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"Ugh…" Shizuo groaned, blinking his eyes to get used to the sun light. Stretching out, he loosened his sore muscles and looked around in an attempt to remember the night before. A quick glance about revealed that he was in his apartment, the flea still sleeping soundly next to him. A few empty bottles lay nearby, others still half full.

"Oh yeah…" He mumbled, recalling how he and his boyfriend of two years had had a little…shall we say, rendezvous in the sheets. They'd been celebrating their anniversary, with all the usual things people celebrate with. (A/N: If you catch my drift…*wink*)

Shizuo glanced down, hearing a soft sigh and feeling Izaya turn over to press his face to the blonde's chest. You'd never hear him admit it, but even the ex-bartender thought the informant could be cute at times. Or at least when he was sleeping.

"Mmm…" The flea moaned, stretching his face upwards and planting a soft kiss on the other's lips. He reluctantly cracked his eyes opening, squinting slightly in the morning light. Memories of last night entered both of their minds, thinking about the drunkenness with which they'd kissed and the passion of it all.

Shizuo merely watched as Izaya sprawled across him and relaxed, ready to let sleep take over again.

"Hey…" The blonde brute began, remembering something he'd rather not right now. But it just wouldn't get out of his mind.


"Is that one guy still claiming to be in love with you? The sailor or soldier or whatever who supposedly has your name in a heart on his shoulder." Shizuo asked, his protective nature still there even after their two years together.

"Heh, is Shizu-chan jealous~?"

"Hell no! Just answer the question!"

The information broker sighed at having his attempts at sleep disturbed.

"If you must know, no he is not. I had him eradicated after he tried to follow me home one day." The man rolled his eyes, remembering his recent stalker. But he'd had the man taken care of, just 'happening' to mention a certain rumor to the Yakuza.

"Good. You're mine."

His lover just rolled his eyes and gave him another soft kiss.

"I'm yours." He agreed.


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