen her appear sad. "Don't worry, Minako, I won't let ya down. We'll rescue your friends."

Minako continued to gaze at the window. She spotted Max returning from a walk. "Max-san is out there."

Goofy bowed his head. "He'll be okay." He put together the mixer.

Artemis had seen enough of this alienation. "What happened between the two of you? Roaming around this place, I saw pictures of the two of you being very close. When you didn't mention your son, I presumed that something tragic had happened."

"Ya did?" Goofy expressed guilt.

"Well, something happened." Artemis deduced. "You seem rather cold to him."

"I love Max!" Goofy snapped his words, a reaction that was new and surprising to see. "I'll love im 'til the cows come home. But it's 'cause I love 'im that I have t' do this. When Max left for college. I missed him so much, I followed him. I kept on embarrassin' 'im 'til he shouted at me t' get muh own life an' stay outta his."

Minako and Artemis considered this fact, finding it truthful of Max's character.

"And he was right! A bird can't go flyin' 'till you let it go." Goofy was firm. "I tried to hold on t' muh bird an' hurt the both o' us. But most o' all Max. I just wanted things t' stay the same, wit the two of us like buddies when he was a kid. I should'a realized Max didn't feel the same. I almost ruined things f'r us. So I decided after graduation never t' be close t' Max ever again. Never embarrass him. Never make 'im ashamed o' bein' muh son."

To Minako and Artemis, Goofy's attempts to be firm did not hide the sorrow that was inside him. "But don't you think you're going a little too far?" Minako confronted him. "Right now Max-san almost lost his love, and he feels betrayed by his best friend. Yes, there will be a lot of times he will have to go things alone, but right now he needs you."

Goofy thought about this truth, or the best he could. He had to stir the potatoes…

Max stood in the yard. Night was coming on this perfect day for him. What with Dad giving him freezer burns, Roxanne getting hurt, and his best friend turning ex! Now, he and his dad were expected to save the world and maybe sacrifice their lives in the process!

He heard footsteps. When he turned his heart fell. It was Makoto. Not his dad. Why did he keep expecting him? Not after what happened at college, and especially not after that completely stupid comment he made earlier. No, it was very clear things were over between the two of them. This was one fault Max could not deny, much to his pained heart.

Makoto came with a mug of cocoa. "Bet you need something to warm you up, right?"

Max kindly accepted Makoto's offering, and drank the cup. "Are you really expecting my dad to lead you?"

"Well, the Queen knows what's best." Luna made her presence, with Diana. "Even if we can't understand her."

"But, he's…well…clumsy…" Max guiltily slowed in the words. Every time he opened his mouth, out came another nasty remark about his dad! The fact he saw the kitchen window suddenly get covered up by some mess (Dad was making the mashed potatoes, the son theorized) could not press a justification that would dishonor his father any further than he already has done.

"So is Usagi." Makoto joined in. "She's accident-prone, and not the sharpest crayon on the block." "Remind you of anyone?"

Max's face confirmed it.

"But she has a big heart. She stands by the people she cares about, even at the face of danger to herself. A true friend, a true hero." Her eyes turned to the kitchen window. "Remind you of anyone?"

Max couldn't deny that truth.

"Me, Ami, and the others stand by our princess." The girl took in stride. "We'll stand by your father. You too."

"Count me out." Max wavered, rubbing his face. "Haven't been much good here…" His voice died down with his anger, bearing a greater sadness. "I did nothing to save Dad. Nothing to save Roxanne." He really wished his dad was present to give him a hug.

But to his surprise, Max did fall into someone's embrace. Makoto held on strong, firm, and caring. Max responded. And then Bobby walked outside. The sight made him retreat back to the house with rue. Man, why are the Goofs so lucky with the babes?

"I don't know what to do," Max winced. "I'm useless."

"You're wrong Max," Luna pounced to his approach. "When you thought your father was hurt, did you weep?"

Max sighed. "Yes I did."

"You must really love your father!" Diana squeaked.

