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Annabeth was seriously anxious. Only two more days until the summer solstice. She was a nervous wreck.

She was poking the food on her plate in the Mess Hall at dinner when a bright light flashed and a package appeared on Chrion's table. He looked at the package curiously then picked up the attatched letter. When he read it his eyes went wide. He stood up and stomped his hoof to get the attention of all the campers.

"Attention campers! After dinner tonight we will all proceed to the campfire to read a book sent to us from Apollo himself." He turned to look pointedly at Annabeth and at Jason a couple of tables away. "I'm sure you will want to hear this, considering the note says it is about the adventures of our missing hero, Percy Jackson."

Annabeth's jaw dropped in shock. Her siblings stared, waiting for a reaction, but that was all they got.

Thoughts were running through her head, wildly.

Is it really about Percy?

Is he okay? Where is he?

Oh, gods I miss him.

When I see him, Thailia wants me to punch him, but I'm going to tell him I love him.

She can't believe what she's hearing. It's lucky the hunters of Artemis were visiting. Thailia had to help Annabeth, who was floating in a dream-like state, to the campfire and sat them down on a log bench close to the yellow-magenta flames.

"Alright," said Chiron in a voice as clear as bell ringing through the silence of the campers. "Who will read first?"

"I will!" said Thailia from beside her. She went to take the book from Chiron and returned.

Percy I she began.