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Maura opened both of her tired eyes carefully, the foggy hazel orbs darting around the room. A confused expression contorting her usually soft features. She knew she wasn't in her room, or in her house for that matter. Thought what scared her was what she didn't know.

Somehow, she had magically appeared in a bed with no recollection of how and why she ended up in this predicament. The pounding in her head, and the dryness of her mouth indicated that alcohol might have been the culprit in this particular situation.

Maura slowly, and with great tentativeness, turned her head to see the other motionless, but very alive body that occupied the bed with her. She dreaded having to find that the occupant was a man she didn't know, or worse, a co-worker. Maura's eyes nearly bugged out of her head as she examined the occupant's massive mound of dark curly hair cascading down the back of a slender, yet curved body half hidden under the off white bed sheets. "Jane?" She exclaimed, electing a very quiet groan from the other woman, yet not waking her up.

Was this all that bad? She would rather wake up next to her best friend with an alcohol educed short term memory loss, than with a complete stranger. Her head snapped sideways, her slightly glazed stare falling on the woman beside her once more. She's naked. The realization hit her like a punch to the ovaries. Jane's naked, in bed. In her bed, which I am also occupying.

Slight terror and nervousness settled in Maura's stomach, seeming to churn her insides up as she sat up on the comfy surface, clutching to the sheets on her chest as to not expose her completely naked torso. She looked down at herself, peaking underneath the covers. Dear God. Scratch that, completely naked body. Her mouth opened from shock. "Dear God." Maura said, out loud this time. Her voice roughened from sleep, or lack of it. I am naked, in a bed, with Jane, my best friend Jane, who is equally naked...Oh God!

"Jane, wake up." Maura tried, but the detective simply shifted in her sleep, lifted her right arm, and placed her hand over her friend's mouth, which seemed to be making too much noise for her liking. She frowned as she looked down at the hand covering her mouth, finding the gesture quite rude. Maura pushed the brunette's hand away before trying to wake her up one more time.

"Jane, please, wake up." She tried more forcefully, desperation in her tone. This time she was rewarded with a groan, and an incomprehensible mumble. The hard way it is. "JANE THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE!" She exclaimed, recreating panic and fear in her voice the best she could.

Jane woke up with a start from her face down position on the bed, both of her arms supporting her upper body. "Wha? What's happening? Why are you screaming?" Jane groaned in annoyance, her deep voice taking a less than friendly tone with the woman responsible for waking her up from the peaceful slumber.

Maura couldn't help the soft chuckle that escaped her lips as she watched a semi-awake Jane jerk up with one eye open, pillow lines imprinted on the side of her face and a cute confused look accompanied by the wildest bed hair the woman had ever seen.

"What's so funny?" Jane asked, clearly annoyed. It wasn't enough that she woke her up, but the rude awakening worsened the headache that settled in the back of her skull. What the hell happened last night? The woman turned to lay on her back, letting out a yawn as she rubbed her eyes with the palm of her hands. She stopped suddenly, feeling her best friend's eyes on her, whom had still not answered her question.

The Detective turned to look at her with a frown. "What? Oh my God, Maura. Why are you naked?" Jane's voice changed from deep, to high pitched in less than a millisecond as her eyes caught a glimpse of the bare woman beside her. Maura couldn't answer; she had no answer, and simply pointed at her best friend.

Jane arched an eyebrow, and looked down at herself, picking up the bed sheet on her chest with her thumb and index finger, tilting her head slightly as she peaked under. "No..." She breathed out in bewilderment. She turned to look at Maura, a pleading look on her face. "No." She looked back down at herself in her birthday suit, then back at Maura. "No. Tell me we didn't..." The brunette trailed off, pleading her friend once more.

"I can't." Maura replied simply. "I do not have enough data to base any kind of theoretical hypothesis that we did or did not do anything." She stated. Although, the evidence sure is pointing towards something rather than nothing.

Jane fell back down on the bed with an exasperated sigh, taking a pillow and covering her face with it. "How much did we drink?" She asked with a groan, her voice coming through muffled because of the pillow.