"Is there a point to this?"

"When the crystals were broken," Luna explained. "The Sailor Senshi's powers were also broken. All was lost. And then the crystals were restored. Probably by a tear of love. A son's love."

"You saved us all!" Diana squeaked.

Max listened to all this. A bit mushy, but it was true. Also a bit overwhelming. "Look, I'll join you later." He walked back inside the house. As he walked the stairs, he overheard a commotion. It appeared the girls had made a discovery about PJ's whereabouts. Looked like he had to hurry! Soon he was back to his old room, returned to Roxanne's side.

"Hi." He spoke softly, a tone that resembled his father in sincerity and gentleness. "It's been a long time. Sure, just maybe a couple of months, but it was a lifetime to me. I wonder…if you still thought of me at all. I know you never left my thoughts."

Roxanne remained silent and peaceful. Max sat at the side of the bed, looking away as if the area around him was some vision of the past. Their past. "I suddenly remember the day we met. That first day of High School. You took my breath away. That year was a long one, a big waste of me attempting to talk to you, always chickening out. And then that last day of school, when we set up our first date. I was so happy. Mambo-happy." He managed to break into a grin, his face illuminating with joyous reflection. "Then I lied to you." He thought about his dad as well. "I was afraid you'd hate me. But when you told me you had always liked me, my heart sang…"

The glow on his face was momentary. "What happened to us? I happened." He bowed his head. "You accepted me for who I am. But that made one of us. I should have accepted myself. But I just couldn't. I tried to change myself too much, believing that would make me worthy of you. Great thinking, huh? Instead I got arrogant and full of myself, turning you against me. When we broke up, I denied my fault, blaming everyone but myself for the trainwreck. Most of all my dad."

Max sighed. What was the point of bringing up the past? What is done is done. He knelt over and kissed her. "I have to get going. I have to help my dad. Don't worry," he mouthed the words. "I'll be back, and we'll be together again."

Max returned to the group, who had received the answer of PJ's whereabouts.

"The ruins of the Moon Kingdom?" said Makoto.

"Oh…okay." Goofy replied as if he was told the place was Los Angeles.

Fortunately, Max was more realistic. "I take it you mean Moon Kingdom as Kingdom on the Moon? So, how do we get there?"

Everyone looked confident to that answer.

"The Sailor Teleport," said Ami.

"'Course! The Sailor teleport!" Goofy exclaimed. "We use the Sailor Teleport! Um, what is the Sailor Teleport?"

Ami explained. "We combine our powers by holding hands and teleport."

"Aw Gawsh!" Goofy felt all bashful with the hand-holding part.

"Really?" Max expressed his skepticism, knowing he would be surprised by the truth.

"How else did Usagi, Chibiusa, Ami, and myself get from Tokyo to here?" Rei defiantly answered the truth.

Max nodded to his mistake. Why did he bother?

"Our ability to travel is sourced to Sailor Moon or Chibi Moon," Ami explained. "Since Max and Goofy possess their powers now, it's logical it'll work."

The eleven gathered into the back yard, accompanied by Bobby and the three cats. Those outside the group will stay and wait. "Watch over Roxanne for me." Max added.

Bobby raised a thumb for his agreement. "Any plant freaks come, I'll use weed remover."

Goofy was equally sensitive. "Tell Sylvia we're off t' save the world!"

Max had reservations. "Um…instead why don't you make up something to tell her, okay?"

"Hold it!" Goofy stopped Max. "Now, I may not be parentin' ya no more, but this battle needs me more than you. Ya stay here."

"Nope," Max was defiant. "This is my battle too! PJ has done some hurt, and he's not going to get away with it!"

"It'll be dangerous."

"Again, Dad, I am not your little boy anymore. I'm older than these girls put together. We're going adult and adult!"

Goofy took this in. He looked at Minako, remembering her words. "No, Max. We go as Father and Son."

Max's strong look almost cracked from that touching acceptance.

