The Warring Forces

By: TheWildFool2011

(I do not own Way of The Samurai, I just play the game and write fictions.)

Amihara Port Town

It was 1885, of the Meiji Period in Japan. In the ending months of fall, a government took interest in a small port town by the name of Amihara. Thus, gaining the interest of foreigners, this town also is known as a home for rōnins, particularly one by the name of Takashi Mōmōtarō.

"Taka-kun!" yelled a younger voice from below the tree he resided in. The boy had shoulder length hair, no shirt, with ripped shorts. Takashi was not in any way phased by the kid from below screaming his name out.

"Hiro…are you sure this is a good idea?" asked a boy with messy black hair and dirty ripped clothes. "Yeah, Akashi I do this everyday trust me he'll wake up…watch this!" Hiro then picked up a rock and threw it at the young samurai. Takashi did nothing but scratch his back and leaned to the side as if he was going to fall off.

'Alright! Just a little more…and…!' with three more shots left, Hiro threw the rocks at Takashi, one hitting him in the head, the other in the back, and one in the back of his arm. This caused Takashi to yelp and fall off the side of the tree branch he was sitting on.

Rubbing his head Takashi quickly grabbed the hilt of his katana looking around rapidly, "What? Who was that?" Hiro sighed face palming himself while Akashi was on the ground laughing, "Um, Taka-kun! It's just us…me and the others want you to train us how to be a samurai! Well, all except Akashi."

Takashi with the hilt of his katana sat down against the tree and closed his eyes, "No." Hiro sighed miserably.

Akashi wiped a tear from his eye as he finished laughing, "I told you Hiro he wasn't gonna just say yes."

Stomping his foot and grabbing Takashi's sheath with his small hands, he struggled to remove the katana from his older friends' grip. He pouted as he continued to pull on the katana, "Please….you said you would…"

"I was drunk and you know I was. In other terms, I promised nothing." Takashi bluntly answered opening one eye to meet brown eyes. Hiro continued to pout glaring the samurai in the eye, Takashi only chuckled and shooed both of the boys away.

Akashi crawled his way over to Takashi and sat down next to him poking him, "Hey Taka…" once again Taka opened one eye looking at Akashi, "Yes?"

"Can we go get something to eat please…I haven't eaten this morning." Akashi sadly looked down clinging to his arm. "I thought Mr. Dojima was giving you kids food secretly…?"

Hiro plopped down in front of him, crossing his arms, "Yeah, he was til that government person caught him and they beat him…"

Takashi tensed up a little bit, "The damn government again…?"

Akashi and Hiro nodded, "It's actually half the reason we came here…to see if you could buy us food…" Takashi looked at the two boys with a worried look in his eye.

"I would have to try to find a quick job that would pay right on after, it has been done." He said getting smiles from both of the boys. They jumped on him causing him to release his grip on his katana, "Yay! We'll go tell the others that you're gonna make money and buy us loads of food!"

"Alright you two go do that, and while you're on the way do not get side track please." Takashi asked politely, with a glimmer in his eye. He watched as the two boys ran off too their friends.

He then turned his head to the sky and sighed lightly smiling 'I have a long day ahead of me…'

Author Note: Yes, yes, yes I know short chapter I apologize. I will make the next chapter longer I promise! Until then peace out!

Forever Yours Truly, TheWildFool2011