Lost Island

[500 Themes: 360]

Barnaby desperately needs a vacation.

No matter how he shouldn't be stressed – no matter how he shouldn't be so worried about every little thing, because shouldn't he be happy? He has a ring on his finger, an instant family, a new home, a new lease on life itself –

And yet he needs to get away.

Thus why he is so glad to get away, just for a four day weekend and not even that with travel time included. Thus why he is so very glad to be floating in some ridiculous pink innertube in the middle of a pool, basking in the sun and simultaneously so content and hoping he doesn't end up with a sunburn at the same time.

"Your drink, sir."

And that's Kotetsu – grinning wide as anything, glistening golden tan in the tropical sun, some colorful, icy margarita in his grasp and thrust in Barnaby's direction. Barnaby sighs as the address, but can't help but crack a smile all the same – taking the drink and taking a slow sip through the straw.

Kotetsu then proceeds to steal a cherry – or two.

"You look happy like this, Bunny." And he smiles, far more openly and warmly than Barnaby can ever hope to. "I'm glad."

Barnaby is glad, too, because no one makes him happier than Kotetsu himself.