Chapter 5: Terrifying Truths of Dreams

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The storm was horrific. The lighting stuck loud. The rain came down hard. I usually sleep well during thunderstorms but somehow not tonight. Something dreadful was coming; something awful was going to happen.

I kept tossing and turning. Perhaps I should go to Lucy's bedroom. She was so worried when I returned. I was too. But I had no idea why. Probably because was kidnapped by some "prince". I should probably go and tell Lucy everything; after all she was my best friend. She had to know. I owed her that much.

I got up and went down the hall. The thunder seemed to grow louder as I approached the door. I slowly opened the door.

"Lucy?" I whisper. "It's me Sana..." I walk in. Lucy wasn't there! I rush to her bed.

"Lucy?" I scream. Her crucifix necklace lay on her bed. I turn and see her full length windows were opened! Oh, God not again! Lucy's sleepwalking has gotten worse and worse the past year.

Oh no! I rush out without thinking. I see Lucy walking to the gardens.

"LUCY!" I scream.

The rain and the strength to the thunder and wind stopped me as I ran out to Lucy. Who was still walking in her trance.

"LUCY!" I shriek.

She still didn't wake up as I saw her disappear into the darkness of the storm.

I followed the best I could run in the direction of Lucy. The heavy rain pouring down across my nightgown seemed to add heavy weights to my body as I ran to find Lucy.

Dark words penetrate my mind of darkish music that brings the fear of danger. Where was she?

LUCY! Where are you?

I suddenly hear cries and I run toward them and I find Lucy on a bench. Moaning, constantly laying down upon a bench with this dark figure on top of her. She was in a completely vulnerable position and he was taking advantage of her. I couldn't tell who or what it was. Instead of saving her, I cannot move. I am in a fixed position and horrifies of what I see. Unable to stop watching, unable to stop it from happening.

All of a sudden the dark creature bit into Lucy's pale neck. Her scream echoed even in the storm. My breath cuts short and I see the dark shadow look at me with anger and fear.

"No! Do not see me!"

And it vanished…just like a dream.

I run towards Lucy and cover her up the best I can. Shaking her to wake up, for she was still in her trance.

"Lucy, Lucy!" I say loudly, shaking her to wake up.

She stirs and says "I couldn't control myself."

"Lucy, you're dreaming. You're walking in your sleep again." What had just happened?

She was fully awake now as I helped her up. She said confusingly and somewhat agitated

"My soul seemed to leave my body. There was this agonizing feeling and, when it came back to me, I saw you shaking me."

She was dreaming, she had to be.

"You're all right, Lucy." I say reassuringly. "Nothing's going to harm you, not while I'm around."

We begin to walk fast paced out of the garden as she says somewhat dazed

"I had to. It sort of pulled me and lured me and I had no control. And those red eyes! I still have the taste of his blood on my mouth."

We finally make it up the stairs and Lucy faints against me.

Now what am I to do?

I cleaned up her face and neck the best I could. I noticed two little marks on her neck. Where the monster bit her. Or where they always there and I haven't noticed. Have I gone rather mad?

Did I call someone? I don't know… I felt too tired to even understand my own thoughts. I sat on a comfy chair facing Lucy. There was no use troubling anyone tonight. I would stay with her tonight in case she got up again.

What happened today? It seemed almost a blur as I sank into another terrible deep sleep. Full of horror, blood, and tragic ends of all the people I've ever loved.

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