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Chapter 6
Jessica watched as Will walked up to Elizabeth, she didn't hear the words they exchanged, but soon Elizabeth walked away. Jack walked up to Will as Elizabeth was walking past Jessica.
"If you were waiting for the opportune moment," Jack said to Will, "that was it."
Will looked at Jack as he walked away.
"Now, if you'd be so kind, I'd be much obliged if you'd drop me off at my ship," Jack said.
All four of them got into the long boat Elizabeth had used to reach the cave. As they were rowing out of the cave Elizabeth explained that she had tried to convince their crew -after springing them from the Pearl's brig- to help her rescue Jack. They had refused and taken off with the ship.
"I'm sorry, Jack," Elizabeth said.
"They done what's right by them, can't expect more than that," Jack said in an undertone.
Jessica knew what would happen to her and Jack now as they rowed to the Dauntless, and it wasn't good.
They sailed back to Port Royal on the Dauntless, Jessica meeting Elizabeth's father and Commodore Norrington -who she learned from Will was Elizabeth's fiancé. Jessica stood by Will at the railing of the ship.
"The Governor granted you clemency?" she asked.
Will nodded.
"You love her don't you?" Jessica asked looking out to sea.
Will looked at her.
"Elizabeth. You love her," Jessica stated. "She loves you too, anyone can see that."
"When we get to Port Royal, Jess, I will hide you with me, else you'll end up at the gallows with Jack," Will said.
Jessica looked at him, frowning.
"No, Will, if they find out you're-"
"They won't," Will insisted taking Jessica's hand.
"What if they do? Then, we'll all end up dead. Will, don't do this, I won't have you dead because of me."
Will looked into her eyes and Jessica knew all he wanted was for her to be safe.
"Jessica Sparrow, I love you, I couldn't bare to see you harmed. You've done nothing wrong, and I will not have you hung for something you never did. It's wrong," Will said.
Jessica looked at the deck, unsure of what to say.
"And what about Jack, Will?"
"We'll figure something out, you always said Jack has plans for everything."
"This time he doesn't."
They arrived at Port Royal the next day, Jessica quickly hiding as she walked away with Will. She was glad to see where Will had actually been all those years, and laughed when she realized that when the Pearlhad sailed into this place, Will had only been a few hundred feet away from her. She had been so close to seeing him sooner than she did. He lead her into the blacksmith's shop where he told her he was working.
"It was funny, to see Jack here, even though I didn't recognize him. He recognized me, though," Will said.
"He threatened you, didn't he?" Jessica asked.
"He threatened Elizabeth and tried to escape, and I wouldn't let him out of the shop. We ended up in a sword fight where I would have beaten him if he'd kept to the rules," Will said.
"As I'm sure you learned, Jack doesn't play by the rules, let alone fight by them. If pirates fought by the rules we'd all be dead within the month. He pulled his pistol on you didn't he?"
"Yes, and now I know he wouldn't have shot me, that would have been nice to know then."
Jessica smiled, but she knew she wouldn't be happy until Jack was free. She stayed out of sight until nightfall. All night she stayed up think of ways to get Jack out of this mess he'd gotten into, but nothing worked when she played it out in her mind. She eventually fell asleep with one idea on her mind, but it seemed highly unlikely. She figured they could just play it like Jack, making his plan up as he went, all that had to be done was one big act that would set everything into motion.
The next morning Jessica was woken by Will, who was dressed in fancy clothing.
"Jess, we have to go," Will said.
Jessica sat up quickly, remembering what day it was. Will helped her up and they left the blacksmith's shop, heading for the town square.
"Will, what are we going to do?" Jessica asked.
"You said that Jack always has a plan, and that now he doesn't have one. I figured maybe he just needs a little help coming up with it."
Jessica smiled, Will's reasoning was just what was needed for this. Will motioned for her to take his arm, like they were going to the square together, as to not arouse suspicion. She took his arm and walked quietly beside him. They arrived, Jessica seeing Jack standing on the platform, a noose in front of him. She became unnerved and held Will's arm tightly.
"Stay here," Will said to her.
She let him go, he continued walking through the crowd and Jessica looked back at Jack. A man started to read of charges.
"Jack Sparrow, you have..." he started to read.
Jessica saw Jack roll his eyes and say something that looked like "Captain. Captain, Jack Sparrow."
She remembered how offended he got when people left the "Captain" out of his name, and smiled, Jack hadn't changed. Suddenly Will was moving through the crowd, Jessica turned and started to walk toward him, making her way through the crowd as well. She stopped though when the hangman placed the noose around Jack's neck and a drum-roll started. Jessica saw Will frantically push his way through the crowd shouting "Move!" The drum-roll stopped and the hangman pulled the lever. Jessica saw two things at once, she saw Jack about to die and Will running. Will threw his sword at the trap door that hung at the side of the gallows. Jack balanced on the blade therefore avoiding being hung. Jessica smiled, but still saw that one slip could cost Jack his life. She broke into a run toward where Will was now battling the hangman's ax with his sword. Jack was caught between them, the noose having very little slack in it, Jessica reached Will just as he blocked a low blow from the hangman his sword clattering to the platform. Jessica was just about to throw him her own sword when Will ducked to avoid the ax, but in stead of hitting Will the ax cut the rope, releasing Jack. Will shoved the hangman off the gallows into Norrington and his men just as they had been approaching the gallows. Will flipped off the gallows, Jessica jumping after him as they ran Jack followed them. He handed Will the other end of the rope that had almost hung him and they started to go through some of Norrington's men. They stretched the rope between them, tripping two sets of the guards, and together they pinned two more to a pillar pulling the rope tightly, knocking out the guards. Jessica helped them face the next three guards, Will shoved one off the stairs, Jack punching the other, and Jessica hitting one in the head with the hilt of her sword and shoving him into the others. The two men jumped into a roll as they tried to reach the next pillar. Jessica followed them holding off another guard with her sword. Jack and Will punched the next two guards and turned toward the side facing the sea. Jessica came soon enough to catch them, but not slow enough to see they were completely surrounded. Muskets were trained on them from every direction. Jessica stood by Will and Jack as Norrington walked up to them, sword drawn. She looked at Will, feeling that they had failed Jack and only made things worse. Certainly, all three of them would end up being hung.

