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Still Alive

Chapter Six: We Do What We Must

The leaving door sat in front of two red buttons, and behind each button sat two ledges connected to a wall, a yellow portal on one and a cube on the other. Behind those there was a gap which held another cube inside.

I shot the blue portal on a wall on my level and walked through it, quickly shooting another portal on the ledge with the cube on it and going back through the orange.

I picked up the cube and jumped off the edge, feeling the long-fall boots catch me before I sat the cube on one of the buttons.

I walked over to the gap, doing to it like I did in the last test chamber, the only thing different was that I had to shoot a portal to get back up onto the ledge and get the cube.

These things were seriously too easy. Even someone who didn't grow up with scientists taking care of them could figure these out.

As soon as I sat the last cube on its button, the door opened. But on the other side wasn't an elevator or emancipation grill like there always was. There was a little square room with a glass ceiling.

On the other side of the ceiling, there was another door to the side and an orange portal on the ceiling above that.

Before I could do anything, Max's voice came back. "As part of a required test protocol, our previous statement suggesting we would not monitor this chamber was an outright fabrication. Good job. As part of a required test protocol, we will stop enhancing the truth in three, two-"

Her voice cut off, leaving me in silence once more. I shot a blue portal to my left and walked through it without a second glance.

I'm glad I know how to land on my feet.

I walked through the emancipation grill and into the elevator, wondering what easy test I'd have to do next.

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