Author's note: this chapter was going to be a nice side story of how Lyra and Derpy met as foals, but i decided to something different, and explanation on why I did change this chapter's original idea will be at the end of the chapter.

Sunset's POV

Night had fallen, Derpy's burns had been bandaged and Ben had set up mats for us to sleep on in his undeground home dug of the rock that lay far beneath the sand. it was a nice home, I even remember where I found inspiraation foor it, a town in the northern territor..or South Australia...somewhere in the centre of the dry country where people had homes underground to escape the heat of the 'outack'.

Right now I'm on a cloud over looking the dessert, the storm clouds have parted, a rare incident in this place, and i can see the moon.

if you were in my position, what would you do?

Think about it if I actualy tried I could be what the role players call 'god-modding' right now, I could..well I could solve every one's problems, stop the bad gguy, hell I'm pretty sure i could even revive thedead.

I said every one feels normal to say that here..must be magic.

Hah Dragon fable's great loop-hole.

Sorry I'm rambling, I tend to do that.

I technically have all this power, most people if they were the god of their own planet would either make it a hell-hole or a paradise. but I have rules, I made my own laws of mgic and time and...stuff, and i don't want to break them.

To be honest I have no freaking clue what i'm going to do, if I go all out and just change things using raw power there will be consequences, if i fail to do anything both my world and Equestria are doomed.

It's not fair, I'm no hero. the worst part is I have no support, sure I've got Derpy and lyra and Ben, but there's no force of pure good to govern my actions or deity to guide my way...that's how it always worked, no matter what there was always someone mortal or otherwise to help you out. whether you were good, evil or didn't care there was always someone.

Maybe I just have to find them...I think it's too dangerous for Lyra and Derpy to come with me, I know how dangerous this place can be...the ponies aren't ready for this, not yet.

Ok then...I have no back-up, no map (apart from the one inside my head), no supplies and no chance in hell.

But I'm stubborn, impatient and I love my characters and my new friends to death, if I'm going down...

Well you know the rest.


Ben walked outside to check on Sunset when he heard a sonic boom and saw a blue streak shoot across the night sky in the general direction of The Vlocaneo.

He sighed, walked back inside and hoped she wasn't as idiotic as his best friend, who had a tendancy to do thigs first, think second.


Sunset passed over the land, her euyes widening as she saw what affect Manaquire had on the environment: The Volcaneo was frozen over, the ruins of the Time Scribes encased in a strange blue crystal, a small portion of the eastern forset was ablaze with red fire she knew was the work of a Kitsune (she suspected Manaquire had turned into one only briefly to harness the power of Fox Fire) and departure falls was now a lifeless barren landscape and the plateau beyond it was covered in fog.

She landed near the western rainforest, neutral territory between a race demon-like wolves that lived in a graveyard at the base of the mountains and the white dragons that occupid a fishing city made of diamonds on a large cliff west of the beach.

She looked around for the tell-tale signs of an underground tunnel and spotted a rock with a blue swirl painted on it next a tall tree not to far from her and after looking around, found the entrace to the network of tunels built by the time scribes that ran throught the entire continent.

Glowing gemstones provied light as she walked down the grey, neatly made tunel and it wasn't long before she found a map of the tunel system and made beline for the heavily protected centre, directly beneath the plains and Manaquire's castle.

Author notes: I've changed the flow of this story mainly due to the fact I'm a bit worried about uni and writing this is comfotring to say the least, sorry for the late update, more will be coming soon

Advice is appreciated, and yes i know there may be grammatical/ spelling errors.