"'Kay!" Goofy started things by turning his back from the girls. "Don't look, fellas!" He quickly covered Bobby and Max's eyes.

With the cries of "Make Up!" the seven Senshi underwent a graceful, illuminous transformation from ordinary teenagers to Sailor-attired soldiers ready for battle. Goofy and Max followed suit. The nine Sailor Senshi gathered in a circle. As predicted, Goofy treated this hand-holding with a scarlet face.

"Fate will judge our future." Uranus said with stoic precision.

"No matter the outcome, we carry through," exclaimed Neptune.

"For the people of our world," Said Venus.

"For our Princesses," Said Pluto.

"For our friends," said Jupiter.

"Just t' let ya know…" Sailor Goof added. "Y'r all invited t' Thanksgiving!"

Max made his wish in silent. PJ, you've hurt the two people I love most; It's payback time!

Everyone began to glow, each in a different tint of color, creating a rainbow. Such power emanated from each Sailor Senshi. Even Max felt this sensation. He looked down. Their feet were making distance from the ground!

"Sailor Teleport!" Everyone cried. And then they were gone.

"Whoa…" Bobby was indeed astonished, as his long, opened mouth portrayed.

The Xenian Flower luxuriated in the feeling of loneliness. It was her food, her sun, her water, the source to feed and empower herself. Soon this world will become another barren planet, and she will go find another, with newer hosts. So she might as well enjoy PJ while she remained firmly rooted on his chest. There will always be other hosts…

Her host walked gracefully in his newly empowered form. PJ usually passed Usagi and Chibusa, both shackled by vines and looking not very good in their prison. Still, they kept their resolve. "The flower is using you!" Usagi tried saying this before and tried again. And each time the thorny vines binding her crackled its torturous energy upon her. If her words had any effect, PJ did not show it visibly. Inside, he tried to ignore her. Yes, there was a good chance this flower was using him, like his dad used him, like Max used him. He was a big sucker for being used. But the thing is, even if the Flower was truly bad, it was too late to do something. For PJ knew he was bad too, like his father. The fact of confirmation was clear in his mind, a fresh, never forgotten image: Goofy getting skewered. Goofy, the kind, wonderful father he always wanted but never had. And he killed him. His dad never did that, no matter how far his dirty tricks and insults ranged. And he hurt Roxanne too. He didn't mean to do it. He was just angry, wishing for some stupid chance to get even with Max. Bright, PJ told himself. Really bright! Those two kind people did nothing to deserve their fates. What he did was unforgiveable. Fine! The Pete Family was a lineage of crooks and baddies. It was about time he followed family tradition!

"Peter…" The Flower spoke. "You must know." There appeared the vision of a circle. Sailor Senshi made this circle, including a new Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon. The sight stunned Usagi and Chibiusa of their situation. "Are they what I think they are?" Chibiusa asked, very cross.

Usagi was equally shocked. No way did that Goof looked like her! Now, Max, however, was a different story.

Chibiusa had similar feelings. How that Goof clearly resembled Usagi…

Unknown to the girls' thoughts, PJ gazed closely at the person in pink.

"Recognize that figure, Peter?" The Xenian Flower caressed him. "It is Max."

PJ's eyes lit up. "Max?" Then who is the other one?

"He has come to destroy you!" The Flower interrupted his thought. "You killed his father. Max wants to have his revenge!" She looked to her captives. Vines now gagged their mouths. Peter must not know the truth…

"They're coming to destroy you, Peter!" The flower's hypnotic words grew urgent. And PJ grew urgent. "Yes, they must be stopped."

In one long circle composed of nine, the Sailor Senshi raced through space faster than any rocket or space ship! In Max's eyes, the stars around them zagged like lines, as if he was in some speed warp. It was actually cool to be a Sailor Guardian, except for the costume…

"Are we there yet?" Sailor Goof asked for the umpteenth time.

"Not yet!" Sailor Mars cried for the umpteenth time.

"Do you think PJ knows that we're coming?" asked Sailor Mercury.

