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Summary: I watch patiently as you wait to die, and I can't help but wonder if it's really worth it…

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Watching Patiently As You Die!

I sit back and am forced to watch as he loses his mind.

And somewhere along the line you get caught in it as well.

An innocent, non-bloodied angel somehow becomes beaten and bruised in his wake.

And I have to wonder how you got involved, and why in the world would you of all people, who's not even in the same crew, care when everybody else is too scared to even look him in the eyes and tell him he's gone insane!

You let him rant and rave, and like I did before, you let him occasionally hit you.

(Now the both of us are taking hits because we sure as Hell can't let him hurt himself.)

And I have to wonder if maybe he'll recover and all our efforts aren't really just us taking a beating while he dishes it out.

At some point along the line he starts playing around with very sharp weapons.

At some point along the line, I get scared for both of our safeties.

At some point along the line, when we've just been catching him while he falls, we discover that it's no longer safe to do just that and think it's enough.

Now we have to hide the sharp things, the deadly things, and make sure he doesn't hurt himself worse than a good punch can.

(It's one thing to come home with a broken jaw; it's another to come back dead.)

And I have to wonder if it's just you playing a very good rival, or being the best friend you possibly can.

Because despite what you think, I've seen it. I've seen the masks you put on in public for my captain's sake.

And then I can't help but worry for your safety as you carefully hide recently acquired bruises, but I can't get violent with him, and you can't really defend yourself without seriously hurting him.

We're both trapped it appears.

You out of some misplaced love.

And I out of what seems to be misplaced loyalty.

We're both gonna wind up dead as a result of probably.

But we can't fight back, he's already hurting.

I have to wonder though.

Which one of us is hurting worse?

Is it him, with his fiery red hair that perfectly symbolizes his personality, or is it you, who is forced to watch while he loses it, alongside me.

We're both there to catch him when he falls.

But I have to wonder, who is going to catch us after we fall?

Who's going to catch you?

I just hope it isn't too soon or too sudden.

Because we're all breaking on the inside, from different causes, but we're all breaking all the same.

(An ugly crunch that makes all our stomachs turn and makes us turn greener then fish.)

And I have to worry about your safety, because nobody else is.

(Nobody expects, that's how well you play your part in public.)

As I patiently watch you wait to die.

And secretly I have to wonder, is it really worth it?

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