"Technically, we had to have ingested an equivalent of approximately 14 beers in a period of up to 4 hours to show signs of severe memory loss. Though, it would be hard to calculate the exact amount as a multitude of factors could affect this, such as our weight, the percentage of alcohol-" Maura's expertise opinion was cut short, as Jane held up her hand in an attempt to silence the Doctor, who frowned at this gesture. Oh, this must have been a rhetorical question. The woman concluded.

"No Googlemouth, not this early." Jane groaned again, her head still pounding. "Not with the headache I have." She sighed and peeled off the pillow from her face, starring up at the ceiling. If the world could just disappear this very moment that would be just perfect. She would rather be running after a heavily armed suspect with no weapon, than face the predicament that both women had seemed to put themselves in. What in the world did I do to deserve this?

"Cephalgia, commonly called headaches, are a result of dehydration of the parotid salivary gland situated below the occipital lobe. This often occurs after periods of heavy drinking." Maura confirmed with a nod.

No, Jane hadn't chose not to interrupt Maura because she didn't have the energy to, but as a result of what she was currently starring at with what one could only describe as horror. A piece of undergarment was dangling from one of the blades of the ceiling fan. "Okay, what is that doing there?" The brunette shouted frantically, her hand pointing at the discarded bra like it was a baby alien from outer space.

Maura looked up at her red lace bra. "Odd. I wonder how that happened." She tilted her head, examining the piece of undergarment. She soon came to the conclusion that both of them must have been in a frantic state, or hurrying to undress themselves, maybe each other, for her bra to end up hanging off the ceiling fan.

"I don't wanna know." Jane replied. I wish the world would open up and swallow me hole, I don't have time to deal with this. Just as on cue, her prayers were answered as her phone rang. "Rizzoli." Saved by the bell.

"And Isles." Maura added as she scooted closer to her best friend, making sure her voice was clearly audible to the person on the other end of the phone.

The Detective rolled her eyes. "We'll be right there." With that said, the woman closed her phone and dropped her head back on the bed with a sigh. "This day is getting better and better." She said with a fake smile.

Maura frowned slightly. "I'm not certain if I should be offended by that statement, Jane." She nudged her friend with her elbow, a small smirk playing on the corner of her lips.

"I'm not 'certain' you should even ask yourself that question, Maura." Jane replied using air quotes and emphasizing the woman's name for dramatic effect before she pealed the off white sheets from her body and stood up.

Jane began slipping on her work clothes, just as she finished buttoning her formal black pants, and slipped on her plain white button up shirt, she heard a struggle behind her. She turned around and witnessed a scene that made her sigh in annoyance, at first, then it was laughable, and finally, it turned out to be arousing.

Maura had slipped on a pair of Jane's boxer briefs, and stood in the middle of the bed, trying to get her bra. Annoyance because she always borrowed the brunette's underwear, amusing seeing as it was like watching a kid trying to grab a lollipop from someone taller than them, and finally, arousing due to the fact that Maura's breasts were free to move as they wished, due to the lack of support.

Jane simply stared at her best friend, her lips parted, and her brown orbs glued at the perky pink breasts. A familiar feeling sinked in, though, she had no idea if it was from being aroused, or being aroused because of Maura's nakedness. Shaking the thoughts from her head, and making her blush disappear, Jane quickly buttoned her shirt and hopped on the bed to offer her friend some assistance.

The taller woman effortless lifted one of her arms up in the hair, grabbed the distressed undergarment while she looked down at Maura with a smirk. "You're welcome." Jane quipped, offering the woman her bra.

"How very chivalrous of you." The doctor thanked her friend, giving her a sweet smile before she slipped the missing red garment on. Without thinking, she grabbed the collar of Jane's shirt, smoothing it down just like it was the most natural thing to do.

The detective stared at her friend with a small smile, raising an eyebrow at her behavior. Maura always did some odd things that caused her to question her friend's motives, which in turn made her question her own feelings towards the woman and gave her a headache. That is why being busy and working came in handy, she didn't have to think about what it meant, nor dwell on those feelings. Truth be told, the brunette was scared that relationship complications would ruin her friendship with Maura, and that was something Jane wasn't ready to lose.

"This is awkward isn't it?" Maura was the first to break the silence between the two women, who were still in the same position as a few minutes ago; standing inches apart, both of Maura's hands resting on top of the Jane's upper chest. She could clearly see, and feel, how tense her friend was because of their close proximity.