Sailor Jupiter was the first to answer. "I bet. Look!"

An army of thorns came hurtling in their path!

"Don't break the circle!" Uranus urged everyone. The hands grew firmer.

"What happens if we do?" asked Max.

"Don't ask."

Max increased his grips.

"Lemme try somethin'!" Sailor Goof decided it was time for him to steer. With an effort he pulled himself. And the circle followed suit to his direction.

"Uh oh…" Max thought.

The circle went haphazard in its movements. This and there, up and down, there and that. And yet, not once were they hit by the projectiles.

"Good skill!" Haruka was impressed.

Not Max. "Hold still!" He cried in frustration. He too pulled. The circle stopped such turnings, rendering it vulnerable to the onslaught. The hit led to the betrayal of Uranus' warnings. The circle broke, and all were separated. All were lost.

"Max!" Roxanne cried in her sleep. Luna, Artemis, and Diana stayed at her side, as concerned awake as their charge was in her dreams. Bobby soon entered the room. "That was Sylvia on the phone. I told her that her boy and his boy and the girls were off shopping." He came closer. "So how's the dude-ess?"

"Not good. She appears to be having a nightmare," Luna considered.

"An omen," Artemis was worried. "MInako and the others are quite experienced in dealing with such forces, but can Goofy and Max prove as capable?"

"Don't worry," Bobby smiled. "Those goofs have a way of makin' the impossible possible."

The cats returned their watch on Roxanne. Unwatched, Bobby's carefree smile fell.

Max found himself hitting some dusty ground. That hurt. That probably meant he was okay. "Anyone else okay…" He looked around and saw no one. Just a cold, desolate area. And before him was the Earth! He was now on the moon! It was a good reason to get freaked out, but too much had happened to make him react to it in his normal way. Not that his temper was so equally controllable.

Suddenly, something flowed on this empty area. A green hue covered the moonstone, growing floral and idyllic. That might not be a good thing.

"PJ!" Max's anger seethed forward. "Show yourself!"

He spotted a dark figure from somewhere. Rather strong-looking, he looked like a goon or some servant. This figure came closer. Coward! Max labeled his ex-friend. PJ can't confront him, so he hides behind someone else!

"You don't recognize me?" The words of the stranger made it apparent to Max that PJ was not hiding behind someone. For the muscular person showed himself to be a rather muscular PJ!

"Impressed?" PJ asked with cold regard. He really had an impressive figure. Broad shoulders, washboard abs, carved muscles on his arms. His face also looked thinner. Gone was the nervousness that marked his face so many times in the past. This was a new Pete Jr. "Or in denial-world? What are you going to do? Blame your old man again? Too late for that one."

Max charged. The costume increased his agility, cutting the distance in seconds.

In a mini-second, PJ brushed Max back as if he was a fly. His landing was really not pleasant. Max cringed to himself. That hurt. Oh that so hurt!

"You were the lonely one, Peter," the flower smirked. "Max is the lonely one now!"

Max spotted the flower and the feminine figure in it. Try as he might, he knew he can't throw all guilt on PJ. It was the Xenian Flower's fault. But the feelings of betrayal, the sight of Dad and Roxanne getting hurt, and his own injuries all fueled his rage against the person who was once his best friend.

A grove sprang forth from the ground, full of thorny vines and its cargo. To his shock, Max saw everyone now a prisoner. Chibiusa was his first sight, then Usagi, Makoto, Minako, Haruka, and the others, even his dad hung in captivity, looking like he did the last time PJ made his attack.

"You slimeball!" Max sprang with renewed energy fueled by rage. But his assault was quickly repulsed, throwing him back into the ground in a heavier defeat than before. Vines wound around his arms and legs. A vibration coursed through the bonds, growing in intensity. Pain as well. Max could not avoid screaming. The bonds released, and its battered and bruised cargo made another hard landing. One where there would be no comeback.

"Loneliness is the only truth," the flower spoke with pleased belief. "In the end, we are all alone. Everyone knows it. Peter knows it. Your friends know it."

