Human nature

This is for anyone- or should I say anypony- who well…has wondered about the human in Ponyville theory.

Moral and ethical values are mostly the same but, not everything we know and mostly love about our world, or we as a species in general, would be considered acceptable in the world of my little pony.

You want to know why I'm writing this. Really? Ok then well it all started after watching the return of harmony parts 1 and 2 (twice) and thinking that Celestia's explanation of what Discord did a thousand years ago didn't really match up to what he did in the show…turning the world upside-down can't be that bad right? I mean-

(Download interrupted)

So sorry to interrupt...Oh wait No I'm not sorry, far from it actually.

What the hell?

Ah yes hello my little human so good to finally meet you, and a big loud hello to any stunted apes with the same mindset who is reading this 'lovely' piece of work here.

I'll say…er write this again (as it seems my computer is talking to me...Or I've finally lost my mind) what. The. Hell?

If you were insane my dear I would not be here, no your computer is not talking to you, nor are you insane or dreaming, I believe I could be interpreted as a split personality. You're opposite so to speak.

Ok…my 'opposite', who ironically enough has the same writing level as me, just a different way of using terminology…so you are an anti-me?

That is putting it simply. I am almost everything you as an individual human and as a human in general, are not.


Use your head for something other than video games and calculating you budget for a day out. Can you do at least that?

I repeat, huh?

Oh honestly, you as a human, as a member of your species has been raised to show kindness, generosity, honesty and loyalty to your own kind and to other animals, does that sound familiar with this story's current category.

The Elements of harmony?

Yes good human, the elements of Harmony, the human race has those values, but Humans have much more than that, the darker side of human nature you could say.

You mean like greed and hatred and stuff?

That and the darker parts of one's persona that make them capable of performing things frowned upon in your society, Murder, Rape, Theft…just to name a few.

And those things don't exist in Ponyville?

No the first two are virtually nonexistent, as the circumstances to create motives for those do not and never will exist in pony society, accidental deaths do happen, things such as jealousy, rage and lowered empathy levels In the brain just do not happen in a world where the worst things that can happen is weather turning into confectionary.

Heh he fairy floss clouds with chocolate milk rain…that would be awesome.

I know right? Anyway we are getting of topic; the thing is, since such 'human' behaviours are nonexistent, a creature of you kind would be the very end of such a 'gag' happy and orderly world.

Wouldn't it depend on the individual who ends up there though?

Hm good question…want to find out?

Ah I see you readers are still here, the author is...currently unavailable, and I must be going I have cotton candy clouds and chocolate rain to spread back in Ponyville, Ta-ta my little humans!