Quinn stood on the curb waving goodbye to the departing cab that was carrying Brittany and Santana until the taillights disappeared around the corner.

When the gathering at Benchwarmers had broken up just before midnight Mike and Tina had offered to give Sam and Alyson a ride, since they were already taking Matt back to the same hotel where they were saying, and Quinn had agreed to split a cab with Brittany and Santana, since they were staying with Santana's family only two streets over from Quinn's mothers' house.

She trudged across the grass, thinking about how thankful she was that she'd managed to find her old set of keys to the house before she went out and hoping that her mother was already in bed. The last thing she needed was to experience Judy Fabray's disapproving glare as she slunk in reeking of booze.

Not that Quinn was drunk. A little bit tipsy maybe but certainly not drunk. She'd just ended up drinking more than she had initially planned after Santana had dropped that bomb about Rachel on her, which Quinn thought was entirely understandable. She needed those three extra glasses of wine to help her try to wrap her head around the fact that Rachel Berry was a waitress at Breadstix.

And it wasn't like any of the others could explain how it happened either. Santana immediately laid all the blame on Finn Hudson, stating that they all knew that boy was going to ruin Rachel's life sooner or later. Tina disagreed, saying it wasn't fair to lay all the blame on Finn when they didn't know the whole story and added that all she knew was that she heard from Mercedes that Kurt and Rachel had had a massive falling out during their freshman year at NYADA that resulted in Kurt moving out of the apartment he shared with the couple and she was pretty sure that they hadn't spoken since.

But none of that explained why Rachel was still in Lima and working at Breadstix, of all places. Quinn knew that a lot of struggling actors worked in the food service industry to make ends meet but this was just absurd.

Rachel had made it to New York. She'd gotten out of Lima. So what the hell was she doing back? Quinn couldn't stop thinking about it.

After doing a very simplified version of her nightly routine, Quinn kicked off her boots and peeled off her dress before climbing under the covers. Thanks to the good old Fabray constitution, Quinn knew that she wasn't going to have to deal with a hangover in the morning -an ability that had definitely come in handy during her college days- and she was thankful for it. She had a lot of to do tomorrow and she was going to need a clear head if she was ever going to get to the bottom of the mystery that was Rachel Berry.


Sitting in her car in the parking lot of the Lima Heights Country Club, Quinn compulsively checked her reflection in the rear view mirror one last time; a habit she'd developed after years of living as a celebrity in LA where there was the high probability of being photographed every time you stepped out of the relatively safe confines of your vehicle.

She knew she looked good with her long blonde hair pulled into an elegant updo, combined with understated make-up, a simple plum colored dress with a modest split up the leg and strappy silver pumps. She'd kept the bling to a minimum, only wearing her watch and the diamond stud earrings that Jack had given her for her birthday. Quinn knew that her presence would inevitably draw attention so she'd dressed down in an conscious attempt to not pull focus from the bride. She'd feel terrible if she upstaged Tina at her own wedding.

It wasn't until Quinn had already climbed out of her car that she recognized the old pickup truck that she'd parked next to and realized who the man that was stepping out of it must be. Damn it all to Hell.

She pressed herself against the side of her car and turned her face in the opposite direction, trying to make herself as invisible as possible, hoping he'd pass by without noticing her. But of course that didn't work out.


"Shit," Quinn hissed lowly through gritted teeth before putting on her best show face and turning to face her ex-boyfriend. "Finn, hello. I didn't see you there."

He grinned at her as his eyes shifted to her car. "You're driving a Chevy?" he asked, surprised. "Wow. I thought you'd be driving something a little fancier since you're all famous now."

"It's a rental," she replied flatly as she stared up at Finn and wondered what the hell she had ever seen in him.

Finn had really let himself go over the years. His cheap gray suit was at least one size too small and clung unflatteringly to his bulky body and the skinny tie he was wearing only served to make his torso seem even wider. She was surprised Kurt let Finn out of the house wearing it but then again she had no idea how much contact the stepbrothers had with each other nowadays.

While in high school Finn had been kind of...pudgy but now he was just plain fat which Quinn wasn't surprised by at all; Finn had always hated exercise and had really only ever done the bare minimum to meet the fitness requirements that Coach Beiste had set to be allowed to play on the football and basketball teams, so it only figured that once he'd graduated and was no longer forced to work out he'd really packed on the pounds.

"Oh," Finn muttered dumbly, then his lips curled into that half smile that he always smiled when he was trying to be charming. Ever since she'd lost her 'Finn blinders' towards the end of their junior year, it had made Quinn want to punch him in the face. She wondered if he had any idea that while she was sure that he was going for boyishly charming, he just ended up looking like a smarmy douchebag. "I'm really glad you could make it, Quinn, it's so awesome to see you again. You know, I've never stopped thinking about you."

"Is that so?" Quinn drawled, eyebrow raised. She was pretty sure she knew where he was going with this and she didn't like it one bit.

Finn's half smile faltered a little as he realized that he was dealing with Scary Quinn but he wasn't going to be put off, he'd been waiting years for this chance. "Yeah. I was an idiot in high school, I realize that now, I never should've broken up with you. You were right, we belong together. So I was thinking, since you're back in town-"

"Okay, I'm going to stop you right there," Quinn interrupted. If she wasn't so furious about what he'd done to Rachel -because after running it over in her head all night, Quinn had decided that Santana had to have been right; whatever happened to Rachel that caused her to end up working a dead end job in Lima had to have been Finn's fault. It's what Quinn had always feared, that Finn would get in the way of Rachel achieving her dreams.- then she would've found the way Finn was still desperately trying to cling to his high school glories incredibly sad. "You and me? It's never going to happen again. It never should have happened the second time and the only reason it did was because I was suffering from a prolonged bout of temporary insanity. You did me the biggest favor of my life by breaking up with me at that funeral because I know that I never would've made it to where I am today if I had been tethered down to dead weight like you. It's just too bad Rachel wasn't as fortunate."

Finn's entire demeanor changed in an instant, transforming from affable to angry in the blink of an eye; his hands balled into fists at his sides as his eyes narrowed and his lips twisted into an ugly snarl.

"You have no idea what you're talking about, Quinn. Rachel Berry's the one that ruined me. She screwed up my entire life! If you'd bothered to keep in touch with us little people, you'd know that," he raged at her before storming off.

What the hell was that supposed to mean? Quinn wondered as she watched Finn stomp across the parking lot, kicking a recycling can over as he passed it, sending litter spilling out across the asphalt.

And so the plot thickens.