Instantly, Max's mind found images not of his own. He saw everything, and felt everything. Scenes of sadness, scenes of loneliness. The players of this somber play of his mind were the Sailor Senshi, and society's reaction of them.

Rei, whose psychic powers labeled her as a witch…

Ami, whose brains and shyness was mistaken for arrogance…

Makoto, whose height and strength made people mistake her as some fearsome bully…

MInako, her busy schedule giving little time to make friends…

Haruka and Michiru, looked upon with jealousy and spite…

Setsuna, at the Door of Time and Space, alone.

Each one of them alone. So much like Max the Goof…

And then Max saw Goofy. His mind saw his father enter an empty room- Max's bedroom. It was the day he left for college, and he had left almost nothing in that room. Only his teddy bear remained. And his dad looked so sad, clutching the bear desperately. Max bruised from such a painful scene. He really didn't give much of a farewell to his dad that day, did he? After being so close for eighteen years, his father was now alone. Max never really thought about it. Too busy being glad to get out of that relationship. Too busy always thinking about himself, as usual.

But he had to leave. He had to start his life. But he never really told his dad about that importance. Was that solution so simple? If he had just discussed things with his dad, could what happened last semester have been avoided? The anger, the nasty words, his dad's coldness. Would any of that still happened?

And then, his thoughts fell to someone he had not expected. PJ. Back when he was this sweet, gentle kid. And he saw PJ's old man in a different light: no longer as some crooked but smart guy with lots of cool things, but as this monster of a bully. He saw Pete and Peg's marriage shatter as if it ruptured the entire world. He saw Peg and Pistol moving in distance; it had been a while since he saw them. This fact grew clearer as the two faded, with Pete growing more vivid and greater in his fearsome dominance. The world around PJ growing darker and darker…

Except for a light that shone like a sun. This light was named Max.

These were PJ's thoughts? Max did not encounter the reason, but he did come to other ideas.

"Oh well, at least I had one day of fun in my life. Twenty-four wonderful, happenin' hours…"

And finally, Max began to understand. The pain and loneliness that chewed up and spit out his friend. Yes, his friend…Another victim stupid enough to love a jerk named Maximillian Goof and get hurt in the process. Like his father, like Roxanne. After all he's done, what right did he have being a Soldier of Love?


Did he hear something?

"Max, get up!"

He heard something. It was Haruka's voice.

"Go for it!" cried the voice of Makoto.

"We're all here for you." Minako's voice gave her assurance.

"Yes!" came an army of voices. The Senshi.

"No…" Max remained in his spot.

There followed another voice. "Please…" Max knew that voice too. Chibiusa!

"Max!" Now that was a voice he could not forget. Roxanne…

Max began to stir in great agony. This was going to be one hard push-up.

"Maxie. You can do it…" Tears fell from Max's eyes. Dad?!

Max was on his feet again. He looked like a battered puppet whose strings, once snapped, will send him down. But Max carried on. Pain meant nothing. He had to try everything to save everyone. Everyone.

"You Goofs never know when to stay down," PJ grimaced at this perseverance. "My dad always…"

"Shut up about your dad!" Max cried with confidence. "You're done with him. You are not Pete. Never will be."

PJ's cold look betrayed a crack.

"But you're right about me being a Goof. Been my issue. Always has been. No matter how many times I thought I got over it, I always go back to disliking being a Goof. But the worst of it is that I always end up breaking my dad's heart, treating his love like some enemy."

"But you, PJ, had no issues. You were strong enough to accept me completely as a Goof. Not even your dad could stop you from being my best friend. And you still are my best friend. Family isn't just blood, PJ. You're part of my family, and I know you feel the same way."

PJ remained statuesque. The Flower was not as still. "Don't listen to him, Peter. Kill him!"

Max raised his hand. "I…Max Goof and Pete Jr.…pledge to stay best buds forever…"

"I…pledge…" PJ's voice squeaked, so different from the calm demeanor before. "A-Allegiance to fun, food, and…and…"

"Yes?" Max hoped.