I just woke up naked, next to you in my bed, with no idea what happened the night before. Oh and by the way, I have mixed feelings of how I feel about you. Yes, extremely awkward. Was more what Jane wanted to say, but instead what came out was: "Yes, yes it is." In her normally hoarse voice.

"Okay." Maura replied, but made no effort to move. Instead, her features contorted in the cutest face possible as she stared at her hands on her friend's chest. Is it possible I have romantic feelings for Jane? It would make sense, but I think a few experiments are in order to prove this thesis. Not to mention, I still have to prove we had sex, if we did, which I do not know yet.

Jane cleared her throat. "I think we should head to work now, body waiting for us an all." She informed, desperately wanting to run away as far as she could from this tension so thick it was almost hard to breathe.

"Right, yes! Of course, let's go." Maura snapped out of her daze, smoothed down Jane's collar once more and let her hands fall on either side of her body. She waited for Jane to head out of the bedroom, before she gathered her clothes and made herself presentable for work, all at the same time as thinking which experiments will prove to be useful for her research.

The detective walked out of her bedroom, clipping her badge on her belt before lifting her eyes up in front of her. What she saw, for the second time this morning, made her wish she hadn't looked at all. Shattered wine glasses littered the kitchen floor, splashes of wine on the walls and on the couch. Oh my God! She quickly slapped her hand over her mouth in shock as she continued starring at the mess with wide eyes. Lamps and paintings which decorated her home had also fallen on the ground. "Maura!" Jane called her friend, a frantic edge to her voice.

The doctor was so engrossed in her research plans that she hadn't heard Jane call her name. She walked out of the room smoothing down the front of her dress, bumping in her friend's back as she hadn't expected her to stand there, in front of the bedroom door, like a brick wall. She placed her hands on Jane's back to steady herself, her mouth parted open as she was about to question her friend's position, but she caught a glimpse of the carnage in front of them. She gasped, starring at Jane's home with the same shocked expression her friend was. "That does not look good." Maura stated.

"Ya think?" The detective replied, still in shock. She turned around to look at her friend, her face contorted in a mix of confusion and anger, her voice taking a high pitch. "What the hell happened here?" She asked, waving both of her arms around frantically. She rested her hand on her forehead, closing her eyes and letting her hand slowly make its way down her face as she sighed. She crossed both of her arms against her chest. "I'll ask around, Korsak and Frost were with us last night." Jane reasoned. Maybe they know something.

Maura nodded in agreement. "Good, I will see if I can put together a tornado clean up crew." She announced with a bright smile.

"Funny, when did you become a comedian?" Jane asked sarcastically, her face showing anything but amusement.

"Oh I was hardly joking Jane, we will need help to clean this mess. It's a complete disaster." Maura replied truthfully, already calculating that cleaning up will take an average of two hours, that is, if there wasn't any other hidden damages.

Jane closed her eyes, willing herself to remain calm. She grabbed her friend by the arm, dragging them both towards the front door, which had a nasty indent. "Let's go, Maura." I am never drinking again.

Maura was sitting at her desk, working out the technicalities of the experiments on a note pad, only stalling her movements as she noticed some of her finger nails had reddish brown smudges. Why haven't I noticed this before? Frowning, she examined her fingers closer then lifted up her head. This could be evidence.

The woman stood up, wincing in pain as she realized just how sore her entire body was. She took off her lab coat, noticing light bruising that had appeared around her wrists. Greatly intrigued, Maura pushed the investigation further and unzipped her dress. There were other light bruising marks on both sides of her hips. Interesting. She thought, and measured the length of those bruises and noted them down on the note pad.

After zipping her dress back up and slipping on her lab coat, Maura collected a bit of the blood she had under her finger nails to conclude if it was hers, or someone else's, namely a tall and skinny brunette. You are assuming again, it might be anyone's blood. She gave the sample to one of her assistants, declaring it was for a side investigation and that she needed the results back as soon as possible.

