The Life and Death of Jessica Sparrow's my fanfic for POTC..i know the first chapter isn't much, but I'll be loading some more soon, I promise it gets better. Anyway here ya go chapter 1...

Chapter 1

"Will?" she called. "WILL!"

A merchant ship blew up wood and fire flying everywhere. A tall man towered over her small body.

"Welcome aboard the Black Pearl, Miss Sparrow!" he said coldly.

There were shocked mutters of "Sparrow?" all around her. The man who was holding her arm flung her to the waiting crew. They grabbed and pulled at her as she flailed, kicking and screaming to no avail. Tears streamed down her dirty face as she realized she couldn't get away.

"Lock her in the cabin!" shouted the man who had talked to her.

"Aye, Captain, aye!" the crew replied.

She kicked and screamed harder, but she couldn't get away from them as they drug her across the ship.

Jessica bolted awake, sitting upright. She couldn't believe she'd remembered that from eight years ago. Every night she dreamed of escaping this ship, but every morning she woke to realize she was still prisoner aboard the Black Pearl. She couldn't complain too much at least she wasn't dead like...

"Will," she breathed.

He was surely dead as she was prisoner here, she wished it were the other way around, Will deserved to be alive, not her.

She thought as she got up and pulled on her sword, tucking her pistol in her belt. She barely thought where she was going as she made her way to the helm where Barbossa stood.

"Captain," Jessica said.

He didn't reply, just nodded, keeping his eyes fixed on the open sea ahead of them and the wheel. Jessica walked down the stairs and climbed the ratlines to the crow's nest. In the far horizon from her view way above the deck, she saw land, if that's where they were going they would be there by dusk. She had a bad feeling about it, she didn't know why, but she did.