Hey guys, I have decided to put this story at an end.

Fans: Awwwww

Inuyasha: Will you make a fanfic of me killing Sesshomaru?

Me: hahahahah no

Inuyasha: Awww.

Me: Great just like my fans!

Fans: cries.

Me: N-n-n-n-no d-d-don't cry, I-I haven't told you the rest of my news, or A/N

Fans: Sniffle, and stop crying.

Me: I might be making my THIRD sequel.

Fans: Cheers wildly.

Inuyasha: REALLY! Why do you have so much energy in you to write about freaking Sesshomaru! It's not about him, he just shows up in about 10-15 episodes, and leaves.

Sesshomaru- Wolflover 235, can I punch him?

Me: Why yes you can! :(

* Sesshomaru punches Inuyasha then claps his hands together, as if to whipe off the dirt.*

Fans: O.o

Me: a-anyway, um, like I said, I am making the third sequel, maybe starting it today! If i get a couple comments.

Fans: Comment comment comment!

Me: heheh, yeah, like that.

Sesshomaru: Is the sequel #3 going to have somemore 'Rin in Danger' Cause if so, I might as well destroy the whole world. If random people keep on coming to get her.

Me: O.o My Lord you are scaring our fans.

Sesshomaru: * Looks at fans *

Fans: ;(

Sesshomaru: Sorry. I'll just leave, bye.

AHEM! As I was saying, I am making the third sequel, I hope you can enjoy it!

* In commercial voice *

Warning: Next sequel may contain shocking dramatic changes in our story, We will be looking further into Rin.

As you have Read chapter 7, you probably know what we are talking about.

Parental Discretion is advised...

* Disc scratches, and the commercial voice cuts off.*


Um, ok half of that was right, you don't have to pay attention to the " Parental discretion"

Sorry forgot to stop the recorder on that.

Well, I guess I'd better stop typing and start thinking about our new sequel to the story.

Leave some comments.

Ok, I will stop typing... now...


~Wolflover 235