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Kureyouku was in a world of black one moment, and the next she was staring up into a pair of red eyes. "Whoa, are you the devil?"

Kagura growled, standing up straight as the new incarnation sat up. "No. I'm Kagura, your older sister."

"I have siblings!" the younger demon squealed.

Kagura just scowled, now standing by Kana's side. Both stared emptily at their sibling, one out of boredom and the other because of her emotionless state.

Naraku glared at the two, panting. It had taken a lot of energy for him to create this new incarnation, and he didn't need anyone trying to kill it before it could even perform its job. Glancing back at the demon he had given birth to—in the way that only Naraku can—he saw her fingering the tassels of a door. Everything around her made her curious, but her eyes eventually met Naraku's, and a bright smile crossed her lips.

"Hello, Master," she greeted.

"Welcome, Kureyouku," he said in return.

The demon bowed, the grin of hers never disappearing. "When is my mission?"

"Soon," he replied. "For now, rest. You and Kagura will head out tomorrow."


"InuYasha, we need to rest," Kagome complained, collapsing next to Kirara in the small clearing. Shippo crawled on top of her, falling asleep instantly.

"Weak humans," the hanyou grumbled, jumping into a tree.

Sango and Miroku leaned against a tree, whispering to each other in the shade.

It was too bad that none of them knew they were being watched. Kureyouku stood at the edge of the trees, too far to actually see them. That is where she used a sixth sense. Her eyes were blank and hazy, and it was as if she were in a total different world. The trees life force was bright green, and everything dead or nonliving had a black shine to it. The demon ignored the small chittering animals, and instead focused on the life force with a red youki aura surrounding it. That was InuYasha. In the clearing was another life force, this one with a bright pink aura of holy powers swirling around it. That was Kagome.

Naraku had warned his minion about those two. He said they were most likely to attack her and Kagura while the rest went after the lower level demons, but Kureyouku was prepared. With a giggle, she sent a mind message to Kagura. Ready!

And then she threw herself out of the bushes, teleporting in midair. She landed gracefully next to Kagome, the miko waking with a start. "What?"

Kureyouku teleported again. This time next to the monk, hitting him over the head. InuYasha had now noticed something was amiss, and everyone stared at the demon in the middle of their makeshift camp.

"Who are you?" InuYasha asked bluntly, his sword at the ready.

Naraku's minion only laughed a little, pointing to herself. "I'm Kureyouku, a psychic demon of Naraku."

"An incarnation!" the hanyou shouted, swinging at her.

She flashed to the other side of him. "Silly puppy. Tricks are for kids."

"Hey!" he shouted indignantly, trying to cut her in half again. Unfortunately for him, she was smarter than the average wacko and jumped high enough to avoid the blade, dodging his hastily thrown blows.

Kagura landed in the clearing then, putting her feather in her hair. With a flick of her hands, lower level demons came from the sky, attacking the group. InuYasha angrily screeched just about every single swear word known to man and dog kind. Yeah, he was not happy.

Kureyouku teleported at his side again, raising glowing pink aura claws that had grown from her hands. He jumped away, but now with a decent scratch on his face. A growl met her ears, and she smiled broadly.

Kagura glared at her. "Can you stop playing with them?"

"Um?" Kureyouku let out in surprise, turning to glare at her sister with wide innocent eyes. It was quite a difficult task to pull off such an expression, but she felt that her sister was ruining her game for no reason. "Why can't you just let me have fun?"

"We have a purpose," she told Kureyouku with a snarl.

"To annoy me?" the psychic demon riposted.

"No, to attack them!" Kagura screamed.

"Or maybe to attack you!" Kureyouku rephrased, teleporting in front of the wind demoness and scratching her with her claws that were not claws.

The wind demon hissed, forming a tornado that slammed her sister into a tree. Kureyouku aimed again, jumping high and teleporting to Kagura's right side, knocking her feet out from under her. Kagura pulled the psychic down with her, and they tumbled into the mud.

The lower level demons were already dead, and now the group watched the battling incarnations.

"Aren't they on the same team?" Shippo asked, confused.

"We know that, Naraku knows that, but I don't think they know that," Miroku answered.

As Kagura banged Kureyouku's head against a tree, a Naraku puppet appeared, fuming. "What is the meaning of this?"

Kureyouku bowed at the waist, and Kagura fell to her knees. The wind sorceress apologized quietly.

"You better be," he mumbled, his words barely legible.

"Yes, father," the youngest demon added. "We will be sure to follow in your evil ways from now on, but I still don't forgive Kagura!"

"Yeah, well you're not getting any love from me either!" Kagura snapped, now on her feet.

Kureyouku stood as well, both snarling in each other's faces as Naraku tried to break them up. Kagome lead the group of jewel hunters into the forest as the evil trio bickered.

Something was up with that new incarnation. Maybe she wasn't psychic. Maybe she was psycho.