PJ shook his head. When he stopped, it appeared all that wavering was gone from his now hardened face. "It's…too late." He growled.

"No, it isn't."

"I killed your father! I hurt Roxanne!"

"My dad's alive. He's now Sailor Moon. And he saved Roxanne."

PJ was silent.

"He's lying, Peter!" The Flower cried. "Max only wants to beat you!"

"I may have ruined things with Roxanne and my dad, but I won't lose you too." Max remained upright, not noticing Plant monsters swarming around him.

"Don't listen to him, Peter!" The Flower snapped. "Max was always jealous of you!" Her words, coupled with the growing scarlet on PJ's eyes, showed an impossible wall for this Goofy Senshi. "He wants me, and the power within me!"

PJ's lips pursed intensely into a frown.

"Yes…" Max sighed. "Maybe it could have been me…and I know that you would do everything in your power to save me from it. You, PJ. Best buds help each other out."

"Kill him!" The flower shrieked. "Kill him!"

Max noted the shadow of a plant monster over him. He resolved to the possible path. At least he tried. "PJ…"

"No!" PJ shouted. "Shut up!"

The Flower smiled. From PJ, a sharp vine charged like an arrow straight for Max. The target's closing of his eyes was his only movement.

The vine dug deep…into the plant-monster behind Max, dispersing it.

"Peter!" The Flower shrieked. "What are you doing!?"

"Doing my Darth Vader moment!" PJ grabbed the flower. He gritted his teeth.

"Stop, Peter! Stop! I love you! I love you! No one understands you better than I!" The flower's desperation grew with PJ 's pressure on her. Sweat dripped from his face. His teeth gritted harder.

"No!" He tore the flower out. It was not very pretty, like a Mutilator movie. He flung the plant away, a last piece of strength before he collapsed.

The vines captivating the Sailor Senshi withered and died, emancipating all. "Did anyone get the license of that truck…" Sailor Goof shook his head back to his usual sense (or what it is). Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, and Venus gathered around Usagi and Chibiusa. They were okay.

Max ignored all as he ran to his fallen friend, who was on the ground clutching his wound. "Hold on, buddy!" He cradled him, looking around for help.

PJ's hard face regained some of its softness. "We're in a weird area here…" His face fell. Pluto ran first to them, checking the degree of his wound. "He'll be all right."

A moment was to Max and PJ, but there came an interruption. A great laughter played its overture upon the area, followed by a great darkness blanketing them all. The source was above them. The Xenian Flower had returned, only now it stood like a giant! Its bodily form, often miniscule in its original size, was all too apparent with its sinister beauty and alien stature. "It was wise to husband the energies for this final gambit. Now, these energies have allowed me to exist independently. No longer will I need a host to exist. I alone exist! Bow to my power!"

Max glared at the behemoth.

"Max…" The Xenian Flower smiled. "In truth, I should have chosen you. But your loneliness was not as great, still filled with the intimacy of your friends and family. I should have had you killed from the beginning. I shall atone for that mistake!"

Max remained at his spot. He will stop her. How? He didn't know.

"Now, hold on a minute!" cried the voice of Sailor Goof. "Nobody hurts muh son!" Max spotted him walking closer to the giant. "I can't believe a beautiful flower like ya could do such sadness! But no pretty flower is gonna get away with hurtin' muh son!" The crystal on his chest shined in its brightness, carrying a great light that could be called beautiful.

"Dad, get away!" Max cried in terror.

The Flower laughed as he raised her hand. Sailor Goof was like an insect to her. A great darkness dropped onto him.


There comes a time, when you face the toughest of fights

Searchin' for a sign, lost in the darkest of nights

But the darkness stopped. There stood Sailor Goof all firm and very much alive. In his hand was the crystal. It protected him from the great shower of dark power.

