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Summary: Picking up the broken shards of glass scattered across the floor, I shall find you in the frozen afterlife of Death…

Note: I just came up with that line in the summary on the spot, but I may have gotten it from somewhere, can't remember if I have though.

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I stand there before you, as you scream and shout, losing your already fragile mind, breaking like the glass it seems so similar to.

I bend over and carefully pick up the pieces that you leave behind for others to step on so carelessly.

It's what I do, whether you want me to or not.

After all, whether you realize it or not, despite my careless grins and oblivious smile, I am your friend, a true friend.

After all, a true friend is there to catch you when you fall.


You don't have to agree with me. It's fine.

You can scream and deny if you like, I won't hate you for it.

You can call me your rival, and say we aren't supposed to be friends.

That doesn't mean I still can't be one in secret.

So I shall stand here and wait patiently while you lose your mind, and be there to catch you when everyone else has left you behind.

I'll play the parts you want me to play in public, and in privacy I shall wait patiently for you to come back to earth.

(Even if it is for only a few sane and quiet seconds.)

I shall smile quaintly, and watch as you scream and fight and break, and I'll be there to catch you afterwards.

You can even hit me a couple of times if it helps.

(It's fine, it's okay, everybody needs a way to vent after all, it's just yours might not be the best and safest idea.)

I'll be there to pick up the pieces so you won't hurt yourself as you rampage through the wooden halls of your ship.

I'll be there to bandage your wounds when nobody is looking and you can't do it yourself.

I'll be there, picking up the broken shards of glass scattered across the floor.

So you don't have to worry, and please, don't look so scared.

I'll find you in the frozen afterlife of Death, and bring you back again.

After all, Mister Captain, I'm sure I left a few pieces of my own back there as well.

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