"I what?" Jane exclaimed from her position sitting on the corner of a desk, eyes wide and mouth open as she starred at Korsak. She had been trying to work on their current case, but another mystery intrigued her more. Her former partner had told her that she flashed her badge at the bartender in an attempt to get free drinks for Maura and herself, eventually leading to getting them kicked out. "Oh my God." Jane breathed out in horror, this couldn't be more embarrassing.

"You and Dr. Isles took a cab together and left." He offered with a shrug, leaving out the part where the two women seemed to have been really cozy together the entire night, but Vince figured it must have been the alcohol and it's not like the two never acted touchy feely. "That's all I know Jane, I swear." The detective defended, lifting both his hands up in the hair, palms towards the brunette, before setting them down on the desk again.

Jane slumped forward and rubbed her forehead, her whole back and neck area was radiating with pain, which only made her pounding headache worse. Sighing deeply, the woman stood up and patted Vince's shoulder. "Thanks Korsak. I guess I should start working that new case." He nodded and she sat down at her desk, slowly sipping the now Luke-warm coffee. "Does anyone have Advil? I'd take two, or a dozen...maybe the whole bottle." Jane said as she slumped forward on her desk, head down hidden in her arms. Frost and Korsak shared a knowing look and chuckled, shaking their heads.

The vibration from her phone motivated Jane to lift her head up from her desk, but only slightly, turning her head sideways so she could still rest it on her arm. She fetched her phone from its case, cosily nestled on her hip, next to her Glock, and lifted it up. It was a text from Maura, she wanted Jane to meet her in her office. Without uttering a single word, Jane gulped down her coffee and took the elevator down to the medical examiner's office. She entered the office and closed the door behind her.

"Lock the door, and will you close the blinds also?" Maura asked without lifting her head, attentively examining the results from the blood sample she had provided.

Jane cooperated with her friend's request before throwing herself on the couch, wincing as an unexpected pain shot around her shoulders. She shrugged the pain off, lying down with one hand behind her head. Man, this couch is comfy.

Maura's head snapped up, sending a glare at the woman occupying her luxury furniture. "Jane," She began, her tone scolding; as if asking why she would do such a thing. "That is a Swavorski sofa. Do not put your shoes on it." She finished assertively.

The brunette rolled her eyes and kicked off her boots on the floor. "Happy?" Jane asked with a gesture of her free hand, lifting her head up to glance at her friend, receiving an honest answer in return.

"Yes." Maura replied, narrowing her eyes at Jane before turning her attention back to the file on her desk.

Jane frowned. "What are you looking at?" She asked curiously.

"DNA results." The doctor replied simply.

"From?" Jane asked slightly raising her voice; hating having to ask all these questions when one sentence from Maura could have answered all of these.

"Blood samples." She answered, closing the file and noting the results on the note pad, un-bothered by Jane's questioning.

"Maura." Jane warned, becoming increasingly annoyed by her friend's short and literal answers.

The doctor pushed herself up and walked up to the couch, her expensive heels clanking on the floor witch each assertive step. "I discovered blemishes of blood under my fingernails-"

Jane interrupted her friend before she could say anything else. "So, you're a werewolf now?" She joked, smirking up at Maura. "And you just assumed it was blood? I'm proud."

Chuckling, Maura returned the smirk. However, she wasn't so successful in stopping the Wikipedia-like definition that so easily rolled off her tongue. "That is highly improbable and completely fictitious. However, there is a very rare condition called Hypertrichosis, or Ambras Syndrome, which is unusual hair growth that invades the subject's entire body."

Jane grimaced. "Fascinating. I don't know how I managed to live without that vital information." She replied sarcastically, flashing a small smile at Maura, letting her know she was just messing around as per usual.

Maura cocked her head, once again mirroring her friend's expression, smiling right back at her. "Stand up and take off your shirt." She commanded in a soft voice.

Yet again, the brunette frowned at best friend. "What? Why?" She asked, skeptical.

"Stand up." Maura repeated, grabbing Jane's wrist, prompting her to do as she instructed. "And take off your shirt." She continued matter-of-factly, crossing her arms over her chest as she starred the brunette down in a challenging manner.

Jane clenched her jaw, starring right back at her friend and mimicking her seemingly menacing stare. She placed both of her hands on her hips, telling herself that she will not budge until she receives a decent explanation.