The wind blows so cold, standing alone, before the battle's begun

But deep in your soul, the future unfolds,

As bright as the rays of the sun

Now, Max has been proud of his father many times. But today, seeing his father face such awesome odds without fear, it was new sense of pride. Max realized how valuable and great a person Goofy is. He couldn't die. He won't let it! The crystal on his own chest also glowed with vibrancy.

You've got to believe in the Power of Love

You've got to believe in the Power of Love

It gives meaning to each moment

It's what our hearts are all made of

You've got to believe in the Power of Love (The Power of Love)

Max stood beside his father. Suddenly, he too shared a great power. Perhaps too powerful for him to maintain, but he would not step down. No way will this monster win! No way with his father standing with him!

"You're not alone!" Usagi, Chibusa stood behind them. Their sooted faces and torn clothes vanished, replaced by gowns that shimmered like moonlight. Max looked at himself and his dad. They were no longer wearing the Sailor uniforms. But the magic of the crystal did not lessen in their possession. It grew.

You've got to believe (You've got to believe) in the Power of Love

You've got to believe (You've got to believe) in the Power of Love

It gives meaning to each moment

It's what our hearts are all made of (Just look inside)

To their backs gathered the Sailor Senshi. All joined hands. Never alone, always together in unity. Each Sailor cried out their name "Make Up!" growing luminous in the process. Like all colors of the spectrum, their energies encircled father and son and mother and daughter, adding to the shine of their possessed crystals.

You've got to believe (You've got to believe) in the Power of Love

The Power of Love

The Power of Love

The Xenian Flower thrust with all her might against this standoff, but not only did her great power not overwhelm them, it soon weakened against the light emitting from the Sailor Senshi. Soon the light overwhelmed her.

Goofy was granted his wish.

The kitchen was busy, with Goofy, Max, Usagi, Minako, Makoto, and Michiru doing a hundred things at once. The latest thing was to get drinks for their guests. "Max, carry these drinks." Goofy asked his son kindly.

"You got it." Max brightly obeyed. "Hey relax! If we can save the world, we can have a good Thanksgiving!"

Goofy took a moment to smile. Then he got back to work. "I'll send them here." Max said before walking into the living room where the other guests were talking. Everyone came out alive and well from their adventure. Dad had not sacrificed himself, nor did anyone else. Ami explained the reason: The combination of Dad, himself, Usagi, and Chibiusa somehow cancelled out the lethal effects using the Silver Crystal would naturally do if used by one. Whatever; as long as everyone is alive!

Goofy had decided to invite all the Senshi for Thanskgiving dinner. That would have put a strain in their food supply if Michiru and Haruka hadn't already planned to make their own Thanksgiving dinner in view of the American tradition. Thus, there was enough for all. Max didn't mind the abundance of guests, especially the arrival of one girl neither Japanese or a Senshi. That someone would be coming very soon.

Sylvia was also present. Nothing was said to her about the cosmic adventure that had been experienced. However, she did note the addition of a new flower. Max spotted it. On the fireplace was a pot that held what was left of the Xenian Flower. This was his father's wish. Goofy felt there was no such thing as a bad flower; so the power of the Silver Crystal purified the plant of all its nastiness, leaving a normal bloom that would be filled by love and not loneliness. The Sailors were impressed by their temporary leader's resolution to this opponent. It was a compliment Chibiusa now granted to Max.

"Your father is really something," said Chibiusa.

"Your mother is too," Max was softer in voice.

Chibiusa blushed with pride. "I don't admit much, but I would like to become as good and brave and strong as she is."

"Yeah, I feel the same way about my dad too."

They heard a crash, a yell of Goofy, and a cry from Usagi.

Both Max and Chibiusa kept a straight face, despite the sweat on their temples.

"You do understand what I'm saying, don't you?" Chibiusa cringed.

"Yes," Max was equally uncomfortable. The discomfort was peripheral, as Max saw to others like PJ. His friend sat awkwardly on a chair. The poor friend had suffered much. Goofy and Max were able to make a quick recovery like the rest of the Sailor Senshi, as due to the magic of their rank. But PJ had some bandages around his chest where he tore out the Xenian flower, plus an arm on a sling. At least he kept the slim, muscular figure, although that might soon change.