"I thought we might have to endure some manner of ill-conceived escape attempt, but not from you," Norrington said to Will.

"On our return to Port Royal, I granted you clemency. And this is how you thank me? By throwing in your lot with him? He's a pirate," Governor Swann said. "And a good man," Will countered, throwing down his sword. "If all that I have achieved here is that the hangman will earn two pairs of boots in stead of one, so be it, at least my conscience will be clear."

Jessica smiled at Will's words with a sense of sadness, he too knew they were all to be hung. He was right though, they'd done the right thing and Jessica didn't have any regrets about it.

"You forget your place, Turner," Norrington said moving closer to Will.

Will looked back at him, anger and sureness showing on his face and in his words.

"It's right here, between you and Jack," he said.

Jessica watched as Elizabeth walked from her father's side to Will.

"As is mine," she said taking Will's hands.

"Elizabeth!" the Governor exclaimed.

Jessica saw the shock and hurt cross Norrington's face when he realized what Elizabeth was saying.

"Lower your weapons," the Governor ordered, "For goodness sake, put them down!"

The men raised their guns back up to their shoulders.

"So this is where your heart truly lies, then?" Norrington said.

"It is," Elizabeth replied as Norrington looked at the ground, hurt.

Jessica then saw the familiar blue and yellow macaw take flight from one of the fort's cannons above them, she saw Jack had noticed too.

"Well! I'm actually feeling rather good about this," Jack said walking over to the Governor from his place behind Will, Elizabeth and Jessica. "I think we've all arrived at a very special place, eh?"

The Governor recoiled as Jack got in his face.

"Spiritually, ecumenically, grammatically," Jack said.

He walked over to Norrington, "I want you to know that I was routing for you, mate, know that."

Jack started to walk away, but stopped behind Elizabeth.

"Elizabeth, it would never have worked out between us, darling. I'm sorry," Jack said walking away.

He got halfway up the steps leading to an archway at the edge of the top of the wall before he turned.

"Will," he said. "Nice hat."

Will smiled as Jack walked to the edge of the wall going all the way down to the rocks below. Jessica wasn't about to let him just go.

"Jack!" she called. "You're going to have to face me sometime."

"Yes, but that time is not now, love. Friends!" Jack said running to the edge with some of the guards coming toward him. "This is a day that you will always remember as the day that..."

Jessica jumped forward as Jack tripped off the edge backwards, falling a good half-mile into the water below. She stopped, looking down at the splash he'd sent up.

"Idiot, he has nowhere to go but back to the noose," Norrington's Lieutenant said.

"Sail, ho!" one of the men on the fort above them called.

Jessica looked out to see the familiar sails of the Black Pearl appear from behind an outcropping of rock in the ocean not too far away. Jessica smiled because now Jack was safe, but she wished she could say the same about herself. A pirate in the midst of most of the Royal Navy with nowhere to go but to a cell to await her death, that is not a fate she wanted, but if it was her fate, so be it, at least Will and Jack were safe.

"What's your plan of action?" Norrington's Lieutenant asked. "Sir?"

Jessica could tell Norrington had been broken by Elizabeth's words, he was silent and looking absently down into the water.

"Perhaps on the rare occasion pursuing the right course demands an act of piracy, piracy itself can be the right course?" the Governor asked knowingly, getting a slight smile out of Norrington. Norrington turned around.

"Mr. Turner," he said forcibly. Will looked at Elizabeth and turned, but Elizabeth grabbed his arm.

"I will accept the consequences of my actions," he said to her and walked over to face Norrington.

Norrington held up his sword in front of him, looking at its tip. "This is a beautiful sword, I would expect the man who made it to show the same care and devotion in every aspect of his life," Norrington said.

"Thank you," Will said.

Norrington walked away, his men dispersing.

"Commodore! What about Sparrow?" his Lieutenant said before he'd gotten far.

"Well, I think we can afford to give him one day's head start," Norrington replied.

"And her?" his Lieutenant said nodding to Jessica.

"I do believe it is unfortunate she was taken hostage and has no control of who her family might be," Norrington said.

Jessica smiled and mouthed "Thank you" to Norrington before he walked away. She turned to see the Governor looking back at Will and Elizabeth.

"So, this is the path you've chosen, is it?" the Governor asked Elizabeth.

She looked at Will, lovingly.

"After all, he is a blacksmith."

"No," Elizabeth said, Will looking at her. She took his hat off, "He's a pirate."

Will looked at her for a second and then placed his hand on the back of her head, kissing her. Jessica smiled and walked away, leaving them in privacy as the sun began its descent over the water. She was glad her nightmare was finally over, leaving her to decency for the first time in a long while.

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