A/N This is the end. I wrestled with a few possibilities that could lead to a sequel, but I think this is also a good place to end, not with a neat little package, but with you imagining the future for the characters. Thank you to everyone who read, reviewed, followed or considered this good enough to be in their 'favourites.' Giving an original character a chance is a hard thing. I haven't ever actually asked for reviews, but if you want to leave me any final thoughts, you're most welcome to. And after you've finished this epilogue, get back to the menu and find another awesome story to read!


The day was bright and sunny. The wind gently caressed the faces of James and Henry, who were sitting atop the carriage, urging the horses onward.

Inside the carriage, Emma and Snow White sat on opposite seats, but pressed close together as they leaned forward, each straining for a glimpse of anyone walking within sight. As awkward as things were between them, they had joined together in their common desire to see Eve again.

"Shouldn't we have found her by now?" Emma muttered, brushing a strand of hair away as the wind whipped it into her face.

"Just be patient," Snow replied. "We can't floor it like you used to in your yellow Bug."

"Yeah, well I'm surprised you could even drive at all, having lived here your whole life," Emma retorted. The two women looked at each other before breaking out into sheepish smiles. It felt almost natural to be sitting and joking together.

Friends, for now. Snow looked out at the landscape rushing by, a secret smile affixed to her face.

Emma said nothing more, but gave Snow a sidelong glance.

We just might be ok.

Henry's excited shout had them leaning out the window again.

Eve stood at the top of the hill and looked down. The carriage rolled toward her and she could just make out two figures sitting side by side. One figure was noticeably smaller than the other and after a moment of squinting, she deduced that it was Henry.

He was waving madly.

She saw James jerk the reins up and down hard, forcing the horses into an even faster pace. She felt nervous as she watched the carriage draw nearer. Her future was hurtling toward her in the form of a wooden carriage from the Middle Ages, carrying the family she had never known.

Eve could think of only one way to handle it.

She flipped her dark hair back over her shoulder and took a deep breath.

And walked down to meet them.