The doctor sighed, exasperated, dropping both of her arms at her sides. "You," She stated, taking a step closer towards Jane and undoing the first button of her shirt. "are such," Then the second. "a baby." Maura finished, continuing to undo the other woman's shirt.

"Thanks, mom." Was the hostile reply that came from Jane, though there wasn't a hint of malice in her voice. In fact, she was starting to enjoy the feeling she got from Maura stepping in her personal space. A tingle starting in the pit of her stomach, as Maura's fingers brushed against her stomach, and slowly made its way down south. Take a chill pill Rizzoli, a hot woman is undressing you, act cool will ya? Great, now I'm talking to myself.

Maura narrowed her eyes slightly, watching Jane's demeanor change faster than she could come up with a sarcastic comment. "Turn around." She demanded after she finished unbuttoning the brunette's shirt, smiling to herself as her friend did so without any bickering, nor any sarcastic remarks. She captured the outer edges of Jane's shirt, which required her to get on the tip of her toes to reach around the taller woman's shoulders, as she slid the piece of clothing down until her back was fully exposed.

Jane couldn't help the shiver than ran down her spine as Maura's delicate fingers ran across her neck to move her mass of messy hair on the other side of her shoulder. However, she hissed as her friend touched a sensitive spot. "Ow! Maura." She exclaimed, frowning as she turned her head to glare at her.

"Sorry." The doctor replied sheepishly in a small voice, looking at the woman apologetically.

"What is it?" Jane asked, turning her attention back to the wall littered with antiques.

"Minor lacerations, situated on either side of your shoulder blades." Maura explained, her hand resting in the middle of Jane's back, even though there was technically no need for it. Somehow, in the past ten minutes, she had discovered just how soft and warm her friend's skin was; and was thus drawn to it like a baby kitten seeking heat.

"Which means that..." Jane trailed off, gesturing with her hands, hinting that Maura should complete the sentence.

"The blood which I found turned out to be yours." Maura stated as she walked back to her desk.

"So you are a beast!" Jane exclaimed, laughing as she watched her friend pick up a ruler.

Maura's eyebrows scrunched into a puzzled expression. "You think I'm fat?" She asked Jane.

The detective made a face. "Yes, Maura, you are the fattest person I have ever laid my eyes on. I mean, how can your ass even fit through that door?" She retorted, using the most sarcastic tone she could muster.

"Better watch what you say missy." Maura warned, pointing her finger at Jane, though there was a smile on her lips. She moved towards her friend once more, taking Jane's hand in hers as she measured her fingers.

Jane blinked twice, looking at Maura like she just asked her if she wanted to smoke a gigantic joint. "What in the world are you measuring my fingers for? You don't have to prove I have man hands, I already know."

"Confirming my hypothesis." Maura replied honestly. She compared the measurements from her bruises with the numbers she just collected; they matched, off by only a few millimeters. "Mmm."

"What...what's that 'mm' for? You have that thinking face going on. Talk to me Maura." The brunette questioned, hands back on her hips as she carefully examined her friend's facial expression.

The doctor sat on the edge of her desk, setting the notebook in her lap as she looked up at Jane. "I can, without a doubt, justify that the evidence and the tests conducted prove that we in fact did engage in sexual intercourse last night. However, I couldn't pin point a specific time. " She stated, making a gesture with her hand as she expressed her disappointment for not being able to determine the time in which they engaged in said sexual intercourse.

"What a drag." The brunette quipped. "At least we know no one broke in my apartment." Jane couldn't help the smile that lifted the corner of her lips; she always thought Maura had the most adorable facial expressions, especially when she didn't understand something.

"Definitely not, no. We're the only ones who can be blamed for the mess." The doctor confirmed.

"Damn, and here I thought I could be excused of cleaning duty." Jane joked.

"I'll help Jane, it's as much my mess as it is yours." The doctor pressed her hand on her upper chest as she referred to herself, before letting both of her hands fall in her lap again.

The brunette smiled at her friend. "Thanks." She looked down at her exposed torso, a frown creasing her forehead. "What about...the other stuff? What do you think," She paused and looked up at Maura, raising an inquisive eyebrow. "Happened?" Smooth, I wonder how you haven't swept her off her feet yet. Shut up. I should ask Maura if arguing with yourself is a sign of insanity.