Then again, Poor was probably not the right word for PJ, for draped along his good shoulder was Java. As soon as she confessed the truth in that earth-shattering phonecall, the beret girl drove directly to Spoonerville to see PJ for forgiveness. An act the victim tearfully accepted with all his heart.

"How you feeling?" Max asked.

"Terrible." PJ answered with a combination of truth and sarcasm, getting a head brush by Java. Yes, the poor boy was back to being a beatnik. The kid couldn't catch a break, Max smirked to himself.

There came a knock at the door. "That'll be my girl!" Max sped to the door. "Hello…"

The door he opened revealed not Roxanne. "PJ!" Max cried out.

The called turned his head and was equally astonished.

"Well, that's a nice way to treat your family!" Pistol remarked. With her was Peg, less snappy but still impressive. "PJ! What happened?" The mother ran to her firstborn son. "I thought you only broke your leg!"

"It's a long story, Mom…" PJ was overwhelmed at this sudden change of events. "Um, this is my girlfriend, Java."

"Salutations, Mother of PJ!" Java calmly greeted.

Peg made a brief reciprocation, turning all priority to her son. "Oh, it's been so long since I saw you, my dear boy."

"I thought…you and Pistol were off somewhere."

"We were going to see you dear," Peg hugged her son. If she was embarrassing PJ, he was not affected by it. "I can't believe you didn't get my message."

PJ crushed his face. "Mom…"

"My dear…I'm sorry for not seeing you much. It must have been so hard being under Pete's thumb."

"You're sorry? But…I thought you didn't want to see me because I looked like…"

Peg stared at her son with tearful eyes and strength in face. "You are Pete's son, but you are not Pete. Unlike him, your goodness blooms like a…"

"A flower?" PJ was a bit anxious about that line.

"You and Pistol are the part of Pete that I fell in love with," Peg hugged her son and daughter. "You are the part of Pete I shall always love!"

PJ was much comforted, covering his joyous face and his tears.

Max was equally comforted over his best friend's good fortune. Then there came another knock at the door. "That'll be Roxanne!" He opened the door with a smile beaming. This time he got a handsome young man.

"Is this the right house?" The visitor asked.

"Mamoru-chan!" Usagi and Chibiusa ran to the visitor with open arms.

A flabbergasted Max turned to Ami and Rei with a whisper. "Let me guess…boyfriend and future father?"

The girls nodded.

"When I learned you went to America," Mamoru explained. "I decided to follow you for this Thanksgiving."

"Add 'nother chair!" Goofy instantly responded.

Standing near the opened door, Max shook his head with a light disappointment. "Same Old Goof Luck working as usual." His cheek received a strong kiss. "Hi Max," greeted Roxanne with a smile.

Max's spirits leaped. Same Old Goof Luck!

Everyone gathered to the table. Goofy and Max sat at the opposite ends, close to their loved ones. And it was the patriarch who gave thanks.

"I wanna give thanks t' y'all! An' especially t' Love. Love is a very strong thing. Love between parents an' their kids, t' friends, an' more 'n friends. No matter how bad things get, no matter how far apart we get, the love we have for each other always sticks us together like glue. Amen."

"Amen." Sylvia kissed Goofy. Roxanne kissed Max. Java kissed PJ. Michiru kissed Haruka, Mamoru kissed Usagi and Chibiusa. Artemis and Luna kissed Diana.

Goofy stood up, and with his warmest smile, gave Max the knife and fork to cut the turkey. And Max graciously accepted them with an equally loving smile. And Goofy kissed him, an act Max was not quite so gracious about, but he accepted it.

And a feast began for this extended family, be they related by blood or love. Nearby, the flower that was formerly so wicked a creature, stood before this togetherness. No longer alone, it was loved, and felt love.