Author's Note: Oh my gosh guys. So I just this week watched all the newest episodes. I just watched everything from "Trickster Treat" up until last Saturday's episode. Uhmm.. So sorry about this but it's time for my rant.

So first off! Uhm… Anyone else notice Emily seemed to be oddly into Jayden? Like a lot. Like when he said he was leaving she cried, no one else did. When he was battling Dekker, she yelled the loudest for him. And whenever they had to help Jayden up because he was injured, Emily ALWAYS had to be touching him. Literally both times there would be a person on either side of him, but she would go next to whoever was on his immediate side. So she was awkwardly stretching to try and help. Just a little weird in my opinion. I know her character is supposed to be sweet and all, but really? Like at first in the series it was all Emily and Mike, then all of a sudden, BAM! Emily and Jayden. Just saying. Okay, well thanks for listening to my rant. Now please enjoy this next chapter and thanks to all who've been reading!

Chapter Six: Nighlock Attack

Jayden was furious. Yes, he had expected that Mike would ask out Emily, but hearing him actually asking made Jayden so mad he could hardly contain it. It took all he had not to run into the room and punch Mike square in the jaw. But Jayden resisted, remembering that he hadn't heard Emily respond yet. If Jayden was lucky, Emily would reject Mike and he could humiliate the green ranger as revenge for asking out Emily. So Jayden listened closely, waiting to hear what Emily would say.

"Oh, Mike. That's so sweet. I would love to go out with you." Emily said, giving Mike a smile.

Mike immediately broke out into a huge grin. He couldn't believe his luck. Emily had actually said yes to him. He was so glad that he had decided to ask her out instead of waiting.

"Great!" Mike exclaimed happily, "So when you're feeling better, and when we have a day off, do you want to go to Rainbow's End?" Mike asked. He knew that Emily had loved it the last time they went as a team, and he figured it was better than sitting in a movie theater not talking for two hours.

"Sure. That sounds wonderful." Emily said, still smiling.

Jayden stormed through the common room right in between Emily and Mike. He stomped his way over to the hallway and headed for his room. He needed to cool off before he did something he would regret. As much as he hated to admit it, they needed a green ranger on the team. That meant hurting Mike wasn't an option.

"What's his problem?" Mike asked when Jayden was out of hearing distance.

"He's probably just stressed. He still has to seal away Master Xandred and battle Dekker. That's got to be a lot of pressure." Emily said.

"You're probably right Em. We should probably leave him alone then til he cools off and isn't so stressed, huh?" Mike said with a laugh.

"Yeah," Emily chuckled, "that's probably a good idea."

*~*~*~*~ Live Like You're Dying ~*~*~*~*

"Kevin! Antonio! Guys come here!" Mia yelled at the two boys as they sparred in the dojo.

Even though they had the day off, Kevin didn't want to waste his time. He had nothing better to do anyways, so he had asked Antonio to spar. Antonio agreed, and the two boys had been sparring for about an hour before Mia interrupted them. Both of them reluctantly walked over to Mia.

"Si amiga, what is it?" Antonio asked the excited pink ranger.

"You'll never guess what just happened!" Mia said while bouncing up and down.

When she had been making the soup for Emily she had overheard everything going on in the common room. She would have run out and hugged her younger "sister", but she saw Jayden standing angrily in the dojo door so she didn't do anything.

When he stormed away in anger, she immediately abandoned the soup on the stove. She ran into the dojo to tell the good news to the only two rangers who still didn't know.

"Hm.. Mike finally admitted his feeling and asked Emily out on a date?" Kevin suggested, even though he knew he was right.

Mia's face changed so she looked slightly upset, "How did you know?"

Kevin chuckled at Mia's facial expression, "Remember when Mike had to talk to me while Emily was missing?"

"Yeah?" Mia and Antonio said together.

"Well he wanted to talk about Emily. He asked for some advice on asking her out and stuff. I figured once she got back that he would do it pretty quickly. I'm kind of surprised it took him this long to ask honestly." Kevin said with a smile.

"So what did she say? When he asked her out I mean?" Antonio said curiously.

"Of course she said yes." Mia replied.

At this time Jayden had calmed down enough and was walking back towards the dojo to train. Nothing occupied him like training did. He thought that maybe if he trained it would take his mind off Emily for awhile. He saw that Kevin, Mia, and Antonio were all in the dojo and breathed a sigh of relief. The last thing he wanted was Emily or Mike in the room. But as he walked in he heard something he wished he didn't.

"She's only liked him since like, the first day we got here." Mia said, not knowing that Jayden was standing only less than 10 feet away from her.

Kevin and Antonio went quiet. They saw Jayden standing behind Mia, and both were too terrified to say anything.

"Guys? Guys?" Mia asked. She waved her hands in front of the two boys. They hadn't said a word, and she was getting worried. Only then did she notice that they were staring directly behind her.

She slowly turned around and saw Jayden standing there. He looked even more furious than a few minutes ago, if that was even possible. His face was redder than his ranger suit, his fists were clenched, and he looked ready to attack. Like the next person to mention Mike or Emily's name was going to get a beating.

"Hey, Jayden." Mia said awkwardly.

*~*~*~*Live Like You're Dying*~*~*~*

Emily and Mike were sitting in the common room. Everyone else was in the dojo, but Emily couldn't train. And Mike wasn't about to leave her alone. So they sat in the common room while Mike was teaching Emily how to play one of his favorite video games.

"No Em," Mike laughed, "you have to press the other button to jump."

"This is too hard!" Emily whined, but she still had a smile on her face.

"C'mon you'll get the hang of it. You just need to practice. We have plenty of ti-" Mike was cut short when the GAP sensor started blaring loudly.

"Really? Now you choose to attack?" Mike grumbled.

The other rangers raced into the common room from the dojo. Mentor came from his office right behind them though. Jayden ran over to the map and opened it up. It took a minute, but a little red dot finally appeared.

"He's at the park. Let's go." Jayden said as he headed out of the house. But all of the other rangers didn't follow immediately. They were about to head out but then realized Emily was unable to fight. Worried for the young girl that she would be kidnapped again, they stayed back a moment.

"Mentor, can you watch Emily while we're gone?" Mike asked the older man.

"Of course Mike. But you all need to go now. Hurry. The faster you defeat the Nighlock the faster you can all get back here." Mentor urged them out the door.

All of the rangers, excluding Emily, raced out the door to follow their leader. Emily stayed seated on the couch and let out a sigh.

"What's wrong?" Mentor asked his youngest samurai.

"I'm worried. What if they need me? What if something happens?" Emily asked.

"What's the worst that can happen?" Mentor said with a shrug.