"Well, if I would have to reproduce the scenario from the evidence...We entered your apartment with our blood alcohol content well over the 0.08% limit. My estimated calculations suggests it was around 0.152%." Maura replied easily, as if Jane had simply asked her what her name was.

Jane's mouth was slightly parted, baffled as to how Maura could make those calculations as quick as a calculator. "In other words, we were hammered." She retorted, he arms crossed over her chest.

"Precisely. We decided we weren't inebriated enough, one of us offered wine, the other said yes. Studies show it's harder to refuse an alcoholic beverage when feeling dazed, or tipsy. That influence is doubled the more people there are." She explained, a bright smile illuminating her face.

"That's wonderful Freud, wanna get on with the story?" Jane asked as she sighed, and rubbed her forehead, closing her eyes briefly.

Smiling inwardly that the detective knew about Freud, she continued with her explanation as requested. "Then one of us, most likely me, said or did something to engage an intimate interaction which lead to an intense making out session. Crashing into walls, taking off our clothes in a frenzy." Maura finished with few curt nods, as if she was agreeing with her owns statements.

The brunette chuckled slightly, smirking at Maura."You? And why would you assume you'd be making the first move Dr. Isles?" Jane asked, her voice slightly rougher than usual as she slowly started to move closer to her friend.

Jane's flirtatious tone wasn't lost on Maura. The detective was teasing, flirting, and that much was obvious to her. "Simple, I can't lie. And it's not assuming, technically, it's a fact." She replied with a wink.

"Go on." Jane pressed, inching closer towards Maura. Every step she took seemed to greatly increase her confidence in her actions. Not to mention the look of appreciation she received everytime hazel eyes fell on her.

"Judging from the bruises on my wrists, you had me pinned on the bed quite forcefully." Maura had great difficulty focusing on one thing, like a teenager with ADHD. Her eyes moved from Jane's lips, down to her slender neck, her chest and finally, her perfectly sculpted stomach before moving back up and starting the trajectory over and over until it felt like her head would explode.

Jane stopped when she stood inches away from Maura, taking the note pad from her lap and throwing it on the desk. "Like this?" She asked, taking hold of Maura's wrists and lifting them up above her head, just as the doctor had explained. Her voice seemed even deeper now, laced with everything she felt for her co-worker; want and need.

Maura's breath itched in her throat, not excepting the brunette to act this dominant without the help of the social nectar, a.k.a alcohol. "I-I also discovered bruises on my sides, which would indicate that at the moment of your climax, your hands were gripping my hips." She replied, startled by her slight stutter.

Her eyes snapped up to stare into big brown orbs, her breath slightly shaky as she felt Jane's warm hands on her hips, where they had previously been last night; and it felt right, like they belonged there. "My hands would have been on your shoulders blades at this time, which explains the lacerations." Maura finished, sliding her arms around Jane's shoulders and resting her hands on the sore spot. She slightly added pressure, giving the brunette an invitation to move closer.

The barely there pain hadn't registered as the two women's intimate position had spurred on Jane's memory. Though, blurry, just like a dream, she could definitely figure out what they were doing.

Her head was spinning, not only from the alcohol, but from the smell of the amazing expensive perfume Maura would always wear. Jane nuzzled her neck, kissing the sweat off the silky skin, slowly making her way up to the woman's jaw. She lifted her head up slightly, enough to be able to stare down at the goddess writhing with pleasure underneath her strong but slender figure.

Everything about this exact moment felt right, their sweat clad skin moving against one another in the most delectable friction, Maura's perfect legs wrapped around her waist as her hands clutched around Jane's shoulders. The doctor opened her eyes, hazel staring into chocolate brown, breathless gasps mixing with each other in the thick air surrounding them; and suddenly it hit her like a ton of bricks.

Ringing in her ears, their moans sounding further and further away and all she could do was grip what her hands were currently resting on, Maura's hips. Jane faintly heard her name being called, and it was like music to her ears. The pain hadn't registered there also, as Maura's nails dug and clawed at her shoulder blades. She let her head fall on the medical examiner's shoulder in an attempt to catch her breath as she let the high travel from her head to her toes.

