Hey guys. I got another chapter for you. Sorry for being gone for so long. Part of it is just some filler so I can move the story along and part of it is Bella getting Edward to accept that fact that she wants her independence and some time to herself without him hanging around. Anyway, everything belongs to Stephanie Meyers. Enjoy.

Bella POV

My eyes fluttered open as a dim light entered in through the windows. It was morning. I was thankful for the peaceful, dreamless sleep and hoped that my nights would remain that way for a while. My life was more excitement then I wanted at the moment, if you could call it that. I stretched my arms out, waking the rest of my body up. That movement seemed to be enough to gain the attention of my lion and soon enough I heard him come to the door. I let out a slight groan of annoyance and pulled the covers up over my head, as if to him from him. But I quickly pulled them back down and sighed, I needed to shower. So I got myself up from bed and went over to the door. I stopped for a minute before undoing the lock and opening it.

"Bella!" Edward said happily when he saw me. I however just pushed past him and headed to the bathroom. "Bella?" I looked back at him as I reached the door.

"Shower," I said and then headed in. I locked the door, once again to satisfy my need to feel a sense of privacy. The hot water gets turned on first and steam quickly begins to fill the room. Stripping from my clothes the steam clung onto my skin, some pre-moisture before I entered the shower. The water cascaded down onto my body, cleansing me of all the blood and dirt that I had missed from yesterday's events. I let out a sigh remembering what happened.

I did not focus on the attack. It happened. I understood why it did and had come to terms with it, easily forgiving Seth. Jacob and Edward fighting with each other was nothing knew so I paid no attention to that. No, what I set my thoughts on were my parents. My hand went up to my necklace, the one thing that I would never take off – especially after what happened with Cornelius. They knew about the necklace. But why did Charlie react so violently when he saw it? What did he have against the necklace and our heritage behind it?

Sigh. Just more questions. There are always so many questions. And just after I thought I solved them all. For now I pushed those thoughts aside and continued on with my shower, letting the water calm me. After my shower I wrapped a towel around myself and unlocked the door. Edward was still outside in the hall waiting for me. He perked up when he saw me emerge from the bathroom.

"Bella," he said. Once again I pushed past him as I walked into his room - well I guess our room now – to get changed. I turned the lock and set my attention to the windows. The Cullens' did live out in the middle of nowhere but changing with them open still made me uncomfortable. I went over to them and drew the blinds feeling a bit more privacy; and then I got dressed. A pair of skinny jeans and a simple cotton tee along with some sneakers. My hair was still wet but I felt like I kept Edward waiting long enough. Walking over to the door I opened it and saw Edward waiting by, looking a tiny bit defeated from all the times I pushed past him this morning. "Bella?" I smiled at him and opened my arms for a hug. His mood instantly brightened and ran into my arms, a bit too fast if you ask me but I didn't say anything and just enjoyed the hug.

"Happy now?" I asked Edward. I felt him nod against the top of my head before he gave me a nice long kiss.

"Very," he said once he parted. I couldn't help but smile.

"Maybe I should do this more often if you're gonna keep giving me kisses like that when I let you back," I said. Edward frowned at that statement.

"Please don't," he said.

"Too bad," I said and wiggled out of his arms to open the blinds, "I enjoy some time for myself." I paused for a minute and looked out the windows. "In fact I think I'm gonna go out now. Call up a girlfriend perhaps. I need a nice distraction right now."

"But –"

"Perhaps just some alone time? Human interaction hasn't been my favorite thing at the moment."

"But I'm not human."

"Humanoid. I wish I could go out for a swim but the ocean isn't as nice as it was down south. A river or pond could be nice. Someplace with water would be amazing," I said talking to myself, "I'll have to do a little exploring to find. That sounds like fun. Yeah, I'll go exploring. And you're not following me."

"But –" Edward went to protest.

"No buts," I said. I gave him a small smile and then a small kiss on his cheek. "I'll see you later tonight." With that I walked out of the room, leaving a very sad Edward. Walking downstairs I saw some of the Cullens look at me. Some looked a little worried that I was going out into the woods by myself – especially after what happened yesterday – like Esme, Emmett, Carlisle, and Rosalie. But Alice and Jasper looked proud of me for wanting my independence and alone time away from Edward. I smiled at them and then headed out the door. I stood in front of the forest; filled with mystery, excitement, danger, but most of all adventures. And now I was going to have an adventure of my own, a small one but an adventure none the less. I ran into the forest, starting my search.

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