When Sunset opened her eyes she found she was back in Equestria facing down the evil life dragon Auraka.

"You will not win!" her enemy proclaimed.

"Why did I create you again?" Sunset asked herself.

While the dragoness fumed, Sunset looked around to find she and her opponent were the only ones there. Discord and Manaquire were nowhere to be seen.

"What the-? I couldn't have been gone that long.." she wondered.

Pain assualted her senes as something hit her in the back and sent her careening into the white dragon. Feeling dazed from the impact he was shocked when Auraka placed a fot firmly onto her back preventing her escape as a figure stood in front of her.

It was a light brown wolf with electric blue eyes while his paws, face and chest were white. he smirked at her s his form glowed with electric blue energy and she shivered in fear as she recognised him.

"The corrupted one..." she whispered.

"You are correct Lunar creator, I am indeed Samuel Wolfgang, the corrputed timewalker, and you know why I am here don't you?"

"You wish is to corrupt me and spread your vision of perfect order across reality..."

"Precisely..." Sam replied.

The crackle of lightning hit her ears as the pain returned once more with a greater intent, her mind filled with voices that begged her, ordered her to give in, to give up. She had spent her whole life with people trying to change her, with murphey's law dogging her every step and hopelessnes eating away at the corners of her mind.

"I'm sorry..." she whispered. "My time is done".

Her horn glowed white her cutie mark morphed into a gold flame and the image of a saphire blue dragon with orange spines and a white hide formed behind her. Auraka scrambled back and fired a red blast at her that should have ben lethal, but no damage was visible.

"What is this?" Sam exclaimed in confusion and quickly moved backwards as white cracks started to spread from the sapphire alicorn.

"When I was summoned to Equestria I subject to it's laws" Sunset explained. "That held true when I was brought here to stop you".

"What do mean?" the wolf shouted angrily as he kept a careful eye on the cracks.

"Because my life, one in a world where friendship can be tossed aside like garbage, cannot exist in this world, where friendship and harmony are values that connect entire empires and kingdoms. My past, while not exactl physically scarring, has emotional scares that are considered truly horrific in this culture" Sunset continued. 'Therefore by the laws of equestrian magic I should not and can not exist as a pony".

"And yet here you are"

"Wrong!" she declared, her wings spread to their fullest. "You see Rainbow dash noticed that I was ice cold, as did Princess Celestia, now anyone with enough knowledge on magic knows that a summoning spell does not cause the caster to experience extreme cold, no it was something else, I mean why else can't Auraka kill me huh?".

"No.." Sam whispered, the truth staring him in the face.

"I died as soon as I returned to Equestria, but to ensure that my death would not result in a total event collapse, The golden Vixen cast a soul containment spell on me shortly after I spoke with her..." Sunset said. "And as you know my exsistence here prevents this timeline from collapsing as long as i remain in my body.."

The cracks were spreading and had begun to trail up the alicorn's legs. Sam and Auraka looked on in fear as reality began to tear itself apart.

"By releasing the spel, I end this reality and all memory of my exsistence is purged from Equestria and it all goes back to the way it was before I arrived, and you two go back to your cages" Sunset said a smirk.

"No you'll stil die! No one would so foolish!" Sam roared.

"If I permently die, then Vardos does as well and I would never let that happen" she stated bravely and then looked up to the auroara dancing in the blackened sky above.

"I accpet your deal Golden Vixen, this has gone on for long engough" she shouted.

There was an earthshattering boom as blue and gold energy burst from her equine form and spread across the land. Her body felt heavy as she crashed to ground and let sleep overtake her as her glasses slid down her nose.

Authors Note:

next up the mandatory 'happily ever after chapter' otherwise known as the epilogue.I plan to make that oneover a thousand words with musical numbers from Manaquire, Discord and our heroine..actually thw whole thing might be one big party with musical numbers, friendship lessons and cheesy declerations of love and friendship.

after that will be alternate endings, maybe an alternate storyline and different versions of older chapters, oh and character bio's.

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