"Wow." Was Maura's breathless exclamation that broke the silence and sent the two women in a fit of joyous laughter as they held on to each other.

The hazy memory disappeared, and Jane realized she had been staring into dark hazel eyes all this time, still as a statue. Her eyes suddenly grew darker as feelings from last night hit her like a kick in the stomach. Without thinking, she quickly lifted Maura's dress up, but just enough so she could pry her legs apart and deliberately settle between them.

Maura clutched to the brunette's shoulders, noticing the pupil dilation in the woman's eyes, making them seem almost completely black. "Jane...what are you?-" Maura's inquiries had been cut short, as she felt a finger pressed against her lips, stopping any other sounds from making its way out of her mouth.

"Shhh." Jane replaced her finger with her mouth, capturing Maura's lips with her own in a passionate kiss. She rested her hands on the doctor's upper thighs, under the dress; the kiss growing more intense as the women responded to each others' every movement, just like a beautiful choreographed dance. Lips tasting and tongue teasing.

Maura's hand trailed down Jane's exposed chest, especially paying attention on the muscular bumps that ridged the detective's stomach. One of her hand tangled in Jane's mess of dark hair, a low guttural moan filled the otherwise silent room. Though, Maura wasn't quite sure if it was Jane or herself who let out the sound of appreciation.

She slowly opened her eyes as she felt Jane pulled back when they both lacked oxygen. The smile on her face was better than a million words, reflecting just what she felt as she casually ran her thumb across Jane's lower lip.

The brunette couldn't help the love sick grin that graced her features as she tucked away a strand of Maura's hair behind her hear, resting her hand on the side of the woman's face, slowly gliding her thumb along her cheek. "You might have made the first move, but I was still top." Jane grinned victoriously.

"And your point? Other than inflating your ego, I don't know what else this could prove." Maura teased, both of her hands now resting on Jane's stomach. "You have spectacular rectus abdominus muscles." She pointed out, grinning at the brunette.

"Come again?" Jane asked with a frown, the medical lingo making no sense to her.

"Your stomach, you have well developed abs." Maura explained.

"Oh, yeah, thanks Doctor." Jane took a step back and buttoned her shirt, stuffing it in her pants. "You have, well developed..." She paused, eyebrows scrunching up as she thought of what to say. "Tongue muscles." Jane finished as she straightened the collar of the white blouse. Did that even make sense? Well, the brunette wouldn't have to wait long for her answer, assured Maura would correct her.

Maura let out a soft laugh as she starred at Jane with a mixture of amusement and complete adoration. "Why thank you, I'm flattered."

"You know me, I'm a charmer." The detective retorted as bent over to pick up her boots and slip them back on.

"Yes, you are quite the Casanova, Jane." Maura replied, distracted, her head titled sideways as she starred at Jane's backside. And a well proportioned gluteus maximums too.

"Alright, well, I better get back to work before Frost and Korsak put a bounty on my head." Jane headed out of the office, holding the door open as she poked her head back in. "I-erm, I mean, we should solve another case like this." She paused, her eyes darting around the room, cursing herself for sounding so nervous, having somewhat lost her previous boost of confidence. "Soon."

The doctor was pleasantly surprised by her friend's request. "Are you asking me out on a date Detective Rizzoli?" Maura asked smiling.

"Maybe." Jane replied with a silly lovesick smile. She cleared her throat after she realized she was staring at Maura for more than a minute. "I'll see ya later Maur." She called out over her shoulder, leaving the door to the doctor's office slightly open.

"Later." Maura absently replied as she sat up and smoothed down the front of her dress. She let out a breath as her slender fingers worked the messiness out of her usually perfectly bouncy hair. "Wow...that was...wow." She cleared her throat as she picked up the file from their current case, having a hard time focusing now that previous events had left her mind doing overtime. Jane Rizzoli always managed to leave her breathless, not that she minded. In fact, she would be perfectly happy to stay to experience this everyday with the woman she so easily fell in love with.

Jane stood in the elevator, waiting for the doors to close to pump her fist in the air with excitement. "Yes!" She shouted in a deep voice, clapping her hands together before putting them behind her back as she waited for the elevator to stop, a grin plastered on her face, which she kept throughout the day.

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